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Why don't whitening strips stick to my teeth?

Asked more than five years ago by Mikecharlo



There are a few reasons that whitening strips may not adhere to your teeth. The first reason is that excess saliva is dissolving the adhesive that seals the strip to your teeth. This can be caused by a condition called hypersalivination. Hypersalivination can be a symptom of an underlying health issue or just a stress reaction; but it’s temporary, so try again. If you just produce more saliva than the average person then whitening strips may not be a good teeth whitening choice for you.

However, it’s most likely that your whitening strips aren’t sticking for one of two other major issues: 1) they were improperly applied or 2) they don’t fit your mouth very well.

Applying whitening strips is a tricky business and many people have problems with it. More and more brand-name manufacturers are taking extra care in the design of the strip itself and in the formulation of the adhesive; so it’s possible to find a product that can help you. Read the descriptions of the products and choose designs and adhesive strategies that take application into consideration. Then, carefully follow the instructions and you should be ok.

Unless, of course, you’ve purchased strips online or from an unknown source, then it may be possible that the manufacturer has worked harder to get your money than to whiten your teeth.

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