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I have started whitening again and noticed only spots of white? will the other areas eventually blend in?

Asked more than five years ago by Amanda

I have whitened in the past and noticed it left some areas of my teeth whiter than others (not noticeable to others, but I can tell) I have started to whiten again and after only two uses these spots are brighter white, well the rest of the tooth is still off white. I feel like the color difference is larger now just after two uses, and the spots are more noticeable.



All teeth have different surface aberations - and yours seem to be affected by bleaching solution. Our advice is to try a couple of additional times, only trying to whiten around the already-whiter spots - perhaps by clipping or manipulating the whitestrip. You may see an evening out, then return to covering the entire tooth. This, however, is a fairly common issue and your teeth should all whiten to the same extent by the end of the process. If not, or you experience sensitivity, please see your dentist.

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