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Teeth Whitening at the Mall. Unsafe, but is it Illegal?

Aug 11, 2012
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Last Updated 8/11/2012 - On my latest trip to the mall I couldn't believe my eyes. There it was in the middle of a busy mall, a lady performing teeth whitening on a patient while inviting others to join on the other two chairs she had available. As a curious consumer, I asked how much the teeth whitening procedure costs. She said $99 and it's guaranteed for 4 shades lighter. If you think these procedures are being done by dentists, think again.

Teeth Whitening at mall kiosks are growing in popularity due to consumer convenience and naivety, and the ability for kiosk operators to quickly find willing customers. These kiosks are generally franchise owned, so they are not administered by dental professionals. They are not dentists, RDHs or RDAs, rather workers “dressed up” in medical garments to give people a false sense they are being treated by a dental professional. Besides the fact that one would look ridiculous doing this procedure in the middle of a busy mall, it is also dangerous. The catch that makes the process legal is that operators do not place the product in the “patient’s” mouth. Instead, the “patient” inserts the bleaching product themselves.

Undergoing professional teeth whitening at a kiosk can cause irreversible damages to your teeth. The bleach generally used at these kiosks consists of high concentration hydrogen carbamide peroxide, usually 35%. This is what dental offices use. The chemicals at this high of a concentration are extremely acidic, and if not properly administered, can ruin tooth enamel.

Professional teeth whitening should always be done under the supervision of a DDS: A Dentist assesses patients, and decides on the advisability of bleaching, and prediction of outcome for each patient. Furthermore, the dentist will have knowledge of the oral anatomy, principles of patient care, and the possible dangers involved: i.e (if gums are not adequately protected or if there is gum disease).

Update 3/6/2008
A Mall Teeth-Whitening Business has been Shut Down in South Carolina

A teeth-whitening business at Haywood Mall in Greenville has been ordered to shut down by state regulators who say that the operators are practicing dentistry without a license.

In issuing the order, the state regulators said that the light the business uses for teeth whitening is is so strong it is only allowed to be used by a licensed dentist.

A state dentistry official told WYFF News 4 that similar businesses are being shut down all across the country. 

Update 3/22/2008
ABC News released a video piece on this titled Teeth Whitening Kiosks at the Mall. It looks like these kiosk operators did not know what they were doing.

Update 8/11/2008
All Glamour White locations have been shut down in Oklahoma.
iSmile, located at Tulsa's Promenade Mall is still open, but have limited their staff to one employee and no longer wear white lab coats to give the appearance that they are following the law. Read more about it here.

Update 1/15/2009
Tennessee bans teeth whitening kiosks. The state now requires treatments to be performed only by licensed dentists, dental hygienists or registered dental assistants supervised by a dentist. Source

Update 3/16/2009
Alabama bans teeth whitening kiosks. Read more about it here.

Update 11/20/2009
The ADA has asked the FDA to evaluate teeth whitening product compounds for safety and classify them. Depending on the outcome of that evaluation, the whitening compounds could be available on an unrestricted, over-the-counter basis or, if determined to be at the upper end of risky, could be restricted to prescription-only availability.

"The tremendous expansion of products available directly to consumers and application of products in venues such as shopping malls, cruise ships, and salons is troubling since consumers have little or no assurance regarding the safety of product ingredients, doses or the professional qualifications of individuals employed in these non-dental settings,” the letter states." Read more about it here.

View a recent ABC video showing uninformed mall kiosks

Update 2013
We've created a section specifically for mall/kiosk teeth whitening product on TWR. Check it out here:

Known Teeth Whitening Kiosk Businesses:
Da Vinci Whitening System
Laser Bright
Whitening USA
Beacming White
WOW Smile Xpress
Beaming White
Brite Impressions
Laser White Express


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1. - Michael - 02/25/2008
I went to the new Sam's Club that just opened the other day, and sure enough, there was a kiosk with a young girl there to sell you bleaching. They advertised 5 shades of shade improvement in just 12 minutes. The cost for the work was about $173.00. There were lights there to activate the bleach. I really can't see how the Board of Dental Examiners of any state would allow an untrained sales person to allow a patient to place 35% hydrogen peroxide in their mouth with no knowledge of what is happening or what might happen - even if the patient places the tray in their own mouth!
2. - GregG - 02/25/2008
I believe the board of dentistry is working with the board of health to officially recognize this as practicing dentistry without a license.....once that is accomplished there will be charges filed.
3. - Jenny - 02/25/2008
If it's "OK" for a non-dentist to bleach teeth... what's next? Extractions at the mall kiosk? I mean, afterall... how tough is it to "pull a tooth?" What about Invisalign? Their certification course is only 1 day now. How hard can it be? Take some impressions at the mall kiosk and send it off for the trays. Mail the trays to the "patient" at home with instructions. Voila!
4. - Lance - 02/26/2008
I own a piece of bleachbright in the west. I Believe in my product there are alot of imposters saying they are certified but we are FDA, OSHA certified. Anyone using mold or any kind of syringe is going to be shut down soon. I know some malls are more relaxed than others, so do what is best use bleach bright
5. - Mike - 02/27/2008
Teeth whitening in mall is the most safe and better service than go to dentist office and waste my two days and waste my $600 dollars and get same result i can get in the WHITENING KIOSK less then 15 min and just pay $149.Let me tell you why you pay $600 dollars when you go to dentist office you have to pay for his fancy office , fancy house , fancy cars and his vacation home in Hawaii.Thats why you have to pay $600 dollars for whitening you teeth its not that complicated like dentist want you to think.
6. - John - 02/28/2008
No, Mike--what you're paying for is the combined dozens of years of formal medical training received by the dentist, the hygienists and the assistants. You're paying for a team of professionals who intimately understand your oral health and treatment decisions based on that knowledge.

You get none of that at the mall.
7. - Jason - 02/29/2008
I went to get my teeth whitened at one of the Sam's Clubs as well, and I had great results. The girl there was very helpful and told be from the beginning that she was not a dentist. I was okay with this procedure because it was convenient, effective, and much more affordable than at the dentist. After reading this article, I checked with the company about the percentage of peroxide and found out that the percentage is much lower than dental grade and only slightly higher than other over the counter products. So your statement that they are using 35% in Sam's club is completely incorrect. I had a great experience, and I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
8. - TDH - 02/29/2008
From my understanding all the Kiosk's that I have experienced are not using 30% or higher peroxide. They are using a percentage closer to 16%.
9. - tom - 02/29/2008
i had my teeth done for $99 dollars at a mall in cleveland. I was surprised at the care and professionalism of the people working there. The results were terrific. There is no way im going to pay 500 dollars to have a slightly better job done at a dentist office. This is fast, safe and the results are true acceptable . tom
10. - Rick - 03/01/2008
Can anyone tell me what the name of the company at Sam's is?
11. - John - 03/03/2008
To those of you defending this practice... Are any of you actually trained dental professionals? And if not, what makes you qualified to deem this safe?
12. - Alex - 03/03/2008
Common sense tells us these methods are safe. Contrary to what was reported in the article above, which was innaccurate and poorly researched, the majority of teeth whitening products available in the mall use H202 levels that are only slightly higher than other over-the-counter products. Why do you think White Strips are available over the counter and sold to tens of thousands of people?

The most unsafe method of teeth whitening is the procedure performed at the dentist where 35% Hydrogen peroxide and higher is used. I've seen people who went to the dentist to get their teeth whitened and ended up with a hole burned in their lip and severe teeth sensitivity. Many dentists I've talked with don't even like doing these procedures because "it hurts their patients."

You take your chances with the dentist John, and I will stick with the lower H202 level products available with White Strips and in the Mall.
13. - Chris - 03/03/2008
The one and only reason dentists are warning people not to use kiosks in the mall is that they fear they will lose whitening business. They know that the H2O2 levels used in these procedures are 100% safe, especially when on the teeth for only 15 minutes. God forbid if someone else profits from offering a safe and affordable treatment to the public. Dentists charge patients $400 and more for teeth whitening, and the materials cost them $25.00.
Any time you get info about mall kiosks from a dentist, ask yourself, What's in it for him? When money is involved, you are sure to get a answer that will bring HIM more business.
14. - Steve Fuller-iSmile - 03/04/2008
I am amazed at all of the miss information contained in this story. I realize that it is not posted by a professional journalist however I am quite suprised at the lack of truth to the story.

First let me note the inaccuracies so the readers of this information have more accurate information.

1. There are no guarantees of color or shade improvement made. Customers are told that they may realize anywhere from one to six shades of improvement by utilizing the bleaching treatment.

2. The business is not normally a franchise. The business in the picture at the beginning of the story was company owned at the time the photograph was taken. It was then sold to a local resident.

3. The bleaching treatment provided does not require a dentist, RDH or RDA. Nor does the self administering of an over the counter or dental provided home bleaching kit.

4. The peronnel working the kiosk never claim to be dentist or licensed, or certified in any way. If asked, they would be happy to explain that they not dental professionals at all.

5. The process is no more dangerous than using any over the counter whitening or bleaching system.

6. The participants receiving teeth bleaching are not patients but customers. They are no more a patient than someone purhasing Crest White Strips.

7. The percentage of hydrogen peroxide is not 35%. It is well below 22% which is the maximum percentage that can be sold or administered by non dental personnel.

Now that some of the false information has been clarified I would ask about the responsibility of the person that would print such inaccurate information.

The CA Dental Board anonymously participated in a whitening session provided by one of the above named companies. After the session was completed the owner was advised by the member of the Board that they had done a great job and violated none of the criteria of the Dental Board regarding providing a dental procedure.

In fact in most states the procedure is not considered a dental procedure as the customer is never touched by the operator, the percentage of hydrogen or carbomide peroxide is under the percentage which must be administered in a dentist supervised office and the light used by the company in the first photo is LED and emits no distinguishable heat like the UV lights used by many dentist.

There is plenty of accurate information available via many credible resources. After digesting the information in this posting I would have to question the credibility and judgement of the writer and the site.

Steve Fuller
15. - - 03/05/2008

We understand the need to justify the existence of your business. Here are my replies to your points:

"There are no guarantees of color or shade improvement made. Customers are told that they may realize anywhere from one to six shades of improvement by utilizing the bleaching treatment."

Then the kiosk operator should not have said that the results were guaranteed.

"The business is not normally a franchise. The business in the picture at the beginning of the story was company owned at the time the photograph was taken. It was then sold to a local resident."

The article states that teeth whitening kiosks are “generally franchise owned.” Lightspa is a franchise operation. Your very own business, iSmile, is listed in the franchise section on,.html

"The bleaching treatment provided does not require a dentist, RDH or RDA. Nor does the self administering of an over the counter or dental provided home bleaching kit."

You are right, it does not require a dentist. This is why the article was written. Kiosk teeth whitening is unsafe. Any one-time teeth whitening treatment that takes only 15 minutes must have a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. It generally takes over a week to see results with typical over-the-counter whitening products, such as Crest White Strips (10% carbamide peroxide).

"The personnel working the kiosk never claim to be dentist or licensed, or certified in any way. If asked, they would be happy to explain that they not dental professionals at all."

The laymen consumer will not know the right questions to ask. To avoid confusion, all signage should state that the personnel working are "not dentists or licensed, or certified in any way."

"The process is no more dangerous than using any over the counter whitening or bleaching system."

What scientific evidence do you have to back this up?

"The percentage of hydrogen peroxide is not 35%. It is well below 22% which is the maximum percentage that can be sold or administered by non dental personnel."

For clarification, what hydrogen peroxide percentage does iSmile use? Stating that it is below 22% is not specific enough.

"the light used by the company in the first photo is LED and emits no distinguishable heat like the UV lights used by many dentist."

Then what is the purpose of the light if not to dehydrate the teeth?
In addition to the medical garments the personnel wear, is the company further misleading the consumer with a light that does not do anything?

"The CA Dental Board anonymously participated in a whitening session provided by one of the above named companies. After the session was completed the owner was advised by the member of the Board that they had done a great job and violated none of the criteria of the Dental Board regarding providing a dental procedure."
This is extremely vague and without reference

"There is plenty of accurate information available via many credible resources."
Where can we find this "accurate information"?
16. - Alex - 03/05/2008
Dear, your lack of knowledge on this matter is hurting your argument, and you really should do more research before you right such an article. Otherwise you will continue to discredit your website.

In response to your points:

"Then the kiosk operator should not have said that the results were guaranteed."

The reason why most of these kiosk operators say that results are guaranteed is because most of these kiosks operators offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That's something that your dentist will never offer!

"The article states that teeth whitening kiosks are “generally franchise owned.” Lightspa is a franchise operation."

So what if it's a franchise. There are many reputable franchise operations in our country.

"You are right, it does not require a dentist. This is why the article was written. Kiosk teeth whitening is unsafe. Any one-time teeth whitening treatment that takes only 15 minutes must have a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. It generally takes over a week to see results with typical over-the-counter whitening products, such as Crest White Strips (10% hydrogen peroxide)."

You assume because its 15 minutes that they "must have a high concentration of H202"??? This is where your whole argument falls apart. Your assumption is incorrect and reflects clearly that you have not done your research. You claim that this type of service is unsafe based on your misguided assumptions. As a result, the whole point of your article, that this is unsafe, is bogus.

"The laymen consumer will not know the right questions to ask. To avoid confusion, all signage should state that the personnel working are "not dentists or licensed, or certified in any way."

Absurd! Should we also insist that the clerk at the local grocery store who sells Crest White Strips post signage everywhere stating that they are "not dentists or licensed, or certified in any way." ?

"The process is no more dangerous than using any over the counter whitening or bleaching system."

"What scientific evidence do you have to back this up? "

Common Sense! You are the one claiming in your article that it's unsafe...what scientific evidence do you have to back this up? So far, you've based everything on your incorrect assumption that they are using 35% hydrogen peroxide.

If you want to rail against usafe teeth whitening with 35% peroxide, you should refocus your attention on the dentists who are the only ones using this high percentage. You should also research the thousands of patient complaints against DENTAL teeth whitening due to this high percentage.

"Then what is the purpose of the light if not to dehydrate the teeth? In addition to the medical garments the personnel wear, is the company further misleading the consumer with a light that does not do anything?"

There is wide debate on the effectiveness of a light in the bleaching process. The lights used by the dentists give off much more heat and therefore result in more tooth dehydration. According to the information in the link you provided, the light in the kiosk that is not as strong as the dental light, would probably contribute to better whitening results because there is less heat and therefore less dehydration so the bleaching agent isn't fighting as many "teeth fluids" coming out of the teeth.

If you're going to argue that bleaching lights don't work, then it's only fair to bring all the dentists who use the lights into your focus as well and not just attack the lights being used in the mall.

Regarding the "medical garments"...there are many professions where people who are not dentists wear lab coats or scrubs. Would you feel more comfortable if the next time you get a manicure/pedicure, facial, massage, etc. that the technician helping you would wear a trash bag?

"There is plenty of accurate information available via many credible resources."
Where can we find this "accurate information"?"

GREAT QUESTION...I suggest you start researching before you write your next article
17. - Daniel - 03/05/2008

"You assume because its 15 minutes that they "must have a high concentration of H202"??? This is where your whole argument falls apart. Your assumption is incorrect and reflects clearly that you have not done your research. You claim that this type of service is unsafe based on your misguided assumptions. As a result, the whole point of your article, that this is unsafe, is bogus."

If the H202 concentrations are in fact at the same level of over-the-counter products, 15 minutes of H202 contact is not enough time for deep teeth infusion and certainly not enough time to bring about long term results. If you are comparing this procedure to regular over-the-counter products, $149 is a complete rip-off. Why not just get crest white strips and do it in the privacy of your own home for $35 bucks?

"If you're going to argue that bleaching lights don't work, then it's only fair to bring all the dentists who use the lights into your focus as well and not just attack the lights being used in the mall."

The site shows that laser/light whitening does not work in other articles: , and there is another one as well.

It looks like you need to do your research.
18. - Alex - 03/05/2008
Dear Daniel,

Who said these products were the same as other over the counter products? If you take the time to read above, I believe that it's clear that they are a bit higher and therefore more effective.

The point is that they are well under 35% which the author of the article claims to be unsafe. The only people using 35% H202 are some dentists.

And regarding the light...that link you posted was already posted above. It was very interesting. Can you now tell me why so many dentists are using high powered lights to whiten their patients teeth if the light doesn't work?

There's plenty of debate about the's a link for you with a study that shows the light is indeed effective...
19. - Daniel - 03/05/2008
"There's plenty of debate about the's a link for you with a study that shows the light is indeed effective..."

A study sponsored by the makers of the Zoom2 Light, Discus Dental? Common now! Are we that naive?
20. - Alex - 03/05/2008

Are you afraid to anwer the question...if the light doesn't work, then why are so many dentists using it?
21. - Daniel - 03/05/2008

I believe dentists who use lights for in-office treatments are scamming patients as well. This should be addressed... perhaps in another article? Nontheless, the majority of dentists out there will have the well-being of patients as their primary goal.

I woould choose a well qualified dentist over a kiosk for professional teeth whitening any day.

22. - Jim Valentine - 03/05/2008
Dear Teeth Whitening Reviews:

You owe an apology to your small readership for your lack of integrity. "The bleach generally used at these kiosks consists of high concentration hydrogen peroxide, usually 35%".

35% Peroxide? Where did you get that information?

Seriously, give us a source. We are all waiting in eager anticipation. I'll bet everyone on this board a free whitening that you are a dentist or hygienist. Could you be a little biased?

You assume the worst scenario, yahoo renegade businesses out to screw people at the malls by tricking them into believing they are dentists then hurting them by placing unsafe chemicals in their mouths. Laughable.

Have you considered the possibility that companies such as WhiteSmileUSA have a proven track record with over 25,000 whitenings? Did you contact any of these companies? Can YOU name sources for your bogus facts?

Not even sure why I wasted time replying,

Jim Valentine

23. - - 03/06/2008
There are no regulations in place against consumer purchases or use of high concentration bleaching gels. There are plenty of places consumers can go to online to purchase high concentration bleach: (i.e. , ). Since kiosk whitening services require the "patient" to insert the bleach themseleves, high concentration gels can be used. Rather than having me expose my source, I urge all kiosk whitening companies to let readers of this article know the percentage used by its company.

To maintain unbiased our site keeps all comments live - even criticisms of this site and article.
24. - Jim Valentine - 03/06/2008
I see you softened your rhetoric a bit, and again, the onus is on YOU to prove your 35% nonsense. Your "source" is non-existent. Come on Daniel, 35% is caustic, would burn the shit out of the client (not "patient" because this is a COSMETIC product). A kiosk using 35% would be out of business in a week due to lawsuits. Free market dynamics do still work, last I checked.

You do a hit piece on legitimate businesses by using a scare tactic then demand that the companies list their proprietary formulas? Not how it works. If you had called me to "interview" me I would have gladly told you our percentage, off the record. Our % is proprietary because we did months of research to find the right balance of results and low side effects (soft tissue irritation and sensitivity), and giving that out is not in my company's best interests on a chat site. When approached by any agency we are happy to produce MSDS sheets that show the make up of our product.

Again, you owe your readers an apology with your original piece. It was a great example of poor journalism, especially from a supposed "unbiased" site.

WhiteSmileUSA's system is the best system for consumers. We don't over promise results, we are upfront with our clients about potential side effects, and offer a system where they can maintain their white teeth without using a regimen-based system (which most consumers don't follow) or go into the dentist and get fried by power bleaching solutions.

Brings up an interesting point here, questioning the safety of mall kiosks is interesting when the evidence of serious side effects lies with DENTAL solutions. I know this from talking to tens of thousands of ACTUAL consumers and taking customer surveys (real market research, something I doubt you have done). I also know this from actual dentists who buy my system.

On the legality of our system, the Dental Boards are simply posturing. While they can bend interpretations of existing statutes, there are no laws prohibiting our product. We have been operating over a year and have never been "shut down". The SC case is an instance of a scare tactic. Where in ANY state statute, SC or other, is there any mention of a LED light being a medical device. Not there. SC Dental Board cannot regulate a cosmetic practice. Period. They can get a Cease and Desist order, which is meaningless. The real case is the injunction hearing or actual court case. No State has won an injunction hearing because they can't. So, the MO here is is try unsuccessfully to shut down this segment, fail, then try to discredit it with hit pieces like yours.

The only people upset by this are dentists. Hurts when a billion dollar monopoly starts to erode.
25. - Corinne - 03/06/2008
I am a registered dental hygienist in Florida. I am slightly confused by the legality of the light source. Even in the dental office is seems to be suggested lately that only the dentist can use the laser light source?

I don't feel the procedure being done in the mall is unsafe, but there are some patients who are not good candidates for this type of procedure. Without examining someones mouth, it would be difficult to determine if you are one of them. But again even though it may cause more discomfort, it is not going to cause permanent harm.

I supose just like everything, there are some dentists who are ethical and conservative and there are some who are greedy and without morals. If all aspects are followed properly and things are clean, and realistic expectaions are informed, I don't have a problem with it.
26. - John Miller - 03/06/2008
The article was truly an hysterical event. Speaking as a teeth whitening manufacturer of 9 years bith over the counter and to dentist, there are too many false statements to even address. The truth is no lights work. Dentist have been using lights for curing of composites etc for 30 years. Then came Brite Smile, Zoom and others to market a teeth whitening light to dentist. ALL research not published by marketers of lights (mainly dental schools etc.) state no neglible difference with or without the light. Percentages stated here are wrong. 3 to 1 ratio between carbamide and hydroge peroxide. 16% HP=48% CP. The only difference between the high precntages in a dental office and the OTC products is how many treatments to get the same whiteness you want. 16% CP OTC product vs dental office treatment simply means you do 6 treatments at home to establish the same results.
The wonderful world of marketing opportunity. The whitening biz via selling lights to dentist is defintely the biggest AND MOST INGENIUS fisaco of marketing spending millions to sell lights to dentist for (when first started) $7,000+ each.
Wish we sold the lights then rather than manufacturing the gel............
27. - John - 03/08/2008
Well, I'm still confused. I'm seeing the argument that mall bleaching is safe because the chemicals used are around the same strength as something OTC like Crest Whitestrips, yet the mall kiosks charge considerably more than Crest. One poster mentioned that the concentrations are just "a bit" higher than that. So by that logic, shouldn't the kiosks only charge "a bit" more?
28. - David - 03/08/2008
Dear John,

It's obvious, by reading your postings above, that you are looking for any reason to discredit this new segment of the market that is not only effective, but more convenient than OTC products and safer and more affordable than traditional teeth whitening procedures done at the dentist.

Yes, the peroxide percentages are a bit higher than other OTC products. No where above is it specifically stated that they are a bit higher than Crest White Strips, which, according to another article on this website, contain a percentage of H202 that is less than 5%.

The main point of all of this is that the author of this article stated that "the bleach generally used at these kiosks consists of high concentration hydrogen peroxide, usually 35%." - This statement is completely FALSE.

Here is a fact for you... This new segment of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening offers the public a teeth whitening product that is Fast, Safe, Effective, and Affordable. The bleach used in the products of the legitimate companies in this segment consists of a concentration of peroxide that is high enough to produce good results, but low enough to cut the severe side effects that people experience at the dentist - it's a good balance.

Unfortunately there are some dentists and dental hygienists who are extremely possessive of their trade, have huge egos, and feel threatened by this new segment in the market. As a result these dentists and hygienists will continue to mislead the public and slander those in the cosmetic teeth whitening industry.

29. - Tim - 03/09/2008
I look forward to seeing these bastards get shut down. How do they know if someone is a good candidate? Teeth whitening is a DENTAL procedure, and what will be next? Pulling teeth? Cleanings in the basement of their apartments? Brain surgeries at the mall?
30. - Frank - 03/09/2008
Bleachbright SUCKS. I had it done at a my local mall and the lady didn't know anything. I asked to keep my mouthpiece and she didn't let me, she said they RE-USE them! GROSS. She said they sterilize the mouthpiece but given the cleanliness of the booth I doubt it. It was also the worst looking "kiosk" in the mall, wasn't a kiosk at all, just a few chairs in a circle. Can't believe they let them in the mall.
31. - Gary - 03/10/2008
This is a business in transition. Teeth whitening is ultimately a cosmetic procedure rather than a dental procedure. But dentists have a stake and they don't want to see a profitable part of their practice slip away.

The truth is that the LightSpa treatment, because it is a 15 minute self-administered procedure is very safe. The vast majority of our customers experience no side effects at all. Unlike most dental patients.

The basis of most whitening products is hydrogen peroxide. It has been thoroughly researched over the last decade or so and has been overwhelmingly pronounced safe and effective.

But the dentists will make it seem like it's a procudure that needs to be closely monitored in order to aviod serious complications. You can't really blame them. Some people will always feel more comfotable having the whitening treatment done by a dental assistant and they'll pay for that level of assurance. Other people will feel comfortable with an over the counter treatment. And some will like the ease and low cost of the LightSpa product.

The fact remains that this business will be common in malls and salons within a year. It's moving in that direction at a rapid pace and there's no stopping it. As long as people are allowed to buy Crest Whitestrips in any grocery store, people will be allowed to self administer the LightSpa products in malls and salons. And they'll continue to do so because it's much quicker, and much more effective.

It is our job as a franchise to bring up the standard for professionalism within this new industry. We want to make sure that our customers are provided with a sanitary environment and receive the best experience possible.

Gary Bodley

32. - J. Richardson - 03/10/2008
I own a BleachBright kiosk and have recently had a fourth year dental student come and get his teeth whitened. He was very pleased and actually returned the next day to let me know. He also helped to convince several people to try it during the time he was there. He agrees that we are doing nothing wrong and proceeded to tell me that during all of his dental school he had never had any type of class regarding teeth whitening. Dentists just go out and do it. Also if dentists need to check us out and make sure we are good candidates then why can I walk in to any dental office and purchase gel right from the secretary. I've done this many times at offices other than my actual dentist. They do this because teeth whitening products are not considered drugs and do not require a prescription or a doctor/dentist to sell them.
33. - You do not have to be a genius to............. - 03/10/2008
In all honesty I found this page after looking for info on these kiosks so that I, like all dentists can make $$$$. I am not a dentist & I do notown a TEETH WHITINING business but here is the obvious question everyone should be aware of... HOW MANY DENTISTS ARE TRAINED & GO BACK TO CLASS to lean how to use these systems? LOL That is what makes me LMAO. There are some dentists on here that claim they have been practicing 30 yrs, some less, but they were never educated about this process back then in the 1ST PLACE!!! Think about it.
34. - Imaflosser - 03/12/2008
In response to an earlier post "dentists will make it seem like it's a procudure that needs to be closely monitored in order to aviod serious complications" I'd like to say that this IS indeed a procedure that should be closely monitored! There is a delicate balance of fluid in teeth that any bleaching agent will disturb. If proper precautions aren't taken, extreme pain and tooth damage can occur.
What measures are taken to ensure that the "patient" at the mall doesn't have active decay? If there are no true dental personnel there examining the teeth, how irresponsible is it to subject someone to the horror of bleaching agents getting in decayed areas?
What about periodontal disease? Is someone monitoring for that too?
Let's face it, not everyone is a candidate for tooth whitening.
Seems to me that the kiosk operators are the irresponsible, greedy parties here, not professional dentists who are trained in the anatomy and inner workings of teeth.

35. - james faber - 03/13/2008
This is simple: WhiteSmile (sam's and walmart) works and it is safe. Thousands in multiple states have proven so. Do you think Sam's would put their empire in jeopardy if the product hadn't been vetted? Those who shout from the mountain tops that they are unsafe are those who realize they're going to lose money by the success of this fast, safe, cosmetic procedure....let me think...uh yeah, the dentists who want to charge you 600 bucks. the sham is over and whitening is available to you affordably and quickly if you the right provider. don't let some lame dental board of greedy-minded get in the way of you making sound choices in a sound establishment. if you're nervous, simply don't go, but don't preach to me, the consumer, about what i can and can't do. It works. enjoy.
36. - John - 03/14/2008
James - Did you read what Flosser wrote? There are people out there who have dental conditions that make bleaching particularly unsafe for them. Are you aware of those conditions? Are the people who run the kiosks?
37. - Albert - 03/14/2008

According to Flosser's logic and yours for that matter, all Crest WhiteStrips, Aquafresh whitening trays, and other over the counter bleaching products should be pulled from the shelves.

What measures are taken to examine the oral health of customers that buy these over the counter bleaching products before they put them in their shopping carts?

The reason this is possible is because these products are for the most part safe they are no where near as dangerous as you and your minority of egotistical dental associates would like to scare the public into believing.

Of course it's a good idea for anyone considering teeth whitening to discuss the options with their dentist. However it's time for you guys stop making biased, hypocritical, and unrealistic aruments against this segment of cosmetic teeth whitening that provides the public with a safer, more convenient, and more affordable solution to traditional dental or other over the counter procedures.

If your going to stand by your position in your last point, I suggest you lobby to make the public sale of Crest White Strips illegal without a dental consultation. Good Luck!
38. - John - 03/15/2008
So, we're back to the argument that the kiosk whitening is no different from White Strips other than to cost a lot more?

If that's your position, then that's fine--case closed. But if your position is that kiosk whitening is better (i.e., more powerful and effective) than White Strips, then you can't feign surprise when dental professionals ask that it be held to a higher standard.
39. - Albert - 03/15/2008

Are you feeling okay? I'll tell you what's happening here. Your bias has blinded you from the fundamental fallacy of your argument. You're so upset that other people have come up with a way to whiten teeth that is superior in all aspects to yours, that you are unable to rationally process a thought. You are like a poker player on tilt.

You are the only one who has ever argued or said that kiosk whitening is no different from WhiteStrips. Newsflash John. It's not the same, it's better. Not only is it better than WhiteStrips, but it's safer than the 35% peroxide that those in your dental community use.

Your hypocrisy has no bounds. How can you sit there and preach about safety when the most severe side affects associated with teeth whitening occur from the procedures given by you and your dental professionals?

This is simple...try to put your bias aside and follow this point:

Here are your words - "There are people out there who have dental conditions that make bleaching particularly unsafe for them. Are you aware of those conditions? Are the people who run the kiosks?"

Kiosk teeth whitening is self administered and is an over the counter product. Please answer this question John...who is aware of those conditions you speak of when a person buys any over the counter bleaching product?

What measures are taken to examine the oral health of customers that buy bleaching products before they put them in their shopping carts?

Once you answer these questions, then I will be happy to address your next attempt to discredit this industry which I know you are already contemplating.
40. - Tom - 03/17/2008
WOW!! I have read all the comments above and believe that dentist think they have monopoly on anything that goes in our mouth! Over the counter is over the counter. If one is not acceptable than all are not acceptable,mouthwash, toothpaste,strips heck even GUM! A way to simplify teeth whitening and achieve results that are cost effectively and with convenience to me the consumer. If a person chooses to sit in a mall and have there teeth whitened, it's our right. As for the discussion of sanitary and hygiene practices it is the responsibility of any company to uphold the standards and practices of operating ethically. Food service, nail salons, spa's etc. Why is teeth whitening so controversial. I believe it boils down to $$$. This is rediculous, companies operating in the paramiters of the law should not be slandered without sources. This article is completely unrealistic.

To the dentist:
A needed and respected Doctor who after years of study deserves our respect for their expertise! Kudos!

But why the fight over a cosmetic over the counter treatment??

Does a dermatoligist have a complaint about tanning beds? Does a tanning bed technician monitor how long your entire body should be under UV and the frequency of your visits!!Are they trained in sanitizing a tanning bed where bodily fluids are left in a location where they can transfer from one person to another???

To the teeth whitening companies:
Congrats on your innovation in finding a solution to achieve results with your process and take care in choosing your people. (as in any consumer service industry).

I would have more concerns going to a nail or tanning salon. How do they sterilize a pedicure bath. Also if a employee in a industry does error is that entire industry not safe?

Speaking out about a particular incident does not damn and industry.

I guess the question is who has the higher net gross profit per whitening, that seems to be the argument here. The article has lost all it's might due to the fact it has erroneous facts.

Thanks for the brain tease but thats all it was. Not that hard to see the truth playing out here.

41. - Bob - 03/18/2008
My wife had her teeth whitened at the dentist. It cost $ 400. I wish I had the 300 back and she could use the mall . I know someone else had it done at a home show like a mall and it looked great.It cost 99. I do think they should require some certification and to stay within the limits of OTC. Why should only the rich get teeth whitened. Dentist are going to fight tooth and nail to kick everyone out because of money you can bet that. It must be nice to throw your wieght around however that is wrong because then a certain percentage of the population will not be able to get there teeth unstained. If its safe its safe come on.
42. - Kelly - 03/21/2008
I actually own several mall kiosks, and would like to weigh in. At least once a week, (or more) my employees are harassed by someone in the dental field. Interestingly enough, dentists are NOT the worst to deal with. Generally, they ask intelligent questions, and already understand that the product is safe. It is important to make the point that whitening is OPTIONAL- not NECESSARY- so any dentist that "upsells" his patients on whitening is ONLY doing so to make money. Period. (and I'm okay with that) That aside, I would rather talk to the dentist ANY DAY than the dentist's wife, or husband, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, child, college roommate, next door neighbor, ect. From what I can gather, knowing a dentist gives one the perception of having enormous amounts of conferred dental authority. It is agony to be abused by these people, as they are uninformed, confrontational, and out to pick a fight for no good reason. It is almost like they want a good "fought with the mall teeth whitener" story to bring back to the dentist in their life. All in all, though, the WORST to deal with are the dental assistants/hygienists. This group takes mall teeth whitening PERSONALLY. They always start by asking thinly veiled questions that are supposed to give the impression that they are NOT in the dental field, but are somehow just knowledgeable. Usually the questions are designed to give the hygienist an opportunity to have a gotcha moment where they get to tell you they are, in truth, a DENTAL HYGIENIST! Following the big unveiling almost always are nasty, impolite comments. It is a poor representation of their field, and puzzling. I can not imagine another situation where so many people feel they have permission, and indeed are almost mandated to be rude, in public, to complete strangers.

