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All About Tray Whitening

Apr 16, 2012
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Last Updated 4/16/2012 - Sometimes, even in a field as trendsetting as teeth whitening, progress takes us back to where we started. That appears to be the case today as many dentists nationwide are choosing to forego in-office laser or LED-light activated whitening systems in favor of take-home whitening kits featuring custom-fitted mouth trays.

Tray Whitening Kits are used at home and typically consist of mouth trays & individual doses of peroxide in syringe form. You inject the peroxide into the mouth trays and wear them over your teeth for a certain amount of time each day (or sometimes overnight), usually for up to two weeks. The results are striking, yet gradual, permitting you or your dentist to monitor progress, specify shade whiteness and minimize sensitivity.

Developed in the early 1900's, tray whitening kits were once the only options for those with stained or discolored teeth. Yet, as teeth whitening moved into retail stores with toothpaste formulations, and conventional dentists purchased expensive in-office light-activated systems, the tray procedure was largely overshadowed.

Wearing teeth whitening trays for extended periods of time and the discomfort it could cause, were two of the primary reasons tray whitening fell out of favor with consumers, especially compared to the concept of super-fast "lunch-hour" whitening promoted by light-activated system manufacturers.

Recent studies, however, are showing, that tray teeth whitening may still be the best and most effective way to dramatically improve your smile. Tray whitening kits are generally less expensive than in-office procedures, and because either you or your dentist may choose the strength of the hydrogen peroxide solution used, there's more control over results and less chance of side-effects. In this article we will be covering Over-the-Counter Tray Whitening and Professional Take-Home Tray Whitening. You will learn that there is an important distinction between the two.

The Tray's the Thing

Tray whitening kits are prescribed by dentists or purchased directly over the counter or online. If your dentist prescribes a kit for you, chances are good it will involve the creation of CUSTOM-FIT MOUTH TRAYS. Custom trays help to reduce the amount of wear time by ensuring the maximum amount of bleach-to-tooth contact. They can also be reused for touch-ups or spot whitening. It is the "gold standard" for tray whitening.

To create custom-fit mouth trays, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and then have exact molds made of your tooth arches (upper, lower or both). At home, you'll fill these trays with the specified peroxide solution in the manner your dentist directs - usually minutes or hours every day for up to two weeks.

Some over-the-counter tray whitening kits may also feature custom-fit trays, although since you'll be taking the impression yourself, you should be aware that the match might not be exact. More than likely, though, kits you purchase yourself will contain either BOIL AND BITE MOUTH TRAYS or STOCK or ONE-SIZE MOUTH TRAYS.

"Boil & Bite" trays offer some customization to enhance bleach-to-tooth contact. They're made of a malleable substance that, when gently heated and applied directly to teeth, conforms to the shape of your own mouth. Stock or One-Size Mouth Trays are exactly as they sound - inexpensive plastic shells that fit the general shape of average upper and lower arches. In addition to their lack of exact fit, stock mouth trays are often also made with a thicker type of plastic than their custom or boil & bite counterparts. Thicker walls in turn may add to discomfort, increase salivation (which further dilutes the whitening agent) and interfere with bite patterns.

Still, when comparing results to cost, many consumers find that they're satisfied with the whitening effects of self-purchased kits, especially since they're generally less expensive than those kits prescribed by regular or cosmetic dentists.

The Ideal Solution

While mouth trays are one key differentiator between tray whitening kits, the other key difference between them is in the intensity of the peroxide solution these kits deliver. Because whitening takes place over time with tray whitening, the peroxide is usually in a lower concentration than with in-office procedures, and this isn't a bad thing. Lower concentrations of peroxide minimize side effects and permit a gradual whitening of teeth - so you or your dentist can stop when you've reached the proper shade.

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two kinds of peroxide used for bleaching teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is a very strong whitening agent that needs to be fresh to deliver its full power - and it requires dental supervision to be correctly applied. Carbamide peroxide is a more user-friendly, shelf-stable version of hydrogen peroxide - meaning that it isn't quite as strong and can be kept fresh for a longer time than hydrogen peroxide - an important consideration, especially for do-it-yourselfers purchasing pre-packaged kits.

Still, carbamide peroxide is a strong whitening agent and caution should be used when making the decision to whiten teeth without dental supervision. Unreasonable expectations can lead to the mis-use or overuse of whitening trays and the results may be harmful to teeth and gums.

