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My dentist doesn't have a laser system, will a whitening kit with trays work as well?

Asked more than five years ago by Jenniferma



For many dentists, and more and more consumers, the whitening tray system is the preferred method of whitening. It whitens teeth as successfully as a procedure performed in the doctor’s office, but it offers additional benefits that make it safer, more comfortable and in some instances, even more successful.

-- The tray systems are more efficient because custom whitenening mouth trays are molded to fit your unique specifications. This means that when you wear them, the teeth whitening gel is always in maximum contact with your teeth - the key to efficient and effective whitening.

-- Tray systems are also more comfortable for some hypersensitive patients. Your dentist will be able to specify a teeth whitening gel that will let you whiten your teeth with a lower concentration gel for a longer period of time and get the same results as an office visit; without the pain.

-- Tray systems also beat whitening strips and other forms of over-the-counter products. You can use a stronger teeth whitening gel because it’s prescribed by your dentist, the trays are custom fit to your mouth, and because your dentist is supervising the progress, changes can be made during your treatment (longer wear times, stronger or weaker gel strengths) that make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

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