I bring all this up because articles like yours condone a negative attitude toward a legitimate industry full of people just trying to sell a safe, convenient product at a great price. Save the righteous, (misplaced) indignation for a worthy cause.
43. - SallyRDH - 03/21/2008
Believe it or not, I am a registered dental hygienist, and my husband is a bleach bright dealer. Having been in the dental field for 8 years, I too had a negative attitude toward this product at first. Prior to our buying a dealership I had to see the product in action, and do extensive research and questioning. This product is almost 100% safe, that being said, NO product is 100% safe, especially not the $750.00 high concentration bleaching treatments performed in the dental offices I work in. Not only have I seen patients experience severe sensitivity, I myself experienced severe sensitivity when I tried the treatment 4 years ago. Might I add that in most dental offices, the "Dentist" is not even the one who administers the "1 hour bleaching". Usually this task is performed by a dental assisstant with no professional training!!! Why is this any different than a trained on the job teeth whitening professional? Perhaps the only legit thing to do is to have a course on teeth whitening that the dealership owners have to attend, so that their employees will have the knowledge needed to inform their customers of the contraindications. I am not opposed to this, as I don't think any of the teeth whitening dealers mission is to make money at the cost of damaging someone's oral cavity. Bottom line is that the dentists, hygiensts, assisstants, etc should do their research on this product prior to jumping to conclusions. I have yet to see anyone have a bad experience using this product that is why I believe it is harmless.

Also, dentists should actually not feel all that threatened seeing how the in office treatments still seem to give the whitest results. While some customers or patients if you will, prefer to bypass the highly concentrated bleach used in dental offices for a much less expensive and more comfortable procedure, there are still going to be plenty of people that will only trust their dentist, and think the higher prices mean better results. Heck, actually if you want to know the truth, dentists should buy a light for their offices, charge $150.00 to $300.00 for the treatment, and be making way more money than they are with their current treatments because more people can afford it, and it dosen't take up nearly as much chair time.
44. - John - 03/23/2008
Albert - We just don't seem to be speaking the same language.

As you know, I haven't claimed that the use of a product like White Strips needs to be overseen by a dentist. Why? Because of the relative weakness of it. That's not to say it's ineffective--only that it's not as effective as what dentists offer. It can't be; by law, being an OTC product, it has to be kept weak. Now, I imagine that Crest made them as strong as they felt like they safely could since they want people to have the best results possible for an OTC product.

What you're saying is that your product is better than White Strips. Tell me... What makes it better? Is it more powerful? And if it is more powerful, then why shouldn't it be held to higher standards standards (i.e., professional oversite) as White Strips?

Kelly - There's no excuse for dental professionals being rude to you at the mall. I can't justify that. I think they just get very concerned because they see two possibilities with the kiosks: Either the service provided by them is no different than White Strips (meaning customers are being mislead and overcharged), or the services provided by them are more powerful than White Strips (meaning there ought to be some training and oversite of the kiosk operators).

James - If you think greed is the motivating factor behind the majority of people who oppose kiosks, you fail to understand your opponents. Certainly, greed will be a factor for some of them. But most of them are just genuinely concerned about patients' oral health. These people have years of professional training and experience. Instead of just dismissing their arguments as being founded in greed, you ought to instead engage them and try to at least understand their position. It's possible you know something they don't know, but it's also possible--with all of that training and experience--that it's the other way around.
45. - Albert - 03/23/2008
Dear John,

You're right...we're not speaking the same language. The reason for this, in my opinion, is because you are dead set on condemning an industry in which you know little about. Why are you determined to undermine this industry?...I think it's because you are possessive of your trade. In other words, you don't like seeing other people involved in something that your profession has owned for years...your instinctive reflex is to immediately reject what you've seen in the mall without knowing the facts, just as the author of this article has done.

All this started because the author of this article passed judgment on something without having the facts. The author stated that kiosk teeth whitening booths generally use 35% H202 and is therefore unsafe. This false. Once again, the only people using these "unsafe" levels are some dentists. Tell me...Am I wrong? I don't think so. answer you other questions:

Yes it's better than White Strips...but that's not all John. It's also better than the whitening procedures performed by many dentists.

Why is it better than White Strips? First, it is more powerful. Why shouldn't it be held to higher standards (i.e., professional oversight) as White Strips? Because it is not at the dangerous levels that are used by some dentists (35%H202). In addition John, there are other factors at play that make this method the newest and best way to whiten teeth. There are other proprietary elements in these cosmetic solutions that maximize results and minimize side effects. There are other proprietary steps involved in the self application of these products that contribute to the overall goal that we consistently achieve - a happy customer.

I've seen the customers that come out of dental whitening procedures, and you and I both know John that a large portion of them are not happy either because they don't feel they got there $500 worth or because they have severe tooth sensitivity or a hole in their lip.

We're not dentists John, and we don't pretend to be. We always recommend that our customers talk their dentists first if they have any questions about teeth whitening.

In the end John, many things in this world change and improve. Technology and business have developed a new whitening product that is superior to traditional methods. The fact is John that these products work and are safer and more affordable than some traditional procedures available at the dentist. You should look at the bright side…now you can spend more time doing what you should be doing – fixing teeth rather than whitening them.
46. - T.H. - 03/24/2008

I am in Oregon and am about to open three malls here. I am personally pleased with my own results and the people I have serviced have ALL been exceptionally pleased as well.

I feel confident in this product and in our company and look forward to offering this to the people in my area.

As to rude and greedy people you can find them anywhere in any industry. I choose to not waste any time with them.

Also everyone here is blathering on about the concentration of the product used yet that grossly uninformed, unprofessional and completely idiotic article about the site in SC being closed tried to put the issue on the strength of the LED UV light we use.


Let me clarify we use a Light Emitting Diode UltraViolet Light which is NOT a medical device. If you go to the parent company's site or others like mine you will see where we even list the FDA regulatory information. Hello!!!!

Our products and process have been researched and approved safe (FDA), our equipment has been researched and approved safe by the insurance underwrites industry and we all carry insurance just like any other 'professional' (when study massage I even had to have insurance). As to training well feel free to pick on me. I am in addition to being a proud part of BleachBright I am also an NHA CPT and while I am not taking blood from anyone as part of teeth whitening I have been THOROUGHLY trained in all safety procedures and regulations and know what we are doing is safe and legal. I also wouldn't work with a company that was 'shady' or not forthright. I have quit several good jobs in the past due to lack of company integrity and I have to say BleachBright is there in all ways and doesn't try to hide, embellish or mislead anyone. As a legally ordained ministed (2 and half years of seminary) I won't work with anyone who isn't coming from a place of honesty and integrity.

And on a final note chech THIS out!!! It recants some of the statements negligently made in earlier articles concerning SC and even specifically names BLEACHBRIGHT as being O.K.

Here is the article copied in - oddly enough the detrimental story is easy to access - this one is impossible and I was only able to access it as a google cache page - hmmm wonder why - but here it is for your reading pleasure. I love the way they try to justify there inappropriate and unprofessional accusations!

Posted on Tue, Mar. 18, 2008

(Raleigh) News & Observer

Smile. You can still get your teeth hitened on the cheap. The state board of dental examiners spent two days discussing whether employees at teeth-whitening kiosks in malls were practicing dentistry without a license.

Their conclusion: not always.
"Basically, we can't make a blanket policy about all of these things," said Bobby White, chief operations officer of the state board. "The way they set up their practices may vary. Some may be within the standard. We will continue to follow up on a case-by-case basis."

White said the board received a number of complaints after several such kiosks began opening at shopping centers across the state. The kiosks sell teeth-whitening products and offer customers the chance to use them on site. They have proved popular because of their convenience and price: $100 compared with the $500 to $600 that dentists charge.

Dentists have complained that the kiosks are not licensed to do such work and that customers could be hurting their teeth.
White said that the state law defines the removal of stains from human teeth as a practice of dentistry. But added that there are a number of gray areas.

"You can go to the drugstore and buy whitening stuff," he said. "If that what's going on here, there are no problems. But if someone else helps you do that or makes claims that a dentist would make, that's where we will be concerned."

He said the board has sent 10 cease-and-desist letters to whitening practices across the state that it considers in violation of the licensing law, which is a misdemeanor. Two of those cases have been referred to the courts for an injunction, White said.

The two businesses operating in Triangle malls, iBrite Express and BleachBright, were not sent letters and continue to operate. Employees at those kiosks ask customers to place the whitening products or trays in their own mouths to ensure that employees are not seen as doing dental work.
White said the board will continue to investigate complaints to see whether whitening businesses are complying with the law. Violators will receive warning letters asking them to stop any questionable practices. If they don't, the board could refer the case to the courts or a district attorney's office, he said.

M. Alec Parker, executive director of the N.C. Dental Society, said the board acted properly.

"In my view," Parker said, the board "is not being too aggressive by going in and making accusations that may not be true."

Parker said the society is concerned that people are putting strong chemicals into their mouth without being warned about possible unwanted consequences. He said some people have had allergic reactions or extreme sensitivity to whitening chemicals. In addition, Parker said that not all teeth can be whitened.

"We are concerned whether there is someone on site assessing if they are a good candidate for whitening before they spend their money," he said. "This is something we want to keep an eye on."

47. - Steve Moore - 03/24/2008
Likening teeth whitening to dentistry is likening hair cuts to the field of brain surgery. My wife is considering doing bleach bright and we've done extensive research before hand (thats the beauty of a wired world right.) I've found few if any complaints about bleach bright.

Again, if I want a haircut I see a barber/stylist. If I want a lobotomy I see a brain surgeon. Its basically the same comparison. Or you could liken tanning salons to dermatologists.
48. - Riley - 03/25/2008
Here is a different thing that happened at a Sam's Club Teeth Whitening Road Show - I got sunburned from the pulsing light. Have any of you heard of that before? I feel "scorched" in more ways than one. . . I got a single (one time) whitening treatment and couldn't tell any difference whatsoever in my teeth. However, I did feel publicly humiliated sprawled out there in the dental chair, my mouth looking like a beat-up quarterback gagging on his mouthgard, all the while sporting GINORMOUS orange safety glasses. They protected my eyes, but I ended up with bright red Santa Claus cheeks! As my momma would say "Now that's a pretty picture. . ." My face hurts.
49. - Morgan - 03/25/2008
Intersting...I whitened by teeth at the Sam's Club Road Show and had pretty good results. I got the complete package, and after about 24 minutes, my teeth went up 7 shades. I was impressed. At first it was a bit uncomfortable doing this out in public, but I wasn't scared to give it a shot. I would much rather do it at Sam's than in the middle of the mall.
50. - David - 03/25/2008
This website is only half of the's the other half:

(Raleigh) News & Observer

Smile. You can still get your teeth whitened on the cheap. The state board of dental examiners spent two days discussing whether employees at teeth-whitening kiosks in malls were practicing dentistry without a license.

Their conclusion: not always.
"Basically, we can't make a blanket policy about all of these things," said Bobby White, chief operations officer of the state board. "The way they set up their practices may vary. Some may be within the standard. We will continue to follow up on a case-by-case basis."

White said the board received a number of complaints after several such kiosks began opening at shopping centers across the state. The kiosks sell teeth-whitening products and offer customers the chance to use them on site. They have proved popular because of their convenience and price: $100 compared with the $500 to $600 that dentists charge.

Dentists have complained that the kiosks are not licensed to do such work and that customers could be hurting their teeth.
White said that the state law defines the removal of stains from human teeth as a practice of dentistry. But added that there are a number of gray areas.

"You can go to the drugstore and buy whitening stuff," he said. "If that what's going on here, there are no problems. But if someone else helps you do that or makes claims that a dentist would make, that's where we will be concerned."

He said the board has sent 10 cease-and-desist letters to whitening practices across the state that it considers in violation of the licensing law, which is a misdemeanor. Two of those cases have been referred to the courts for an injunction, White said.

The two businesses operating in Triangle malls, iBrite Express and BleachBright, were not sent letters and continue to operate. Employees at those kiosks ask customers to place the whitening products or trays in their own mouths to ensure that employees are not seen as doing dental work.
White said the board will continue to investigate complaints to see whether whitening businesses are complying with the law. Violators will receive warning letters asking them to stop any questionable practices. If they don't, the board could refer the case to the courts or a district attorney's office, he said.

M. Alec Parker, executive director of the N.C. Dental Society, said the board acted properly.

"In my view," Parker said, the board "is not being too aggressive by going in and making accusations that may not be true."

Parker said the society is concerned that people are putting strong chemicals into their mouth without being warned about possible unwanted consequences. He said some people have had allergic reactions or extreme sensitivity to whitening chemicals. In addition, Parker said that not all teeth can be whitened.

"We are concerned whether there is someone on site assessing if they are a good candidate for whitening before they spend their money," he said. "This is something we want to keep an eye on."
51. - Tom - 03/26/2008
Let me get this right. Dentists can treat patients orthodontically with Invisalign after just a 1 day training, yet they are all up in arms about outsiders performing teeth whitening procedures. Dentists are routinely screwing up patients occlusions with Invisalign. How do I know this? I was a Invisalign rep/consultant for 5 years. I guarantee that more patients teeth have been screwed up do to virtually untrained dentists doing ortho, than customers having their teeth whitened in malls. As a matter of fact, I'll put up some good money that its not even close.
Also, the dental establishment has stated that anyone touching another persons mouth is performing dentistry. And anyone guilty of touching anothers mouth can and will be issued a misdemeanor. I know nurses assistants that brush their patients teeth daily. Patients that cannot brush their own teeth. These nurse assistants are not dental professionals. By the dental board's logic, they should all be fined and probably arrested. Dentists, look in the mirror. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!
52. - Ginger - 03/27/2008
Hello All-

I personally work for Ismile in Northern California. I absolutely love all of the comments and feed back people have been giving over the month.

All you have to do to find out what process we use is ask us.

We take a silicone based mouthpiece, imprint the teeth top and bottom, fill with a 16% hydrogen peroxide gel developed by a dental chemist, spray with an organic proprietary blend accelarant and put a customer under the LED light for 15 minutes a session. A single session is anywhere between $99 and $149 depending upon the location and a double treatment which is done back to back from $149 to $199.

Every location eventually gets secret shopped by the Dental Board. Personally, I have given out my dental boards correspondences phone number numerous times so people can call to confirm we are safe and legal.

I am approached by dentists and RDA's on a consistent daily basis but the plain fact is that everything we use is FDA approved. We never pretent to be dentist and we never guarantee whitening.

All customers sign a waiver before the treatment stating that we cannot guarantee results, not to do it if: you have received dental surgery in the last 28 days, if you experience bleeding or soreness of the gums, if you are pregnant or breast feeding. It clearly states we want to only do the whitening on healthy teeth and gums. Plain and simple its buyer beware.

I love my job and I eventhough I wrote this I still know all of you will still be just as skeptical and pissed off but if you werent we wouldnt live in the land of the free speech!!!!! Have a great night :-)
53. - Peggy - 03/28/2008

I am a former dental assistant of 33 years and I opened my professional independant teeth whitening business about 5 years ago. I offer impressions for custom fitted trays(which I personally make) which is the identical procedure used by 90% of all dentists. I also retail all the same professional gels

I now travel the country doing about 16 cosmetic shows per year and have about 75 salons trained to offer this identical COSMETIC self applied procedure. Teeth whitening outside a dental office is here to stay! I have been challenged by many dental boards (BLAH BLAH BLAH) they all say the same thing! And yes the client does the impressions right inside my 10 x 10 booth. I work side by side by many of these light companies and I know they know exactly what they can and can't do. I personally do not use a lights as the clinical research department of the ADA has stated they have no effect on whitening. I have spent the last 5 years researching teeth whitening/laws etc. and have a bible of information. Teeth whitening outside a dental office is here to stay...I will make sure of that! I am very proud of what I offer to clients which is a safe, non-evasive, cosmetic procedure done BY THE CLIENT. Teeth Whitening is not brain surgery and I too know it's all about $$$. Well I could go on and on about my business. As you can see I have a passion for what I doing. Dentists need to get over this and go back to practicing dentistry!
54. - Joe Truman - 03/31/2008
The solution that is being used for these treatments range from 12% - 19% not 35%.
55. - Jennifer - 04/01/2008
Obviously whoever wrote this article did not do their research. Like many of these comments already posted, the hydrogen peroxide level is MUCH lower than used at the dentist office. If you look at who is writing the comments against or trying to make teeth whitening kiosks illegal, you will probably find a trend of them being detinst or related/personal friends with a dentist, who will feed inaccurate infomation so they don't lose money. The only people threatened here are dentists. You can go to super stores and buy a teeth whitening kit with more hydrogen peroxide in it and you can also buy a hand held blue light! What these kiosks are offering is basically the client purchases the 'over the counter' kit and gets the use of the blue light. Dentists... get over yourself, your still going to make a rediculous amount of money from every other procedure you claim is necessary for your clients.
56. - Katie - 04/01/2008
the bleach is 6% hydrogen peroxide with
bleachbright, and white science uses 9%. All my research shows nothing more. The term most often used is CARBAMIDE peroxide at 35%, which equates to a 9% hydrogen peroxide. Sadly, this writer didn't bother to explain this, and was more than likely fed this misinformation by those who most benefit from it... dentists.
57. - Dan - 04/01/2008
Michael- You must be a dentist. Do some research before you write comments. No one at Sam's is using 35% hydrogen peroxide. Also, Mike...the FTC is investigating dental boards and dentists for trying to interfer with businesses providing a COSMETIC service. Would like to add you to the list. Can you provide your full name?
58. - Lisa Anne - 04/01/2008
your research is wrong, how do i know this? because I work at one of these places. we only use 12% hydrogen peroxide. customers have to read a form that warns them about the side effects of whitening teeth, and who SHOULD NOT do the whitening. we aren't to look in the customers mouth, or tell them anything about their teeth, if they have questions "we recommend they see their dentist if they are unsure" i am not a dentist. we simply do a whitening procedure. 95% of my customers are happy with the results. the ones who are not aren't required to pay.
59. - scott - 04/02/2008
I am in the process of becoming a Teeth Whitening Dealer and I have also performed many hours of research on the pros and cons of this new business. The only really negative comments I have found on this new business is at this website and I am not convinced this is an unsafe practice. I am more convinced than ever due to the "Dental Professionals" who have chimed in on the subject and identified themselves as professionals in the Dentistry field. I believe that as long as the consumer is aware of the potential side affects and warnings which are published with OTC products and the dealer is adhering to the respective state laws regarding "Dentistry" and "Cosmetics", there should not be a problem. Only be concerned with the ones who break the law and not the ones who adhere to them.
60. - dawn - 04/03/2008
I had the whitening done yesterday at the mall, and I loved the results. I suffer from very sensitive teeth, and when I tried my dentists whitening products I was in a lot of pain. My dentist went as far as saying that I was not a good canidiate for "Zoom" because of my sensitivity. I explained that to the girls at Ismile, and they assured me that I would not feel the same pain because they only used 16% peroxide. So I gave it a try. I did 2 15 minute sessions, and had no pain, and good whitening results. Just one story...thought I'd add it.
61. - jay - 04/05/2008
So, after all this arguing, is it legal
62. - Thomas Bates - 04/06/2008
My wife and I had our teeth whitened at Sam's Club the other day - Two double treatments each for $97/each (reg. $143/ea.).

The result were immediate and very noticeable.

I have a relative that is a dental hygenist and I am good friends with our personal dentist. They both agree that this method is safe in 99% of cases. They also agree the biggest complaints come from groups who represent the business interests of dentists. It cuts into their profits and they don't like it.

My dentist knew we were getting it done because I refused to pay his $500 price and I did not want to wear a mouth piece to sleep in for a week.

He cleaned our teeth first and then saw us the day after. He agreed we were whiter and everything looked fine.

He actually was thrilled because now I have to pay him to replace a crown that no longer matches my teeth!

I love it, my wife loved it, but just realize going in that YMMV.
63. - Bill - 04/06/2008
To all,

I myself am considering to starting a teeth whitening business that will primarily conduct business in a mall setting or local salons/spas. I have red the many "back and forth" arguement listed above, I guess I feel it boils down to this:

If you can purchase this teeth whitening gel over the counter and put it in at home, what is so wrong with doing it with the added use of a high power led light which allows the chemical to have its reaction faster? You are just speeding up the process with the light, nothing more. The LED light I will be purchasing will cost $3500, most people cannot afford that just to speed up the proccess for something they are going to do maybe 2x a year.

I understand some peoples initial concern, but if these people are so concerned, why are'nt they arguing about pulling the product off the shelf entirely, not just harrasing kiosk owners?

When I first seen it done I had the same thought "Teeth whitening in the mall, that's kind of weird" after a little research my thought is now this "Wow, I can help people have whiter teeth, save them money and time, and make make money at the same time" So what is wrong with that??

Bill H.
64. - Shannon P. - 04/06/2008
I had my teeth whitened at the mall by Bleach Bright. I had been to my dentist and knew my teeth was ok for whitening. I paid only $99 and am so happy with the results. My husband also had his done and again great results. I think people should ask their dentist before whitening just to be safe. I will be going back this is a great service at a great price. I also will go to my dentist every six months for check ups and cleaning. I tried the trays from my dentist but I did not like sleeping with the trays in my mouth.
65. - A.B. - 04/09/2008
I am about to begin this type of business and I am wondering is anyone truly profiting with this concept? I do not reside in a metropolitan area and wonder if I can be profitable at about 80,000 population? Any comments?
66. - C.S. - 04/10/2008
I think the QUESTION IS:
Is teeth whitening without the supervision of a dentist LEGAL? Be it because of the percentage of the gel or because of the light source.

It is known and i think anyone can agree that, the higher the concentration of the peroxide level, the more sensitivity you are likely to feel! Now, remember, when you read the percentage of peroxide, take notice at what type of peroxide is being used: carbomide or hydrogen? And know that a higher carbomide peroxide level equals a lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Ultimately the difference would be that carbomide is an over the counter product that can be sold at your neighborhood pharmacy, and hydrogen peroxide is 9/10 something that only a dentist can administer or prescribe.

Also, as a person exposed to this industry, I just wanted to inform ALL CONSUMERS, that ANY teeth whitening method you CHOOSE, will give you a result. IF you go for over the counter products, I want you to know that in order to achieve the results you are lookin for, you need to be consistent with the product, and if you use whitening trays provided by your dentist, they WILL work as well, but again by being consistent with the method. The problem with these techniques are that they require time, patience, and consistency, which the majority of users give up on because of the sensitivity produced on their teeth and gums by the gel due to daily exposure, whichever one it may be (carbomide or hydrogen)!

When you choose a light activated system such as: BleachBright, LightSpa, Da Vinci Whitening System,iSmile,Laser Bright, iBriteExpress, ZOOM and BriteSmile - prices varying from $99 to $600... YOU ARE PAYING for the same TECHNIQUE and their MARKETING and their ADVERTISING. The technique is ofcourse a peroxide gel and a light. The differences are the concentration of that gel and the intensity of that light!
PLEASE KNOW that between these choices, the last two... ZOOM and BRITESMILE are in- office treatments that require a dentist because of their light source and percentage of peroxide. The need of a dentist would be legally required because improper application can cause irritation or slight burning of gums or skin.
CONSUMERS, be wise when choosing your product. Kiosks and unsupervised whitenings have their pros and cons just like everything else. The ISSUE is NOT about dentists, it is about YOU! IF at these kiosks at the mall you are paying 99 or 150 dollars for 15 minutes of YOUR own time, to whiten your own teeth, worth it to you, by all means go ahead. But COMMON sense tells you, that if its about saving some money, you can spend 40 dollars at Duane Reade for a light activated teeth whitening Crest product, to perform on yourself as well, with the benefit of being in the comfort of your own home achieving the same result is better for your pocket. DO NOT TELL ME that you are willing to pay a higher amount of money, for a system where you are performing the whitening yourself!!! If you pay for a service, than let that service be rendered to you whatever cost you are paying ($99 or $299) at these locations, if you end up doing it yourself while paying rip off prices, even 99 dollars, pretend your not satisfied and ask for a refund!!!
By the way, if you are the type to do some actuall research about terms and legalities about teeth whitening, IT IS illegal to perform whitening without the supervision of a dentist if you are using more than a certain percentage of peroxide, (go find out), but i will tell you this, if you plan on doing a whitening without their supervision, at least ask your own dentist at your routine dental visits about the following:

1) Are you a candidate for teeth whitening... (example, if you have recently placed crowns or veneers, if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have tetracycling stainings, if you take photosensitive medications, if your teeth are already light to begin with) so that you can be provided with a realistic expectation for your result or simply if you dont qualify because of any of the above mentioned reasons. I can guarantee you that even a trained technician cant answer or review your medical or dental conditions, and my dears, that is a very, very important part of your service, because it has to do with your well being.

2)What guarantees are given ( for example, they cant mention satisfaction guaranteed because that means they lose their money when most cases, you are not satisfied. They can only provide a whitening guarantee service because as long as you achieve even ONE shade lighter, that whitening was still achieved... Was it worth your money??? but ofcourse, the untrained can not answer how many shades lighter you can possibly get.

3)MOST IMPORTANTLY you MUST KNOW, that because this procedure is not supervised by a DENTIST, YOU CAN SUE the COMPANY, Franchise, whatever they are, simply because they KNOW it is illegal yet they choose to profit from you and your unawareness to teeth whitening details. Remember that the way marketing and adverising works, is partially if not entirely a gimmick to get your hard earned money!!!

Last but not least, if they are using a safe percentage like for example a 22% carbamide peroxide or 6% hydrogen peroxide as stated by the A.D.A that its a safe percentage, and a low intensity light to activate the gel, then you can use the same at home for a whole lot less. And if you go to per say BriteSmile and pay 299 as they advertise now, make sure its money worth spent, for a higher price usually means better results attached to good service and yes location. Remember the saying: NOT EVERYTHING THAT SHINES IS GOLD
67. - Kat - 04/12/2008
Hi Rick- to answer your question the company in Sam's Club is called White Smile USA.

The very first e-mailed I read on here was incorrect, the percentage of hydrogen peroxide is under 16%, this is higher than Crest Whitening Strips which is 4-8% depending on which package you purchase. I have done the Zoom2 and found that was 35-50%. Still Whitesmileusa is FDA approved- over the counter bleaching, anyone can buy.
All of this is also considered cosmetic so in fact they are not doing anything illegal, if anything they had found a better way to beat the system and guide users on the correct way to use the product. I've been to the kiosk myself and anyone who assist you is knowledgable and seems very helpful. When I asked several
q-s, the associate seemed honest and knew what they were talking about. In any situation they never say they were dentist or give any doubt that they are really more than what they are. They simply help guide me with my administer using a mouth piece.
They never once touched my mouth, they were very clean and I watched for cross contamination. I was please with my results, im not saying this method is for everyone but the cost was right and the 30 min process was way better than the Zoom.
They did go over a consent form which was good, I learned about diff things that I could be at risk for during and after the process.
68. - Mason - 04/15/2008
I had my teeth whitened in a kiosk & was very happy with the price, the professionalism of the staff, the cleanliness of the kiosk and most of all the results!! Great job!! Bravo, Bravo!! It is obvious all of the negative comments are from the dental industry. Who else would honestly be so "riled up" enough to take the time to spend so much time going back and forth on a website like this.
69. - Sandra Wang - 04/18/2008
My interest is neutral.I am not a dentist and I'm
not associated with ismile. I'm just an ordinary person who thinks whitening your teeth in the mall or Sam's Club, etc, is an EXCELLENT idea. Let me tell you about my own experience. Five years ago I had my teeth whitened with Bright Smiles (ever hear of the company)? It cost me 500 dollars. That's right, 500 dollars. It was done in a dentist office. But, the catch, the person who did my teeth whitening wasn't from that office. I think this is how it works. Bright smiles worked out a deal with the dentist, lets say, each customer that Bright Smiles does the work for, they give the dentist office a certain percentage. And in the meantime, the customer thinks they had their teeth whitened in the dentist office. Well, does that make sense to you people that object to whitening your teeth at mall locations? Listen, whitening your teeth is a cosmetic procedure, it does not need a dentist to do it. My own dentist even told me so. My son had his teeth whitened about six months ago with a so called dentist. It cost him 500 dollars. He said it was a total rip off. He didn't like the resulted and he can't get his money back. Why pay 500 dollars when you can do
it for 99.00 at the mall?

I am a single woman, and when I go out on my dates, the first thing I look at is a man's teeth. When I see yellow teeth, yuck! It is a total turn off for me. So, my suggestion to all you single guys (and girls for that matter) run to the mall that has one of the teeth whitening kiosks and get your teeth whitened. So good luck to all you single people out there. And good luck to those entrepreueurs who owns the ismiles franchise. Good job and hope you make lots of money. You are well deserved. And last but not least, to whom ever started this ismiles teeth whitening franchies, I salute you. A genius idea. I wish I had thought of it myself. I hope you sell a lot of franchises. Good luck and best wishes.
70. - Sam Kheddar - 04/20/2008
I am very surprised to read from so many ignorants. And I do not understand how they are permitted to post their ignorance on any website. I agree that some of these Teeth Whitening Kiosks in the malls hire very dumb girls to provide the service, and it does make the business look bad. I bought an iSmile licence for my daughter. She operates out of a mall too. She is 20 years old, a student at the University, , she and her employees know as much as there is to know about Teeth Whitening. They can answer any question on the subject. 99% of our customers are very satisfied, some of them have thanked us for providing this service at a price most people can afford. We had one complaint, a young mother who got her teeth whitened had some discomfort with her lip, she had a small cut and went ahead and did the procedure. I can understand why she had sensation.
I hope the out come of this adverse wave against teeth whitening will filter the bad ones out, and improves the selection of who can administer this products. I helped over 100 people whiten their teeth, and never had a disatified customer.
So all of you bashers out there, please get better information before you start slendering honest good business. And all you dentists out there, lower your prices and compete against us.
Best regards to all...
71. - D.N. - 04/21/2008
I recently had my teeth whitened at a mall...they did a good job. The best part is that I did not have to schedule an appointment with my destist 3 weeks out and then sit in the waiting area reading magazines for an hour and a half before I was seen. Oh yeah, not to mention fill our a load of paper work just to get my teeth whitened.

I had a date that night and was in a was very convient and effective.

I am interesting in owning a franchise. I am going to do some reseach but, input on the best avalible opportunity would be great!
72. - kb - 04/21/2008
I just bought a BleachBright franchise and am opening in a salon. With all the training and regulations for keeping your insurance, these operators who purchase the franchises and distributorships HAVE to abide by the rules or risk losing the dealership and their insurance.

How is whitening your teeth with a BleachBright or iSmile system any different that going to WalMart and buying the bleaching trays and doing it yourself? It isn't. This way, you get your money's worth!
73. - Kevin - 04/23/2008
I'm a dentist who has no problem with this. We do the "one hour" bleaching process ourselves and charge around $500 dollars. First we have a consent form, then we place a light cured material on the gum tissue for protection, then the carbamide or peroxide (40%). We then light for twenty minutes, remove the peroxide, recoat and repeat the process, then remove the gum coating and peroxide. The whole process takes about 1.5 to two hours and is a huge waste of valuable time that could be used for other procedures.Besides, when someone gets their gums burned at the mall, they'll have to come see a dentist, anyway. ;)
74. - joi - 04/27/2008
I own a teeth whitening business. I used to be a chef and I am also an esthetician. I am very well trained in sanitation and diseases. We follow all the guidelines. We give great results for low cost. Dentist mark their products up 700-1,000%. Just anyone that owns a business that does crowns and bridges. Yes they go to school a long time but why do they need to make that kind of money? People go around loosing their teeth and not being able to afford dental care because of these types of mark ups. They are providing a service. Maybe it is time the American community stepped up and said no longer to these outrageous prices! Or maybe Mexico will be even busier because of people seeking less oostly dental care. So if whitening someone's teeth cost $35 for a kit why would you charge $600? I think I would rather go to a storefront where there is privacy instead of a mall and pay $99!
75. - karen - 04/28/2008
I just had my teeth done at a mall- BleachBright and I love the results!! Why pay the dentist 500 or more! They are not even the ones who do it in office- they have a tech. that does it. The mall owners were knowledgable and kept to Infection control techniques( I am a RN). I have since told all my friends about this!
76. - Thuy - 05/03/2008
OK, I actually went through this process but mine was not in the mall, but rather a fitness center! My whitening system called Da Vinci Whitening System...

