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Is one brand of whitening strip better than another? Aren't they all the same?

Asked more than five years ago by Catdo



Some whitening strips are definitely better than others; their manufacturers have taken more care in research, design and production. That doesn't mean, however, that just because some offer higher quality materials, research and results than others, that they’ll be right for you.

There are three major considerations in choosing a whitening strip. First, talk to your dentist and make sure that your mouth is in good health overall. Whitening strip teeth whitening gels have powerful peroxide formulas and can produce extreme sensitivity if you have cavities, gum issues or hypersensitivity issues.

Second, choose a brand-name whitening strip and do your homework. Research your choices online through a review site or with friends. You’ll find the same brand names tend to deliver results and get good reviews over and over again.

Finally, steer clear of obviously “cheap” internet copy-cats. Again, doing your homework before applying a powerful teeth whitening bleach to your teeth can save you more than money.

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