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Used opalescence 15% for 20 min. Gums white and sore and one spot bleeding. What to do?

Asked more than five years ago by Brooke

Dentist gave them yesterday.



It is possible you are experiencing this from one of the following:

1.    Your custom made trays are not fitting your teeth properly and bleaching gel is leaking onto your gums. We're sure you paid quite a bit for them., so please have your dentist check the fit of the trays.
2.    The bleaching concentration is too strong for your gums. You may want to try Opalescence 10%.

When bleaching gel gets into contact with your gums, it is normal to get temporary white spots. This usually heals and goes away in a day or two. The bleeding may be the cause of blistering from the peroxide. While it will heal quickly, you can apply Vitamin E oil topically to accelerate the healing.

We hope this helps!


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