Here is my experience:
I went to this Fitness Center, and I literally mean a GYM!!! I thought I went to the wrong place, so I kept checking the internet on my wireless internet laptop to see if it's correct... Well anyway, I went through the whole process... The whole process took 30min total... They did a 15min, then another 5 min, then they re-gel my mouth piece and laser me for another 10 min. I dont know whether my teeth is sensitive or what, but it HURT!!! it feels like needles is poking against your gum... I noticed my gumline was white when I was out of there, and my whole mouth was hurting... Two of my lips was buffy... For a guy having FULL-LIPS, it was awkward... My gum hurting and just checked it again today, the skin on my gum peeled... So after Kevin (Post #74) said it was burned, I realized they didnt do it properly... I dont see any difference, as my teeth are already white... But the skin on the gum where the chemical touched is extremely painful... It peeled off and made into white dead skin, where you can use your nail to touch it and it would goes off your gum... But from some post above from a real dentist saying it's not permanent, which gave me some relieves...

Either way, I have to say that it is an extremely painful process for me... I didnt eat anything the first day that I had it done... The second day, the main was gone, but my gumline still hurt from the peeling of the gum skin... I'm waiting for few more days for this to be off, and I'll see how it is... Still in pain now, which is why I found this page to see what other people say...
77. - Thuy - 05/03/2008
Also, they played really smart by asking you to sign a document stating that they did not touch your gum, lips, mouth, or teeth...

I was unhappy my gum skin peeled and it hurt... I cant brush my teeth hard... It was so much pain, that for the last 10 min, my body was shaking... If would have been great if this method can somehow prevent the oilment chemical to touch the gum...

If anyone want to try this process, ask them to dont overfill it that touch your gum... It if touches your gum, it WILL burn the skin of your gum off...
78. - Kenny James - 05/10/2008
Did it, liked it, would do it again. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Common sense should tell you that. Not enough of that in this world today.
Get over it you people out there. Get a hobby, you need one to occupy your time in a much more productive way. And as for you dental professionals, again, get over it, your little monopoly is over...
79. - Mike - 05/11/2008
Please go ask them if you can hand out narcotics as long as you don't place the pills in someone's mouth.
80. - Dan - 05/13/2008
Mike, do you have any logical thinking abilities? Not a good argument there, apples to apples mean anything to you?

I did it and it does work.
81. - Kim - 05/13/2008
I recently had my teeth whitened at a Whitesmile center set up at my local Sam's Club. What a nightmare! My lips and gums were burned. Worse was the area under my tongue - blisted and still hurting 6 days later. Add to that the fact that I've had better whitening results with over the counter white strips! No noticeable difference $153 dollars later. I've tried to reach someone at the customer support hotline # - no answer. Corporate offices - no answer. Fax # listed - no answer.

My suggestions - don't do it!
82. - Jennifer - 05/13/2008
I went to mall this past weekend, people were at the kiosk with this blue light shining on their teeth, people were just standing there staring at them they looked like something out of an alien movie, we had to pull my two year old newphew away as she wanted to stay and watch. I can think of alot of other things to do than have people stop and stare while I'm bleaching my teeth and wiping off the drool!

Exactly what i was thinking!
83. - Mark - 05/14/2008
I love all of these over-priced dentists and crybabies talking about how unsafe it is to have a simple procedure like teeth whitening done in a store or a mall. Even the scare tactics preached in some of these posts in unbelievable. You wonder why medical costs are sky high? This is the same thing as doctors crying about nurse-practioners not being able to prescribe cold medicine. Well the result is that people now find it cheaper to fly out of the country to have medical work done than to stay in the US. I'd have this and many more procedures done if it meant saving hundreds of dollars with little to no risk. You doctors should be ashamed of yourselves.
84. - April - 05/15/2008
I recently had my teeth whitened by WhiteSmileUSA at my local Sam's Club, and I was very happy. No pain and pretty good results. Plus, not a bad price.

My advice - this is probalby the best whitening option out there...I've tried them all.
85. - LEA - 05/15/2008
86. - Jim Stone - 05/17/2008
Why would you say that tanning beds are perfectly safe to use to whiten teeth, and on the same blog say these teeth whitening techniques are not safe? Tanning beds cause cancer, no?
87. - drjohn - 05/17/2008
Hi Lance

Could you please prove you are "FDA certified"?

What exactly did the FDA "certify" for you?

Lights have absolutely no effect on whitening. Using lights for whitening is a farce.
88. - drjohn - 05/17/2008
"84. - Mark - 05/13/2008
I love all of these over-priced dentists and crybabies talking about how unsafe it is to have a simple procedure like teeth whitening done in a store or a mall."

You can also do your own extractions, Mark.
89. - Administrator - 05/17/2008
87. - Jim Stone - 05/17/2008

I don't say anywhere on the site that tanning beds are safe. Read again!
90. - K. Fulford - 05/17/2008
Just like any other cosmetic procedure you choose to your research! Educate yourself before you make a decision on what product to use to whiten your teeth. You can buy teeth whitening products at Wal-Mart. Yes the strength of the ingredients may differ from Crest White Strips, to a product at a mall kiosk or a dentist. But lets face it, this is not rocket science. And for the record my mother went to the dentist, paid $600 and the whitner the dentist used burnt her lips, tongue and gums.
91. - B Schaefer - 05/17/2008
As a dentist, it is well known that tooth whitening using a light is a bogus procedure. There is solid research showing that the light does nothing to aid the process of whitening. It is purely a process of gel contact time. So, why do some dentists use a light still? Good question, and the reason that I always hear is that patients demand it due to the marketing that the manufacturers do ie Zoom. I have no problem with mall kiosks, as long as they don't tell people that the light has any effect other than giving them something to focus on for the whitening duration.
92. - B. Schaefer, DDS - 05/17/2008
All that really matters is -Does it work?

Much of what you see in a single visit whitening process is dehydration. It is easy to promise 4 shades of improvement, when one can sit in front of their mirror at home, and blow dry their teeth dry for the same effect. The problem is - those teeth will rehydrate, and the money is wasted.

Even Zoom users will send their patients home with custom trays to be used at home to continue the whitening process to the final outcome. Tray whitening is still the gold standard of whitening, and can be purchased in a dental office for $250 to $300. For that fee, you are getting a better, longer lasting result- and with the trays, you can touch up your teeth whenever you feel like it. You don't have that option with mall whitening - unless you want to pony up another $100.

So, it is not that dentists are concerned with a turf war. Tooth whitening is not much of a profit center for any dental office. Mall kiosk vs custom tray whitening is an apples and oranges comparison. We just feel that the consumer is being tricked into thinking that they are getting a comparable product. Mall kiosk vs over the counter products is a fairer comparison.
93. - James - 05/18/2008
To: B. Schaefer, DDS - 05/17/2008

Our procedure is $99. We offer the take home tray kit for $49 and encourage it. It is the same kit as you offer in the dentist except for we do not do custom molds. People love it. So I'm not sure where the apples and apples comparison is? The consumer is still saving hundreds of dollars for basically the same product as far as I see it.
94. - Rufus - 05/18/2008
Here's the deal, dentists and health care professionals will obviously have a problem with this as it cuts into there business. You can expect them to look negatively at the Kiosk services. As a pratical matter, however, the procedure is safe, convenient and affordable. The amount of hydrogen peroxide used is far less than the dentist, 16% as opposed to 35%. This is essentially no different than buying over the counter products and those sold informercials that have sold to consumers for years with no complaints and medoocre results. I had the whitening today, will have it done again and highly recommend this, as do almost 95% or more of the people who have. With anything there will be the ocassional person who has a bad experience for whaterver reason, attitude, expectations, etc. If you want to save hunderds a fell good about your teeth, you should visits a Kiosk.
95. - B Schaefer, DDS - 05/19/2008
James- a tray is not a tray is not a custom whitening tray. It is a case of a lay person who doesn't know what he doesn't know about whitening. What you are offering for $99 is total BS. Step one.

Step 2- that $49 "custom tray" is nothing like what a dental office can provide. The whitening material alone runs $30- so what kind of custom tray are you making for $19?

However, as I noted before- it all comes down to the question of efficacy. Does it really work? If you can get the same level of whitening with a BS light, weak gel and a mouthguard type retail tray for $150, that I can offer for $250, then you can pat yourself on the back. I just don't think that you can.
96. - Peggy - 05/19/2008
As a former dental assistant of 33 years Dr Schaefer is right on and just trying to be honest about the teeth whitening procedure. There is even controversy in the dental community on anyone using lights including dentists.

The real research done on lights is done by an INDEPENDANT company (Clinical Resarch Association) which has been reseaching for the ADA for years. Thier conclusions is lights/lasers has no effect on the teeth whitening procedure.


The key to successful whitening and maintaining your whiten smile for a life time is impressions for custom fitted trays and professional dental gel. The trays are actually vacuumed sealed against a model of your teeth. They then are cut to fit like gloves on your teeth and your teeth only sealing or locking the gel on your teeth to whiten. WHITENING IS ALL ABOUT THE TIME THE GEL SOAKS INTO THE PORES OF YOUR ENAMEL! 20 minutes with a light and a boil and bite tray (Gel starts mixing with your saliva almost instantly because tray is not sealed/locked against your teeth)
will basically give you an illusion for a bit.

That is why most ethical dentists in the country do not use any type of light, but are still doing impressions and custom fitted trays which are proven to give great whitening results.
97. - Charles - 05/19/2008
I believe the experiences my wife and two brothers have had will shed some valuable light on this article since all three of them have done both the dental procedure at Britesmile, and the cosmetic whitening service now offered at Sam's Club called White Smile USA (I chose not to whiten both times since I have caps that need to be replaced and whitening would just make the color mismatch more pronounced).

We had a friend who worked for Britesmile and she hooked my family up for free teeth whitenings when Britesmile opened a new location a few years ago (what a nice friend since the cost was over $600 dollars a pop). All 3 of them were pleased with the results, however, each one of them experienced TREMENDOUS sensitivity that lasted over a week for 2 of them.

The Sam's Club (actually, White Smile USA) experience was also very effective, but what a difference in sensitivity - not one of them had a single bit of sensitivity. My wife summed it up well when she said she'd much rather pay a very affordable $143 dollars and have similar results than get something for free and go through the pain she had to go through.

I went back to the White Smile rep. and told her of their experiences. She said that she here's this all the time because their procedure has been specifically designed to avoid the sensitivity issue. She was quick to add that most professional systems are safe and will work, but the real questions to ask are: 1) how long will it take to go through the process; 2) how much will it cost you; and 3) how much sensitivity will it cause...I would agree these are very important questions and we considered all of them before making our decision.

The best part about this is now my wife and brothers (and eventually myself one day) have found a system where they can affordably maintain white teeth for life. Since all whitening processes eventually fade to some degree, it's important to find something you can afford to do short and long term. It's only $45 from now on whenever they need a touch-up treatment done at Sam's.

One final thing on safety, I agree with a previous comment above that Sam's wouldn't put something in their club that is unsafe. I can't imagine the most powerful retailer in the world not checking something out thoroughly. Therefore, when this writer is saying Sam's chosen procedure is "unsafe" or "dangerous" because it is simply performed at a kiosk, and makes such a general, broad-stroke statement as to say "professional teeth whitening at a kiosk can cause irreversible damage to your teeth" without saying the same thing can happen by dentists using clearly more powerful systems, then it definite shows his clear bias and he has discredited this site completely. Nonetheless, those looking for teeth whitening advice will still find this site and the only thing good I can say about the writer (and the site) is that at least they let people like us post our experiences and point out the bias when we see it. So reader, good luck in your search and hopefully this has helped. My suggestion - go to and contact them about the professional teeth whitening service they offer in their clubs called White Smile USA.
98. - B Schaefer, DDS - 05/20/2008
Last Comment. I hope that anyone who is posting on this site gives full disclosure of any affiliation with any retail whitening centers. There are a lot of posts on here that on the surface sound like a satisfied customer, but read like someone with a financial interest in retail, pumping up their product.

Buyer Beware.
99. - Cmeg - 05/21/2008
As a retail kiosk owner and the son of a prominent dentist, lets be completely honest. Your comparing apples to oranges? Your orange is only larger, and I give multiple oranges and it still costs less. The only difference between the formulation a dentist and a kiosk products is concentration. The end result is exactly the same. I promise my customers 4 shades or the next visit is free. I also tell my customers this is not a one shot procedure. I let them know before we start not to have huge expectations on the first application.
This debate will never end, and until they pull otc products from shelves neither will kiosks.
100. - Warren G - 05/22/2008
Last comment. Patient beware. The majority of complaints and side effects associated with teeth whitening come from DENTAL procedures like ZOOM. Don't let these Dentists succeed at convincing you that you're not smart enough do the research and make your own decisions. Don't let them scare you into only going to them for whitening when there are safer alternatives that are just as effective. Power to the people!
101. - Mary D - 05/22/2008
You mall people sound like a bunch of snake oil salesmen.
102. - David Strong, Not a DDS - 05/22/2008
You're right Mary D. Don't buy the snake oil at the mall, but rather come to the dentist office and buy your snake oil there. After all, only a smart dentist is qualified to sell you snake oil. As a matter of fact, dental snake oil originally came from China, where it is called sh¨¦y¨°u (ÉßÓÍ). There, it was used as a remedy for inflammation and pain in rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, and other similar conditions. Fats and oils from snakes are higher in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) than other sources, so snake oil was actually a plausible remedy for joint pain as these are thought to have inflammation-reducing properties. But remember, ONLY the Dental snake oil is legit. Anyone else who tries to sell you snake oil is automatically a crook.

103. - Billy - 05/24/2008
I went to Sams store and had the treatment done twice. It has been a week and my gums still hurt from the bleaching. I have what is called a chemical burn. I told the tech I had mild gum disease and she assured me it was okay. I am glad I did not use the after care kit. I would use extreme caution before using this systeme to whiten your teeth. It does not matter what you call it. This treatment must be regulated or put out of business. I am considering a lawsuit and will definately give Sams Club an earfull. DON'T DO THIS. IT IS NOT SAFE!!!!!!
104. - Renee - 05/24/2008
Teeth whitening of any kind is not SAFE for people with Gum Disease...If you have gum disease, then you should visit your Dentist.

105. - Jim Valentine - 05/24/2008

As a nationwide company that operates inside of Sam's Club, we take your situation very seriously. Have you complained to Sam's Club? I have not seen or heard of your complaint. Please contact me and let me know the city and store where you had your issue.

Jim Valentine
WhiteSmileUSA, Inc.
106. - Barbara - 05/25/2008
In the 1970's I wanted my ear's pierced. My mother insisted that we get this done by our family doctor. In her opinion, this was the safe and responsible way to do this. And although she wasn't wrong, as time went by we see that getting your ear's pierced at the mall is the norm. Who get's their ears pierced by doctor's anymore? This whole mall teeth whitening business maybe the beginning of a new way for people to get their teeth whitened with less hassle and less expense. Me and my boyfried are both going to get it done today.
107. - Karen - 05/25/2008
I just read an article in my local newspaper that a former radio personality is opening a WOW Smile franchise at the local mall. This franchise uses 44 per cent peroxide with LED lighting. A review of the literature says the otc teeth whitening strips use up to 10 per cent peroxide. I can't believe that 44 percent peroxide can be safe when used by nontrained, noncertified, nonprofessionals. I'll go with the dentist and costs. My family dentist is excellent and well-trained. You get what you pay for. In 10 years, we'll be reading about toothless 20- and 30-somes (in addition to their deafness caused by too-loud IPODs).
108. - Jim Valentine - 05/25/2008
To everyone throwing kiosks under the bus b/c of "unsafe" practices, take a look at this link to illustrate the types of severe side effects that DENTISTS are offering:

109. - Jim Valentine - 05/25/2008
Better yet, read the reviews of Zoom on THIS website. Go ahead Dentists, blame kiosks about causing pain and suffering on the same site that shreds Zoom, the #1 dental bleaching system. Hypocrisy is not a good virtue.
110. - Jim Valentine - 05/25/2008

Unsafe, But are they Illegal? Have you read the Zoom side effects on the review section of your own site? When someone has to get Vicodin prescribed, I would call that unsafe. Why aren't you bashing them?

Dentists can hurt you but it's ok b/c they are dentists? I demand action that they be shut down for causing pain during a cosmetic procedure!
111. - Brian Schaefer, DDS - 05/25/2008
Thank you for bringing up the Zoom controversy.

Zoom is not the #1 dental bleaching system- it is just the #1 most marketed dental bleaching system. Smart dentists know that the light used by Zoom and similar systems is not necessary. It does nothing to aid the process of whitening. What is does do is to cause UV burns on the lips if the UV protectant is not carefully used. The actual whitening in a Zoom system comes from gel contact time of the 35% hydrogen peroxide. This high peroxide percentage can also cause gum tissue burns if the tissues are not blocked out well, and it can also cause painful "zingers" in affected teeth.

Zoom usage is dropping off of the board. Smart dentists realize that better whitening with no downside comes from the gold standard of tooth whitening, which is custom made whitening mouthguards, used with 15% carbamide peroxide for 30-60 minutes per day over two weeks.

So, if trained dental personel are getting these kind of problems with Zoom, what kind of isses are you going to see when lay people use a high powered hydrogen peroxide in the mall? Tissue burns? Tooth sensitivity - esp with individuals with gum disease? Ineffective whitening? Is it really worth putting your health into the hands of mall employee?

Buyer Beware
112. - Alexander - 05/26/2008

As Dr. Schaefer points out, ZOOM is not used by dentists "in the know." Dentists are discovering that the light is merely a marketing gimmick. The horrible reviews of ZOOM on this site have not been ignored. Due to all the severe problems people have received, I believe something needs to be done. For that reason, I have started an inquiry form for a class action on Discus Dental:

p.s. in order to ensure the accuracy of our users, please be consistent with your username. There is no need to use other names since you are traceable through your IP address. If you fail to comply we will block the IP.
113. - Tia - 05/27/2008
You should know that a 16% of any of the peroxides you are talking about won't whiteng any kind of teeth in 12 min with or without the led light. So, those of you that did that treatment should know that it is for sure at least 32%, what means thta you are putting in real danger your teeth and gums health , belived or not.. and you will realize that in a few years, what its a pity because then it won't be a way back..
I know for sure what i am talking about
114. - Tuscani - 05/28/2008
I agree the light has no effect. Has anyone heard of teeth whitening being performed using ultrasonic trays. I had this done and it takes about an hour. A hygienist friend did this and is trialling it. It works on 15 minute re-application times. The results I got were about 4 shades brighter with NO sensitivity at all. The peroxide was 7%. I asked others who have tried this and they all good great experiences. They say that the ultrasonic vibrations speed up the chemical reaction. Makes sense since I use an ultrasonic cleaner with chemicals to clean parts all the time. I like the custom trays and have used them but this ultrasonic procedure is also very effective, I think.
115. - Lauren - 05/28/2008
You do not know what you are talking about saying that people in the mall kiosks use 35% hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. get your facts straight. It is 12%! That same percentage you buy from Walmart.
116. - Serenity - 05/28/2008
For years I've been thinking about getting a teeth whitening treatment by going to see a family's friend who is a dentist that performs Zoom. That usually costs between $400 to $500. Recently.. I heard someone opened a ismile store in the mall near by and costs around $200 dollars. My question is should I or should I not get my teeth whitening done by ismiles? I really need people's opinion, stories of you or someone you know got teeth whitening treatment done.
117. - Jeremy - 05/29/2008
Avoid the 1 hour treatments like the plague. You will see below average results with both Zoom and Ismile. Stick with the gold standard in whitening: custom mold trays and high concentration h2o2 take-home syringes. You can get this from any dentist in your area. Good luck!
118. - Rick - 05/29/2008
Jeremy, why did you classify iSmile with Zoom? iSmile is nothing like Zoom
119. - Jeremy - 05/29/2008

It uses a light. Don't get me started! This has been talked about a million times!
120. - Jan - 05/31/2008
I believe these treatments are safe provided you are a good candidate for the procedure- I haven't seen this mentioned at all. I recently had my teeth whitened by BleachBright; their release form listed disqualifications (oral health and otherwise) for having the whitening- and also suggested consulting with your dentist if you were unsure! Consumers and reporters/writers need to take notice of this fact.
121. - Michelle T, RDH - 06/01/2008
I am a Registered Dental Hygienist that also owns a Self-Initiated Teeth Whitening business that I operate out of a medical spa. However, I DO offer different services & custom made lab created bleach trays. I assist the pt in taking impressions & send them to a local lab. I always do the whole under-promise & over-deliver thing. The very 1st thing I tell people is that they are not going to leave with Hollywood white teeth. I always tell them that the only way to get that white is with custom trays. My company also uses these same "trays" other companies use but I feel they are ineffective. I try to get people to whiten in their custom trays, but for those that can't wait the week I use a boil heat molded tray. SO, here is my problem. I just started this business & so far haven't ran into any problems with the dental board. I have NOT been touching the patient. It is very difficult to have someone do their own impression or place the retractor in their own mouth. So my question is, DOES ANYONE know if legally I am allowed to assist since I am licensed in the state. It seems so silly to me given my knowledge & training. I have asked my reps & several other people and NO ONE KNOWS for sure. The general consensus is that I CAN because I am a dental professional. However, I know that we do not have independent practice hygiene in my state & hygienists can't CLEAN teeth without working under a dentist. So I am torn. If anyone can help I would be very appreciative.
Thanks!! (by the way I am in Las Vegas)
122. - Dean - 06/03/2008

It is certainly your choice. I believe that you will be just as safe and happy with your results going to a mall and save alot of money and not be in pain!!!! What location are you in? I will recommend a place in your area.
123. - Dean - 06/03/2008

DONT TOUCH THE CLIENT!!!!!!! Let them do it !!! You can verbally guide your client through the entire procedure and never need to help them. Give it a try. Dont put yourself in a potentially bad perdicament.
124. - Brian Schaefer, DDS - 06/03/2008
The FDA has no comment on tooth whitening products. They are classified as cosmetic. Every double blind study has shown that LIGHTS HAVE ZERO EFFECT ON WHITENING. They are purely a marketing gimmick.

Google: CRA and tooth whitening, for some qualified background info that will allow you to appreciate how much misinformation there is being spread by manufacturers of light systems and by kiosk owners.
125. - Rob Berg - 06/04/2008
I manage a whitening kiosk at Southpark Mall in Strongsville and I have at least two customers a month referred to me by dentists that tell them this is an affordable alternative to the office.
126. - RML RDH and dental student - 06/05/2008
Personally, I do not even remotely believe in this.. it is a crazy way and cheap way of whitening your teeth. I visited the local mall and was in shock when the personnel which was working it had NO IDEA the irreversible damage that is being done to these people. She was not in the dental field, but the company is smart enough to have their employees throw on a lab coat and professional attire. I asked about sensitivity and she said it goes away in 20 minutes!! any dental professional knows that those denital tubules are opened and need fluoride to close them up properly and to reduce any problems or microscopic holes in the enamel. This is absolytely unsafe and unlawful practice of dentistry!
127. - Rob Berg - 06/06/2008
My cousin owns her own dental practice in San Diego and she believes there is no chance for irreversible damage with the strength of peroxide we are using. She is actually jealous that she hadn't thought of this innovative idea before I had.
128. - miles cartright - 06/09/2008
Truly, the procedure in malls is safe. We work hard to make sure that it is. It is FDA approved as a cosmetic procedure; noone touches the patient's mouth.. and best of all, people love the results and the savings.

I think the best idea is for dentists to simply stop fighting the trend. The days of $600 teeth whitening treatments are over. And that is not to ditract from the excellent dental people we have on the board here, they do a great job with dental procedures.

But I do think we all need to be realistic and realize that dentists are not going to have the power, legal or otherwise, to stop a simply cosmetic procedure.
129. - dean - 06/09/2008
GO MILES Cartwright:

Lets hope that the Dentists will continue to do what they are truely expert at and leave the teeth whitening to the true professionals. I know so much about the teeth and the effects of teeth and whitening products that I would go head to head any day with a Dentist on this topic.
130. - Tracy - 06/10/2008
I just had my teeth whitened yesterday at a mall kiosk. The cost was $117.95 after tax. I was given my trays and the thing that holds the mouth open afterwards and told that subsequent visits would be $50 if I bring the trays and receipt back. I also filled out a release of liability form that asked questions such as whether I had gum disease, etc. I was told that my teeth would be lightened by 2 to 7 shades. I thought the experience was good and cost effective. I don't know that my teeth whitened a full 2 shades, but it was close. I did get a bit of peroxide on my gums above one of my front teeth, and it was a little tender, but not debilitatingly so. The only uncomfortableness was from spitting the stuff out in the middle of the mall. That was a bit uncomfortable -- but it was an embarrassment factor and not too big of a deal. I have purchased dental trays from a dentist and Rembrandt gel as well -- to the tune of $300. I would say that the one session at the kiosk gave me results that were as good as 3 months of the dental trays and gel. I didn't feel that the process was unsanitary -- except that I wonder if they clean the light after each use since it is very close to the mouth. I don't see what the big deal is. Some people purchase crest white strips and have tooth sensitivity, some people have a procedure like this done and also experience sensitivity as well. If I were sitting there and in agony, I would simply ask the tech to stop the procedure immediately. I will probably go back for a second visit in a couple of weeks.
131. - Chris C - 06/11/2008
Lets stop the madness!
I own several teeth whitening inline spaces in local malls and several people per day come in and say. "I would never do this in a mall." I also have several people come in and say. "This is great, I would never pay $350+ in a dental office for whitening."
We will never end this argument. The fact is that there are plenty of yellow teeth in this world for both dentists and mall operators to make money in this field. Some people will only consider a dentist to whiten their teeth, and others will only go to a kiosk for the $ savings.
I think what dentists fail to see is that mall kiosks are making people think about teeth whitening every time they walk in the mall. Our kiosks/stores are putting teeth whitening in the minds of people who would normally only consider whitening IF their hygienist brought it up to them during routine cleanings.
So, calm down everyone. No one is going hungry because a mall kiosk showed up in your local area.
And if dentists knew the percentages and chemicals we use, any reputable dentist would tell you that our treatments are completely safe for anyone with relatively healthy teeth.
132. - joi - 06/16/2008
I stated in an earlier post that I own 2 whitening stores. I have every client sign a consent form and it does state that you are not a canidate if you have gum disease and also to see your dentist. Why hasn't any one brought up that dentist do not learn how to whiten teeth in school? They learn it from companies like Zoom who come to their practice and "sell" them on teeth whitening. Why hasn't any one also brought up how come they have charged so much for whitening trays when it only cost the $30-$40 for the trays and gels? I wish I had a location at the mall so I could be swamped, others are already there. I also give back to charities from the money I make and do things with my community. Another point is the dehydration making youR teeth temp. white. If your gel has glycerin you will not have dehydration. My husband whitened his teeth along with my daughter, son and of course me and our teeth are still white months later even after drinking lots of colas. I hope all the owners of whitening locations are making sure that they are following safe practices so we are not shut down.
133. - Sue - 06/17/2008
A bitter reality: Health care is Expensive, Dental care is by far a luxury in America. 50% of the people lack dental insurance and the means to go to a dentist. At least some on us who cannot afford $600 teeth whtening, we can have it at the mall at our convenience and at a price we can afford. As for NC shutting down such practice, it shows only that NC legislature are well lobbied by the medical lobby.
134. - Joe - 06/23/2008
I own a teeth whitening kiosk in a NJ mall. All Teeth whitening companies need to get togather and form an organization that will protect our bussineses and will allow us to keep providing good and affordable service to our customers. The quesion is WHO is going to get it going??? What are we waiting on - dentist are showing united eventhough they have different oppinions on this.
135. - Brian Schaefer, DDS - 06/28/2008
Many of you need to get past the $600 dental office Zoom whitening. I don't know anyone who is anywhere near that fee. Many offices now give away free whitening with a new patient appt. It has become a commodity in the dental world- one that kiosk owners exploit with useless lights and borrowed marketing.
136. - Michelle - 06/29/2008
Dr. Schaefer,
Just wanted to say that we charge $650 for Zoom whitening at the dental office where I work. We recently went down from $700. However, I will admit my office is pricey for all services. I have also found that here in NV the offices that say free whitening are usually giving away 1 free tube of home gel and NO TRAYS!! we always laugh at this at our office. I have never heard of an office doing Zoom for free.
137. - Dr. Nick Kavouklis DMD - 06/29/2008
I received my DMD degree in 86 from the University of Florida. I practiced dentistry for over 15 years and maintain an active license. I was first exposed to the "kiosk" concept at a trade show in California and several times since. I have also developed a line of OTC, "Dr. Nick's White & Healthy, oral care products that fight plaque and gingivitis and also whiten teeth - but naturally. I have completed countless hours of study and extensive research regarding whitening as well as this whitening delivery in malls. In my professional opinion there is little, if any, dangers associated with kiosk whitening as opposed to being in a dental office provided the kiosk operation is professional about their procedures, products, instructions and personnel. This is a new delivery venue that needn't be outlawed nor villified however, it needs establishment of standards and regulation to insure public safety. If you are not able to determine if the kiosk operation has a dental professional/advisor on staff in some form then play it safe and consider whitening at your dentist's office or with OTC products.
138. - DH student - 07/03/2008
The major concern I have is that the consumer may not know the current condition of their teeth. They may have cavities on their front teeth without even knowing it. Thus whitening may harm it more. Also if they have any crowns and for some reason forget about it, whitening will make their teeth a different color from the crown.
139. - Kevin - 07/04/2008
Hey Joe or anyone else. I'm looking to get this done. Can anyone tell me where I can get this done in NJ?
140. - DanB - 07/10/2008
John wrote: "So, we're back to the argument that the kiosk whitening is no different from White Strips other than to cost a lot more?"

Yes, kinda like Frosted Flakes are 3x the cost of generic "Sweetened Corn Flakes"

Further, your lack of knowledge about hydrogen peroxide in general is rather disheartening. Over the counter strength of 6% h2o2 still benefits from light - this is why when you purchase pure H2O2 in the store, it comes in a browned out bottle - sunlight breaks it down.

So compare using Whitestrips at $40.00 a box; 30 minutes for 14 days. Versus the light activated bleachings which are broken down quicker. 14 days versus 30 minutes - do you see why the price varies now? Most professionals will tell you, correctly, that bleaching trays are in fact the best way to go - but they cannot match the convenience of light activated bleachings. Although, they do match in terms of safety. Sorry, John, you're either being willfully ignorant or highly biased. Not exactly trustworthy either way.
141. - DanB - 07/11/2008

This study concludes that the immediate results show increased whitening, although after a period of two weeks the results become equal. This is entirely consistent with my post. The question is this - do you prefer to wait 2 weeks or 30 minutes?

As I said, either willfully ignorant or highly biased. Neither help your credibility.
142. - Alexander - 07/14/2008
Did you bother reading their conclusion?

"The use of light activation using the BriteSmile in-office bleaching system resulted in increased whitening at the immediate postbleaching evaluation compared with Opalescence Xtra Boost, which does not require light activation. This is believed to be the result of dehydration of the tooth caused by the generation of heat from the curing light.4 This increase was temporary, however; AFTER 2 weeks no differences were recorded between the 2 systems.

It is reasonable to conclude that with the increase in temperature, *dehydration* occured, which was subsequently followed by rehydration. Therefore, in spite of the initial perception that an increase in whitening took place, the 2-week postbleaching evaluation did not demonstrate a difference. This was confirmed by an absence of a statically significant difference between the 2 materials."

Dan: Dehydrating the tooth temporarily is not whitening. This is discussed in more depth here: .
143. - Dan B - 07/15/2008

Did you bother reading my post? I'll repeat myself for your benefit. The results of the accelerator light show improvement after 30-60 minutes. The results without the accelerator light show improvement after 2 weeks. You then proceed to repeat what I had said. I have no problem admitting that you can bleach without the light - it is absolutely possible. It is not possible, however, to get these results after only 30-60 minutes without the light
144. - Michelle, RDH in NM - 07/15/2008
I have recently gotten a lot of patients asking me about the new "mall" whitening and if really it is all it claims to be. Now I am not a big fan of the Zoom whitening because the last person I saw in my practice walked out with a nice blue smile. It was ugly... I usually recommend the Oral B whitestrips but I am really cautious that they're teeth are in good shape and they are free of any gum problems. I guess what I really want to know is if and how is it safe and worthwhile.
145. - Alexander - 07/15/2008

Tooth Dehydration is not teeth whitening. If you think it is, why not sell a blow dryer and market that as a teeth whitener?
146. - Dan B. - 07/16/2008

Seeing as how the better light accelerator units only raise the temperature inside the mouth by a degree and a half, you're not exactly dehydrating. Again, read the study and if you couldn't understand it, re read it.

