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What brand of teeth whitening strips works the best?

Asked more than five years ago by Craigvali

I just tried some whitestrips and they sucked. I didn't know about your site and should have checked you out first. But is there really one kind of whitening strip that works better than the others? I don't want to keep doing this and I think when something doesn't work it's a rip-off.



The hands-down favorite over-the-counter whitening strips from our contributors is Crest. But even Crest Whitestrips occasionally disappoint a user. We can't stress enough that teeth whitening is a uniquely personal matter; how good or bad your teeth whitening experience will be is largely guided by what your expectations currently are. Get informed and make the right decision for you – whether it's the most “popular” or not. And then tell us your story – we'll share it with others and you'll have helped make them a more informed consumer.

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