Supervision & Sensitivity

So, should you order a tray whitening kit online, buy one at the discount store, or see your dentist? Here are the things to consider:

  • Teeth whitening is a bleach-based chemical process that can have serious side effects. If your teeth or gums aren't in perfect shape, whitening can cause pain and even damage. Only a thorough dental examination can grant you a clean bill of oral health. When was your last check-up?

  • All thumbs when it comes to motor skills? If you're thinking about taking your own impressions for custom-fit mouth trays, know that the resulting mold will only be as good a match as you're able to finesse - and that can have an effect on the final whitening results you achieve. Remember, the goal is maximum bleach-to-tooth contact.

  • Do your teeth or gums react intensely to heat or cold? You might be the sensitive type, so if you're planning on do-it-yourself whitening, then do your homework and pick kits with lower peroxide concentrations or peroxides formulated especially for sensitive teeth.

  • Confident about your whitening skills? Tray whitening kits come in a wild variety of configurations. You can purchase trays and bleach together or separately, get a complete kit with aftercare products included (toothpaste etc.). But do your homework and make sure you either ask your dentist for or order something you can administer with confidence.

  • Use common sense. Teeth whitening is an almost unregulated field - with many foreign & domestic companies offering fraudulent products and kits. Before you put chemicals in your mouth, make sure you can trust the source of those chemicals - and stick with companies and brand names you know.

The Price of Perfection

People of all ages whiten their teeth. From teenage girls to Fortune 500 CEOs, a whiter smile says a lot about confidence, health, vitality and the desire to be attractive. Tray whitening kits don't have to break the bank to boost your self-esteem and deliver a brighter smile.

As we've said before, dentist-prescribed tray whitening is generally less expensive than in-office light-activated procedures and runs around $350 - $600 (or more for hard-to-treat cases) based on a national average. Do-it-yourself kits can cost as little $15.00 and run as high as $120. But again, almost any company from any country can manufacture and sell tooth whitening products - do some research and ask some questions before you decide about a specific kit's value.

With a little careful thought and a good plan, you don't have to spend a fortune to get the smile you've always wanted. That's the reason is here to help you. We love to see you smile.

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Reviewed by Dr. Alan Zweig
Dr. Alan Zweig runs a private dental practice in Beverly Hills, CA. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Alan Zweig is a teeth whitening veteran. He’s been trusted by major celebrities, business leaders, and patients from over six different continents.

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1. - Kayla Pendleton - 03/05/2009
Another important aspect to consider is the application method of the gel in the tray. The syringes I've used tend to leak and get on my gums, which can cause sensitivity. I recently started using Platinum Whites, which has a unique brush which is used to "brush" the gel right onto the teeth and so there isn't leaking onto the gums once you put the mouthpiece in. This product works great, and is the best out there. I think it's a fairly new product.
2. - Tomas Ohlum - 03/10/2009
I've bought a tray-carbamide kit from BergaRelaxen in Sweden, 245 swedish crowns ( 29 USD). It really worked for me, my teeth are white now and my dentist could'nt see any decay on my teeths.
3. - Tooth Trays - 05/21/2009
This is a fantastic article. I have been looking around for content as this topic and all I have been finding is fill fluff. Good job! I will link to you form my blog.
4. - Chrish - 05/27/2009
I have been looking around for teeth whiting. there are too many products and options and I am a bit confused and scared to use it. can someone tell me what is the best teeth whiting method now a days? I cant afford going to dentist as it says in article. anyone knows a cheap but effective teeth whiting process?
5. - Maryanne - 06/16/2009
Looking to do my own molds, is it difficult to remove the tray? I am not sure, if removing the tray after the specified time , why the mold would not be perfect.
This is a very informative site. My husband went to the dentist for 400.00 and has really white teeth now, but ALL the products used including the molds are on line for about 125.00 total . He uses Opalence and had no sensitivity issues .
6. - June Williams - 07/15/2009
I already have the trays. I was wondering about the gel. How much does it cost and what strenght should I use?
7. - teeth whitening tips - 07/18/2009
Can u throw some light on the cost factor too, in detail please.