Not sure if you are aware, but light breaks down H2O2. This is not alchemy, it is a known process. The accelerators on their own do not whiten teeth, they help (or accelerate) the breakdown of the H2O2 gel. This is a fairly well known process, not sure where the controversy lies. If you are so inclined, you can try this experiment at home. Pour some H2O2 onto a slide and see which one breaks down faster - the H2O2 left alone on the slide, or one that has the microscope illuminating it directly (as opposed to refracted light.)

To answer your facetious question regarding the hair dryer - it would raise the temperature inside the mouth well over 5 degrees, making it unsafe.
147. - Alexander - 07/17/2008

BS. Contact time and concentration of active ingredients are the critical factors.

Whiteness depends on PERMEABILITY of tooth structure to the low molecular weight bleaching ions. Variations in permeability appear to be the cause of the wide variation in bleaching results that we all see.

I don't care WHAT you put on the surface of the tooth and what light sources you use - if it can't get INTO the tooth structure, you lose.
148. - Dan B. - 07/18/2008

Not quite. While some of what you say is correct, you're failing to put two and two together. The H2O2 is the prime dehydrating agent. And how do you suppose the H2O2 permeates the teeth? By dehydrating the enamel rods, allowing the hydrogen and the oxygen to bleach the dentin. Why do I suddenly feel as if I am giving you a starter course in teeth whitening?

You're missing the forest for the trees, which brings me back to my initial statement - either willfully ignorant or biased; neither help your cause.
149. - Alexander - 07/18/2008

The whole idea is to move bleach into the teeth for bleaching to occur. Using lights, the "teeth fluids" during dehydration move out of the teeth. H202 has to go against the flow of these fluids to get in through the the enamel rods. This makes for a VERY INEFFICIENT technique as it is always fighting against the current.
150. - Dan B. - 07/18/2008

You are precisely right about moving against the teeth currents. This is why it is important to use 3 sessions of 20 minutes.

And I have to agree with you about the Zoom. Although, if you pay attention, the chief complaint against the Zoom has always been sensitivity, not efficacy. Other companies have corrected the issue of burning one's pink tissue, which is the #1 complaint. You will always have a degree of sensitivity due to the permeation of the H2O2.

The notion of whitening in 30-60 minutes is bogus? Then why are there millions of satisfied customers and patients? Why do millions of dentists use the treatments? Why do the studies agree that it whitens in 30-60 minutes? Why have YOU agreed with the study I provided?

Alexander, we're coming back to my main point again, aren't we? So which is it - willful ignorance or bias, sir? Because you have contradicted yourself several times, made baseless claims, have had each of your questions answered several times - really, where is the credibility in your stance anymore?
151. - Brittany - 07/24/2008
I've used this procedure in my local mall and not only was satisfied with the outcome but did not feel a bit of pain.
I did a great deal of research before commiting to this treatment. My local dentists ranged anywehere from $300 to $500 and I read horror stories of intense pain and sensitivity. Not to mention my mother tried Zoom and said it was extremely painful.
I read up on this company in my mall and never once did they tried to deceive me into believing they were dentists. They were friendly, professional, and knoweledgable. I was all in all very happy with my experience.

Also, as a sidenote. I did notice that the mouthpad I was given was immediately thrown away after my use, therefore it was not to be reused.
152. - Patty - 07/26/2008
I am a RDH and tried to start my own business selling teeth whitening trays and gels. I had the client take their own impression and then I sent the impression to a lab to creat the trays. Well the dental board in my state (NY) threatened me to stop doing this. Because I did not want to loose my job at a dental office I did stop my businnes. As I have been reading everyones posting..I am more convinced than ever that this is all about money. Why are the detists so "worried" about the dangers of kiosks teeth whitening? I have not ever heard dentist in an uproar about people going to a tatoo parlor to get their tongue pierced. Have you ever seen anyone get a tongue piercing? Well a huge hollow needs gets thrusted into the tongue. That person has no medical background. Whay haven't the dental boards cracked down on the practice? This to me seems far more serious than some over the counter whitening gel. Maybe because the dentists can make money once someone cracks a tooth on a tongue ring or has severe recession from the tongue ring. This whole debate is over money. I am mad at myself for letting my state bully me into stopping my business. But I am more motivatated now because I believe this system is very safe and effective. Way to go you new owners. The monoply is over!!!!
153. - Dan B. - 07/28/2008

As long as you're not reaching into the client's mouth - its not considered dentistry. Just a heads up, good luck with your whitening business.
154. - Yaron - 07/29/2008
Where did Jim Valentine go ? Is this site silencing the voices of the pro-kiosk community ? I work for a White Science USA franchise, have sold/facilitated hundreds of whitening sessions, and feel compelled to state unequivocally that our process works extremely well without producing any noticeable side effects apart from the occasional gum sensitivity and/or blanching during the sessions themselves, a normal reaction to peroxide. As far as the value of the light, the fact that you can get a result so much faster with the light is clearly valuable fo two reasons: 1) customers may want their teeth to be white immediately for a special occasion, and 2) immediately noticeable results are good for business, as they reassure customers of the value of the process the just paid for.
The "tooth dehydration effect" hypothesis seems false, or at any rate irrelevant when it comes to Spa White (the White Science USA treatment, because the relatively low temperature increase produced by our cool blue LED lights makes dehydration less of a factor. I have found that sitting in front of the light WITHOUT the peroxide trays produces no noticeable whitening, whereas doing it WITH the trays usually produces amazing results. The peroxide we use is clearly of a legal concentration (would Sam's Club, Westfield, etc allow it to be otherwise ?),it clearly does the job for most people in one or two 15 minute sessions when activated with the light (or it wouldn't be so popular), and it does it faster and better than other OTC products such as Crest strips. I must say, to anyone who cares respond to this: how many Spa White sessions have you actually observed with your own eyes, and are any of your supposedly "independent" studies specific to our product ? It seems unfair to lump all "light activated tooth whitening systems" together, when only some have been researched. How do you know our sytem isn't both more effective/faster acting than the cheaper OTC products, and safer than, for instance, ZOOM or the high concentration treatments perfomed by dentists? Has there ever been a side-by side comparison of all these systems by a truly independent paper such as Consumer Reports ? They could rate them both for efficacy and for safety, much like they rate cars, which by the way, are responsible for at least one or two more fatalities per year than tooth whitening kiosks - OMG maybe we should crack down on all of those unlicensed car salesmen who don't have their DDS or MD !!! Until there has been such a comprehensive study, and it has shown our product to be inferior or dangerous in any way, I would like to ask all of you critics of kiosk tooth whitening for an apology. The first one to apologize gets a free tooth whitening...
155. - Rick S. - 07/29/2008
The kiosk at the mall are ONLY using 12% bleach in the gel packs. The scare tactics used in some of these ignorant comments stating that the kiosks are using 35% & higer are completely fabricated and are most likely dentist themselves afraid of losing clients. I used whitening at a mall kiosk & now we own one! RDA owned.
156. - Paul K. - 08/01/2008
Hello to everyone on this board. I am one of the founding partners of White Smile USA, a leading cosmetic teeth whitening company, after quickly reading through most of the posts on this site, I would like to share a few thoughts and facts with you.

1. Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide are basically the same thing. Carbamide is simply a more stable form of peroxide that makes packaging, keeping and using it much easier and practical. Carbamide is roughly 1/3 as strong as hydrogen peroxide, so when comparing peroxide whitening gels, you must make sure to compare on an even scale. A 35% carbamide peroxide gel would be closely equivelant to a 12% hydrogen peroxide gel.

2. The FDA has never regulated hydrogen peroxide as a prescription drug, although they have researched it thoroughly over many years. So technically all peroxide is "over-the-counter", because none of it requires a prescription to be sold, even high strength formulas sold in Dentist offices. Also, because the FDA decided not to regulate hydrogen peroxide, it falls into the "cosmetic" category and can legally be sold anywhere.

3. I speak with alot of Dentists about teeth whitening. Most of them are not concerned at all with Cosmetic Teeth Whitening businesses providing chairside whitening, especially after they learn most of the details and facts about it. In fact, many of them would prefer that teeth whitening be done in a cosmetic environment, because whitening distracts from the much more important medical work that is done in their offices.

4. Our system is SAFE. I cannot broadly paint every cosmetic teeth whitening business performing chairside or light-activated whitening with the same brush, but I can tell you from experience that our system is SAFE. There are side effects in a small number of cases, and although they can be uncomfortable and painful on rare occassions, they are all temporary and NOT permanent in nature. White Smile USA has less than .5%, that's less than 1/2 of one percent, reported uncomfortable side-effects.

5. In all of my research and discussion with dentists and dental boards, I have never seen one documented case of peroxide whitening agents between 10% and 15% hydrogen peroxide (which is the general range for most cosmetic products)causing any
permanent health-threatening condition of the teeth or gums. In fact, all of the severe cases of tissue damage or other serious problems (which is still rare) have involved 30-35% hydrogen peroxide used in a Dentist's office.

I hope this is helpful information and I look forward to reading some more good posts on this site.

157. - Alex - 08/01/2008
Paul, What solution works better to use trays filled (or pre-filled)with gel or to apply gel directly to the teeth (without using try)?
158. - Lori - 08/01/2008
All of us really need to get over ourselves! This is cosmetic teeth whitening for pete's sake! It is our freedom as Americans to whiten our own damn teeth as we see fit! The FDA would not have approved the teeth whitening procedure if after ALL OF THERE FINDINGS they saw it was unsafe! None of you did any real research did you!!!!?? The FDA DID and that is why joe shmo can set up shop in any mall USA and provide a product and service for the rest of us!
Can't we all just get along! Seriously!...get over yourselves and let us live our American dream...whitening one sorry set of yellow, stained teeth at a time!

159. - michele - 08/04/2008
My husband and I also own a teeth whitening franchise. We have read alot of comments and I only have one thing I would like to share. While my husband and i were doing research we went to two teeth whitening kiosks in a couple of malls in Georgia. We were told by one employee at the kiosk in stonecrest mall that what they used was the same as the dentist and that their product contained 48% peroxide. These employees who know nothing about their product or are lying about their product to increase sales are the ones that are giving us a bad name. I am very honest with my clients and am still doing well with my sales. Please train your employees right or we may all suffer the consequences!
160. - patty - 08/06/2008
To MIchele, I would love to speak to you because I am seriously looking into opening a store in my state NY. I would love to hear some advise and ask you questions.
161. - Tom Montalbano - 08/08/2008
I have a booth at at indoor like flea market, approximately 100 booths.I have been whitening my customers teeth with 36% car peroxide.I have had so many--oh my god--holy sh??--I cant believe it, and the look in their eyes when they look in the mirror, you can tell immediately & actually it is a great feeling seeing this, Im super proud of making people happy.I have had many recommendatitions.I do have a question to someone out-there tho---my distributor says that I cannot put the gel, from the syringe into the mouthpiece.Actually, i place the gel in the mouthpiece,and place in onto a paper(foam) plate & ask the customer to put it in their mouth, when done, they re-place it onto the foam plate & I throw it away.So my question---am I legal doing this?I also aim the light---is that leagl?Ive always thought that the differance, is that we dont evr touch the customers mouth right?If someone is legal out there, can you please give me the truth about this thanks & good luck its a great business!!!
162. - Patty - 08/09/2008
Tom what state are you in?
163. - TDub - 08/10/2008
Since the peroxide used can cause problems to certain patients, why is there no cry to take whitening strips off the market? I mean after all, that would also protect people right?

While I'm reading this page, I'm reminded of the great M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) vs D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractics) debate of twenty years ago. The D.C.'s held out and today M.D.'s refer people to chiropractitioners for outpatient care... So what was all the fuss about? The same darn thing: money and power. And don't get me started on how long it took the medical profession to acknowledge acupuncture procedures as being legitimate!

So now, I can't wait to get my teeth whitened at the mall. I didn't even know about it until I found this site.

This is good stuff!

164. - Victor F - 08/13/2008
hey guys, i have a teeth whitening kiosk in el paso, texas, and am currently opening 2 more locations. Would the other fellow business owners know what states don't approve by the dentistry board to whiten "at the mall"? Currently, i've heard issues with Oklahoma, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Colorado. Would anybody know the legalities with New Mexico?
165. - patty - 08/13/2008
To Victor F. I want to open a kiosk in NY. How did you find that information for yourself to open one in Texas? But I was justn South Carolina and saw the kiosk at the mall for the whitening. So It is ok there I imaging?
166. - Admin - 08/14/2008
Patty, Victor, Tom and anyone else discussing legalities and the setting up of this business, it's easier to maintain a discussion on the messageboard... comments are overflowing on this page. Continue your discussion there (you can receive alerts on replies as well):

167. - Jon - 08/14/2008
Those arguing against this are clearly dentists acting in an anti-competitive manner to protect their turf. Funny, my dentist gave me a take home kit and told me to continue whitening my own teeth at home. Teeth whitening is obviously a simple and easy procedure, and the fact that dentists charge $500-600 for the procedure is a rip off...which is why there's such a big market opportunity for these services at $99-$125. They won't be shut down because this business is aggressively pro-consumer. Any dentist complaining here should go back to his/her high priced practice and continue trying to convince consumers that it's worth paying 500% more for a 35% concentration.
168. - Stephanie - 08/14/2008
I had this procedure done with Whitesmile USA a few months back at a fashion/beauty convention in Atlanta, and I LOVE the results. I have always tried the strips (never kept up with them and if I used two days in a row, my teeth would be "burning" ALL day), then about a year ago did Zoom at my dentist's office (50% off Special, but it was still $250), and HATED it! I kept getting those zingers for a week and had white spots on my teeth and gums for almost a month! I thought teeth whitening just wasn't for me until I saw the set-up at the convention and said what the heck. I only kept mine on for about 15 minutes and noticed a difference immediately after--I know at least 3 shades! I was nervous because I thought the sensitivity might come after a few hours or the next day (like it usually does), but I had none what-so-ever. I would argue to say this may even be safer than the strips or at-home kits! It was just crazy to me that I got such results without any pain. Obviously if you regularly go to the dentist, you should know if you shouldn't be getting your teeth whitened because of some mouth problem. The arguement is the same for tanning, waxing, hair color, etc. People will always have reactions to something, so to the people who say this could possibly be unsafe to some small % of the population, get a life!
169. - christian - 08/17/2008
I am a dentist. I have used in-office bleaching systems for over 10 years. We actually were beta testers for BriteSmile which was bought out by discus dental several years ago (discus manufactures ZOOM!). After BriteSmile we graduated to Zoom, Zoom2, and now Zoom Advanced Power. We do close to 1000 dental whitenings a year. There are good over the counter products and there are bad ones. Some are completely understudied and harmful while others are approved by the appropriate regulators, safe, and provide reliable results. No whitening system provides long term result. Not one. Bleaching and Whitening is big business. Dentists will go to almost any length to keep this business in their practices. Including making up crap about how every individual needs an exam before whitening and that over the counter systems damage teeth and gums. There have been many patients that have had less than favorable results in dental offices with bleaching even when every precaution was taken. Most dentists are concerned about the general public doing whitening because of monetary gains that will be lost in their own practices. Hate to say it, but its true. I dont know who owns this blog, but I would guess it is a dentist hoping to spread panic and discount these dealers who are trying to make an honest living by capitalizing on what the market wants. I cannot stand behind every product out there, but after personally researching BleachBright, the system in question on the video, I can find no reason why it is not a viable cost effective bleaching option. The fact that the product was misrepresented in the video should not be an issue. No damage was done. Staff in dental offices are guilty of the exact same thing, and sometimes worse. A dentist that poo poo's mall whitening, home whitening, or for that matter any legal, safe, and approved method of whitening is a simple minded fool. I should add that not all systems in use in dental offices are particulary "safe". If they were, why would there be a 6 page document disclaimer that patients have to fill out before the procedure. Think on a broader terms. There is no conspiracy here. People want their teeth white. Some will go to the dentist and others will not. One way or the other the market will get what it demands. Dentists have no control over this.
I myself applaud anyone who sees this as a viable business opportunity but encourage you to do your homework before investing in a business without a proven track record and strong management.
ok...flamesuit on...let it rip!
170. - Glenda - 08/19/2008
I've been considering getting my teet whinened at one of the kiosks. So I asked my dental assistant and she assured me that the kiosk I mentioned was just as safe as having it done in a dentist's office or buying over the counter products. This is an assistant who I've known a long time and who is very professional. I don't believe she would have told me that if she didn't believe it. And she said it in a dentists office with dentists and assistants walking all around us. She didn't lower her voice. While it does seem a little weird at first, I'm not sure that the people writing this article have truly done their homework - I'm sure there are places that are not as good as others - just like there are dentists who have complaints filed against them. But overall, I don't see the problem with using the kiosk. Glenda
171. - Brian Schaefer, DDS - 08/24/2008
From my friend Mike Barr, DDS

"It seems everyone (and anyone) has gotten into the Teeth Whitening business lately. Teeth Whitening kiosks are popping up everywhere. The folks manning the booths are dressed in white coats, but they aren't dentists. They aren't in the dental profession at all. So, how do they get away with it?

They get away with it because they don't touch you. Their clients place the bleaching products in their own mouths. So, it's classified as a "cosmetic" rather than "dental treatment." They've taken advantage of a loophole. I've heard that some states are trying to close that loophole.

While on the surface it may seem that dentists would want to simply protect their "turf," there are serious concerns about non-dentists performing dental procedures... Yes, even though they aren't touching their "clients." Undiagnosed gum problems and cavities, for example can become very sensitive or "flare up" with bleaching gel application. Existing crowns and fillings won't change color. Teeth with thin or worn enamel won't change color, either. And, ultimately the results are quite disappointing. These untrained sales people in "white coats" couldn't possibly determine whether any of this applies to you. They have ZERO dental training.

The advertising, posters, and brochures are quite impressive at these mall kiosks. They "guarantee a 5 (or some other arbitrary number) shade improvement." And, that's just it. How much is a shade? On which scale? It means little to nothing. But, it sure sounds good. They'll also tell you that this is the same process used in dental offices. That's simply not true. (We actually touch you, for starters!) The results immediately after the procedure might impress you. But, it will fade, and it will fade very quickly. Why? The next paragraph will tell you.

First of all... bleach is bleach. The primary difference from one product to another is the concentration of the bleaching material (either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide). Each company may put in it's own version of additional "desensitizing" ingredients. The primary determinants of bleaching effectiveness are CONCENTRATION and TIME. The higher the concentration, the bigger the effect. The same thing goes for time. The longer the bleach is in contact with the teeth, the better. In my own experience, time has been the more important of the two factors. I have found that even a lower concentration of bleach with a longer application time will work more predictably than a high concentration for a short time. And, that's why home whitening with a custom tray has been the most predictable and most effective in my experience.

These kiosk operators claim all you need is 15 - 20 minutes. In my 20 years of experience as a dentist, I cannot see any bleaching treatment for such a short time being effective. The results will be very superficial and short-lived.

Now... Here's the part that will ruffle some feathers - even some dentists. It's about the "special light." You will see these operations using a "special light" that is placed close to the teeth during the bleaching process. They are usually a focused bright blue light. Here's the big secret: THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING!!! The lights are 100% HYPE!! The lights are 100% marketing hype. The truth is that the public likes bright lights and lasers. They look high-tech. But, I must repeat: The lights don't do a thing for whitening the teeth. Not one iota! And, this has been proven time and again by independent scientific studies. The only thing the light accomplishes is dehydration of the teeth that makes them LOOK whiter - temporarily. The light dries out the teeth. Clever, eh? Sure, the bleach will whiten the teeth... but only a tiny amount in the 15 minutes, or so, that you're sitting in the chair at the mall. The light just dehydrates the teeth and makes them look even whiter.... until they RE-hydrate. The whitening effect relapses rather quickly.

Unfortunately, there are dentists who use similar lights in their offices. And, I believe they have bought into the marketing of the companies who sell the lights. I believe those dentists truly believe they are helping. But, science is science. And, the scientist in this particular dentist (me) happens to have a louder voice than the marketer in this dentist. I have to call them as I see them. And, I know that some of my colleagues won't like it. And, it's why I don't have the "special light" in my practice. If it really worked, I'd surely have one in my office.

So, while I am very much in favor of a free market, I cannot endorse or acknowledge the industry of whitening provided by non-dental professionals. I believe many clients will ultimately be disappointed, be lighter in the wallet, and not have any recourse. While I believe in a free market, I also believe in the old adage, "Buyer beware."

It's worth noting that in most (if not all states) it's illegal for a dental assistant or dental hygienist to whiten a patient's teeth without the supervision of a dentist. At least those dental personel have some dental training! But, they cannot legally whiten your teeth without a dentist present. So, how is it that someone can buy a "whitening franchise" on the internet and set up shop in the mall or big-box discount store??

There is no doubt that the best and most predictable way to get your teeth whitened is at a dentist's office. A dentist can let you know if it will be effective for you. Not everyone is a candidate for whitening. Secondly, a dentist can monitor your results and make adjustments as needed. I have found the best, most effective whitening is with home bleaching with professionally made custom-fitted bleaching trays. In-office "power bleaching" helps, but it is best used IN ADDITION to home bleaching with custom trays.

I suspect the mall, county fair, and big-box discount store whitening kiosks may disappear as quickly as they appeared. Either the public will become aware of the poor long-term results, or the state dental boards will shut them down due to possible health risks.

If you're not happy with the appearance of your smile, your best bet isn't with someone who bought a "whitening franchise-in-a-box" on the internet and threw on a white coat and fake eyeglasses to make himself / herself look sophisticated. Your best bet is with a licensed dentist. You only get one set of teeth. Trust them to a professional."

172. - Dan B. - 08/26/2008
Dr. Schaefer, allow me to answer a few of your questions regarding cosmetic teeth whitening.

Just to quickly cover this question, you ask what scale is used to measure shade. That would be the Vita BleachGuide. On average, there is a 5 shade difference after a cosmetic teeth whitening treatment.

You are absolutely right about 15 minute treatments, it is simply not long enough to offer anything other than superficial change. Reversion will occur in about 3 months. This is specifically why the better companies offer an hour long treatment. 3 treatments of 20 minutes. With such a treatment, we have seen results for as long as 2 years, an average of 1 year. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

Regarding your "scientific" knowledge of the light, you seem to have forgotten that light will accelerate the breakdown of H2O2. Am I incorrect in thinking that is common knowledge? Why do you suppose that when you go to Walgreens to purchase a bottle of H2O2, it comes in a brown bottle? Simple marketing choice? You are correct in saying that in and of itself, the light does not whiten, it doesn't. What it does is accelerate the breakdown of the bleaching agent. This is why it takes an hour as opposed to the 2 weeks necessary with the trays. Independent studies have shown that after a 2 week period, there is no difference between the trays and the light initiated treatments.

Which brings me to the trays. You are correct in saying that these are the best option for efficacy of whitening. That is, if you actually want to wait 2 weeks. Not to mention, be sure you are in accordance with the treatment, following it to the letter. I'm certain that it does not require a mathematician to figure out what is the more pleasant option - 2 weeks or an hour long treatment. Frankly, I couldn't be bothered to wait that long and the trays tend to make my gums quite sore, likely due to the prolonged contact to the H2O2 solution.

Dr. Schaefer, I understand that your mind is somewhat made up regarding cosmetic teeth whitening, however, it is made up with misinformation. Surely, when you view the facts, the decision is elementary.
173. - Ed - 08/26/2008

I am interested in getting involved.

How much money do these mall kiosks make per day / year? Also what are their costs?

Do they make $100 * 30 people per day = $3,000 per day with minimal costs? That's a million bucks a year . . . better than many dentists.

Any ideas? Thanks. Let me know on the messageboard.

174. - robert - 08/27/2008
A simple math question. Isn't 15 minutes of mall whitening for $100 the same as one hour in the dental chair for $400? Is anyone really saving an money here?
175. - Miguel - 08/28/2008
Good point robert, but first of all I don't have the $400 and it usually take 2 hours and maybe 2 sessions.

sor fo $100 and 15 minutes while my wife shops at the mall is a great deal for me.
176. - eli - 08/28/2008
Does anybody know where i can a buy a portable whitening chair to use at fairs and shows at a low price?
177. - Arizona Dentist - 08/29/2008
1. Bottom line: it is illegal. The product clearly states: "Federal Law restricts this medical devise to sale by or on the order of a dentist."

2. Placing the Ultraviolet dental whitening light on a person is a dental procedure, with a dental procedure code of D09972 and D09975.

3. Whitening procedures like this, that are done at the mall, at whitening parties, or even at your medical doctor, are prosecutable and punishable, technically, as ASSAULT.

In Arizona, it is a Class 6 Felony.

which states:
32-1261. Practicing without license; classification

Except as otherwise provided a person is guilty of a class 6 felony who, without a valid license as prescribed by this chapter:

1. Practices dentistry or any branch thereof.

Other states have similar laws.
For your state, just google: [state name] dental law, practicing without a license

Don't believe me? Call the Dental Board and ask them. In Arizona, the number is
Tel 602-242-1492

And their website is

and their complaint form to report people practicing dentistry without a license can be found at:

It is truly that simple.

Why, you may wonder? Yes, for the vast majority of people it is fine. The main reason that whitening is regulated so that only dentists can perform the procedure is to protect the public.

For instance: the vast majority of people can eat seafood. A small percentage of people have potentially life-threatening allergies to seafood.
Most people can have their teeth whitened, and can tolerate Ultraviolet light. However, certain medical conditions and certain medications have similar potentially life-threatening adverse reactions with teeth whitening procedures, like what are being offered at the mall.

Have you ever been on atibiotics that had a warning label to not go out in the sun? Does the esthetician at the mall even know what these contra-indicated medicines are, or to ask if you are taking them? Do they have a DEA license? Are they trained in advanced CPR?

Dentists are the only ones who are allowed to do this procedure-- for a reason.
178. - Tom - 08/31/2008
Arizona, you put a lot of work into that. However, you forgot to look up what those mall people are doing. they do not..ever..use UV lights. They use LED. Do you know the difference? That is a very big difference. Also, they use low levels of H2O2. Agreed, they are higher than the Crest Products, but they are a lot lower than what a Dentist is using 16% vs 35% for Dentists.

I think someone is silly for spending $100 dollars on something like this but hey it's up to them as long as these shams don't seel themselves as Healthcare providers.
179. - Gene - 09/02/2008
Arizona Dentist,

Its a good thing that our company does not use a UV light. Also, that it uses an over the counter strength H2O2. Thank God for small favors
180. - Alex - 09/04/2008
Arizona Dentist,
Do you or other dentists offer money back if you mess up something??? Answer is NO!

I would think 10 times and ask 10 people before I choice the dentist.
But without doubt I will get my teeth whiten in the mall, if place looks ok.
181. - Debbie-RDH student - 09/05/2008
I have to agree that this is not a safe act. What would be smart would be to ask a dental professional at your next dental appointment if you are a good candidate for whitening. There are many contraindicatons for teeth whitening. Root exposure, restorations, vaneers, crowns, just to name a few. It can also be damageing to the soft tissues in the mouth, as well as cause sensitivity. Do they even offer post treatment instuctions, as to what kind of chemotherepuetic agents to use? If you area good candidate go ahead, just remember you are trusting someone with no dental experience.
182. - Dan B. - 09/05/2008
Debbie, while I agree that a check up with the dentist is a good idea for contraindications - and something we recommend - I'm not sure I agree about the "no dental experience." Teeth whitening is not a dental procedure, it is a cosmetic procedure. Perhaps we should fault the dentist for not having cosmetic experience? Ultimately, this will end up being the type of procedure done by aestheticians, who are used to performing cosmetic treatments.
183. - Val - 09/06/2008
These procedures are absolutely not illegal. We have a letter from the dental board in our state which states that what we are doing is perfectly legal. The dentists are just upset about losing money.
184. - Paul P. - 09/06/2008
Hmmmm..Sounds like the same dentists who charged me $800.00 bucks are shaking in their pants. The mall systems are great.Im certain more people are afraid of dentists then they are of friendly kiosk operators at their local malls.. Bottom line, the systems work..its inexpensive, and the people who have opened these businesses have begun to take your flame...I have been to countless dentists who all say the same thing... its funny how offensive these operations are to you dentists...the only thing you are trying to do is defend your profits..Im curious to see how much money dentist have lost out on because of these systems.. More importantly how much did you spend on your schooling to be where your at only to find out that some business students short cutted an 8 year plus degree and have begun to make as much if not more money than you crooked dentists...I bet that has to produce more stingthan the whitening products could ever do.. Get over it..accept that its there and if you wish to revive your practice and dental crap then lower your prices...When was the last time someone said they enjoyed their last dental checkup! Metal scrapers and such..i cant remember the last time a dentist DIDNT MAKE MY GUMS BLEED! Numerous times ive had dentists stop by my kiosk's and question my people where they bought the system...and how can they get one in their office...This is pure politics the dental board is comprised of dentists..present and past people who have practiced dentistry... the whitening procedure is cosmetic..non invasive, quick, efficient and economical... the dentist is expensive, highly invasive, highly scary, not to mention very time consuming...Lets leave it this, Dentists chose to be dentists, we choose to be small business owners offering the latest fashion acccessory...period..people will always need you, and people will always want us...
185. - Lori - 09/11/2008
I am responding to all the ridiculous comments to the mall bleaching.I have been in the dental field for 30years and have a license.Teeth whitening is not brain surgery.It is pretty simple. I would guess most of these comments have been made from anal retentive dentists who are insecure that they will loose their business to entrepreneurs who will give the public an affordable service. I saw the same reaction when Proctor and gamble used dentists to market their white strips and then took them to the public. Wake up dental boards.You could train a monkey to be a dentist in about 6 months.
186. - Megan - 09/15/2008
Everyone is talking about how the dentist are riping people off, but I think the owners of the kiosks are the real ones riping people off. They use the same stuff they sell in store, but they are charging 5x the price. They don't use Hydrogen Peroxide, instead they use Carbamide peroxide. You get what you pay for. I would do some research before going there.
187. - BoBo - 09/16/2008's not rocket's a simple tooth whitening process. You can go to the drug store and buy a tooth whitening kit that has the same effect.

Let's face it, Dentist simply don't want you dipping into their revenue stream.
188. - Jeff - 09/16/2008
It seems the entire Kiosk Whitening Market is uniting on this site and hitting back at the dentists. We'll see what state regulators say in due time.
189. - Educated - 09/17/2008
I am not a DDS or DMD so you need not respond to this entry in that fashion. Let's use a little common sense first of all. Did someone say UV light? When has that ever been safe? Think about the on- lookers who aren't wearing protective lenses. Peroxide is being placed in the customers mouth. There is obviously going to be salivating and contamination in the mouth which means the "customer" either is going to have to spit or swallow. At least if they purchase their whitening from a store they can take it home where they have access to a sink and water! With this set-up there is no way for the customer to rid themselves of this. Don't think I want to be eating this material at 16% or 35%. We have addressed the dangers of UV light and the dangers of swallowing peroxide (at any percentage!) Now let's look at research. Clinical studies (performed by dental professionals - not franchise owners) have shown that the whitening effect is done over a period of time not 15 minutes. Even if you pay 600.00 at the dentist for a 1 hour treatment you will still need follow-up treatments at home to gain the desired result and the dentist will tell you that. The kiosks are providing the this service without the protection and guidance of a dental professional. Yes, you might save a few hundred dollars but is it worth your sight or your health? You can spend 99.00, 140.00, 175.00 at the mall and they are still going to send you home with more product that you have to buy to get the ultimate result you are looking for. There are gold standard whitening options that these people don't even know about so therefore can't tell you about. You will not get 4-6 shades in 15 minutes. Your teeth will lighten slightly from the dehydration from the light and will return to their original shade in short order as the teeth rehydrate. You WILL have to continue with additional treatments at home. This will cost you more than 100.00. You could go to your dentist and purchase a system for 75-100.00 that will give you the result you are look for without any discomfort. It's all the same in the end. I would prefer to have someone who understands the oral cavity delivering the process. Do you people walking around in scrubs at the mall know that crowns and fillings won't bleach? Did you know that tetracycline will lighten with proper treatment? Did you know that sometimes a tooth won't lighten because it has been traumatically injured in the past and might need a root canal? Can you share this kind of information with your "customers"? No, because you are not a trained professional. Believe it or not there are dentist who are truly interested in the patient's oral health more than the almighty dollar contrary to your opinion.
Bottom line....edudcate yourself before you spend your money. You get what you pay for. If it sounds too good to be probably is! After all it's your dollar and your dental health.
190. - Kathy - 09/18/2008
Is South Carolina the only state that teeth whitening can not be performed with a led whitening light, due to the FDA classification of the led whitening light device as for Prescription Use (21 CFR Part 801 Subpart D) as opposed to the whitening led light being classified as for Over-The-Counter Use (CFR Part 807 Subpart C) ?

