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About Teeth Whitening Reviews

Teeth Whitening Reviews is the Internet's leading informational website for consumers seeking to learn about all aspects of teeth whitening. We’ve been around since 2005.

This site is an unbiased and comprehensive source for information about teeth whitening products, methods, benefits, dangers, long-term implications and more.

Without a doubt, we're fans of bright white smiles. And guess what? Whiter teeth are scientifically proven to improve smile aesthetics. Studies show that whiter teeth can enhance our self-esteem and confidence and frequently make us look younger than people who don't whiten.


  • Educate consumers about teeth whitening by providing expert articles & guides, honest product reviews, and unbiased user opinions.
  • Prevent consumers from falling prey to misleading whitening advertisements and illicit marketing.
  • Assist consumers with finding teeth whitening products & procedures that best suits their needs.

An Advisory Board, comprised of top dental professionals in both cosmetic and traditional practices, assist Teeth Whitening Reviews in both the creation and technical review of submitted and privately-authored materials; ensuring that the facts and information presented on this site are accurate and up-to-date. We focus on bringing you the most authentic, ethical and reliable information available.

Product Testing
Teeth Whitening Reviews regularly obtains over-the-counter product samples from manufacturers or buys products from retailers so that we may give expert writers the opportunity to test and review innovative whiteners. Our staff of writers offer their unbiased, editorial opinion about items tested. For professional whitening products, our staff does its due diligence by interviewing the manufacturers and the dentists that administer them.

Editorial Content
In addition to publishing consumer reviews, Teeth Whitening Reviews independently researches and writes articles and reports about the whitening market. We also ask our own Advisory Board to analyze trends in the industry and provide new insights to teeth whitening.

Consumers Shouldn't be in the Dark About Teeth Whitening
With increasing consumer demand, ongoing development of whitening technology and new research in the field of dentistry, new whitening products continue to be made available on a regular basis. However, consumers needs to be knowledgeable and careful in choosing whitening products, because there are as many ineffective, costly, and damaging products out there as there are reliable, effective and safe methods.

The internet is now saturated with whitening scams and phony teeth whitening review sites. In the unregulated, international world of Internet business, it is very easy for illicit marketers to start a private label teeth whitening business - without having to prove they've met any standards for safety or effectiveness. We’ve uncovered dozens of online whitening scams over the years and continue to do so.

We've been recognized by as a TOP 3 site for teeth whitening ratings. Here is what they had to say: "Be aware that there are many similar-sounding websites to Teeth Whitening Reviews, and most of them are companies pushing a product. This site is the real deal."

Good luck getting those teeth pearly white!

Teeth Whitening Reviews Has Been Featured On: -  A New York Times Company Dental Products Report

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