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Where is the best place to buy a professional quality teeth whitening kit from on the Internet?

Asked more than five years ago by Cindychan

I just got a whitening kit from my dentist and it was expensive. I mean, it worked and everything, but it was over $300. If I want to do this again, can I get this same kit someplace else? I see alot of whitening kits online that say they're “professional” - I guess I don't trust that, but I don't really know whether they're the same thing or not.



This is a trick question. Professional (i.e. dental grade) whitening products should only be prescribed by your dentist for use in his or her office or for you to use at home. Unfortunately, because teeth whitening is still a largely unregulated field, you can purchase a lot of the components that dentists use on your own. But that doesn't make buying them a good idea.

If you want super-dramatic results, have'dental issues or have an existing relationship with your dentist, use your dentist as your whitening resource; or ask him or her for a referral if whitening isn't a treatment they offer. If you want to whiten at home, choose products from well-known brand names and vette them here at

We can't stress the importance of caution here – you're putting active bleach into your mouth. Go with a dentist or with a name you know. Your smile is worth protecting.

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