If you are not familiar or heard of SC rules see:

191. - laura - 09/21/2008
stop complaining about teeth whitening not done by a dentist, this is just as safe done by trained people other than dentist. How many of you put color on your hair by home products. you activate the hair color it opens up the pores on your scalp and that is just as toxic, but thats ok but teeth whitening isn't or getting your nails done you can get a fungus with and ther not dentist or doctors but what they are is trained certified or licensed to do it but it's still a risk no matter what treatment you get done.fromdentist,doctors,cosmetologist,nail technician,anything done on human flesh will soak into your pores, why not sue the pharmacitical company for all the toxic they sell to people fda or not it's still a danger. so stop with all the complaing because you did't think of it.
192. - Jenel - 09/23/2008
For a long time I have read all the comments about teeth whitening pro and cons.
I’ve been in dental lab business for the past 20 years, and while I was working at Univ. Of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine with elite Doctors, I’ve learn allot about teeth whitening, and many system that comes and go during years.
I do give credit to Dentist so they will be the only rightful person to administrate this systems to patients, but I also understand that the high cost of such treatment drive people to different alternatives like “at home teeth whitening” or as now we see at the mall…
Be honest with you guys I’m in the right business with my dental lab.
I fabricate complete teeth whitening kits and tongue gel and few other instruments for dentists and cosmetic dental offices for all their needs, but I also get calls from normal distributors, and beauty salons and spas that buy more than 500 kits at the time.
My business is good serving both parties. Now I expend and hope that I do not offend any of the parties here.
Respectfully Jenel Murgu
193. - michael - 09/28/2008
I also think that dentist are scared of what is coming,I think people need a choice almost all people want whiter teeth, but alot can not afford 400-800 dollar teeth whitening, I have used different whitenings otc and at the dentist, the one I got from the dentist was trays it made my teeth sensitive, which I dont use anymore because of that. After that I did not whiten my teeth for 3 years. Then my wife and I went to a beauty show and there was a booth there doing teeth whitening, so I got my nerve up and tried it and WOW I was 4 shades whiter and my teeth did not hurt, the company was WHITE SCIENCE or Spa White they put these systems in spas and salons, I thought this was great, they charged 129.00 and it was worth every penny, so my thought is here you go CHOICE, you can go to the dentist if you can afford it, or you can go to your local spa and get them whitened for 129.00 and your teeth does not hurt. I put the mouth piece in my mouth myself, I see no problem with spas doing this, because I feel very safe with this process plus now I can afford it, because I want whiter teeth, I go about every 3 months so I can keep white teeth year around. And YEA no more hurting gums and teeth,and fast effective results.
194. - Charles - 10/04/2008
Upon a recent visit to my Dentist Office I decide to ask if they offered Teeth Whitening Services. I have read most of the comments both for and against Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. The Dental Technician who was cleaning my teeth, explained to me the a "Dental Assistant",is the one who does does the actual work, so that the custom molds can be made, then the patient is sent home with instructions to actually complete the proceedure themselves. The charge was $400 dollars. I asked if they offered whitening in the office using a light. The answer was that they used to offer it for $600, but they no longer offered it anymore, because the dentist thought it tied up the chair/room for too long. I wanted to make sure I had understood her correctly, so I asked if the dentist actually made the molds, etc., and she told me that he usually would check in with the customer at the at the start and also at the end of the appointment, but mostly just to say Hi and bye to the patient, but again the assistant did the work. Other than actually filling cavities, and looking at the x-rays that the Technician took, almost everthing else is done by either a dental technician, or a dental assistant. I found this interesting food for thought. I wish the the message board showed the most recent comments first.
195. - Pro-John - 10/08/2008
AHHHH ~ Ignorance is Bliss! I am happy to see that John at least is speaking the truth and trying to explain the REAL reasons that people should not use the tooth whitening system at any place outside of a dental office! I am sure that if you are one of these people on here that believe the reason that we say its unsafe is b/c of $$ or whatever reason you will remember reading this if you go and have it done, and abcess as a result of having a fractured tooth you didnt know you had! WOW! The pain you will expierience and all could have been prevented if only you would have had your xrays reviewed and your gums evaluated for periodontal disease. So if your abcess happens that evening WHO is going to be responsible for your dental health then???? ismile won't be able to write you a prescription or take care of your root canal. Honestly, would you let your baby have shots administered by a "lady in the mall wearing scrubs" ? NO!
OH but if asked, she would explain she wasn't a physician or RN...Would that change your mind? I don't think so! Lastly, Mr Fuller from ismile....(this really kills me) doesn't even know that hydrogen and carbamide are NOT the same thing! That is the chemical used in his own product! Feel real safe now, don't you? WELL THIS IS THE WHOLE REASON it's completely unsafe!! Education is not something that can be replaced!!
Just to re-iterate IGnorance is bliss! If you don't agree with me or are on the fence with this me a favor and seriously ask some professionals that you know will be honest to you and this way you will know the truth!
Truthfully, You get what you pay for!
Oh! and... "Go JOHN!!"
196. - Paul - 10/13/2008
I find it interesting that nobody is "outraged" by the fact that CREST and REMBRANDT to the SAME THING!!!! Sure, high concentrations of bleaching agents can be dangerous. I own an iBriteExpress franchise, which has been slandered above this post. We use a 12% hydrogen peroxide gel. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. And we produce amazing results. So if you're going to poo-poo us, please write directly to Crest and Rembrandt, also. We are doing the same thing in a fraction of the time. Our lights aren't laser beams; they're BLUE LED lights. Google it. They slightly warm the gel. It's not some medically dangerous device; we're not hovering with scalpels. In essence, we're facilitating a whitening process. And yes, it's a LOT cheaper, because I don't have $300,000 in dental school bills for YOU to pay in the form of increased fees. We never claim to be dentists or medical professionals (And I DEPLORE those who dress up like those professionals in order to give false impressions...they make the rest of us look sleazy). Give us a break. We're providing a service that is valuable and makes people more confident. And because ordinary folks can now afford it, those that were duped by dentists into paying $600+ for treatments that really only cost about $100 are up in arms. Take it up with the dentists who are REALLY ripping you off.
197. - Demi - 10/13/2008
Freedom of choice. After reading the majority of the posts on here I decided that if people want to take the chance then they should be allowed that privilege. They have the opportunity to do their research beforehand. If there is a risk then the kiosk tech should disclose that prior to the procedure, which it sounds to me like they are doing. Personally, I don't see how it is much different from crest whitening strips or home whitening kits. That's just me though. I'm kind of neutral on this issue lol.
198. - Bill - 10/17/2008
This article is very typical of the dental profession. They are losing their customers base as we are figuring out that the process they charge $400 to $700 is readily available for considerably less. teeth whitening in the dental office is nothing more than a way for a dentist to get you into their office, so they cam make you a regular patient. I go into dental offices every day and see many people geeting their teeth whitened and the dentist has never checked their gums, teeth, etc. as this article claimes they do. In fact many dentist hire a low paid person instead of a Dental assistant or dental hygenist to administer the system. Now you tell me, What is the difference? Money, Money, Money!!
199. - Carol - 10/18/2008
Okay. I have to let this one out. I was an employee for a kiosk. The owner was telling me to use 1/3 of the gel. It seemed a little strange to me. I later discovered that the owner was re-using mouth pieces. This guy is currently operating in a mall in New Jersey. When I reported this to mall management they continued to allow him to operate. This is why a dentist is better. They take an oath to live by a code of professional ethics. When a mall enters into an agreement with a new lease they do not check the criminal background of the operator. I am apalled at that this guy is still in business. Beware - especially in New York/New Jersey areas.
200. - Marco - 10/18/2008
I just got the procedure done at the mall and now i have gingivitis!!!!!! Don't do it!!!!!!
201. - Jack - 10/18/2008
I have closed down two kiosks in the New York area and have lights and chairs that I am selling for 1/2 price (Bleachbright). If anyone is interested please call 843-259-0664 or 631-456-1339. Jack
202. - Tom - 10/21/2008

That's interesting - I was in a New Jersey mall this weekend and questioned the operator about having my teeth whitened. The guy seemed to be intoxicated. He was slurring his words so bad that I could hardly understand him. Not sure how the mall can let someone operate on someone's mouth while intoxicated. My guess is that lawsuits will abound soon.
203. - Laura - 10/21/2008
This is in reply to don't do it now I have gingivitis, this is not because you went and had your teeth whiten if you have gingivitis then you had it before you had your teeth whiten, because gingivitis is caused over a period of time of NOT keeping your teeth cleaned or getting a proper cleaning done. not because you had them whitened, the gel goes on your teeth not your gums. And as far as the other lady you said the owner was reusing mouth trays that isn't everyone who whitens teeth I agree he should be shut down for that but just because you have 1 person doing that everyone else shouldn't have to get a bad rap for it. it's no difference than getting your hair done getting breaks fixed on your car going to a doctor or going to a dentist hat drops something then picks it up a trys to use in your mouth well guess what they all have a license and take oaths just like your lawyers, judges,policeman, presidents do they obey there oaths NO!! so before you guys slam on someone about doing teeth whitening you should look at the whole picture because not every teeth person does what you have wittnesed, oh and I am certified and I have a license in what I do. I do agree they should be handled for what they have done but don't think everyone out there doing teeth whitening would do this.
204. - Carol - 10/22/2008

I'm sure that not everyone re-uses mouthpieces, however, if even just one is doing it then that's too much risk for anyone to take. And, you can't get a life threatening disease by a hairdresser (who is licensed). As for lawyers, judges, policemen, etc there are boards that regulate these people. The fact of the matter is that the mall is NOT doing anything about this guy. They just don't care as long as they receive their rent every month.
205. - sam - 10/26/2008
I just had procedure done in NJ. This is what i see reading almost all the posts.
1) Arguments from Dental Side a) Higher level of bleech b) no dental training or knowledge of mouth, gum and teeth. c) not safe because no training
2) Arguments from Non dental kiosk operators a) It is cosmetic b) there is no training required c) cost less and safe, use lesser chemicals then dental office.

After my personal experience This is what i feel, No time to make appointment with dentist and having my gums and teeth are in good quality (no mouth dieases or problem with teeth, i felt taste of paroxide was bad, spend two 10 min. sessions, operator explain me basic side effects if i had sensitive mouth and teeth, i think i got basic results. It cost less for me and severs the purpose. Yes I can whiten teeth at home but no time, i was in mall spend 20 min. mean while waiting for wife to finish shopping.

Risk ? Are not we eating at all the frenchises without checking what they cook, how they cook, who prepares, what factory they came from and so many other things and still we do it so there you go TAKE RISK AT YOUR OWN AS CONSUMER EITHER WITH DENTIST GOOD OR BAD OR KIOSKS
206. - Carol - 10/27/2008
Good luck Sam. Restaurants are regulated. We will see when the hepatitis (or other disease) outbreak occurs from re-used mouthpieces how much money you save in the longrun. When I checked out my previous boss' criminal record I found out he was arrested for armed robbery. A dentist wouldn't get a license with that record.
207. - Nick - 10/28/2008
From what I have seen, the best teeth whitening services offered through the mall or kiosk type venue:
1. have the potential client fill out a pre-screen form that, if they dont meet criteria for whitening (as recommended by dentists), either qualifies or disqualifies them from proceeding, and refers disqualified candidates first to their own, or a local dentist for a check-up.
2. the mouthpieces come sealed hermetically in a package (sterile)
3. have the carbamide peroxide pre-impregnated into the mouth piece (hands off)
4. use a safe LED light that is in the blue wavelength (between something like 410 and 490 nanometers?), which is supposed to act as a catalyst in the rate of the H2O2 bleaching reaction.

With these steps in place, and having read enough on the subject, I would feel comfortable trying this procedure, especially considering the cost savings.
I would think that reputable dentists have bigger and more important things to do (fillings, root canals, extractions, composites etc.) than fill their chair time with a cosmetic procedure.
208. - Tina - 10/29/2008
I have to say, with all the talk out there, you can go buy all this stuff at the grocery store, TRAYS, GELS, LIGHTS. So if I go buy this stuff at the grocery store and do it on myself, why can't I do it on my sister. NO REASON. Exactly what they are doing....NOBODY will ever get this teeth whitening to go only to the Dentists....there is just too much out there. And here's one...IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT - DON'T DO TO IT, OR GET IT DONE AT YOUR DENTIST! I think all of you out there that are so bent about the Teeth Whitening without a liscense are jealous you didn't think about it first or for whatever reason you can't do the business yourself. Go home and clean your house or work on your cars. Leave the people alone that are trying ANYTHING to survive out there. And it isn't harming you personally.

209. - Carol - 10/29/2008

Yes, the mouthpieces are sealed. However, the guy that I worked for went home, washed them under the sink, and re-sealed them in a bag so that it appeared to the consumer that they were new. How many of us are really that perceptive to pick up on this. This guy admitted to his partner that he re-used them. The business was shut down and re-opened under a different name in a new location who never checked him out. Is something wrong with me or is this a huge problem? I am not a dentist. I am one of his ex-employees.
210. - Teeth Whitening Guide - 10/29/2008
The old adage "you get what you pay for" certainly applies to teeth whitening as much as it applies to anything else. Whether its a kiosk at the mall, a beauty salon, or products purchased for do-it-yourself home treatments, no procedure is as safe and effective as that performed in an office by a qualified dental professional.
211. - Jim - 10/29/2008
The whitening kiosks don't make very much profit. You can find start ups less than 6 months old for sale.

Teeth whitening is a loss leader for most dentists. This is 2008 no one is getting $400 plus for tray whitening... Zoom at almost any price is a bad dollar value.

Online sites like are as great a value as any.

The key is to have well fitting tray made. That will have to be done by a dentist. Then you can get the gel from anywhere and keep the teeth white.
212. - Chris - 11/01/2008
I have 5 BleachBright 488nm LED lights in great condition for sale. These lights were originally $2500 a piece. I am selling together or separately for $550 each. They work perfectly and with great results. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
213. - Karen - 11/04/2008
Some people are not intelligent enough to calculate risk. That is why certain things need to be regulated. Unfortunately uneducated people sometimes need help. We have many people in our country who will take advantage of those who are less fortunate. I agree with Carol. People will catch diseases if unethical people run these businesses which are not checked out by the lease holders. Does anyone realize what kind of an epidemic can occur from just one person re-using a mouthpiece? Very scary.
214. - Brian - 11/08/2008
In an ecomomy like this, businesses that serve "needs" will come out way ahead of those that serve "wants."

Whitening is going to die for now in all venues -dental office or mall. So, the point about the ethics of mall whitening is moot- those Kiosks are going belly up. For Dental offices, whitening has never been a big profit center- and the loss of that business will not matter.
215. - Christine - 11/08/2008
I owned a teeth whitening kiosk in the mall and closed it down because it wasn't profitable. The place to open it is in an existing nail salon or place that is already paying rent and would like to make extra money. The buzz between vendors are that the lights are just bells and whistles and really don't do much. The gels can be bought on ebay. Most vendors kits come from China.
216. - Robert - 11/11/2008
This is very scary, there is a place like this in the pheasant lane mall in Nashua,NH. La coats and everything are used there to decieve the consumer. I certainly wouldn;t recommend tooth whitening in the pheasant lane mall or anywhere else for that matter. See a real dentist.
217. - Robert - 11/11/2008
I wanted to respond to the person saying that the dentists are ripping people off.

1. A doctor is a TRUE SKILLED PROFESSIONAL who has commited their life to excellence in dentistry. It costs money to keep a dental practice open and you are paying for thier KNOWLEDGE!

2. So are we soppossed to thank these people who are running tooth whitening businesses for saving us money at the cost of our oral health? NO WAY! I'd rather pay the money for a professional than have some bloated nobody in a lab coat ruin my teeth!
218. - Dennis - 11/11/2008
I will agree that the teeth whitening store in the pheasant lane mall is run by some strange folks. Go get some Crest strips !
219. - kelly lanspa - 11/14/2008
I am a teeth whitening supplier-XpresSmile.I differentiate myself by offering high-end products and marketing tools.
I do not source from China and all my gels are filled from FDA, ISO certified labs in the US every other month so it is fresh. We use 12% and now 16% NOT 35%. My lab won't sell it to me for use in salons and spas.

At 12-16% HP we are seeing great results and absolutely no sensitivity. We don't promise the same results as dentists as they go to 25% HP(Zoom)and may use lasers but we get 2-8 shades for far less and it is proven great for oral hygiene! Many times the dentists are using 16% with Zoom or BriteSMile (per a local dentist)and I now have dentists asking to evaluate my system.
XpresSmile is safe, effective.
220. - SarahFutureRDH - 11/24/2008
As a dental hygiene student, we make bleaching trays on ourselves and learn about the fabrication, the safety of the products and the risks. We still charge 50 dollars to our patients but this is the at cost for the kit. It does not include the time it takes to make impression, pour the impression up, trim the stone case, creating reservoirs for the teeth needed to be bleached(including blocking out part of the tooth not needing bleach like an exposed root), then forming the tray and then cutting the tray. This is a lengthy process that I do for free as a student. However the product we use is great(it's ultradent BTW)! It includes a potassium nitrate and .11% fluoride to help reduce sensitivity. I still have sensitivity but nothing like I used to when I used a crest white-strip where it hurt to breathe.

The point of the problem is that a professional should be the one telling you if bleaching is right for you.. A simple exam will let you know if your a candidate. Bleaching will not occur on crowns, non-vital teeth, white(composite fillings). Because dentists usually make crowns and white fillings a shade closely matching your tooth, you may incur uneven tooth whitening which may look worse than what you started with. Patients with periodontal disease, those with tetracycline stains, or those with cavities or sensitivity are not candidates for tooth whitening. Even if you're paying 50-150 dollars for this treatment at a booth, they do not know whether it's going to whiten you teeth in the first place whereas a dentist will turn patients away if they are not a good candidate. Which may relieve you the consumer of pain and trouble of dealing with the pain, tissue burn, or sensitivity you may incur. In case people want to know Carbamide Peroxide breaks down into Hydrogen Peroxide. It is safer than hydrogen and has less chances of tissue burn and more stable and longer shelf life. However 35%-45% CP have a greater incidence of tissue burn as it equals 12%-15% HP. Here is a chart using comparable percents.
10% CP = 3% HP
15% CP = 5%HP
20% CP= 7% HP
35% CP = 12% HP
But what's safe for you vs. someone else should be determined by a dental professional. If they deem it safe then go ahead and use a mall kiosk or at home bleaching... But you should know as a consumer the risks and benefits of a product before purchasing it.
221. - Zoom - 11/26/2008
As employee of Discusdental...these mall whitening companies are in the process of being sued...takes time ..however i know for a fact that its in the works...these people are getting away with this by having the patient or customer if you will, apply there own bleach to their teeth ...and using a Carbomide peroxide..they are not by any means using HP...they have no way of buying it seeing that most moraly correct dental supplies companies only provide to HP to LICENSED dentist...
222. - Dr Angela - 11/29/2008
I am a licensed dentist in Florida, and I must say that I was horrified when I saw an imposter "practicing dentistry" at Sam's Club. She was dressed like a dentist, Zoom looking lights were being used (another impersonation), Dental Vita Shades guides were chairside (the same tooth colored guides dentists use to determine tooth shade), with dental chairs arranged in a circle right there in between the aisles of Sam's club. People are led to believe they are getting the same materials and service that they would at a dentist's office, for less money. THIS IS FRAUD! These people running the kiosks are the greedy ones. They have no regard for the people that are entrusting themselves to these untrained workers, paid by the hour or commission, with little or no training. I was told that "The way they get around the LAW, is the patient places the bleach." That was what I was told when I questioned the lady impersonating a dentist. The mere fact that they are "getting around the law" should be a warning flag to people out there. They are doing something that they are unqualified to do, which could result in harm. When I saw what was going on, my heart was racing and I was very, very upset at what I was witnessing.

In my own office, I personally place the whitening gel on my patients and will not delegate this sort of procedure to anyone else, no matter how well trainied. For all of you people out there that think it's about the money, you are terribly wrong. It is about protecting the public, doing what is right and doing no harm. That is a oath we take as dentists, unlike the untrained people at Sam's club. I am seriously concerned about the lack of proper monitoring during the procedure,improper infection control measures (herpes virus, AIDS, Hepatitis), damage to teeth, lips and gums, and potential overuse and abuse of whitening products due to the lack of monitoring. This is just so completely outrageous and it needs to stop, NOW! I am going to write the Board of Dentistry tonight! Please think people. It really doesn't make sense to subject yourself to this sort of thing.
223. - Carol - 11/29/2008
Thank you Dr. Angela. I am not a dentist and know for a fact that a guy who operates in New York and New Jersey was re-using the mouthpieces. He was taking them home and rinsing them under the sink to save money and using only 1/3 of the gel for each whitening. Nobody seems to be seeing the big picture here. Any criminal can set up shop in a mall - the mall does not care as long as they receive their rent each month. Trust me these people are getting what they pay for. Also, most of this kits come from unknown sources, labeling is changed, no expirations, etc.
224. - George Dixon - 11/29/2008

225. - Angela Dycus - 12/02/2008
My big "whoop tee do" dentist BURNT MY GUMS USING ZOOM and my teeth were left so sensitive for a week! I chose Bleachbright products because I wanted something more safe and easy for myself.
As a comsmetic technician with Bleachbright, I personally, have NEVER EVER burned anyone's gums or left their teeth sensitive.
226. - michael - 12/04/2008
Dr. Angela it sounds like you need to get your facts straight. How do you know how much training is done? What was the actual process being used? Wow, they had a teeth shader, that must be illegal. You say its not about money, but rather the welfare of the public. Not sure I buy that. Good day.
227. - Laura - 12/04/2008
To all you people working for a dentist,
You may have the long trainning to put a whitening gel on someones teeth but the fact remains the buyer puts it on their own teeth, I don't believe it takes a rocket scientist to do that, a little child could do this since we all took coloring classes in school. and as for taking an oath SORRY but signing a piece of paper does not make you an expert after all policeman, attorneys and judges all take oaths but they commit FRAUD every single day of the week. So should we not use them when we need too. People need to understand not every person out there doing teeth whitening is the bad guy that reuses mouth trays, and sorry but I sure see an expiration date on the product I used and where it came from, I bet all of you complaining about this, all of you don't do thing in your life with all oath taking professionals either it just hit a nerve because this is the profession your in and business is being taking away from you. and what I mean by this is I bet you have at some point in your life painted someones nails, did someones hair(color,perm,brush)
you have to have a license to do all of this also but we know it's being done buy you as well and your not licensed to do this either. and if you have issues with us teeth whitening people then take it too court, But remember you would have to have standings for that and chances are the courts would not have jurisdiction on the matter anyway.
228. - My Own Choices - 12/05/2008
I like to make my own choices. It should be my choice if I want to whiten my teeth at home, in a dental office, or in a mall. You can find good and bad in anything. Just because you go to a dental office doesn't mean you are getting the best treatment. I have heard horror stories about some dentists. There are good and bad dentists, doctors, mall kiosks, etc. I even spoke to a dentist that has a mall kiosk and has a few young ladies running it for him. He seems to think it's ok. I asked my dentist about the whitening in the mall and he said go for it.
229. - kate - 12/10/2008
I work in a dental office as an assiatant and I do the whitening, the dentist does not come in the room at all, and I dismiss the patient. I actually take longer than most assistants because I want to make sure the barrier is on properly. I know I can do this myself, becuse that is how it oes in the dental office I work at. I can run my own kiosk, and I am looking into that. The sad truth is they pay all this money and sometimes the result isnt that great. I know some teeth cannot be greatly imprved but the dentist need their mney so an appointment is made.
230. - Abhijit Mohanty - 12/11/2008
My view is that its always better to be safe than sorry.These are health concerns & should be delivered by health professionals.Make no mistake about it ,but only the wearer will know where the shoe pinches.There is no justification for bad judgement. One-off cases we will keep hearing from patients who have had a horrible experience with Dentists cannot be made as a generalization.

Theres no substitute for experience,for the dozens of yrs of hard work in dental school.Experience is non transferrable.Its up to the masses to make a distinct distinction.
231. - Diana - 12/11/2008
Interesting that not even dentists can agree on who can administer this gel? Them or an RDH or EFDA? I worked for different dentists, some let me apply it and some won't. I came to the coclusion that dentists who wanted to apply came in the room to give the aura of giving the patients their money's worth. I have never persnally caused damaged to any pt. and I belived that EFDA's do a more thorough job that the dentist rushing to get to the next pt. In response to cosmetic vs. dental procedure, this is definitely a COSMETIC procedure WHY DO YOU THINK INSURANCE WON'T PAY FOR IT! I am on my way to becoming self employed doing this procedure out of a salon (beginning with custom-made trays)
My "clients" will get pt education and a dental screening for visible signs of gum disease and I will refer to a dentist when needed. I do reserve the right not to treat clients who have not had a check-up in the last 12 months. I do have scruples and will not treat anyone with problems. After all I am not looking for a lawsuit.
Whitening out of the dental office is the wave of the future and dentists are afraid they will loose the monopoly on this procedure. It's time that those of us who are EFDA's and RDH's work for ourselves, you can break the mold while maintaining integrity and not being the one's in the office while the dentist is out on his Tee time.
232. - Andy B. - 12/13/2008
Nobody has been harmed. Dentists are the only ones raising hell and they're doing it because there losing business. Greedy I say. Its one thing to administer anesthesia, drill teeth, fix cavities, right prescriptions, etc… Its another thing to whiten your teeth. Lets get real guys. Don’t let dentists greed dictate how convenient and pricy teeth whitening should be.
233. - zac c - 12/16/2008
Will the sams club whitening gel or treatment cause pain or dammage a tooth with a cavity?
234. - Kathy - 12/18/2008
Wait until the lawsuits start to happen. The malls and Sams club will be sued too and then they won't allow these kiosks anymore. The kits are manufactured in disease ridden places, unlabled, etc. We will be bringing diseases and everything else into this country. I'm not sure what the dental boards are waiting for.
235. - Dentist - 12/19/2008
Kathy, what lawsuites are you referring to???? The dental board does not govern the teeth whitening unless it is performed with the dental grade product. What is being performed in malls is not a dental grade product, yet it works very well. It is FDA approved. How can you say the kits are manufactured in disease ridden places? There is at least one company that I know of that has mall locations and also has numerous dentists that us there product. So if the kits are manufactored in disease ridden places, be careful because you may get a disease from your dentists.
236. - Nikki - 12/25/2008
I recently (stupidly) got my teeth done in the mall, on Dec. 23,2008 and the gel has ate away at my gums and its almost 3 days later and I am still in very bad pain and my gums look horrible!!! I didn't even go through with the second treatment it hurt so bad when I put the tray back in my mouth.
237. - Kathy - 12/30/2008

Don't be naive. People who have experiences like Nikki will begin a lawsuit eventually. The kits that were used in the kiosk that my daughter worked in didn't contain an expiration and were manufactured in third world countries. I would hope that a dentist would buy from reputable dealers who at least label and put expirations on the packaging. I know for a fact that this is not the case in mall kiosks. Just because something is FDA approved does not mean that it is 100% safe. Vioxx was FDA approved and caused heart attacks. Let's be honest here - we had a guy with a criminal record a mile long operating in a local kiosk. The malls don't care what these people are doing as long as they receive their rent every month.
238. - Dentist - 01/03/2009

There is good and bad in everything. Yes there are some corrupt people out there. Doctors, Dentists, Kiosk workers, etc. That doesn't mean that they are all bad. I agree that some sort of governing should be done. But it is also up to the consumer to ask questions. Zoom and Bright Smile who are reputable companies have had some issues because of dishonest dentists. Don't be naive, alot of what we purchase is third world and we don't know it. Most off the shelf cosmetic products have the "dirty dozen" in them. These are products known to cause cancer, yet they are all still on the shelf. Here is a bit of advice. When someone wants to get their teeth whitened in a kiosk, ask them to see the ingrediants in the product. If it is carbamide or has carbamer in it then it is probably an imported product which a lot of dentists use in the take home trays they sell. But a true food grade hydrogen peroxide gel can not be imported because it breaks down too quickly. So your homework and ask what type of product they are using. There is only one company that I have been able to find that sells to dentists and also offers the "over the counter" (mall kiosks) whitening products that uses a true food grade hydrogen and their labs are here in the united states. They are also the only company that has the key ingrediants to help protect and remineralize your enamal. The key with everything is, we as the consumer need to do our homework before putting anything on our skin and in our bodies. Even look at the vegetables we eat, the toothpaste we use, the lotion that we put on our skin, the hamburger we eat from the fast food joints, the teeth whitening products we get from the grocery, and the medicines that we take. The commercials even worn us of the possible effects, yet we trust our doctors. Long story short....there is good and bad with everything. We could go on and on. It's sad but true.
239. - Dentist - 01/03/2009

Would you mind sharing what company did your teeth or what mall they were in? This is a company that consumers may not want to use. Honestly, though this could happen with what a dentist sells you or what you buy off the shelf at your grocery because soft tissue irritation and tooth sensitivity is a known possible side effect. If it is as bad as you are indicating the product could be expired. This is another reason why you would want to use a company that uses a pure hydrogen peroxide because when it expires it turns to water and wouldn't be usable at all.
240. - jake - 01/03/2009
I work in a teeth whitening place and a dentist from out of town came in.
we talked for a bit and he acknowledge the fact that this is just a money matter...
At 18% hydrogen peroxide, we cause no damages for healthy teeth or gum
Dentists are mad cuz we are getting people a better deal.
now if are going to worry about people with problems they dunno they even have, shouldnt they be analyzed everytime they eat, and kiss other people, share food, kiss their babies, by over the counter whitening stuff. Its not our responsability to let them know if they are healthy or not.
we do cosmetic teeth whitening ONLY. Its people s choice and its their responsability to know if they are good for it or not at first.
Not everyone can afford 600 bucks, lower your prices dentists or dont compete
241. - Courvasier - 01/04/2009
I think Carol is a shill for dentists. She admitted she worked for a kiosk and that the owner had criminal record. She quit the job and later on her own started doing investigation on her ex boss? Who goes to these lengths? She also keeps repeating how he reuses mouth trays and uses less gel. Do you think all dentists or their assistants are ethical and dont use the same practices? I am sure there are bad apples on both sides. You seem to be stuck on 1 guy (not even his partner) who was doing bad things.

If you owned your own kiosk and operated it properly would it be ok? As a former operator you have not said anything about the procedure itself but only went repeating 3 things - "reused mouth trays", "applied 1/3 gel", "had criminal record". Take those things out and do you think its an alternative to dental whitening or Crest strips type of whitening.

You dont need to be a dentist to do this procedure. Mall might not be a hygenic place to do this but the procedure is totally safe. When I had teeth whitening done at the dentist before it was never covered by my insurance company because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. I had to pay out of pocket and it was done by someone else (once by regular dental assistant (college student) and once by some other woman who was not a dentist).

People who started reporting problems about kiosk mall locations should actually post the names and not be shills for dentists.

I did a lot of research on this subject and I am planning to open my own teeth whitening operation. I will play everything by the book and all clients will take their trays home with them and get full dosage of gel. I am also not planning to conduct my business at the mall. I think this is what giving this industry a bad name. You got angry dentists + performing a private procedure in a public place.
242. - Kathy - 01/06/2009

I am all for Crest White Strips and over the counter products. These items can be purchased in a drugstore and you are sure of no tampering/re-use. As for the partner (stuck on one guy) - he was the one who discovered the dangers and shut the operation down. I do agree that there are probably more honest people than not; however, how do you determine this? Most con-artists have good appearances.
243. - Ray - 01/07/2009
I just had mine done at a kiosk. Workers were more than helpful and explained everything up front. They also asked me about 5000 times if I had any untolerable burning sensation at all. But the one thing, after reading this article, is that my brother had his done as well and went back recently for his follow up. They gave him 44%.....or atleast she said it was and it was labled as such. Is this a good thing??
244. - Steve - 01/08/2009
Did not work for me. 1-2 shades is what they said it went up. Far from 5-7. Plus the gel really irritated my gums.
245. - jack - 01/10/2009
I had tooth whitening (bleaching) done at Sam’s club by WhiteSmileUSA, double application (30 min). I’m mad as hell because it was excrucially painful and I told the lady that the pain was 4/5. Worst, the entire gum was white and blistered and ulcerated later, end it’s painful even after 48 hrs making eating and brushing very painful. The tooth were bleached only 1-2 shades. I told the lady before the procedure that I had sensitive gums and she ignored that. In retrospect, people will sensitive gums, gingivitis, or recessed gum should not be allowed to do this, but WhiteSmileUSA whould not care, because they want money.
246. - Katie - 01/13/2009
If you knew you had stomach ulcers, and you bitched to the checkout girl about your stomach ulcers as she was ringing up your bottle of Advil at the grocery store - then you proceeded to down a handful of the Advil and bleed out internally - is it the clerk's fault for not slapping you on the wrist and telling you "no Advil for your sensitive stomach lining", or your own fault for not knowing your medical condition, the possible complications of your condition, and for not using COMMON SENSE to consider checking if something you put IN YOUR STOMACH might aggravate the existing condition IN YOUR STOMACH???

Many MANY products in this world that could ultimately be harmful or painful to those using them are available for general consumer purchase because they are deemed safe enough for the average person to have access to at their own discretion and CHOICE. Examples would include OTC medications, alcohol, sleeping pills, scissors, oh scissors... some of these can even KILL you if you don't use common sense before deciding how and when to use them!

