Online Teeth Whitening Scams

Last Updated 3/30/2013
The word "scam" is defined as: obtaining money by means of deception - and today you can find dozens of scams online - especially surrounding the field of over-the-counter teeth whitening. TeethWhiteningReviews.com (TWR) has just concluded an investigation into this marketplace and found that companies looking to make a fast buck often invent fake personalities, reviews and testimonials to convince you their product is the real deal and worth the inflated (or unreasonably discounted) price you're paying.

In the unregulated, international world of Internet business, it is very easy for illicit marketers to start a private label teeth whitening business - without having to prove they've met any standards for safety or effectiveness. There are numerous manufacturers in China and elsewhere selling OEM whitening products at prices substantially less than their American or European counterparts. These products are not FDA-certified and are largely untested for efficacy. Would you really trust a whitening product that was made in the same country that created toxic toothpaste and melamine milk?

The Phony Review Website

One of the most common tricks used to build credibility for useless products is the fake review website. Scamsters create their own websites devoted to reviews of whitening products - and publish phony reviews, tests and claims - under the guise of objective Internet journalism. Some of the false testominoal/blog sties will even check your location via IP address, then plug your city in the testimonial (i.e. Cathy from Your City, Your State).

At one point, TWR was contacted by the makers of Vibrant White to remove their "scam" status on our website. The makers of Vibrant White were placed on our watch list because we found them to sponsor a website showcasing Vibrant White reviews. When we asked them to provide proof they had no affiliation with http://www.top-teeth-whitening-reviews[dot]com, they responded,

"Vibrant White does not have any affiliation with Top-Teeth-Whitening-Reviews.com. We were contacted several months ago by them and they had explained their review site to us, we shipped them several free pens to try in their experiment."

Subsequent investigation by TWR revealed that both the product and the review website were hosted on the same server and IP address, proving that both sites were under the management of the same company.

To date, TWR has found the following review and testimonial sites to be sponsored, created or published by manufacturers of undocumented whitening products:

- top-teeth-whitening-reviews.com

- teeth-whitening-reviews.com

- whiteningreview.com

- bestwhiteners.com

- best-teeth-whitening.com

- best-teeth-whitening.info

- best-teeth-whitening-guide.com

- whitener-reviews.com

- whiteningteethsolution.com

- teethwhiteningreview.com

- teethwhiteningdigest.com

- teethwhiteningreviews.net

- teethwhiteningreviewsguide.com

- teethwhiteningwarning.com

- teethwhiteningreviewed.com

- teethwhitening-expert.com

- theteethwhiteningreview.com

- TeethWhiteningFromHome.com

- Whitening-Review.info

- the-teeth-whitening-review.com

- TeethWhitenReview2009.com

- TopTeethWhiteners2009.com

- newteethwhitening2010.com

- theteethwhitenerreview.com

- teethwhiteningsteps.com

- teethwhiteningcritics.com

- teethwhiteningthatworks.com

- teeth-whiteners-compared.com

- teethwhitening-reviews.info

- teeth-whitening-truth.com

- teethtruthsquad.com

- whitener-reviews.com

- TopConsumerReviews.com

- consumersgazette.com

- thewhiteningcenter.com

- adultteethwhitening.com

- heatherswhiteteeth.com

- blog.jennyswhiteteeth.com

- sarahswhiteteeth.com

- sarahscleanteeth.com

- brendaswhiteteeth.com

- tanyasteeth.com

- cathysteethtrick.com

- amandasteeth.com

- beckyswhiteteeth.com

- elliesteeth.com

- suzysteeth.com

- blog.christineswhiteteeth.com

- how-to-whiten-teeth.com

- laurasteeth.com

- lorrainesteeth.com

- rockmyteeth.com

- lisaswhitesmile.com

- my-white-teeth.com

- amysteeth.com

- amysbrightsmile.com

- amandasteeth.com

- rachelteethwhitening.com

- rachelsteethblog.com

- janasteeth.com

- kellyswhiteteeth.com

- kaylaswhiteteeth.com

- karenswhiteteeth.com

- myteeth.org

- ws6alert.com

- news11daily.com

- healthreportweekly.com

- news28online.com

- news11-online.com

- dailyobserveronline.com

- usa-daily-herald.com

- consumer-weekly.com

- usachroniclestoday.com

- thedailychronicle.net

- homewhiteningcare.org

Last Minute Update

Watch your credit card statements! If you have purchased whitening products from an unknown source, be aware that TWR is also receiving reports of unauthorized charges from third-party partners of phony whitening manufacturers.


An effective whitening product can make a dramatic difference in your smile. And not all online whitening sites are scams, but it can be very difficult to know because of the suspicious marketing tactics that many of these companies use. To ensure you are getting a quality product, stick with over-the-counter brand names you recognize or visit your dentist (not mall kiosks) for professional in-office or take-home teeth whitening.

Online Brands To Avoid
BriteWhite (Extreme BriteWhite)
Dentech Whitening
Dazzle White
Dazzle White Now
Dazzle Smile
EverBright Smiles
Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener
Celebrity Sexy White
Celebrity Smile
Ivory White
Lucent Whites
Luminous Brites
Movie Star Look
Premium White
True Color Whitener
Vibrant White
Whitening Now
Easy White
Alta White
Whitening Brites
Ivory Brites
DentaWhite (Denta Whtie)
Brite Teeth Pro (Bright Teeth Pro)
Shimmering White
Super Smile White
White Blast
ZaaZoom White
Zero Peroxide
Ivory Smiles
Max White Teeth
Smart White
Bridal Beauty White
South Beach Smile
AllDayBright (All Day Bright)
True White
Pur Whtiening (Purwhitening)
UltraWhite Smile
Ultra Whites
SuperStar Smile
Dramatic Smiles
Smile Radiance
Vivid White Smile
TeethBrilliant (Teeth Brilliant)
Smile4You (Smile 4 You)
Super White Pro
Illumibrite Professional

TWR lists its most recent findings in the whitening scam reviews section of this site. It will be frequently updated as we receive reports from contributors.

Additional Information
The Better Business Bureau posted a warning about online teeth whitening scams after we published this article. Read the full article here

Update 8/3/2011
The FTC just slapped a $450 million dollar lawsuit on one of the kingpins behind many of these whitening scams. Read about it here and, here.

The FTC has also created this nifty little video warning consumers of "free trial offer" sites.
View here.

Update 2013
We've noticed significantly less scams online, but they still exist and are mainly promoted through deal sites like groupon. Watch out and checkout our article on groupon whitening!

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