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Free Teeth Whitening - From Serious Offers to Silly Scams

Aug 8, 2012
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Last Updated 8/8/2012 - I'm a firm believer in disbelieving any special offer or free come-on that seems too good to be true. Call me a skeptic, but it's a philosophy that's served my interests very well over the years–especially when it comes to looking for deals on the Internet. So, while I wasn't surprised at the sheer number of links that pop up after googling, "Free Teeth Whitening," I was still amazed at how many of them turned out to be useless or misleading or just plain garbage.

But I also found, with a little digging, some pretty good ways to get yourself some samples, coupons, or even, yes Free Teeth Whitening, in the bargain. You just have to know what you're looking for.

Your Neighborhood Dentist

The very best free tooth whitening offer is the one you can find in your own hometown with a friendly neighborhood dentist. Savvy dentists offer free whitening - usually featuring a take-home tray kit - to entice new customers into their office. It's a win-win scenario - you get a dentist who knows he or she has to work at getting your business and your dentist gets you to commit to a set of x-rays or a cleaning or some other introductory service to help you start taking care of your general oral health.

Examples of legitimate free teeth whitening offers from dentists:


Best Places to Look?

Local Search Engine Results and Sponsored Ads: Google is your friend. Or Bing. Or some other search engine. If you search for "Free Teeth Whitening City/Town/Suburb" - you'll generate localized ads and listings for dentists in your area offering free whitening deals.

The Yellow Pages: Dentists and doctors still utilize the printed Yellow Pages (or your neighborhood's comparable publication) to advertise their practices and will often include special offers with their display ads.

Penny Savers or Local Shopping Magazines: Usually available at grocery stores, family restaurants and stop-and-shops, these free publications are a great place to find local businesses - like dentists - advertising their special deals.

Grocery Store Community Boards: While you're at the store, check out the bulletin board you'll usually find around the entrance. More and more businesses (and not just kids with lawn movers) are using these highly visible spaces.

Friends, Family & Neighbors: And of course, ask around in your own circle of family and friends. If someone has a dentist that they're especially crazy about - you may want to call and see if they offer free whitening to new clients.

Teeth Whitening Companies

The people who make teeth whitening products are also eager to put their latest discoveries into your hands. But along with some offers from very reputable companies, there are a lot of wannabe's in the group as well. Caveat Emptor–let the buyer (or tryer) beware.

Proctor & Gamble: You'll get a mind-swirling number of options - and if their popular Crest or Oral-B brands are not introducing new whitening products at the time you visit - sign up for their newsletters and you'll find out when new products are in the pipeline. That's the time they'll offer some free samples, otherwise, you'll have to settle for coupons.

Johnson & Johnson: Ditto for Listerine Whitening and Rembrandt.

Aquafresh and Colgate: Look for their sites and see what's up.

There are a number of smaller players, still quite reputable, that want you to try their products as well. How can you tell if they're legitimate? Look for authentic press coverage - such as the segment featuring "Spraywhite 90" that recently aired on TV's "The Doctors". If you can't find a legitimate third-party acknowledgement behind the brand, chances are it's a scam - more about that later.

Coupon, Free Trial and Sample Sites: Sites like, and can also turn you on to savings on teeth whitening products - although you'll rarely find a true "free" offer. Again, though, look for a coupon site that's sponsoring legitimate brands and companies - otherwise you'll be taking a risk with your personal information as well as your oral health. Some of the coupons you'll find, however, will be for retailers, such as - which offer an enormous variety of OTC whitening products. Whether the savings come from the manufacturer or the retailer, you could find yourself smiling whiter either way.

Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening was not invented in the late 20th century - it was merely made safe, affordable and available to the public at large. So before folks could buy whitening toothpastes, or have the dentist perform an expensive whitening procedure in the office, people whitened their teeth at home. You can still give it a try today–although I certainly don't have the patience for it, personally speaking.

You can find ideas on home whitening all over the Net, but remember, dentists go to school for years and years to learn about teeth, nerves, oral health and whitening; attempting to change something on your own can not only be ineffective, it can be downright dangerous–just. Read our article on the dangers of teeth whitening home remedies.

Use Your Head

Here at, we see a lot of teeth whitening scam sites and offers. As we regularly state, the field of teeth whitening is, for the most part, unregulated, so fraudulent players abound. They fall into one of two primary categories:

  • Phony, unsafe or ineffective products

  • Marginally effective products with fraudulent billing or payment practices (overbilling, double-billing, etc.)

Here's what to look for:

Single page websites - no backup, no "about us", no case studies, no way to trace them

Names you've never heard of - most reputable teeth whitening brands and companies WANT to get their names in print, as well as on the Internet. If a whitening product has received no acknowledgement from third parties, look further.

Similarly-named products - some companies use the same scam over and over again, just changing the name of the whitening product. If there are multiple sites all using a variation of the same name, be very afraid.

And of course, read! From time to time we publish the names of companies and products that have been proven to be fraudulent - just check out our articles: Online Teeth Whitening Scams,Teeth Whitening Scam Products, Teeth Whitening at the Mall

Example of a Scam Free Teeth Whitening Offer:


You CAN find deals on teeth whitening–in your hometown, with reliable companies and on sampling/coupon websites, and, occasionally, on the website of a new and legitimate tooth whitening product. But you have to know what to look for - and what to expect when you set out to save.

That way you'll be saving more than money.

Reviewed by Dr. Alan Zweig
Dr. Alan Zweig runs a private dental practice in Beverly Hills, CA. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Alan Zweig is a teeth whitening veteran. He’s been trusted by major celebrities, business leaders, and patients from over six different continents.

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