8. - skube - 07/30/2009
My dentist just told me to have the trays made would cost $500. Seemed expensive to me and after reading this, think I might try to wing it on my own.
9. - TWR - 08/06/2009

$500 is high. Are you sure the dentist didn't also include bleaching gels with that? They usually go for $250-300
10. - debbie - 03/02/2010
went to a kiosk, White Science, cost $200. Very lettle results. $400 is the average cost at the dentist to whiten your teeth. Dentist will use a bleach and you will be more satisfied with the results.
11. - Deana Chadwick - 03/31/2010
I have had trays that were professionally made by my dentist. I seemed to have lost them, I generally will whiten for a couple of days every 6 months or once a year. sell the Carbamide Peroxide in different strengths, at a very fair price. I'm wondering if I should try the at home trays, tho there is a 6-8 week delivery of the finised product... but they are so much cheaper then the $400 I spent 10 years ago.
12. - Mo - 04/03/2010
Great article...Thanks! I had a top tray made at my dentists office and used Colgate Platinum a few years ago and the results were fantastic! I've bleached with other products since then but the outcome wasn't impressive. Recently my Bichon found my tray and chewed it up. Went to Wal-Mart and bought a cheap boil and bite tray and used bleach from my dentist, not Colgate Platinum, and still.., nothing impressive. I'm convinced that a snug fitting tray makes a big difference but, I'm not ready to pay the large fee as I did before. And the Colgate Platinum I'd used before..., I've not been able to find any :(
13. - Susane Gruning - 04/21/2010
I just bought the trays from a dentist. The tray and gel (about 2 weeks worth) cost me $300. They do a shade/gum check in 1 1/2 week to ensure all is well (part of the cost). I like that they are checking as well. I am taking pics after each gel application and will post on You Tube. My other issue is I have a cap on my front tooth that is over 20 years old, so after I get the shade I desire, I will have the cap replaced (it needs it as it is cracked too), to match the new shade. I will post my YouTube link once I am done with the process.
14. - Rae Aurora - 06/26/2010
Through my dentist, I have been whitening my teeth for about 1 year. He made trays for me and they really whitened up. However, the 4 front teeth upper crowns(placed 10 years ago), of course, did not whiten and are a dingy yellow now. They did explained the teeth would whiten and the crowns would not but I never paid attention to this. No one grabbed my arm and said 'Listen, your front teeth will not whiten and stay the same color'. There was no emphasize on this. I do not need a baby sitter in most cases(I am 50 years old) but it may have been nice here if there was an actual look me in the eye conversation and say "this will change your appearance and new crowns will be a must". There WAS such a difference between my whiten teeth and the old crowns, I had new crowns(4) put on 1 week ago. It cost me $1100 per crown x 4 crown teeth. I have learned my lesson and wanted to relay this information to others. You must be ready to change out the old crowns because of the color difference.....or at least in my case, it was necessary to continue and keep my very public job. Live and learn.....but just say'in. I have another question about my new crowns and will write another post to address this. Thank you!
15. - Katelynn - 02/23/2011
see i'm so lost i want to do the zoom whitening i don't care about the price but just looked at some reveiws and someone at said they spend $450.00 on it and a week later their teeth were yellow again i don't want that to happen to me so im wondering what kind of whitening process last the longest and actually makes your teeth whiter and not just a fake white thats gonna fade away in a week or so i need serious advice here lol
16. - Jane Olinsky - 03/01/2011
I need to purchase the trays only. Can you help me locate a site to purchase these?? Thanks, Jane
17. - Dave Quinn - 03/02/2011
I work with dentists on their whitening programs and have some experience in this. Please excuse me if I sound like a lecturer,
I talk to dentists all day.
The problems with in-office whitening are
in order to get the desired result in an hour or less, (that's about as long as their patients will sit), they use a stronger bleach and sometimes an accelerator lamp. This means there will be some pain for most people, the bleach will not penetrate as deeply and the lamps cause temporary dehydration, which makes the teeth whiter, but fades shortly.On the plus
side, you get white right now.
To bleach at home, you need trays to keep
the gel on the teeth and keep saliva out.
The cheap boil and bite trays will get the job done, but fitted trays are the best
solution. There are sites that sell fitted trays. You will have to take impressions of your teeth and send it back to them. This takes a couple weeks and you run the risk of pulling out loose dental work. On the other hand, you save a lot of money.
As to bleach, I was going to give 10 minutes of detail and stopped myself. The short answer is I prefer 22% carbamide peroxide for most people.
18. - alex - 04/01/2011
so, im using the opalesence method, wiht custom fit mouth trays and 20% solution. im in my 40's and smoked for about thirty years. i recently quit smoking, and in using this product for just 5 days, for an hour a day, my teeh are as white as can be stay away from coffee, tea and for five days while bleaching, and dont smoke. ive bleached mine before, and as soon as i smoked the yellowing returned.
19. - gary laughlin - 04/24/2011
My dentist made the pro type mouth tray and I use the syringe gel and its the best ssystem. Dentist are pricing lower on the tray system,150 for long time patient. Works great,don't use to much gel in tray and use only 1 hour a day. Great results in 2 days..leave teeth whitening to the pros..
20. - Barbara - 05/16/2011
Has anyone had experience with tray kits from Calismile? The are a carbamide peroxide gel kit. But I can't find anywhere whether the company selling it on-line is a good company.
21. - Judy - 06/16/2011
Has anyone bought into the Groupon deal for the "Icing teeth-whitening system" by Bing Dental? At $68 it looks good. It is too good to be true? I'd love anyones opinion.
22. - Jow Unger - 07/02/2011
Thoughtful and informative article. Thumbs up!

