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How do I treat the severely painful, irritated, , swollen gums after only two uses?

Asked more than five years ago by MISTY



Can you tell us how you were bleaching your teeth? What method did you use?

You likely experienced this problem because two possible reasons.

1. The whitening trays you used did not fit your teeth perfectly and allowed bleaching gel to leak.
2. The bleaching gel used was too strong for your gums causing major sensitivity.

The good news is this pain and irritaiton will likely go away after only a few days. Please discontinue teeth whitening until your gums heal. You can apply Vitamin E liquid (from the gel caps) to promote faster healing or apply Vaseline before bleaching to protect your gums. It’s also smart to make sure you expectorate all the whitening gel that’s left in your mouth after using trays or strips - and then rinse with water BEFORE you brush your teeth again. These are little tricks - but they can make a big difference.


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