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Make Your Smile Your Most Powerful Weapon

Mar 16, 2014
What do people find most attractive in others? A beautiful head of hair? A great body? Luckily, it’s something we all can acquire without inheriting great hair from our grandmothers or camping out at the gym. According to a national survey from the American Dental Association (ADA) and Crest® and Oral B®, the smile outranked eyes, hair and the body as the most attractive physical feature.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Aesthetics: Correlations between Skin and Teeth Undertones.

Sep 8, 2013
The primary objective of teeth whitening is to help us look and feel better - both on the outside and on the inside. We're so anxious to shine, in fact, that some experts predict Americans will spend more than 2.5 billion dollars on over-the-counter and dental teeth whitening products and services in 2013.

From products that were once sold almost exclusively to women in upscale cosmetic departments, teeth whitening products are now marketed to everyone. So, while every teeth whitening consumer is not female today, we still represent the statistically larger gender in the mix; and as thousands of years of tradition would have it–our efforts at looking our best don't stop in the dentist's chair.

Best Practices for Bleaching your Teeth Right Before Cosmetic Dentistry

Sep 8, 2013
People who are looking for the perfect smile – or who want to correct or enhance a smile with visible aesthetic issues – are turning to cosmetic dentistry in droves. Through a variety of increasingly sophisticated techniques, smiles are being transformed every day with porcelain veneers, crowns, and composite bonding.

If you're already someone who bleaches their teeth and you're also looking into having "work done," you may be asking yourself some questions about how bleaching and cosmetic dentistry can work together. Often times patients want to achieve whiter teeth through cosmetic dentistry and so they will need to go through teeth whitening prior to a procedure. This guide covers the best practices to bleaching your teeth prior to getting any "work done." We consulted one of our whitening authorities, Dr. Rodger Kurthy, DDS, and he was kind enough to give us his perspective.

Permanent Teeth Whitening - Cosmetic Dentistry Methods Beyond Bleaching

Jul 14, 2013
The field of cosmetic dentistry encompasses professional teeth whitening - but there are many other options available to you for achieving a permanent white smile, from a full smile makeover to veneers and other types of restorations,

Online Teeth Whitening Scams

Mar 30, 2013
TWR just concluded an investigation into this marketplace and found that companies looking to make a fast buck often invent fake personalities, reviews and testimonials to convince you their teeth whitening product is the real deal. Read More

Teeth Whitening and Braces

Jan 6, 2013
"Can I whiten my teeth while I wear braces?" is a question we hear quite frequently at There isn't a single answer though. Whether or not to whiten your teeth while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment involves several variable factors and the answers aren't the same for everyone. What we can do to help you is this–tell you what variables you need be concerned with and then advise that you take your list to your dentist and orthodontist for a professional opinion.

2013 Teeth Whitening Update

Jan 4, 2013
Latest updates in teeth whitening for 2013!

Teeth Whitening Costs - The Full Breakdown

Dec 9, 2012
This article analyzes costs for the entire teeth whitening product spectrum. There's a simple equation when it comes to selecting a teeth-whitening product: Time x Results = Price. But, no matter how much money you want to spend, chances are excellent you can find a teeth-whitening product to fall within your budget.

Groupon Teeth Whitening Daily Deals - Bright Idea or Not?

Nov 16, 2012
Log into your email account every morning - and if you're like most people -
you'll find you're suddenly inundated with tempting local and online discounts on all sorts of goodies. From Groupon, to Living Social, to NYC's, or to a thousand other daily deal clones - the “daily deal” business is ginormous and growing, in spite of the fact that the larger companies are becoming more careful with their screening and targeting techniques.

Teeth Whitening: What Works and What Doesn't

Aug 16, 2012
Learn about the various teeth whitening procedures available and find out what works and what doesn't. Read More

Teeth Whitening at the Mall. Unsafe, but is it Illegal?

Aug 11, 2012
Undergoing professional teeth whitening at a kiosk can cause irreversible damages to your teeth. The catch that makes the process legal is that operators do not place the product in the “patient’s” mouth. Instead, the “patient” inserts the bleaching product themselves. Read More

Teeth Whitening Dangers?

Aug 10, 2012
Researchers at Georgetown University say hydrogen peroxide may increase chances of tongue cancer. Read More

Free Teeth Whitening - From Serious Offers to Silly Scams

Aug 8, 2012
An in-depth article that covers legitimate and scam sources for "free teeth whitening."

Teeth Whitening Sensitivity - Causes and How to Treat It

Jul 10, 2012

All About Whitening Toothpastes

Apr 21, 2012
Once considered a luxury due to their relatively high price, whitening toothpastes are now a standard part of oral care for lots of Americans. From the high-priced Rembrandt to Crest to Colgate-all major toothpaste brands now offer multiple versions of a whitening formulation. It's a big business - and destined for continued growth - even if the whitening results are hard to prove.

All About Tray Whitening

Apr 16, 2012
Recent studies have shown that tray teeth whitening may still be the best and most effective way to dramatically improve your smile. Tray whitening kits are generally less expensive than in-office procedures, and because either you or your dentist may choose the strength of the hydrogen peroxide solution used, there's more control over results and less chance of side-effects. Read More

What Shade Are Your Teeth? Teeth Whitening Shades Explained

Apr 13, 2012

Which Professional Teeth Whitening System is Best?

Dec 24, 2011
Which bleaching treatments give the best results? Read More

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Aug 9, 2011
There are said to be many "home remedies" for teeth whitening. In this article we explain each teeth whitening home remedy and its effect on teeth. Read More

Am I really whitening? Tooth Dehydration and Laser Tooth Whitening

Dec 25, 2010
Knowing that teeth dehydrate during bleaching, one may wonder what the actual effects are of quick in-office laser light whitening. Could it be that there is no actual bleaching happening and that the teeth are just being dehydrated? Read More

The Controversy: Are bleaching lights necessary in professional laser teeth whitening treatments?

Apr 17, 2010
Some dentists believe that tooth bleaching is more effective with the use of lasers and other sources of light, while others are of the opinion that the effect of tooth bleaching remains the same, with or without the use of lasers or lights. Read More

Innovations in Tooth Bleaching: Deep Bleaching

Aug 6, 2006
A new bleaching technique has emerged called “Deep Bleaching” (Also known as Power Bleaching). Some dentists believe this is the most powerful bleaching method to date. Read More


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