Time to get it into StumbleUpon. Done!@
23. - iphone 5 - 07/03/2011
tray whitening doesnt help me too much.
24. - Lesley M - 07/08/2011
My brother got Zoom Whitening (summer deal: $250) Perfect looking results. He was sent home with whitening molds/trays and gel too for later use. 2 months later now, his teeth aren't as BRIGHT white as in the beginning.
I was told by my dentist that Zoom actually dehydrates the teeth for that BRIGHT white effect- and can cause more damage than the trays.
So, I decided to get the whitening trays instead. (cost: $150) After 1st use, my teeth were a lot whiter and I was excited to see the final results after 3 weeks. On 2nd day I had excruciating pain in my teeth that left me in tears for hours! I stopped using for 1 week... then tried it again. I now have the terrible tooth pain once again, and it looks like the gel has eaten away at my gums!! I can't even get a soft toothbrush in my mouth for even 1 second-- and it's been 3 days of this!
I suppose I would suggest the Zoom if I HAD to pick one-- and follow up with the trays that are included maybe twice a month, to avoid all this pain.
Hope my info can help here! :) good luck!
25. - Jacob - 07/18/2011
Tray based home teeth whitening kits are definitely the way to go i say. This article is great however at times one sided towards the dentist.

I agree a dentist is the safest way you can go ahead and whiten your teeth, however the more important thing is to do your research on the product that is right for you, and on your teeth.

Ask your dentist about teeth whitening but do not just allow him or her to tell you that the only way is their way.

There are many types of kits out there, some with less Carbamide Peroxide and some with a little more.
26. - Jason Peterson - 07/22/2012
I just got the new Custom Fitted trays. I did the mold or impressions which only took about 3 minutes, super easy. I shopped around and did the research. found a site called whiter Smile Labs and they had the best gel i did not notice any irritation to my gums or teeth sensitivity at all. i would say that i went up 5-6 shade whiter in just a week, maybe 5 days.. but my wife says now that my smokers teeth are gone, I have to stop smoking..LOL i think i will just buy more gel and do it again in about a year , it is hard to stop smoking..hahaha But seriously i tried the boil and bite type of tray and i had issues with getting them to fit. the custom fit ones stay on and cover the complete surface. id give it a try.
27. - Masters Ceramic Dental Lab i - 07/28/2012
Masters Ceramic Dental Lab in Dallas TX is the best whiting teeth so far.
28. - Jason Myers - 08/14/2012
Trays are where it is at! I wasted so much on the stick on Colgate white strips, probably about 80.00 for 2 boxes and they are so weak that they did not work. My dentist said the only way is for custom made trays from a dental lab, he tried to sell me them for about 400 plus the cost of his gel. I found them online for about 60.00 and included all the gel and everything, I had my trays sent back to me and made perfectly to form my teeth in a matter of less than a week, That is how long it takes the dentist to send them out anyways.. go to where I went www, take your time and read there site, it explains everything, saved me money, figured i would help the next guy. I also smoked for many years, and the tar from the smoking came off after the 3rd day, my wife is not scared to kiss my yellow teeth anymore,,HAHA... just kidding. but, it really did do wonders.
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32. - Hannah Page - 09/22/2014
I have a retainer I got after I finished my invisalign. It looks very similar to the trays that are in the pictures. I wonder if I could get bleach from the dentist and put them in my retainers. The retainers are pretty tight so I would want to make sure my teeth wouldn't be blotchy.
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