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What is deep bleaching?

Asked more than five years ago by Margaretc



Deep bleaching is an intensive form of teeth whitening that’s designed to bleach otherwise untreatable teeth. It was developed by KoR Whitening. People with tetracycline or genetic staining can benefit from deep bleaching; also people who havne’t whitened their teeth for many years and have severe extrinsic and intrinsic staining. The bleaches used in deep bleaching are usually formulated exclusively for this purpose and are not available with other procedures.

Deep bleaching is usually a two-fold procedure, the dentist will apply gel in the office for one or two sessions and then send the patient home with custom mouth trays and a specially-selected gel for up to two weeks. Depending on the patient, there can be several visits to the dentist within the 2-3 week period to adjust the strength of the bleach and the wear-time of the mouth trays. Results may not reach the upper ranges of shade change, but many people have enjoyed whiter smiles due to this method of teeth whitening.

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