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What is the average cost for teeth whitening inside a dental office or similar clinic?

Asked more than five years ago by Margo24

How much should teeth whitening cost? I look around and sometimes it looks way expensive and other times, it isn't. I saw on the internet that some places in mall can whiten your teeth for, like $99 - and that it's the same as dentists. I think I'd feel better going to a dentist's office because I really want to whiten my smile alot. Is there a way of knowing I'm getting a good service and not paying way too much?



This is a tricky question. You should expect to spend at least $250 for professional whitening in a dentist's office or on a take-home kit prescribed by a dentist. On the high end? If you're looking for immediate, Hollywood-smile results or are a special case (requiring deep bleaching or removal of intrinsic stains like tetracycline), you can spend as much as $500 or $600. Is it worth it? For many people, yes – this is the kind of whitening that typically delivers 7+ shades of improvement in as little as 60 minutes.

However, and this is a big “however,” many dentists discount teeth whitening services for new patients – to encourage their business. Additionally, Daily Deal sites also frequently offer discounted teeth whitening services from local dentists. Do some research – it could pay off.

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