If you happen to be so far below the curve that you find yourself needing a medical professional to advise your every common sense decision and supervise your potty breaks, there are institutions where you can setup camp to protect you from yourself. If however you have at least a small number of brain cells still hanging on, you can make informed decisions for your life, be aware of your own limitations and general health, and exercise your right to choose whether you want to use a procedure that has been recognized and approved for consumer use - or whether you'd rather not - the beauty is that the choice is up to you.

Oh, and on a sidenote - whether or not a service is charged at a higher fee than another is completely unrelated to how proportionally strong/effective it is - cost isn't a function of direct proportions, it's a function of marketing, consumer perception, convenience, and above all else how much consumers, as a whole, decide they're willing to pay. God bless capitalism.
247. - Stephanie - 01/15/2009
You would have to be a moron to assume the people in white coats are dentists working at kiosks. Do these same people assume a piericing artist is a surgeon?
248. - Mark F. - 01/27/2009
I have seen the place in the Pheasant lane mall in Nashua. I wouldn't bother with it even though the results look promising. Always consult with your dentist before going.
249. - Demi - 01/30/2009
since we're on a roll about letting the doctors and dentist do everything because they're licensed,I'm not qualified to diagnose myself I guess lets not treat our on colds or flus, or headaches, or minor burns and scrapes, or pull out loose teeth from our children and leave it for the tooth fairy, or use numbing gels for a tooth ache or when our babies are teething. I'm not licensed to treat myself myself with anything so if it's medical or dental I shouldn't even bother. oops I just threw my hand sanitizer out the window because it contains 63% Ethyl Alcohol because doctors use it to clean the skin before giving a shot, so I suppose it's only safe for them to use since their licensed.

Prosecute the ones who are clearly doing wrong leave the others alone. And if you were burnt it's no different then you waiving your rights when a surgery goes wrong. It happened to you it's sucks but it happens. Just because you had bad luck doesn't mean it's wrong for all people.

I've done kiosk whitenings twice, by kind, professional SALES representatives. I gained 4 shade whiter and I'm happy. Not to mention they only charged $79 bucks so I saved a bundle. And I watched them turn down 2 people because they checked yes on a question on their consent form that excluded them from the procedure, like having tooth decay and an oral surgery in the last 30 days.
Some of you get jerks some of us don't. A toss of the dice, it goes for everything from dentistry to driving down the street. It's called life, you win some you lose some, no point in being bitter about it.

And by the way they stated in their consent form and I was told how much peroxide and it was 12 percent. it's low and some people may not get the results they want but at least they give you your money back.

250. - John - 02/04/2009
There seems to be a lot of heat but not much light on this subject. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) deregulated teeth whitening chemicals and the equipment. Check out their website and search for teeth whitening. As a result, it now falls under the domain of a cosmetic not medical treatment. However, there is a conflict between some of the State Dental Boards position and the reality of the FDA decision. In time, I believe the Federal ruling will prevail. If the FDA says it is safe, that is good enough for me. I see no difference between having teeth whitening done at the mall versus doing Crest Strips at home - except the mall seems to do do more whitening faster. I had my teeth whitened and got 4 shades whiter with no discomfort - and I'll do it again as needed.
251. - Tara - 02/05/2009
I am wondering if any of you have heard of Brite-impressions? As I am in the process of opening a whitening business myself.
252. - jessica - 02/05/2009
I would like to say, as a worker of global whitening ( a mall teeth whitening kiosk) that we do not lie to the customer and tell them were entists, the customer knows this from the begining. i let the customer know every thing they need to know before the procedure. what i am using is carbamide gel at the cost of $109,i am not a dentist, and you dothe procedure to yourself. and if the customer is okay with this, then good for them. because trust me, i have alot of people that tell me "no, ill do it at my dentist" and you know what, i say, thats okay, what ever your comfortable with, have a good day! and by the way, i love my job, im helping people to feel good about themselves. you wouldnt even believe how many people cry to me because their so happy. and so whats so wrong about that? now im off to the mall to whiten some peoples teeth. have a good day! and also, i have done 2 dentists teeth! they were mosre than happy
253. - Kim - 02/05/2009
My husband just had this done at the mall by a gal who never implied or said she was a dentist (honestly, who would think an 19 year old sales girl was a dentist anyway?). But she knew what she was doing, it was safe and clean and for $129 he got a double session, a take home pack and we are astounded at the results. Better than my exepensive whitening done at the dentist (which I am still happy with but was far more expensive and time consuming). His teeth have no sensitivity, the whole thing took less than a half hour, and since Crest and others are allowed to sell whitestrips with no dental consult, I'm not sure why it's any different or problematic to do the same at the mall. Lighten up, people.
254. - tom - 02/07/2009
here is a good thing if the malls and the dentist and whitestrips are so bad then ban them all . i hAVE NOT HEARD OF ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THE MALL SET UPS BUT I HAVE HEARD OF HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN SERVE PAIN AFTER A DENTIST .








255. - James - 02/08/2009
In regards to the above post by Tom. This is a great example of the quality individuals the kiosk business gets. His writing says it all.
256. - Casey - 02/08/2009

Be careful. We closed our mall locations because we couldn't get enough business. It is a hard market for retail right now. I would hate to see another person lose money. A lot of these locations are closing down because they can't survive the malls. Good luck
257. - Brian - 02/16/2009
Alabama just outlawed these kiosks. Laws like this are about to sweep the nation, so if you own a whitening kiosk business, prepare to take a huge hit.
258. - Joann - 02/21/2009
I have and I will take responsibility for my actions. This is what I teach my children. If I read a release then sign it knowing of the side effects, including my dentist, doctor, pharmacy, etc. then I must take the responsibility for what I signed.

Why continue to blame others for our actions. I whiten my teeth at a local spa. I did it at my dentist office also. The results were the same. The only difference is I don't have to take home a messy tray that ends up sitting in my bathroom and the spa cost is a 1/4 of the cost through my dentist. Hmmm what would you do?
259. - michael - 02/23/2009
I simply cannot believe the ignorant statements on this site. Firstly, I had my teeth whitened at a sams club by whitesmile usa. I definitely know they do not reuse mouthpieces because he gave me mine to take home to use with the maintenace kit. Moreover, any time I go back to the sams it is only 45 bucks to do a follow up treatment. Now I will agree the guy was wearing a lab coat but who cares ( I have seen many a profession wear lab coats, matter of fact the guy at the photo lab in sams was wearing a lab coat too, I wonder if he is a dentist as well. Anyway, I had no pain or sensitivity. My results were great at least 5 shades whiter. So please understand there are good and bad examples in all industries. Good luck .
260. - Dina - 02/27/2009
Hi ,

Just wanted to say I'm a Dental Tech . I'm the one who does teeth bleaching at my office. Its the same product used at the mall or at Sams. The doctor is not the one doing the bleaching but he gets the 600.00 ..The bleaching kits cost him around 30.00 each .... If your trained to do the bleaching the right way , everything will come out great . I wouldn't even pay 600.00 to get my teeth bleached .
By the way , we wear lab coats so we don't get anything on our clothes. Good luck to every one . Don't pay hundreds of dollars to get your teeth white.
261. - Kevin - 03/06/2009
Most of you will not believe it, but it doesnt matter. Open your eyes to it and hear me out.

One person wrote above that it "ruined their daughter's day". The people I have told about my good experience have thanked me. One girl didn't want to smile because of how their teeth were so stained, and she couldnt afford the dentist $350. She also couldnt use Crest white strips like me because our teeth hurt so bad afterward.

Imagine not wanting to smile for 10 years. One day, versus 10 years.

Let's hear it for Dentist. Did you know that dentist have higher suicide rates than any just about any other profession??? Now you think I'm bashing dentists. Dentist want to control teeth whitening and other things to stay important. Read this article: ONE excerpt from it: "Dentists' odds of suicide "are 6.64 times greater than the rest of the working age population," writes researcher Steven Stack. "Dentists suffer from relatively low status within the medical profession and have strained relationships with their clients--few people enjoy going to the dentist." One study of Oregon dentists found that they had the highest suicide rate of any group investigated. A California study found that dentists were surpassed only by chemists and pharmacists. Of 22 occupations examined in Washington state, dentists had a suicide rate second only to that of sheepherders and wool workers"

THis article can be found at:

So, now we trust people that kill themselves more than anyone else in the medical profession with something as simple teeth whitening. Should a dentist brush our teeth for us because we might do it too hard and damage our gums!!?? Or should they show us the proper way and let us do it ourselves?????? All of this shut down of kiosk definitly isnt a conspiracy for dentists to make money??? Thats is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. You have to be joking.
262. - James - 03/06/2009

It is not just dentists who have high suicide rates. Health care professionals in general show a higher than average suicide rate. This is especially true of those in emergency services, EMTs and paramedics who respond to crisis calls.
263. - Joe - 03/11/2009
One by one these crooks will fall...
264. - Elizabeth - 03/16/2009
Iam most certainly dissapointed in this article.. I am a customer for one of these kiosks at the mall and i found almost 95% of this article to be FALSE. I am a Dental assistant and have been for 3 years and even the Dr. i work for said it was a good and cheap idea. And to put the facts straight.. Most of them use 12 % Hydrogen Peroxide NOT 35% .Obviously this jounalist is probably married to a dentist..I have NO idea why Dentistry is having such a problem with these kiosks..GET OVER IT PEOPLE. Not alot of ppl. pay for bleaching at dentists anyways bc it is so expensive. Dentists make most of their money from other procedures. So why are they so angry??? i have NO clue.Their just jealous of all the attention these kiosks are getting for whitening and their offices are'nt. If anything the "ZOOM" other bleach trays given to patients at dental offices do more harm then the 12% . I chose the kiosks bc my Dr. said it was safe ( he is most honest) and bc with my discount as a Dental assistant i still would have to pay $250 for almost the same results.Now some kiosks may be unsanitary but not all. I have seen the kiosk worker wipe down everything after procedures just like i do at my office and switch gloves out for everything.If i trust them so can you. So note to all dentists with a problem with these people just trying to help make it easy for ppl and be a businessman themselves , STOP being so MEAN. If your going to shut them down then shut all the over the counter products down too. During this recession ppl. cannot afford the HORRIBLE prices for just teeth whitening at the dentists. They need to leave the kiosks alone or match the prices that are affordable for everyone. Thats fair.. To everyone else. I am a customer and i love the service the results and it doesnt hurt to try something new and affordable.I support and look foward to my next visit in the future.
265. - Jennifer - 03/25/2009
I had my teeth whitened yesterday by Da Vinci and not only did the stuff not whiten my teeth at all but I am in so much pain that I am miserable. My mouth is enflamed under my tongue and behind my bottom teeth and top teeth.I don't know what to do.Please help!!!!!!!!
266. - Liko - 03/28/2009
Does any one know about the legal rights in NYC?
267. - Alexei - 03/31/2009
Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is a SCAM!!!!

How do I know...because I worked for one of these companies. I know everthing about what they're doing and about the product. The company I worked for, which is one of the largest, is run by unscrupulous business men, whose only motivation is how to make more money by taking advantage of unsusspecting customers who see the fancy looking teeth whitening light and think that this is the same whitening they can get from the dentist.

I can honestly say that there were more customers that left the application with sore, white gums than customers that left with a feeling of satisfaction for the 150 dollars that they just spent.

The people running these companies are going to get what they deserve. The bottom line is that customers who want whiter teeth should go visit their dentist rather than a company run by a bunch of money driven personalities whose only goal is to find a clever marketing scheme that will enable them to cash in on the impulse buy associated with cosmetic teeth whitening.
268. - pat - 03/31/2009
I know of many doctors and dentist that hire lowe pay people to do what they should be doing there self and many people in the world do unsanitary thing every day and not think any thing about it ,pick there nose flick it in the floor ,pick there ear ,play with there feet, eat there nails, itch there head, exc.and turn around and eat a sandwich, Dont know why any body would complain about the reuse of sanitised mouth peaces , u go out to a restraunt u eat out of the same plate as some one elts has used , drink out of a glass that has been used by someone els ,eat off sponse and forks that someone els has eatin off of so on and so on ,although not a good practis just dont know what the fuse is on that ,back to doctors not doing there job i see people doing jobs they dont have any qualifications to do like taking blood , administering lidacaine to patiants , dileavering babies , no one ask why ant the doctor here . kind of crazy.... people would rais a fuse about some one whitening some ones teeth. I bet if you go to the dentist to get your teeth whiten and just see how many times he sends you home for some kind of disqualification do to any thing wrong with your teeth , hell if u have just one tooth in your head they would whiten it . so i just think to eaches own if its legal its legal you do yours and ill do mine , i wont stand out side your place and pick it if you dont.
269. - pat - 03/31/2009
alexei . with aldo respect if someone can see a differance in the shade of there teeth or even be up lifted to the point of feeling good about there smile ,how can that be a scam ,i mean realy think about it for a moment , insurance for ex. you dont think thats a scame .have a reck see if all that money you put in to that dont give your pocket book a headache. or when you watch the weather and get a bogus weather report and you cansel something you want to do thats a scam this people get payed good money to do the weather and even went to college ,or this one it realy kills me your go to the doctor for 12 months for being pregnant you pay or your insuances pay that doctor to do deliver that baby only to be delivered by someone you nerver even met before in your life .thats a scam if you thind about it life in itself is a scam your born into a world with unknowingness and leave the world with the same thing.
270. - tresie - 04/06/2009
in response to Katie on 1/3/2009: have you considered stand up comedy? Funny comments. As for Pat on 3/31/2009: you don't sound like you know God. Hey guys, only in America can we have it all and feel so little at the end of the day. I can't believe how so much is said about so little. Remember Dr. Phil and Oprah said it best: love yourself!!! Who does not want a brite smile? I do. How much I want to pay, how much I am willing to risk for who administers the product, where will I get it, and how long will it take will not matter if I don't love myself. Most of the previous comments are much to do about NOTHING. I would love to have white teeth, but at the end of the day, I want to be loved. God bless us all!!!!!!!
271. - Lizzy - 04/06/2009
I had my first experience with "trade show" teeth whitening yesterday.....although my teeth are an incredible shade of gums however are extremely sensitive to the product used. Hopefully the redness and swelling will go down by tomorrow! OUCH! I don't think I will utilize this method in the future....but it was worth the try for the price!
272. - bigone - 04/11/2009
dentists are scammers you can bet on that...don't believe me read this book. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price...I know you won't though that is why you are in the position you are in.
273. - fletcher - 04/11/2009
i have whitened over 2000 people w/ 16 % hydrogen peroxide solution and have never had any complaints. zoom and other dentists use 22-35 % and do have problems. ez up on free enterprise. we all have choices and generally make them. its called consumer rights. do your homework first - then make an educated decision. I can legally go and burn myself to death at a tanning salon. no doctor there. I can go get piercings in my body- no doctor there. I can purchase crest white strips at local food market. no doctor there. so why do i need a dentist to watch my operation??? its funny in Ohio it is legal, wonder why-oh yea P&G operates in cinc. oh. judge must know someone there. all about $$$$. and to tell you the truth i will make my share also. done deal.
274. - Mark - 04/13/2009
O n e L a s t T h o u g h t To Ponder. I think that its easy to beat up on all these remedies and "say that a DENTIST knows best, but all the dentists i asked said one of 2 things: They didn't learn about "teeth whitening in school" cause it wasn't around then... OR They went to a one day seminar to learn about this (probably sat next to kiosk worker, im serious) and furthermore you never seem to get a dentist to actually do the procedure, it ends up being another TEN DOLLAR Tech. in a white coat!!!
275. - Lynn Durkowynn, DDS, FAGD - 04/15/2009
We all seem to be such hypocrites. I am a dentist and can tell you first hand that we dentists are just scared. If we did a better job marketing and running our businesses (because thatis what they are) than we should have nothing to be worried about). Nothing I have seen (first hand at a local mall) would create the horrific situations you nay sayers say exist. While I don't believe that washing off mouth pieces is the right protocol under any circumstances, for the most part it is apparent to me all these businesses are very innovative entrepreneurs that beat us to the punch. I was disappointed that I had not thought of this idea first!! However, there is more than enough business for everyone. Why all the hype & fury? Why don't we spend the effort promoting our own practices. Sure, there are pros and cons to both procedures. The entrepreneurs have signs pointing out why people should buy their services in the malls. I don't. It is no secret that dentists are horrible business people and marketers. The reason my ancestors originally came to America is because it is the land of the free!! I was able to be able to go to dental school because it is the land of the free!! Why shouldn't these people with the kiosks not be able to start and run their teeth whitening businesses?? Why, because a handful of strong armed dentists are going to flex their collective muscle & mislead (talk about misleading the public!! How about the court!!) on what is fact and what is fiction. We should instead spend the time learning too to market our own practices.
276. - Len - 04/16/2009
Are there any teeth whitening kiosk in the Northern Virginia area?
277. - Birchfield - 04/27/2009
To "Lynn Durkowynn, DDS, FAGD":

From which dental school did you graduate, and where do you practice? I Googled you (based on the fact that your comment above did not reflect a level of education consistent with someone of such credentials), and got not a single hit! Most practicing dentists will show up in Google, so I find it odd that not a single listing was returned for you. If you are in fact a dentist, versus someone playing charades, then you are right - you certainly DO need to work on your marketing (and your composition) skills! Otherwise, I would suggest brushing up on your impersonation and logical abilities, if not your moral fiber.
278. - Nicole- Wow SmilExpress - 04/29/2009
I am amazed at these so called "facts" displayed on here. I am a manager of a franchise owned and operated privately. We are in a large mall and have done amazing business. We only use 1% hydrogen peroxide in our treatments as to not cause any damage to the gums and we use much less concentration of carbamide peroxide then the dentists are allowed to use. Let me tell you, I have had 5 different dentists come in and recieve teatments at my kiosk and every one of them have had amazing results and were very pleased with the process because they were in no way threatened by us taking away their business. We are not dental professionals and have never claimed that we were. We wear white lab coats to look uniform and to make a cleaner environment for our clients. I have done over 500 treatments in the past 7 months and had no complaints. If someone is not sure how their gums may react then we always make sure they see their dentist before getting it done. We are not out to harm anyone or lie about who we are. We never insert anything into the clients mouth, therefore never are we practicing dental procedures. We are all trained to help self administer your COSMETIC treatment. Yes, in our company we guarantee minimum of 2 shades whiter teeth and never have I had to refund money for a treatment.

Please make your own decision about mall kiosks and talk to an employee at the kiosk. If you don't feel comfortable, then by all means, don't do the treatment, but don't shut us out just because we are in the mall.

Thank you.
279. - Sara - 05/05/2009
I would have to say that when I first seen a teeth whitening kiosk at the mall I was in shock. But at the price of only 25 dollars I figured I should give it a try. I had great results, I could see my teeth had gotten at least 3 shades whiter, so yes I am very impressed. What I am not impressed with is the way I was treated at a different mall by people working for the same company name. Not only was that kiosk price 15 dollars more for the same product but the workers talked to me like I was stupid. I asked them why in Merriville Indiana was the price cheaper than it was at their kiosk in Mishawaka? If they have the same name why are their prices different? The women gave a me a short answer with an attitude and the man that was there couldn’t quit staring at my breast long enough to answer the question. Maybe they don’t know the product as well as the other kiosk, but I can say that they had no customer service skills and even though I loved the product you couldn’t pay me enough to go back to THAT mall and get my teeth whiten. FYI the customer is always right, and if your acting like a low life when you are trying to sell your product people are not going to come back for seconds!!!!!
280. - Scott - 05/08/2009
After reading most of this, all i've really gained is my umpteenth confirmation of the deplorable state to which all "discussion" and "debate" has fallen, from politics to... dentistry apparently. Almost no one is willing to concede ANYTHING or believe anything which doesn't fall into line with their own narrow view of the world.

On every conceivable topic from what should be simple, to the most complex issues of the day, people ADMIT readily to grey areas existing, while simultaneously defending their own particular view (whether they're truly knowledgeable or they haven't) almost to the death, as if the answers were utterly black and white.


On the topic at hand, while i personally don't believe everybody's looking out for #1 regardless of whom they hurt, but i probably wouldn't be comfortable having some random person in a store treating my teeth. As with everything else, so many "cosmetic" treatments these days are diverging with the proliferation of information both bogus and scientific, to a spectrum from amazing high tech to side-show nonsense.

I had a dental whitening treatment several years ago which was done with trays and gel over a couple months time. The results were pretty fair, though the procedure was pricey. Luckily it was a gift from a sibling in the dental industry.

I trust the dentist who administered the treatment and know for a fact that while his rates are likely the highest in the city and he does virtually every dental and orthodontic procedure on the planet, his high rates are partially due to his RELENTLESSNESS in keeping himself educated on ALL aspects of his profession and his commitment to doing everything in the safest, and best way possible.

My current dentist isn't too dissimilar, and i would certainly trust him to tell me what was what regarding all types of whitening treatments, not just hyping his expensive ones.

I'd feel more comfortable with a pro than non, so i'd likely stick with a dentist's treatment (except i couldn't possibly afford it) or a somewhat reliably benign treatment (OTC) unless i DID have data far more reliable than the back-and forth gobbledygook i've read here.
281. - PK - 05/12/2009
Some Interesting Facts for everyone, please verify these for yourself.

ALL Hydrogen Peroxide products are "Over-the-Counter" (OTC) even the ones sold at the Dentist office. OTC means that a substance does not require a prescription. Hydrogen Peroxide is so safe for people to use that the FDA decided decades ago NOT to classify it as a controlled substance and require a prescription for certain strengths.

Now, if something does not require a prescription, how can it possibly be required by any state that it only be sold in a licensed MEDICAL office. This is at its most basic level a consumer rights issue. People should have the right to choose where and how they buy products and services in this country.
282. - Michael - 05/12/2009
UPDATE: WHITESMILE USA kicked out of Wal-Marts. Karma is a wonderful thing.

A greedy man will always find himself in the shackles of humility.
Imam Ali,
283. - James - 05/14/2009
Bleach Bright = total rip off. I purchased $5,000+ worth of equipment from them to start one of their franchises. They sold me on being able to provide business models, advertising, and having the only true self administerd kits. Their business models were basic useless mathamatical graphs a 4th grader could make, advertising they provided was a couple of posters, and the whitening kits give little to no results. I then started using another distributor for the kits and learned that I could have purchased similar equipment at a fraction of my 5k expense. As a service provider I have gotten my customers much better results from impression trays that are filled with gel from an applicator. Also with this method the customer feels like they are getting more for their money. I highly advise to stay away from the bleach bright company.
284. - Jonathan - 05/16/2009
I think the overcharging dentist need to get with the competition. We are not yet a completly communist state. Until that happens it is unconstitution what law makers and disgracful dentist' are doing shutting these "cosmetic" stations downs. If you don't like it ohh well this is business, have more self respect. My wife and I took so much business from others a dentist contracted us to his patients.
285. - gflukes - 05/18/2009
I did this! It was $99 & it was my B-day present! It took 20 minutes and did seem to lighten my teeth a good bit.

But...the white went away within 5 days! Most important was that my gums got so burned I debated going to the ER. I could not eat for 3 days and my gums were completely blistered and white...extremely painful! By the time my gums healed all up my teeth looked the same as before it was done!! What a waste of money not to mention a very painful get what you pay for!!!!! Also, just wanted to mention the Mall Kiosks where I had it done in PA has CLOSED....I know everyone is shocked!!!
286. - Charles - 05/29/2009
Did the mall whitening thing.... not the results I expected. Might have been one shade lighter, but went back to same yellow in a day or so. Not pleased. I don't care about safety so much, I care about white teeth and the mall kiosk did not deliver.

287. - REGINA - 05/29/2009
have any from you guys tried the white science? is it safe? i am planning to get the treatment in the mall with that company. but this thread is so confusing. thanks
288. - Joe - 06/10/2009
I don't see a big deal on mall teeth whitening as soon as a customers are happy -- everybody are happy. Except dental offices.
289. - len fletcher - 06/15/2009
Bleachbright-ripoff he says. probably so. 90% of all the whitening companies are ripoffs. There product does not work-period. only one product does work with no pain, sensitivity ect. DAVINCI is the only one that will give you the results. All of our malls are open in DENVER And FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA. teeth whitening has been around for centuries in many forms. Why should a dentist have exclusive rights. If a tattoo was given by a doctor, all doctors would be comlaining. I think a tattoo has more permanent marks than teeth whitening. And what about tanning beds, I guarantee i can hurt myself worse in a tanning bed than teeth whitening. I have!!!. at any rate DAVINCI and other companies will continue to offer the public what they want a discounted price.
290. - Kristen - 06/17/2009
Ummm....I have been bleaching my own teeth at home for years & the product does work. I have a dynamite smile! And it is 35% carbamide peroxide. If it is ok to do at home yourself why isn't it okay to have someone do it at the mall? Even my dentist lauds my beautiful bleached smile!! Everyone needs to wake up & realize that every damn thing on earth does not need to be regulated. . .it's called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Sheesh! I'm surprised some of the people on here think it's okay to take an aspirin without your doctor's express consent.
291. - Tina Winston - 06/26/2009
I own a BleachBright dealership in the Chicago area. I decided not to locate my business in a mall. I am a Traveling Teeth Spa, I make private appointments with clients and deliver the service in their homes or office. I also work with Spas, Salons, Fitness Centers and Non-Profits. I have been happy with my results. I am not talking about my earnings but my happy clients. Hopefully in a year I can open upscale retail space with other Spa services.
I agree there are some Mall operators that should be shut down just like there are some dentist that need to be shut down. But this industry is great and affordable teeth whitening should accessible to the average person. The author of the article should do more research She could check with CCTW with industry information.
Overall I love my business. I honestly feel like I am helping people receive a service they would never get based on the high cost from some dentist. But please people be knowledgeable about all services you are receiving.
292. - Alice Parks - 06/30/2009
293. - Danielle - 06/30/2009
I worked at a whitening center and was only trained 1 maybe 2 days before working alone. The gel has no ingredient listing, the light is LED and they say that vitamin E oil will protect the gums. I did see results but only 1 person out of the 50 someodd people I did actually went all 6 shades that we 'guaranteed'. We were trained to tell people they were not as white as they actually were so we could 'show' them how much whiter they got on a chart. Some employees did actually have to help people put the trays in which would be practicing dentistry without a license. None of the employees actively went through the acknowledgement to ensure that each individual would be safe having the proceder (i.e. pregnant, nursing, bleedinmg or soreness to gums, recent dental surgery etc) They would just have the people sign the waiver after they showed them the tray and told them how the process worked. Also, I would come into work and no one will have dusted or even wiped down the lights as I would see whitening gel dried on them. It does work but I have seen better and safer results with crest white strips and any dentist will tell you that someone with no formal dental training should not perform a dental procedure. If someone alters your teeth THAT is dentistry! don't waste your time or money, go to the dentist or walmart and get some whitening strips for $20!
294. - Jason - 07/02/2009
Hey Danielle,

What company did you work for and in what city?
295. - Anonymous - 07/04/2009
I work for Bleach Bright in the mall. I always pay close attention to someone's mouth when talking to them, checking for any signs of decay. I have turned down several willing customers because they had obvious tooth decay. I have never gotten even close to a customer's mouth, I don't even refer to them as patients. I do not dress like a medical professional, and I make sure people know that I am not a dentist. I also never guarentee any sort of result. I do believe in Bleach Bright's product, having used it myself.
296. - Andrew - 07/10/2009
I got my teeth whitened at the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall. I got great results, and so did the rest of the people I referred over there. They were very professional and they informed me of all possible complications and of their credibility. They were using only 12% peroxide and I didn't feel any sensitivity. You guys are making this out to be something more than it really is!
297. - james - 07/15/2009
hey guys, thought i'd throw my 2 cents. I was once a customer who had got my teeth whitened at a wowsmile teeth whitening kiosk and i liked the result. I am studying business, and liked the whole teeth whitening idea so much that I decided i was going to purchase a franchise and try one. I have been in contact with so many. the top ones are pearlywhiteproducts , ismiled or something like that. With pearly white products it is just $10 dollars a kit and you can charge over $100. anywho, i opened one up and love the mall business and profits.
298. - Alison - 07/16/2009
I got it done in florida at a Mall and my teeth went 8 shades lighter, COMPLETELY SAFE
299. - NIKKIDAGREEK - 07/17/2009
300. - Steve MA - 07/20/2009
I am looking into starting a whitening business. This article is grossly wrong about the peroxide percentage used. I have read about 12 whitening company websites and have not seen any offering HP @ 35%. CP is at 35%. I know everone will never agree on everything, but lets not mislead people with erroneous facts. I am looking at using Beaming White or XpresSmile. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? I agree that kiosk operators need to be sure how they represent themselves (not as dentist) and you MUST know your product and service like the back of your hand. I do believe that every customer wanting their teeth whitened should take the responsibility of having a dental exam prior to doing it. Also, many people here have stated that they signed a waiver. Did you read it? Did you ask any questions? I had surgery and had to sign a waiver and it listed "possible" complications and it even included "death". I still signed it because I needed the surgery. But you "don't need" to have your teeth whitened, it is a "want". Lets put the onus on the customer to sign the waiver after, and only after, reading and understanding it. People, ask the kiosk rep questions and if they can't answer them, leave! Now the bs about the lab coat. In the supermarkets they wear white lab coats. Are they dentist working a second job? Some people are just absolute idiots for "assuming" (and we know what happens when we assume)someone wearing a lab coat is a dentist. That's my 2 cents for now.
301. - james - 07/20/2009
Steve: this is addressed to. I had done my research between the different teeth whitening companies as far as price, knowledge, marketing etc. The best overall site is pearlywhiteproducts , then a good business model is ismile, ismile but they were still a bit pricy. Ive talked to beaming white and xpressmile is similar to wow smile but try those two above. Just being friendly as I am a teeth whitening business owner too, it's hard to get an opinion of a business when all these teeth whitening business just want to sell you themselves.
302. - Constantine - 07/30/2009
"The chemicals at this high of a concentration are extremely acidic, and if not properly administered, can ruin tooth enamel"... Ummm maybe the author should educate himself a bit before writing a piece such as the one above. The chemicals are ACTUALLY basic... and this person calls other people unprofessional and untrained.
303. - ymerli - 08/02/2009
theres a simple way to get around that
just supple the products and let the buyer do the rest it cant be illegal because its like buying the stuff yourself and doing yourself

u go in the mall pay get the stuff use the equiptment they have
and ur outTOT
304. - Ranger - 08/05/2009
The funniest thing about this is that about 30 of the surnames posting on this article are one person and ironically they explain how wonderful Teeth Whitening Kiosks are! In fact around 200 out of 304 articles represent only three individuals!

I'm amazed that three Owners of Kiosk franchises would be so worried by a little old article like this that they felt inclined to spam it to death with rhetoric.

Anyone with any real interest in these Kiosk franchises need only look at the Better Business Bureau

White Smile USA- Rated a C

(head office) Rated a F

iSmile- (iSmile West Coast LLC and iSmile Services) they both rated an A-, which is by far the best score, the other iSmile businesses.. not so good. If I was to try one, it would be them based on business ethics anyways.

Britesmile Inc-
rated an F

I will hand it to you iSmile guy, your your company does back up with good business ethics, which means unlike at least 2 of the other companies you get mostly positive feedback.

Never try a product out until you know the quality of the company making it. I think what this article is really trying to show is that Dentists are regulated professionals and that with a kiosk you never know how qualified the person is, but if you can't afford dentists and you really want to do it.. go with ISmile West Coast or ISmile Services. You can be confident they will take care of you, their score depends on it =)
305. - Gen - 08/11/2009
I had the procedure done yesterday by Bleachbright and paid $120. It didn't do a thing.

You can go on and on about legalities, kiosks vs. dental offices, but what really matters is it doesn't work.
306. - get white teeth - 08/15/2009
Hey Gen,

$120 is too much for the treatments. I think you have paid a bit more. I would do this for $100.
307. - Ty - 08/20/2009
Well I was doing some research into this business opportunity after my Mother did a Teeth Whitening session and got great results for only $50.

Any of you can say it does not work and it is a sham, but I watched it myself and saw the results. It does work, and no I am not one of the 3 people posting under another name as Ranger claims. The % is just above what she could do herself at home and was no where near the dentist's % of strength of Hydrogen Peroxide.

This is being condemned by the Dentists because it is cutting into their profitability. Why would someone pay $600.00 for the service when they can get nearly the same results for 1/6th the price. That is capitlaism at it's best. Watch the Dentists political lobby as they try to kill this in your socialist states like California, Illinios, New York etc where the politicians cater to special interests.. not the good of the people or the marketplace.

In my humble opinion
308. - mark - 08/21/2009
Ranger.. I will have to agree with TY. I have whitened my teeth at sam's club and noticed a big difference. The 180 was a bit much and now I order from a site called and just do it myself. I usually use the gel along with my toothpaste and it works awesome plain and simple, and for under 50 bucks. Cheaper then getting a haircut and just as important. Anyway, the above article was prob written by a dentist and i think everyone should have a nice white smile.

