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How will my dentist whiten my teeth?

Asked more than five years ago by Eriksif

I am planning to visit my dentist next week, and I'm curious what he will do to get my teeth whiter. I am bit nervous, as I don't like feeling pain.



Your dentist has a couple of options to whiten your teeth. He or she may recommend a take-home whitening kit with custom mouth trays or he or she may use a chairside whitening system. If you dentist does an in-office whitening procedure, these are the steps he or she will take:

-- Apply lubricant to your gums.

-- Place a dental dam around your teeth to shield your gums, tongue and lips.

-- Clean and apply conditioner to your teeth

-- Apply the whitening solution to the teeth, and leave it on for a period of time.

-- Possibly use a laser or LED light to active the whitening gel.

-- Rinse and polish your teeth.

Good luck!

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