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I bought some whitening trays online, but the bleach goes all over the place - am I doing something wrong?

Asked more than five years ago by Marko23



Yes and no. It’s really tempting to buy teeth whitening products from the internet because you can find things like mouth trays for a few dollars. Some are available in a “moldable” form meaning that you’ll warm them up and mold them around your teeth to get a quasi-custom fit. You can also order mouth trays in a “one-size-fits-all” style and they’re even less expensive.

The trouble is this, there’s a likely chance that these trays won’t fit all that well and that active bleach may be oozing onto your gums and lips with every use. So, even if you’re not sensitive when you begin the teeth whitening process, you may wind up in pain using less than quality teeth whitening components. Stick with an OTC kit, go the dentist or visit a reputable chairside whitening service. It’s worth the money.

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