309. - jason - 08/22/2009
teeth whitening is safe [procedure. i has nothing to do with dental stuff. relax all, save your money and go get it done at the malls- i did it. stop paying dentist alot of money for no reason, everyone can do whitening its nothing special so please dont be so greedy and bitter. make it more effordable and for all.
310. - sue - 08/23/2009
We have a teeth whitening business as a mobile business and a dealer selling to spas/salons. We went with XpresSmile. They have been extremely helpful and knowledgable. They have lots of training and do extensive followup to make sure everything is going well. THeir gels are great,packaging is really primo and the support and business advice is worth it. They even got me going on web SEO and social marketing.
I bought hydrogen peroxide gels from another company on the web and I was always sending them back. THey got runny, had tons of air bubbles, the pens leak but I have none of those problems now.

I've had great results and no problems. It is completely self-administered and the products are very safe and work great. I think we are offering a real value to the customer.
311. - James - 08/27/2009
omg! what's next? people pumping their own gas? people flossing their own teeth? That aspect of vanity tooth care isn't rocket science, people. so the "patient" puts the gel inside their own mouth. who cares. you're not there for major dental surgery. you're there to get your teeth whitened. Follow the directions and you will be safe. who cares if the "assistant" wears scrubs, a lab coat or a bikini (oo, now there's a thought). A prudent person should know what they are getting into. Some of the whiney thinking, especially the writer of the article is the same whining, not my fault, somebody should do something about this mentality that got Hussein Obama into the Whitehouse. Be advised! Be informed. go get your teeth whitened and sleep tonight. if you feel you need to pay a co-pay, send it to me!
312. - cindy - 09/24/2009
Question to those of you who have 'booths' as a business. Tell me about your business model. How much does it cost to be in a mall ?(I realize this varies). How much traffic do you get ?(Varies too) What is your price/profit margin/overall profitability? Would LOVE to hear from you if you have a demonstrated success model!!!
313. - Jessica - 10/09/2009
WHITESMILEUSA kicked out of Sam's Club!!!! It's about time. Yahoos at the top coupled with greed is what killed this company.
314. - Allan - 10/31/2009
I speak from some experience. I owned a major dental supply company for 34 years.
I also raised the money for the first whitening company to bring Tooth Whitening to the public. I am no longer much affilitated with them. I know thousands of dentists. One thing I can tell you whether its the dental office or the mall
Tooth Whitening doesn't work well on everybody. I have whitened thousands of people some go 8 shades in 20 min. others don't whiten at all. Some of the things some dentists are saying here are ridiculous on this site. Firstly, there is carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. No non dentist is using 35% hydrogen peroxide that would be like a blow tourch to an unprotected mouth. Yes they use 30% or 35% Carbamide peroxide equivalent to 10 to 12% Hydrogen Peroxide. Yes 1 in 500 clients are having some more substantial gum issues nothing permanent. Ask how many people have been damaged by the Zoom or Britesmile treatement in the dentist office. The dirty little dental secret- zingers and sensitivity.Even after gum protection, face protection eye protection lip protection and Tylenol. And not everyone whitens well in the dental office either. I agree with Lynn. Stop being small minded and work on your practices. Ps This is not rocket science. Medicine has been off base since the beginning. Protecting Psuedo science as fact until future generations debunk it.
ie capernicus vs the church anyone.
And lets be honest while we are at it.
The bleaching pens are probably the best approach to whitening now, Fast Cheap Safe
effective convenient. And furthermore if you really want your teeth to look great, get Veneers the only true whitening for some people. Dentists a lot of the whitening is leaving the dental office-get over it. You can thank your buddies at Crest, that lied to your faces when they told you that Crest stips would only be available to the dentists foreve.
To the operators of untrained kiosks, train your people for Gods sakes and don't exaggerate your results. They do a decent job for many people. Dentists There is a new super effective paint on whitening coming exclusively to you. So there is still hope for you.
And to the dentists that are correcting people's grammer and spelling-- grow up!
Don't have such a know it all attitude. Yes you are smart and most probably wealthy,
But I knew a lot of dentists that lacked common sense. That's my story- telling the truth as I see it.
315. - debby d - 11/02/2009
I visited a salon today who has the Bleachbright system. It is FDA approved and needs no license. Who cares if you put it in your mouth yourself. It is more sanitary that way. The light is sanitized and I was comfortly placed into a chair, goggles and placed the form with gel into my mouth. Product with light was applied for 20 mins, then she checked up on me and I was fine, so another 20 minutes later and I am not exagerating but my teth are 5 shades whiter. I could not be happier. $99 dollars later and yrs of staining and my ugly tetracyline grey teeth are so much brighter, my hubby couldn't believe his eyes. I am so happy and would even consider a franchise of my own with the results I have had. Why not, we whiten out teth at home with trays either bought from the store or given to us from the dentist. I have had no pain or sensitivity, I say the dentists are just upset cause they are losing money on this whitening system. You want whiter teeth I say GO FOR IT! I am a 47 yr old married woman who can now smile with confidence. Thank you BLEACHBRIGHT. Others need to get a life and quit complaining. If you have no dental issues, GO FOR IT!!! ENJOY!!!
316. - Marie Rodriguez - 11/07/2009
I had the process done at my Dentist who charged me $250.00 which was a big disappointment (time consuming and expensive). I just recently had it done at a Trade Show by Express Whitening and was extremely pleased with the results.
I will do it all over again!
317. - LynnS - 11/09/2009
I would have to pay $1000 here to have my teeth whitened at a Dentist(the dentist doesn't actually do the procedure) or I could fly to Thailand and have the same procedure done by a dentist there for about $250. Dentist here and in the US have higher overheads which is why they charge so much for a simple procedure. I'm keen to try the Express.
318. - Max - 11/11/2009
What gel supplier would you recommend for the decent price with good quality (US maded not a Chinese made )? Thanks
319. - Dental Prof. of 16 yrs - 11/13/2009
I am a licensed and nationaly registered dental assistant selling Bleach Brite at the mall. I am proud to sell this product. It is far less invasive to the tooth enamel due to the one time use of product to get a great result, and is not creating sensitive teeth on people as most other products on the market in a dental office as well as over the counter. The price of $500-$800 at a dental office is to pay for: licensure renewal of all staff as well as expensive rent and dental supplies. The industry is able to charge these fees and get away with it due to the allowance of its patients. Yes, education of the professional is important, but this product is actually better for the consumer's teeth due to the only 1 time use needed to achieve great result. There are studies proving that excessive use of over the counter products as well as dental office products can cause enamel errosion. It is the consumer's choice to choose this product-it's similar to them purchasing whitestrips at drug store etc. The consumer chooses how often they want to utilize product. The studies DO NOT state that the one time whitening treatment is harmful to enamal. As a consumer; do what method makes you feel comfortable.
320. - Monica - 11/16/2009
If you want to safe money DO IT at the Mall! There are terrible dentists out there anyway and they charge you an arm for anything, they are expensive and you can get great results at the Mall.

What is the problem? The problem is that the dentist business is very very scared to lose business and to lose the ridiculous amount of money they ask for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you do any whitening just make sure you don't have any cavity, that is all! If your teeth are find just do it at the mall.
321. - sweet_tooth27 - 12/05/2009
I have been a dental assisant for over 10 years. I can say with out a doubt, that their is no problem with the teeth whitening kiosks. I have always secretly felt sorry for the suckers that would pay the office I work for over 500 dollars for the exact same procedure that they could have gotten at the kiosk. By the way, I can say, the dentist does NOT administer the professional teeth whitening procedure, such as, zoom! or any teeth whitening procedure for that matter. The dental assistant will administer the procedure, such as myself. I have administered zoom! on several patients. The doctor doesnt even come in the room to check on the patient, nor does he even see the patient. All he cares about is getting paid! I know this all to well, it's sad really. That's why I say yes to the teeth whitening at the malls.
322. - A Meyer - 12/08/2009
Are you kidding me??? This article is completely wrong. People really need to research before posting. The only 35% used by kiosks is carbomide, its NOT peroxide! Its the same at home whitening that the Dentists sell for $35 a tube and takes 4-6 weeks to whiten your teeth. When you see a dentist advertise free whitening for first time customers, this is what they give them. I have done alot of research in this practice before buying my LED light. I am NOT a dentist, so I can only purchase 16% Hydrogen Peroxide for my clients. I have been in the cosmetic industry for 15 years. Ive owned 3 day spas and have been in the medi spa field for over 10 years. Your claims are completely false. My chair side whitening service does very well. The clients are fully aware that this is a self administered procedure that is safe and very affective. Dentists are trying to close these small kiosks because as stated in the reply comments, it is taking away from their over priced teeth whitening procedures. You will get whiter teeth at the dentist because of the strength of the peroxide...but you will pay out the a-- for it! My clients are verrrry happy paying $99 for 3/20 min at 16% compared to the $400-600 they will pay at the dentist. It all just depends on the client.
323. - Laura - 12/14/2009
Crest sells take home kits, so do many other established companies. What I dont hear is customer complaints that warrent regulating teeth whitening. I do hear a lot of dentist complaining at the loss of business but until they start showing some people who were damaged by using a teeth whitening at the mall I just dont believe it is anything more than Dentist greed going on. If the can do whitenings for $99 then so can dentists. Stop ripping of the consumer and you wont lose business.
324. - Dental 88 - 12/18/2009
I work in the dental field and I can see both sides to each persons opinions here but I do agree however that you may need to see a dentist before you do any type of bleaching. Alot of times people will come into my office wanting to have their teeth bleached. If a person has cavities, plaque build up or any type of gum disease I recommend they get their teeth cleaned first because bleach of any kind will make their teeth sensitive. Just a suggestion. But people will do what they want.
325. - Marc - 01/04/2010
I am a dentist and I really am dissapointed in the public. Comments like "dentists need to pay for their cars and fancy houses and such" really make me sad. I've been going to school for 26 years total and incurred over 200k debt (the cost to become a licensed dentist)trying to become someone people can trust for their oral heatlh.
Please insult me and my profession after you've spent that amount of time training and studying and working towards a goal. We charge what we do because it costs ALOT of money to operate an office, equip and educate staff, provide coverage for insurances and everything. Its a real real slap in the face to hear people talk about its just a business.How dare you, I hope i never see you in my office.

One of the biggest problems with the american public is stupidity. Just because something is OVER THE COUNTER doesnt mean its safe. Ibuprofen can kill you if you are unaware of your own current medical state. With regards to whitening, it erodes enamel and can cause alot of sensitivity problems and further breakdown of your teeth. For many people this might not be a problem, but for those of you who it is (AND YOU WONT KNOW BECAUSE YOU HAVNT BEEN SEEN AND EVALUATED BY THE DENTIST)who will treat your post operative problems? The important thing is that you need to go see your dentist and understand what is going on in your mout BEFORE whitening (professional or private included).
326. - BM - 01/05/2010
I think getting your teeth whitened for $99 is just brilliant! Forget all you dentists who charge and arm and leg to whiten teeth. Smart people will go to the mall to get it done.
327. - Christine - 01/06/2010
For Christmas my husband got me a gift certificate to have my teeth whitened at a kiosk in the mall. Two years ago I had it done in a dental office, so I have experienced both.

First, I will tell you that the woman who did the whitening at the mall used her gloves once then turned them inside out and used them again. What type of sanitation practices does this company provide to their franchises? She might as well have used her bare hands.

Second, she stated to me that she could not find some of her supplies because some of her storage carts are not locked up when she is gone. She thought that some kids at the mall might have taken her tools. So, anyone at the mall has access to contaminate her supplies.

Third, I showed her that my gums were bleeding when she finished the 20 minutes and she proceeded to ask me if I would like another 20 minutes for only 39.00! The pain increased overnight and I went to the dentist the next day. My dentist said that I had received chemical burns on my gums. It has been 4 days since the 'treatment' and I am still in pain. When I told her of this she stated that I must have gum disease, although I go to the dentist every 6 months and have never had gum disease. My dentist said that I do not have gum disease, rather that the woman overfilled the trays and caused a chemical burn.

None of this occured when I whitened at a dental office.

I am getting in touch with their HQ, AZ Board of Health, and AZ board of dentistry today. I hope that no one has to have the same experience I have had from this process.
328. - Ashley - 01/24/2010
I personally have never had my teeth bleached at a dentist office because, let's face it, who can afford it with today's economy. However, my family owns a tanning salon and we just recently went to a tanning expo where Bleach Bright had an exhibit and offered their services to use. I decided to try them out. Now let me mention, I have perfect teeth, no cavaties, straight teeth, no gum disease, no gingivitis, and I see my dentists regularly. The system I tried involved what you would see in the mall lying in the chair with the UV light pointed into your mouth. I had an awesome experience! My teeth haven't been so white and it whitened my teeth 4 shades!!! Trust me, alot of people tried this and I didn't hear of one single complaint and there were over 500 people at this expo. The people were very professional and friendly. The best thing about bleach bright (especially if you're a tanner) is they make the applications to be used in the tanning beds and they make a maintanence pen which will keep your teeth whiter for longer. So for those of you who had bad experiences find a tanning salon or a kiosk that offes bleach bright and try them.
329. - Son Of A Dental Tech - 01/25/2010
It makes sense that the dentists and the dentist lobby would want to close this down, the greedy jerks that they are. My father was a dental tech and for years fought for the right to do impressions and make teeth without the middleman dentist. All the times I heard my dad lamenting on how dentists and dental assistants couldn't take impressions right and he'd have to send them back. But if he was allowed to take the impressions and make you a quality denture, then you wouldn't have to pay as much money for a crappy denture the dentist is skimping on.

As with any industry, there are awesome dentists who will do you right and if you're going to have to pay top dollar, you might as well find them. But believe me, there are tons of dentist who care only about their bottom line and skimp, skimp, skimp. Now that someone else is getting a piece of the pie, they're mad. Whatever happened to free enterprise?
330. - Evaluator - 02/10/2010
This is for Christine....what mall in AZ did you have your teeth done at. I had mine done at the AZ Mills mall and was very pleased. Just curious.
331. - Dan - 02/12/2010
The idea that this procedure needs to be perormed by a dentist or dental hygenist is ridiculous. This would mean that a woman would need to go to to a dermatologist to get a facial or a podiatrist to get a pedicure. This is simply a cosmetic application of a safe teeth whitening product.It is not a cleaning but a stain remover. The only reason that this is an issue is because Dentist are losing money.

The US justice department sees this as unconstitutional and will be overturning any ruling against the operation of these buisnesses.
332. - nicole - 02/13/2010
this is definitly about money! The dentist do not want you to be able to pay $100.00 for teeth whitining when they charge $500.00!
333. - chad - 02/15/2010
I had it done and my teeth look great! I imagine dental associations are upset at the loss of revenue they will receive. Seriously, 100 bucks verse 400 at your dentist and all they are doing is putting a tray in your mouth and turning on the light.
334. - Jeniffer - 02/19/2010
Some of the things people say on here are hilarious and people really need to get their facts straight.

First off Teeth Whitening is a COSMETIC procedure not dental work.

I can not speak for every company out there but I have used the BleachBright products. When I went to their kiosk they handed me a sheet with the warning label it said that people with sensitive gum or gums that bleed after brushing, exposed cavities, and several other problems one could have with their teeth should not use the product. The girl then explained to me that their product use carbromide peroxide not hydrogen peroxide.

I paid $99 and my teeth lightened by 5 shades.

Now about the procedure. The entire kit comes in a little box. The girl handed it to me and had me watch a video the explained what to do. Then help walk me through it. She did not touch anything in the box and the mouth piece is PREFILLED. She explained to me that this is a self administered cosmetic procedure and they were there just to help with any questions I had about using the product. The only thing the girl did was turn on the light for me. After I was finished my gums were a little dry and sensitive the girl handed me a package that had a cotton swap prefilled with vitamin E. I broke off one tip and the E went into the other end and I wiped it along my gums. The dryness and sensitive went away.

Now for those of you that are griping about the price and the light. They do have OTC products you can take home that have the same stuff in it. It just takes longer than the 15 mins that the light activation does. So if you don't want to use the light then don't just by the stuff you can take home. It works better than the crest strips (my husband has used both) and again does not contain hydrogen peroxide.

Now their pen they have to help maintain your teeth does contain hydrogen peroxide, but only 12% not 35% or more as the "article" states. I use mine twice a week and after 8 months since I used the light treatment my teeth are just now starting to darken back up. I drink tea and soda daily and did not expect the results to last as long as it has.

I have recommended Bleach Bright to all of my friends and between me and those that have used it we have tried all of the products the Bleach Bright has to offer and not a single one of us has had any problems and we have all had good results.

For those of you who are just ranting about the teeth whitening systems you should really do some research. Now I do realize that there are many other companies out there offering similar products like the Bleach Bright company and that they probably do things differently, but you can't fault every company because a similar company does something wrong.
335. - Lourdes - 02/21/2010
Have any of you heard of Creative Touch? My husband wants to get his teeth whitened at the kiosk in our local mall but I have not heard them mentioned. Just wondering, since many of you have had different experiences with different companies. They claim that for $99 you get 3 sessions: grand opening special, It's normally $99 each session. I haven't heard anyone else mention multiple sessions. ???? Trying to be cautious, any info would help, thanks.
336. - Evaluator - 02/26/2010
Your husband should be fine. The only risk he has is that he won't see the results he wants. Some products are better than others, but anything you get over the counter or at a mall is not strong enough to create any type of permenant damage. Only the dentists have availability to the real strong teeth whitening products and most choose not to use it because they don't want complications so they typically will use or send you home with the same type of gels used in cosmetic whitening. If the mall is using Carbamide Peroxide then you won't see as good results as a company using Hydrogen Peroxide. Carbamide is a combination of a preservative and Hydrogen Peroxide. People use it because it has a longer shelf live, however because it has the preservatives in takes longer to break down, thus needing 3 sessions and not yeilding as much result as the Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide doesn't have the preservatives in it so it will break down faster under the light giving you better results faster. What mall are you referring to?
337. - concernedfor client - 02/28/2010
How can a company like Britesmile be doing teethwhitening without a dentist Can a detal assistant do teethwhitening procedure
338. - Elisa Taube - 03/08/2010
I had my teeth done at Whitescience at Valley Fair/Westfield mall in San Jose CA. It has been 48 hours and my gums are burned, peeling, bright purple and look destroyed. I came to this page to try to figure out what to do. I'm definitely going to go in today and try to get a refund. Does this heal?
339. - good luck - 03/14/2010
I am a dentist and my biggest problem is not lost revenue because whitening is not our bread and butter in fact for most cases I will whiten at no charge. The big problem is the fact you have people that were less than stellar students in life and usually stumbled upon jobs like this, they have no real knowledge of the procedure and are using big terms in which they have no concept of the meaning. If you feel at good about taking advice from these people well shame on you.. As a professional I am obligated to protect society, either from themselves or from others and in my office I have had plenty of patients come in with problems from bleaching either from my office or from a box they found in a mall, the difference I have the ability to control these problems thorugh different formulas, IF you think that these companies are not in it for the money your sadly mistaken , some of the kits we buy cost $99.00 do a search on on line bleaching you can find the same stuff they sell from distributors in china
so good luck to all and if you think we are all about money well stop going to a dentist and see how you make out
340. - Jim - 03/16/2010
I have tried quite a few companies and, so far, the product I like the best is Beaming White's paint-on kit. First I tried Bleachbright and I loved the ease of use but I wasn't too impressed with the results and the gel would often become runny and not stay in the tray. I have also tried a couple of other companies - some of them are out of business now - and then I tried Beaming White. First of all, they educated me about the industry without pushing me to buy. They explained all the gels and different application methods and they even referred me to a website for more information on teeth whitening.
Now I understand the difference between the gels and why it is important to do more than 1 session. After reading some of the posts, I really think that there is a huge lack of knowledge and a lot of confusion. I suggest everybody reads this website and talks to dental professionals or knowledgeable teeth whitening companies.

Elisa, this reaction is definitely not normal. I would say you go to your dentist and have him take a look at your gums. The people at the Whitescience kiosk are not dental professionals so they won't be able to do much for you. Have you tried applying vitamin E?
341. - mark - 03/17/2010
does anybody know purchasing gel that is not F.D.A regulated?

next question.

does anybody know if purchasing gel from china is illegal?

342. - Mike - 03/18/2010
All of you nay sayers are idiots! We're talking about teeth whitening, not some complicated medical procedure which requires years of training in medical practices. Keep in mind the operative word "practices".
I went to a mall kiosk to have my teeth whitened and had a great experience. They used a 15% peroxide gel and were very professional. They even placed the mouthpiece in my mouth for me. And to answer the question from some of the idiots above, I feel qualified to say the procedure is safe for the same reason I feel qualified to say it is safe to pour a dram of scotch down my throat against the recommendation of so-called professionals. This argument is nothing more than the ADA's feeble attempt at cornering the market on a lucrative business practice for small business owners. Don't think for once that they care about your well-being. They care about the amount of money they are losing through competition. Most dental "practices" charge up to $600 for this same procedure. They use the same equipment and gel solutions to produce the same results. If you have a problem then go pay $600 dollars and get your teeth whitened the same as mine for a fraction of the cost. Don't cry about it and force everyone else to do the same as you because you are to chickensh@t to live outside of the box. Lemmings!
My teeth are white and I have a handsome smile thanks to the convenience of the mall kiosk.
343. - Bobby - 03/26/2010
I am very suprised at how uneducated people are about teeth whitening. If you are going to have your teeth whitened in a Dentist, Mall Kiosk, or Sams Club. Get educated before doing so and decide for yourself. Over the past 15 years, I have done all three and had great results each time. (Although Sam's Club was the least noticable.) I do perfer DaVinci overall. They seem to be the lest abrasive and have the best results. I understand that DaVinci is the Cosmetic grade to the Dental grade and has 16% Hydrogen Peroxide. So get educated and decide for yourself.
344. - CLAUDIA - 04/06/2010
i went to get my teeth whitened and paid $99 i was not advised of anything.i was told my teeth would be whittened at least three shades.i saw no resutls and my mouth is so sore and possilby burned from the chemicals. i can hardly eat or drink anything.i dont recomment the use of these mall whitening systems.i wil not get my money back!! lesson learned!
345. - Smilecandy - 04/06/2010
I've been in the dental field for 35 years and have whitened many smiles over the years. I know that these kiosks offer lower cost whitening systems, and that is fine, but when you have your teeth whitened in a dental office, you will pay more for several reasons. The dentist will (and should) examine your teeth to make sure you don't have any gum recession, or decay that would increase sensitivity. He will also advise you that dental restorations will not whiten. He pays a trained staff member to place a barrier over your gum tissue to protect it from the higher percentage of peroxide. The staff member places the product on your teeth. Your procedure is done in a sterile area and they use sterilized products, such as cheek retractors and dental dams. When your mouth fills up with saliva, the assistant can suction that out for you. The whitening results are better and the dentist can apply a desensitizer on your teeth if needed. So, you get what you pay for.
346. - claudia - 04/07/2010
I agree smilecandy, i had my teeth withened saturday and i still cant eat! the acid in the food even what i drink burns my mouth!! is there anything i can buy to ease the pain?its been four days!!!!
347. - jom - 04/07/2010
is that rily safe? what are the consideration?
348. - Jennifer - 04/11/2010
I recently got my teeth whitened at Xtreme White in the Rivertown Mall in Grandville, MI. I paid nearly $60 for the procedure and a take home pen with the same ingredients for up to a 10 shade difference. I was informed that they were not dentists, but went ahead with the procedure anyway. 25 minutes later, my gums were white, blistered, sore as ever, and my teeth were no whiter. NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!
349. - jasmine_estrella - 04/17/2010
so i had my teeth whitened today by divinci teeth whitening. n @ first i thought yea my teeth r gon b pretty. i was a shade 5 n got down .to -1. i was never told they were not dentists. toward the end of my 2nd treatment my tooth started to get sharp stabbing pains. n hurt verrry bad. then we waited n tried again just painting the gel on my teeth. then toward the end it started to hurt another tooth.i didnt realize till i got home that my small silver filling was no longer there. it wasnt deep in my tooth. when it was done the treatment i started getting stabbing sharp pains. that didnt start till after i left again for a few hours. then it started stabbing in random spots again n hours later every tooth started getting pains n my gums hurt really bad. i took tylenol n its starting to feel better but still hurts.i cried over the pain. n im not a crier. but dang something must be wrong. cause i know many people who whiten their teeth with no problems but thhis made me waant to crawl up n cry:( i think i have something wrong or allergic or? i dont know but it hurts !
350. - DMan8781 - 04/19/2010
Dentist are a rip off. These products work just the same as their magical $600 treatments only they cost a lot less, plus you don't have to make an appointment a month in advanced. Notice that the only organization that is making a stink about this is the ADA. The FDA doesn't care. Its because the dentist are pissed they cant continue to screw everyone anymore!!!
351. - Daniel T. - 04/30/2010
Don't believe it. I have had this done. It works well. The dentists just do not like the competition.

My daughter got her braces off and all we wanted was our dentist to clean her teeth. The dentist office said, "Oh, she has to have all new x rays, and an exam." All we wanted was her teeth cleaned.

Dentists mil people for every last dine they can.
352. - Dentist Who Cares - 05/03/2010
Hello Jasmine,
It appears you got extremely good whitening results with DaVinci. Sounds like you had some post whitening sensitivity which can normal for any type of whitening product...even Crest, Rembrant, etc. from the grocery. However, the DaVinci product is the most non abrasive whitening product that I've ever had experience with. The fact that your filling was missing may have something to do with your sensivity level because you had an area of your tooth exposed that is not normally exposed so be careful because food and beverage could irritate that tooth as well. I do know that all my patients that experienced sensitivity, if any at all with the DaVinci product reported that it was relatively minor and gone within 24 hours. So I don't think you had an alergic reaction, just sounds like you have a filling that needs to be addressed. I do know that you don't have to be a dentist to offer the DaVinci product because it is so non abrasive and this is why I offer it in my practice. It's safe for my patients and my dental assistant or even my office manager can administer it. Take care and get your filling addressed by a dentist.
353. - len fletcher - 05/06/2010
most dentist do not perform teeth whitening. I talked to dentist last week he said most products do not work. however davinci does. It is a true 16% hydrogen peroxide gel. And yes it can be done in public.
354. - Al - 05/08/2010
I have not read everything in this blog, but i wanted to point out that the founders of most of these whitening franchises are Licensed Dentists.... and they recognized this type of service to be a safe, simple, cost-effective and legal form of providing teeth whitening... and they capitalized on it... and like all trades, there will be some bad apples... but for the most part we are just trying to grow our companies by providing a great service to the public.
355. - Kit - 05/14/2010
356. - Shawn - 05/15/2010
People are so uneducated and they need to realize. You can by all that stuff and do it at home,so whats the difference,if the dentist does it, you do it at home,or go to the mall.

As far teeth and gum sensitivity goes, if u ever used regular teeth whitening strips from the store and u are using it for the first time,your teeth,gum will most likely be very sensitive, its normal,it might take 1-2 days for it to become normal.

I mean if anyone with half a brain even slightly thinks,the mall kiosk people may be dentist,needs to be punched in the head lol. You dont have to be high school graduate to figure that out. Its regular worker selling a product. You think the person selling you a laptop at best buy has a college degree in electronics lol, its a part time worker,getting a major in early child education,selling you a laptop.

Same with teeth whitening products at the mall. Remember,the dentist of course dislikes the idea,people have a choice to get their teeth whitened for so much less.

And its true, the whole teeth whitening at a dentist office is a rip off.Not the result but the $$$. You sit there and the dentist itself does not even see you,its the dental assistant and hygienist who do the teeth whitening..all the do is apply the stuff and leave u alone for 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
357. - Chuck - 05/15/2010
My wife and I both had our teeth whitened at the mall. We were very satisfied and at no time did anyone portray themselves as dentists. The proof that it is safe is in the results! Where are the masses of injured/ill people crying out for justice? There aren't! What we have here is the usual anti-competitive trade protection for dentists! I am looking for mall teeth cleaning near Houston, if anyone can help, thanks!
358. - breann - 06/04/2010
I got this done in Canada, there is one open at cross iron mills mall just outside of calgary. They say it tingles and it sure did, where my gums turned white, which they said they could "blanch", With in a couple hours I was missing all the skin and I have exposed tissue that is very painful and sore. Not to mention that anything is causing it to bleed. I am very uspet and this was never montioned that this could happen. Over night the part that is explosed has become bigger and more painful. I am in the middle of speaking with someone about getting my money back. THIS IS NOT WORHT IT!!!! I feel they have no told us everything about the outcomes that could happen. Dont waste your time or money!!!!!
359. - JIM - 06/20/2010
I was going to do some online research before I signed up for the Global Whitening at our local mall. I made the mistake to take what I thought was a $49 discount and have it done “Today only.” It is the next morning, and the middle of my upper outside top lip seems to have regained its’ former shape after being stretched way too tight, but the pain in the center of the inside of my bottom lip is not going away, even with the Vitamin E that I purchased afterward on it. As for as Listerine, well I might as well be pouring alcohol on an open wound. And of course my teeth are about 1/2 as white as they are after a normal dental cleaning. No wonder they like to use cute petite gals and big buxom blondes who act like used car salesmen to pitch the procedure. Well the jokes on THEM…that big blonde is taking her own private share of the cash sales home with her. Not too hard to figure out for someone who used to be in retail security.
360. - Natalie - 06/22/2010
I just spend over an hour reading every thing on this blog because i was not sure if i should do the teeth whitening at the mall. I work there and i pass by it all the time and see many people get it done. Seeing as how on this blog it is a 50/50 response on good results and bad results it's basically you are taking a risk. & if a risk is what you want to take then that is your own business. I used the white strips and i LOVE them. But it takes forever. I'm still iffy on doing the whitening because they are so many amazing points on this blog. But like i said if you want to do it-it's your risk. & i might just be willing to take that.
361. - Rob - 06/28/2010
I had my teeth whitened at a dentist office and it wasn't a dentist doing it. It was some assistant making 10 to 12 bucks an hour. $500.00 bucks later my teeth are no whiter and they hurt like hell. I think Dentists are worried about loosing one of their biggest money makers.
362. - Natalie - 07/02/2010
Okay so i wrote in this blog earlier that my friend and i were going to try the kiosk whitening and we did. It took 30 minutes and they put this what looks like a mouth guard in with goopy stuff. i wish i had the name for it but i forgot what it was. Tasted very minty and it was safe to swallow. Also, there was no discomfort. The only thing was that my upper lip hurt but that's cause how your lips are placed and my friends tongue. But our teeth are a lot whiter and i loved it :) We both got 2 treatments for only $40.00. so i can't wait to go back! it does work and is safe and saves you A LOT of money! Plus, before i went to the kiosk i actually called my dentist and he said if i came there and did it-it would be the same thing. except they clean your teeth first. so either way the kiosk was a good idea :)
363. - Josh - 07/15/2010
I've had my teeth whitened at a wow smile express kiosk and there was no sensitivity and my teeth did get whiter! There is no reason that a dentist needs to administer these for astronomical prices when anyone that is trained for 15 minutes can do it...just follow the proven procedure with the aproved and tested amount of whitening product, aproved and tested lights, for the aproved and tested amount of time and there is no room for more than at the dentist! You do not need extensive experience and a degree to do this procedure. If you do that doesnt say much about being a dentist because we all know what you need to go to the dentist for and that is anything involving numbing such as fillings, crowns, extractions, etc...given the right tools I would let any one of my friends clean or whiten my teeth because those services where you are still paying for the expertise but only getting a service that you can learn in no time are not worth it!
364. - KO - 07/19/2010
I have to say I am very disappointed with BleachBright. The sales gal gave me the impression I was going to really whiten up. She took out her sample tooth color chart and matched me up. I honestly didn't see a difference when she finished 20 min later. She tried to say I was 2-3 shades lighter. Not true. I know what my teeth look like. I'm upset I wasted good money. That's what I get for being a sucker. Don't bother wasting your money; you're better off to use OTC strips or something.
365. - FAYE - 07/23/2010
My friend and I received the bleachbright process in nc on 7/21/10. we are definitely not satisfied and the results from this process for both of us are horrific. We have been in contact with this bleachbright facility several times with run around and no promised return call from the “manger”. The pain and swelling on my lips is so severe, I saw my doctor and was diagnosed with “chemical burns” from this process and received 2 prescriptions. With this news, my friend has also scheduled an appt with her doctor. I can provide documentation.
DON'T DO IT!!!!!
366. - Paige - 07/23/2010
I've done a lot of research and spoke with my dentist. According to my dentist it all depends on the product that the kiosk is representing. she said that product that yields the best results and is the safest on the market is the davinci teeth whitening product but that you have to be careful because some people will just tell you that they are using that product brand. the best way to find someone offering davinci is to go to their webpage at and find a location or call them. I had my teeth done and it was pleasant and I got fabulous results. best of luck, hope this helps
367. - Brown Tooth - 07/25/2010
Anyone out there have a brown front tooth?
368. - Another opinion - 08/11/2010
Thank you all for the posts! I was unsure of the "mall" or "other than dentist" service but would like my teeth done. My canines are getting really yellow and it bothers me but the dentist I called said they need to do a complete workup with x-rays and cleaning and all " that is the same everywhere" and I think, yes, if their training says that would be best, then I would like them to make that recommendation (!) but not force me to do all that (and pay for it) if I just want the teeth whitening done. I am 43, not 5, and feel like I can make my own decisions about my body and teeth and if I just want the whitening done and take a chance that there is a loose filling or something else, then I should have the right to waive their recommended care (I can sign a waiver). The way it is, I feel blackmailed: either I do all sorts of expensive stuff with them or I go to the mall. Well, I don't like to be blackmailed, so I guess it's going to be the mall. The way the dentist receptionist talked to me, it sounded like I was a bad person for not doing all the work on my mouth they wanted to do before the $500 whitening. I was willing to pay for that done by a pro but not for unnecessary x-rays etc (out of pocket) as well. My teeth are fine, just a little discolored. My Nutritionalist said they look fine and she recommended using baking soda to brush the teeth with every once in a while to brighten them up. I am not sure about the effect of that on the surface of the teeth. I wish the dentists would be friendlier and share their expertise for a resonable fee and not force you to do all sorts of work on your teeth before answering a few questions. Phew - it does feel good to vent a little.
369. - dentists? - 08/12/2010
Dentists go through 4 years of undergrad, and then 4 years of dental school. Everything we learn and are taught is for the benefit ouf our patients. You can sign a waiver, but it is useless, most state laws say you can not consent to malpractice. So signing a waiver does not let the dentist off the hook like you think it does. If they then do whitening and you end up needing a root canal ($1200) and crown ($1000) because you had a cavity that an x-ray would have shown, the dentist is responsible.

Getting this done in the mall for a few bucks less becomes pretty expensive if you have other dental issues going on. Dentist use carbamide peroxide not hydrogen, there is a difference in safety. At the mall you administer the product, so you only have yourself to blame when something goes wrong.
370. - Dental Rep - 08/15/2010
This is in reponse to the above. I am a dental rep for DaVinci Teeth Whitening Systems. I am very familiar with all of the products that dentists use and I can tell you that dentists will use Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide or a combination thereof, depending on their whitening methods. The dentists that I work with use the DaVinci proprietary gel for use with the light during in office whitening sessions and will typically send a patient home with Carbamide because carbamide has a longer shelve life. Our dentists, professionals, and consumers love our products because they are safe and yield good results. The side effects of any whitening product, whether purchased from your grocery store, from your dentist, or from a mall kiosk can be gum blanching and sensitive teeth. However, the DaVinci whitening product has been proven to have little to no side effects. This is due to the lack of chemicals in our product.
371. - Pat - 08/22/2010
No offence but some of you are just spreading lies. 99% of the time these places are not using a product even remotely close to as strong as a dentist whether in the US or Canada. Any reference to concentrations of 35% is usually carbomide peroxide which from an effectiveness standpoint is about HALF as strong as a dentist. These are not much stronger than you can buy at your local Walmart from Crest or some other brand. And the light if completely fine with your glasses.
honestly, the fear mongering is pushed by dentist and dental association that recognize that they are loosing a piece of there enormous pie and they are worried. People realized that there is an alternative to being ripped off. Not to say that some kiosks wont try it as well but at the strength most are using I would rather them then spend 600 and be in pain have my lips burned and be talked down to by a condesending overpayed dentist.
Also yes, dentist do go to school for a very long time but not to learn teeth whitening. In two weeks of personal research i was able to be more informed than most any dentist I speak with. Most know little about the lights, product or the process. Anyone gullible enough to think that because someone went to Dental School that somehow they are smarter than you, deserves to get taken to the oral cleaners if you know what I mean.
Don't misunderstand dentist have their place and can be lifesavers almost literally but dont buy every bridge that is for sale.
And one last point. Just like there are good and bad operators of teeth whitening kiosks surprise surprise there are GOOD AND BAD DENTISTS.(shocking I know!!!!)
372. - Jayne Barry - 10/06/2010
Wow! this has been a long but amazing discussion. I am interested in this business, actually a mobile whitening business. I truly believe it is a service that is beneficial to people, i don't want to scam anyone - no amount of money is worth that!. My problem is... what company to sign up with? What system truly works.??? It seems,what gets the bleaching product working is the light and that's what makes it different from at home kits. I just think some people don't want to be bothered repeatedly applying the product time and time again for slight results. I'm the type that wants instant results. But! i can't afford a dentist.
I'm concerned about the people that got hurt, i need to know why they were burned or didn't see results yet so many others had great results. Which product is the best???? Will i know when a person is getting burned, do they feel it happening?
Someone out there please help. I'm excited to get started : )
373. - Liz - 10/08/2010
Hello Jayne,

I work in a Plastic Surgery center in South Carolina. I have tried several companies. Most of them just tell you what you want to hear. I am now working with a company that has great customer service, training, and the only product I would now even consider for my practice. My dentist told me about it. You should give them a call or check them out. Their website is Good luck and I wish you the best with your new business.
374. - Brian Runsick - 11/04/2010
I am in the middle of a Federal Trade Commission Hearing about my very bad experience that I experienced with BleachBright in Raleigh, NC. The FTC bebieves no one else is having any problems with the pain experienced with this product or application. I highly recomend you email them with your experiences. you can send them to me at [email protected] and I will forward them to them.
375. - Laura - 11/14/2010
Hello Liz,
Read your comment on 10/8/10 above. I to have been through a lot of companies trying to find a good product. Thanks for the recommendation, the Davinci product is awesome, but I found that there is another company that is playing off the Davinci name. If you are looking for a great teeth whitening company, you gotta try DaVinci Teeth Whitening System. The corporate office is in Colorado. I even flew out there and did my training. What a great product and company. The customer service is superior.
376. - KO - 11/16/2010
To Brian. How can I contact them directly? I am very disappointed that I wasted my money too. I honestly could not see any difference and was also told I wouldn't be charged if I wasn't satisfied. What a lie.
377. - Carol - 12/01/2010
Light Smile Express - Richmond, VA. Went for 1 hour appointment yesterday (200 dollars)with $75 off coupon. Did not do anything for me - even boyfriend and children said nothing looked different. Of course, the guy that worked there said it did - called the next morning and asked for refund - they do not give that of course - offered me a 15 minute "touch up" session. Sorry, I still have blisters on my lip from whatever the stuff they use is. Have emailed their supposed aol address and get no response. Total rip-off...
378. - Sofia - 12/13/2010
6% Hydrogen peroxide is what most wise kiosks use, whitening takes lomger but completely SAFE. If it was so DANGEROUS then why can you buy a home kit anywhere with high % of hydrogen peroxide. I have HIGHLY sensitive teeth and had my teeth done at Smile Centre Cyprus in Larnaca and they are not damaged at al. My teeth are not more sensitive than before and the service was fab.
379. - Anna - 12/16/2010
As a Registered Dental Hygienist in Toronto i strongly recommend people to look at the evidences and make an informed decision before deciding where to go for
Teeth Whitening in Toronto. Two are the things that people should be aware of:
1- Mall kiosks are licensed businesses not dental professionals.
2- The percentage of gel used is limited ( Not the same as the one used in dental offices).

Not everyone is a good candidate for Teeth Whitening page and the only way to find out if teeth whitening is the right treatment for you is by letting a dental professional look into your mouth.
By law no one is allowed to perform oral examination unless licensed by the government ( Dentists & Dental Hygienists can).
380. - Andrey - 12/16/2010
Anna you are right. I have recently seen advertising from dental hygienists that do teeth whitening for a very reasonable price. Since you are a Dental Hygienist your self do you think these people are worth a try?
Here is what they say if you go to about us they say they are Dental Hygienists and they offer mobile services.
Please give me your opinion on these people because if they are licensed th eprocedure must be safe. The price s very tempting, but i dont know coz i have never done teeth whitening before so its hard for me to chose.
381. - Anna - 12/17/2010
I can not tell you where to get your whitening done but as long as they are licensed i would definitely consider them. I checked their site looks like a good deal :)
382. - Valerie - 12/31/2010
I have three dental chairs and two dental lights for sale. We operated a mall kiosk for a very short time and I am now selling the equipment. One of the lights was never used. I also have about 30 teeth whitening kits and pens. We were a Bleachbright franchisee. If interested please call 843-259-0664.
383. - Brion mckee - 01/01/2011
i went to a teeth whitening kiosk called extreame white and it tooked 15 minutes to bleach my teeth they had a heating light and it made my gums tingled it hurt and 2 weeks later i notice my teeth looking uneaven colored i wont ever do that again.
384. - Terry - 01/13/2011
I'm very surprised. I went to a davinci teeth whitening kiosk in the mall in Florida that was recommeneded to me by my dentist. Fabulous service and amazing results. I guess it just depends on what company you us. Good Luck...hope you end up with davinci:o)
385. - Sofia - 01/17/2011
Can I just say, I made a point previously (no. 378) As previously mentionned, if this proceedure should only be practiced by dentists you would not be able to buy home kits. Regardless, I think you should always ask the percentage of hydrogen peroxide present and if its over 8% thats when problems like sensitivity occurs. SO, next time any of you buy a home kit, you will see there are some with up tp 30% which can badly damage teeth so do AVOID!
386. - Denise - 01/17/2011
I did this teeth whitening at the "Wow Smile Express" kiosh yesterday in the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, California.
I left with a fat lip caused by a chemical burn. It looks horrible and I'm very self-conscienous today. I would NEVER go back.
I told the guy working that my lip was swollen and it felt burned, but he basically didn't care or do anything. I walked away. About 30 minutes later I went back. The guy had left and his replacements were there. One guy laughed and said it looked like I had botoxin injected into my upper lip. Again, not taking it seriously. If my lip doesn't go down in the next few days, they will be hearing from me and my lawyer.

Please be very careful if you decide to do this in the mall. In hindsight, I can't believe I took such a stupid chance, as it's really not like me.
387. - Anna - 01/20/2011
@Brion mckee

The reason why most people complaint of sensitivity is because the gel gets in contact with the gums and soft tissue.
A proper teeth whitening treatment requires gum insulation with something called liquid rubber dam. It eleminates the contact of the gel with the gums.
Mall kiosks are not allowed to place anything into your mouth and the percentage of gel they can use is limited.
Thats why people experience sensitivity and poor results from mall Kiosks.
PS: if any salon or kiosk owner want to argue these facts here please reply to my post and i will be more then happy to educate them. May be they will realize that ripping people off and claiming no sensitivity or results guaranteed is WRONG
388. - Anna - 01/20/2011
Here are the lies of these mall kiosks caught on tape by ABC news
389. - Martha Castillo - 01/25/2011
If this was unsafe why would millions of people be doing it? As for damaging your enamel...going to the dentist and using their gel that is more than 2 times stronger - would be worse. This page has nothing but lies and is so confusing they say the malls use a carbomide that is dentist never even use carbomide, they use hydrogen at 35% which is equal to carbomide 105%!! Talk about dangerous, it is so strong that when you go to the dentist they have to protect your gums with a gum protector, or that gel will rip your gums off!! These people have no idea what they are even saying....cosmetic teeth whitening is more safe!!
390. - candie - 01/27/2011
I have just been hired by a company White Science, a kiosk mall situation. My concerns are many ...However, thanks to this blog ,Im more confused than ever and instead of easing with my new job, Im left with more questions.My fellow employee never once has asked customers if they have any oral health questions,nor does he ever apply any protection for gums, I questioned him on this , But he only ever said , its all good and pain is normal!Common sense tells me when someone is in the chair shaking ,that this proceedure is perhaps not for them. Next I was trained to say that the whitning system takes 20 minutes and the bleach formula is 44% carbamide.
if anyone can tell me if the White Science product is safe. please let me know.
391. - Jenna - 02/04/2011
This is infact very unsafe and I would recommend havin teeth whitened by a trained member of the dental sector. I'm a dental nurse based in the UK and I'm not just sayin this to make money as infact I wouldnt make the money...However I am trained in the zoom tooth whitening and perform this atleast 3 times a week and I always have great results in this procedure but it does cost alot of money £250 each arch) but is also worth it. I have also had a patient go to a beauty salon and have both arches upper and lower whitened for £99...Yes it worked, the person who whitened their teeth was not trained to do so, they burnt the patients soft tissues, this being the gums, cheeks and tongue. The reason this happened was because untrained persons do not know that all soft tissues should be covered with cotton wool and gauze and a gel MUST be put onto the soft tissues and set so that no bleach touches the tisses. The patient came into the surgery in immense pain with blisters on her soft tissues and very sensitive teeth because there was not desensitising gel put on the teeth after the procedure, this lead her to not be able to eat or drink therefore leaving her dehydrated. So infact I would not recommend anyone to go and get their teeth whitened in a shopping centre or a beauty salon even if it does mean getting it for cheaper, personally I think it is just not worth the risk at all.
392. - BrittanyD - 02/07/2011
From all the comments I've read here, I wouldn't ever go to a kiosk in a mall or beauty salon to get my teeth whitened. I would only ever do at-home whitening using a product like crest whitestrips (which I can't use due to crooked bottom front teeth) or the trays. I am currently using the trays and am having poor results. My teeth are bleaching but they are blotchy and my gums are sensitive where the bleach touched them. I will contact my dentist today (when they are open as it's 2:30am right now) and see how much custom trays and bleaching gel costs. I would feel safer buying it from my dentist if it means less soreness and more even bleaching. I bought the Kroger brand EasyFit whitening trays kit. There is barely any gel in the trays and I have to use a toothpick to move the gel up into the area where my teeth will be, on the outer sides of inside the tray.

I will not trust any mall kiosk to bleach my teeth. Plus I don't even think there are any bleaching kiosks in Ohio anymore. I haven't seen any. Has the law changed? Is it now illegal?
393. - Jennifer - 03/08/2011
I got my teeth whitened this January in Colorado Springs at the Citadel Mall. The kiosk was run by Da Vinci Teeth Whitening Systems. I got blisters on my gums, they were very painful and I was unable to brush the front of my teeth for nearly two weeks. I bought the home whitening kit and the teeth whitening pen and now I am leery of using the products. Da Vinci refuses to allow a return on the unused kit and pen. They say that the home kit is a lot less powerful than the kiosk product and that I signed paperwork mentioning the no return policy. Unfortunately, they do not give the customer a copy of this document. I will definitely never use a kiosk for this service again. My total bill came to $179.00. I could have accomplished this at my dentist for the same price AND without the painful blisters!!
394. - Kim Suarez - 03/08/2011
I am a 2nd year dental hygiene student graduating in May 2011. I find these mall kiosk very alarming and surprised that they are still able to operate through varies loop holes. My concern with the kiosk whitening stands is the misconception that the provider is a health care professional. When in fact, there dental knowledge in most of these locations is not adequate to be advising people on what whitening products they may or may not need. There are a number of contraindictions for cosmetic bleaching such as, crowns and composite restorations (white fillings) areas of recession and untreated dental and periodontal disease. It is always best to talk with your dental health care provider before choosing ANY whitening products.
395. - Kim Suarez - 03/08/2011
Martha 389: If it is dangerous why are millions of people doing it? It is just like cigarettes and the lottery which prey on the uneducated. Another note, I failed to mention is the endogenous intrinsic stains these stains occur from within the body and can not be removed (Examples of this includes pulpless teeth, amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis). Dental professional are trained to assess these conditions.You may very well be paying for teeth whitening on teeth that won't whiten. The money you save today by getting whitening on the cheap MAY cost you down the road. But you can always chance it...
396. - Kim - 03/08/2011
More reasons your teeth may be discolored and won't whiten. The list continues: Fluorosis, erythroblastosis fetalis, jaundice. Exogenous intrinsic stains, endodontic therapy.
397. - Kim - 03/09/2011
Autonomy is the ethical principle of respect for patients. This includes allowing the patient to make decisions regarding their own treatment. However, informed consent is necessary. Informed consent requires the patient/person to be provided with all necessary relevant information regarding their treatment options, risks vs. benefits and prognosis. So that the person can make an informed decision regarding their care. A dental health care professional can be charged with assault and battery if a patient is treated with out informed consent. At these kiosk their is no INFORMED consent, just consent.
398. - CARLOS - 03/19/2011
I had my teeth bleached at northlake mall in atlanta and I had a great experience as well as results and it was only $79. It was well worth as my teeth went up 3 shades lighter!
399. - Bruce - 03/19/2011
The biggest scam I see, is the name of this website. This is not a review page, this is an agenda driven, misinformation site. I did Bleach Bright yesterday. Saw 3-4 shades improvement in the 40 minute session. I liked the convenience, the price and I didn't have to listen to a dentist tell me I need $1200 worth of unnecessary dental exams, xrays, etc. I only wanted my teeth whiter. For those of you complaining about the service, don't go back, go to your dentist and pay them 2-3 times for the same treatment, then you will have a sympathetic ear to chirp in when the results don't meet your expectations.
400. - Sally - 03/24/2011
I got my teeth whitened by Davinci in the Citadel mall in Colorado Springs and it was a fabulous. My dentist recommended because he does not offer this service. I am very happy and didn't have to pay an arm and a leg. I would recommend it to anyone.
401. - Dianna - 03/27/2011
I have tried the mall and to me it did the same as the Crest Whitening Strips that were cheaper. Recently I have purchased customs trays from a dentist who did a deal on livingsocials. It was only $99 and has been working great. I only have to buy refills for my trays when needed, but so far I haven't had to yet.
402. - Mal - 04/17/2011
I think some of the comments on here are just so dumb! People complaining that a treatment in the Mall the same as they can do at home being so much more expensive. LOL! Compare, I can make coffee at home for about 50cents, Starbucks $7. I can dye my hair using a supermarket bought kit for $10, hairdresser $65. Carwash home $3 out $15.
If you want someone else to do for you then you pay for their time, their equipment and their rental space. How people waste the space on that argument is just well, a waste of space!
403. - Jamie - 05/02/2011
I am writing to say that I was very disappointed with the service of the Cross Iron Mills Kiosk. My mother and I went there twice within three days. There were different people working the both times we went and we waited around and did not get helped after waiting for five minutes both times. The first time the woman did not acknowledge we were there and did not offer us any information about the product. The second time the woman was on the phone the whole time we were standing there. We are very interested in the product but will go elsewhere because that service in unacceptable. Most people who work at kiosks are begging for people to try their product, this was not the case for your product. Maybe something to think about in the future for Cross Iron. blanccosmetics the worst service
404. - Marissa Tait - 05/02/2011
Dont go to blanccosmetics calgary alberta canada.
i recently got a teeth whitening treatment at kiosk and my gums are bleeding and pealing off now i have pictures and seen a doctor reguarding this. I am very disapointed as i was told this was 100% safe and now i can't even eat because of the pain i am going threw. i have no choice but to take legal action
405. - Sophia - 05/15/2011
I bought a coupon on GroupMe a couple months ago for a teeth whitening service. I called and made my appt and came to find that it was for a kiosk at the mall. I was so disappointed but did not want to waste my money. I am OBSESSED with white teeth so I decided to give it a try. My lady helper person put up some stained fake teeth and put it up to mine and found that it was already the whitest stage but told me it would make my teeth up to 5 shades lighter. That had me sold. She gave me some Vitamin E to rub on my gums and gave me a rubber mold with peroxide on it. I asked for the percentage and she told me 35%! My mouth was tingling and I'm not so sure that it made a difference on my teeth. So I'm pretty upset.

I normally use the crest whitening strips advanced professional or whatever. And I love how white my teeth get with it! So if you don't want o spend the money. Try it!
406. - Anita Taylor - 05/24/2011
When I was approached at the mall in San Jose I wasn't thinking straight. I'm a 54 year old about to get married, and the 'sales people' know just what to say.
They promised my money back if I wasn't happy, and I wasn't. However trying to get my money back was impossible.
The solution was left on longer due to the color of my teeth. Which burned my gums making it impossible to eat/drink anything for 3 days. I wrote a long letter to the owner about the injury the staff or product caused me, his reply was:

Hello. I'm very sorry to hear about this. We don't have refunds for the service.
Thank you WhiteScience
ðùìç îä-iPhone ùìé

WOW, it's amazing what people are allowed to get away with...

407. - Josh - 05/27/2011 is obvious who is actually writing REAL comments and who is just the competition trying to write a good review of their product.

Honestly, why would somebody write a comment saying that the teeth whitening at the mall hurt their teeth or it didn't work? Are they all dentists trying to keep customers away from the whitening kiosks?
There probably are not that many dentists out there that don't care about the customer and are purely money-driven...

Now why would somebody write a comment saying that the teeth whitening they got was great?
-It could have actually worked for some people because everybody is different and everyone will experience different reactions. This is why people go to the dentist so they can be PERSONALLY examined because it is a PERSONAL situation person-to-person.
-The other OBVIOUS reason is that they work for one of the kiosk's or they are a kiosk companies owner trying to convince people that it is safe.

To all of you idiot teeth whitening companies..stop trying to argue that it is "safe" when anybody with Google can find a million reasons that it is not safe.

The fact of the matter is that all forms of teeth whitening are not really safe for everyone. Sure they may make your teeth whiter...but at what cost? Anyways, the whitening is not permanent and you have to keep doing it.

Why don't people just practice better oral hygiene? Teeth could be a lot whiter with the basics - FLOSS, BRUSH YOUR TEETH, and perhaps mouthwash. Do that every time after eating and you will have whiter teeth.
408. - Jane - 06/04/2011
Dentists make an enormous profit on bleaching. Unfortunately I think this is just another ploy by dentists to protect their bottom line. Scare people into believing that anything dental related performed without the supervision of a dentist is unsafe. I'm surprised the ADA lobbyists haven't petitioned the goverment to require people to get instuction from a dentist prior to being able to purchase a toothbrush.
409. - Denue - 06/08/2011
What idiots. You would think by reading some of the comments that you would die from teeth whitening......get a grip, it's just teeth whitening. All I read here is minor issues, not teeth falling out. Go spend your time complaining about stuff that really does damage, like...smoking, drinking, obesity, drugs, etc. I've been whitening my teeth for years and may have encountered a little gum irritation or a blister, but so what my new tennis shoes give me blisters maybe I should start a blog on that. I personally like the convenience of whitening at the mall. I always get a great service there. I've even gotten them done at my salon. By the way Josh#07 Brushing and Flossing doesn't keep your teeth white. I am very diligent about my oral hygien. If that worked, there would be no market for whitening.
410. - Lisa - 06/16/2011
I have been getting my teeth whitened for years by the dentist and paid over $1000.00 of dollars doing it. I always had pain during and after from the dentist. He told me that was part of it and to take tylenol. So I delt with it because i am a smoker and well i don't need to say more. Then I was in the mall and ran into Whitening on Wheels by WhiteScience makers of SpaWhite and the guy told me he was not a dentist and also told me he would guarantee at least 2 shades whiter. I was skeptical but for $149.00 verses the $600.00 i paid at the dentist it was worth a shot. I couldnt believe I had NO PAIN, No sensitivity after and my teeth looked BETTER then when the dentist did them for $600.00. I was sold! I then decided to look into this company and purchased my own franchise. I have been doing teeth whitening now for a year and have had a 100% success rate with all my customers! There is alot of wrong information being spread here about the peroxide levels. Oh by the way I want to address one more thing before I forget. We/I ask all my customers before I whiten their teeth if they have any dental issues, cavities, bleeding gums and if there are pregnant! I also ask them when the last time they had a cleaning at the dentist. If they tell me years I SUGGEST they see their dentist for a cleaning and checkup first before doing the whitening! Ok so back to peroxide. This is the true breakdown.

There are literally hundreds of dental whitening formulations available today. In one way or another, they all acknowledge causing gingival burning and tooth sensitivity. Yet, each one claims to do so less than the others. The fact is all of these preparations use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (which breaks down to form hydrogen peroxide, albeit at a lower concentration) as its active ingredient. Peroxide burns when it contacts gingival tissue and causes sensitivity when it penetrates the enamel, finding its way to the nerves along the fluid paths supplied by the dentinal tubules.
No one disputes the effectiveness of peroxide as a bleaching agent, and, the higher the concentration of peroxide, the more effective the agent is. So, if we are to continue to use peroxides as bleaching agents, we must either:
1. Accept the fact that burning and sensitivity are unavoidable side effects.
2. Prevent the peroxide from contacting the sensitive soft tissues of the gingival and dentinal tubules.

Dentist's have followed option one far too long, much to the dismay of their patients. So it is option two that is the obvious choice, and the one which led to the development of SpaWhite formulations. Below I will attempt to explain how SpaWhite accomplishes this. However, I must state first that certain details are proprietary so will not be disclosed. However, the following provides sufficient detail for the practitioner to appreciate how SpaWhite can bleach effectively without burning and sensitivity. Hydrogen peroxide: The cause of discomfort in dental bleaching. Teeth bleaching using hydrogen peroxide began in the late nineteenth century. During the early part of the twentieth century it was mixed with other bleaching agents, such as hydrochloric acid. But, since the early 1970’s, H2O2 is the sole active ingredient of choice for dental bleaching.
H2O2 is acidic. It is this acidity that causes the burning, sensitivity and discomfort associated with dental bleaching. Many dentists today simply accept discomfort as a necessary by-product of the bleaching process, administering analgesics, such as ibuprofen, before and after bleaching procedures.

Commercial production of hydrogen peroxide now utilizes a process based on the auto-oxidation of anthraquinones. The degradation by-products of this reaction are typically acidic.
Because H2O2 solutions are generally more stable at low pH, some producers may add mineral acids (e.g., phosphoric or nitric acids) to further lower the pH - either in the production process or afterwards. The water used to prepare commercial solutions of H2O2 is generally of very high quality (i.e., de-ionized, with low acidity), and so does not significantly affect the true pH of the product.
Most commercial solutions of H2O2 contain stabilizers (chelating and sequestering agents) which have been added to minimize decomposition of the product through transport and storage. While some stabilizers are alkaline, most are acidic and exhibit buffering properties which add acidity to the product. The amount and type of stabilizers varies between producers, product grades, and H2O2 concentration. Electronic and Reagent grades are more pure (less stabilizers, less acidity) while Dilution and Cosmetic grades have among the highest levels of stabilizers.
Consequently, it is not possible to state with any certainty the pH of commercial H2O2 solutions. However, it is likely that the apparent pH will be pH 4-5 for the more dilute products (3-10% H2O2) and pH 1-4 for the more concentrated products (35-70% H2O2).

How does SpaWhite bleach effectively and not cause burning or sensitivity? The chemistry in SpaWhite stabilizes the hydrogen peroxide, raises solution pH to between 7.0 and 8.0, and forms an aqueous barrier that effectively diminishes the penetration of hydrogen peroxide into the gingival tissues, while selectively allowing the hydroxyl radicals to penetrate the enamel for rapid tooth whitening. It’s only natural that dentists will want to know how this barrier allows bleaching to take place so effectively without causing tissue burning. Because they are trade secrets, the details of the chemistry involved in this process must necessarily be held confidential.
But, superficially, this is what happens:

SpaWhite uses a two-part mix. The ingredients in each part are isolated from each other during storage, as, once the contents of the two are combined, the solution is activated and active life drops to a matter of hours. In the case of the VHP (Variant Hydrogen Peroxide) In-Office formulation, the contents of the two parts are mixed by the dental practitioner, then the mixture applied by way of a single-barrel, non-invasive syringe. In the Take-Home Whitener the components are mixed dynamically from a dual-barreled syringe fitted with an auto-mix nozzle, in which is embedded a helical implement which effectively combines the contents of the tubes to an approximate 50/50 mix.

In each case, one part of the mix contains a high concentration of H2O2 with a pH ranging between 3.9 and 4.8. The other part contains a number of ingredients, one of which is a formulation that extracts moisture form the gingival to form its own soft-tissue barrier. Other ingredients include an active pH balancer, flavorings, and humectants that replace some of the water that is extracted from the gingival.
Gingival cells are predominantly water, whereas teeth contain very little water. SpaWhite uses a proprietary technology called Extracted Aqueous Barrier (EAB), which creates its own barrier which is chemically repellent to H2O2. With bleaches that do not have EAB, paint-on barriers are used with some success to prevent gingival burning. However, this process adds to both cost and patient discomfort in the time required to apply the barrier. What’s more, imperfect application can still result in burning.

A far more impressive aspect of EAB is its ability to prevent tooth sensitivity. Dentine, the layer of the tooth just under the enamel, is composed of dentinal tubules which form fluid paths between the enamel and the nerves. If H2O2 penetrates the enamel and contacts the dentinal tubules, it follows the fluid path to the nerve and tooth sensitivity occurs. However, since water is always present in these tubules, EAB forms its barrier preventing H2O2 from flowing between the inside of the enamel and the tubules. No paint-on dam or other prophylaxis can do this. So why doesn’t this prevent the teeth from being bleached? Because teeth contain relatively little water, virtually no barrier forms on the teeth, allowing H2O2 to penetrate the tooth structure and form the radicals that bleach the enamel. Essentially, SpaWhite takes advantage of the very condition that causes sensitivity to prevent it. This is the innovation that makes SpaWhite truly different from other H2O2 bleaching formulations. Certain information in this report was supplied by U.S. Peroxide Corp.

Thank you for reading.

Lisa Michaels
WOW Bright Smiles
411. - Lisa - 06/16/2011
Oh one more thing, I am not kncoking dentist I love my dentist. I know dentist who use our product for their patients. We just make it affordable for all to have the cosmetic teeth whitening done. We all come across people in the industry who makes it bad for the rest of us. We should not be lumped in with those few bad apples.

Anita, if you were my customer I would have told you that with age our teeth get discolored its a natural process. And sometimes they cannot get whiter without vaneers. So I am sorry you had the experience you did with the person you had. I always do the whitening first then ask for the money. I have never had a customer not pay. I believe in my product and I am honest and upfront with my customers. You can read my reviews all over the interent. Sites like this stealing my videos lol It's ok more exposure for me.

Have a great day!
Lisa Michaels
412. - Ace Khaw - 07/06/2011
Are you guys so naive as to spend hundreds and hundreds on teeth whitening? The limits of the method are the same no matter who does it. The laser stuff simply dehydrates the teeth and they appear much lighter for some time (a few hours to a few days). You'll leave the kiosk/dentist happy but you had modest lightening results if any. There is a deal today that sells the mall kiosk whitening for $45 for 3 sessions that's $15 a session. So those of you paying $100 at the mall are also being naive.

The bottom line is the peroxide works - depending on how strong it is, may take longer or shorter time. The lights have not been proven to work other than by the light manufacturers' own "studies". Dentists trying to stop the kiosks is not the main issue here. They're both scamming you. Consumers should learn to think, research, and price compare. Don't believe any claim you hear. If you could get thin, have white teeth, get rid of all acne, have larger breasts etc easily and cheaply noone would have these problems.
413. - Dr. Shvartsman - 08/19/2011
1 hour light or laser assisted power whitening has been evaluated by numerous double blind studies published in a number of peer reviewed dental journals. All studies come to the same conclusion: the light is ineffective and does not contribute to whitening, the 25-35% hydrogen peroxide gel damages enamel and can cause sever burns on lips and gums. To make matters worse this type of whitening is the LEAST effective method with extremely high rebound effect. The recent article review in the Journal of Esthetic Dentistry corroborated these findings. for further information visit:
414. - paurlileyjames III - 08/24/2011
People who freak out and say you need to have a dentist and all their expertise to whiten your teeth are idiots. I go to my dentist and they sell me an at home whitening kit where I put on the 30% bleach myself. How the Frick is this safer then having someone with experience (the mall girls who do 10 - 15 of these a day) do it?

You dont spend 4 years in dental school learning to whiten teeth. You spend that time learning about how to fix teeth. Go mall girl, go.
415. - Ari - 08/26/2011
I had the DaVinci tooth whitening procedure done this morning. They used 16% hydrogen peroxide and light. It took my teeth from about a 9 to a -1, but a couple of hours after the procedure it started to HURT. Oh my goodness! This has got to be one of the most painful things I have ever experienced in my life.

If you have sensitive teeth think very carefully about doing this. It will hurt like hell!
416. - Joanne - 08/28/2011
First of all where did you get your information stating the "bleach" was 35%. We took the box home with us and it states that the bleach is ONLY 16% (H2o2) Hydrogen peroxide. (

As far at the LED lights..many studies have shown that they do not whiten the teeth anymore, the light just speeds up the bleaching process by drying it out.

9 out of 10 dentists will not purchase the LED lighting as it is very expensive and has not been proven to make any difference in whitening the teeth per FDA...
417. - Joanne - 08/28/2011
First of all where did you get your information stating the "bleach" was 35%. We took the box home with us and it states that the bleach is ONLY 16% (H2o2) Hydrogen peroxide. (

As far at the LED lights..many studies have shown that they do not whiten the teeth anymore, the light just speeds up the bleaching process by drying it out.

9 out of 10 dentists will not purchase the LED lighting as it is very expensive and has not been proven to make any difference in whitening the teeth per FDA...

In addition, if you do not go to the dentist on a regular basis and try to go just to have your teeth whitened, a dentist will not bleach your teeth without a full and proper mouth assessment. He/She would have to first examine teeth/mouth for (open sores, cavities, cancer, recession etc) A lot of people do not have dental insurance or will pay to get dental treatment including teeth cleaning twice a year. Yet, they will pay several hundreds of dollars for a quick fix (white)
418. - Ashley - 11/23/2011
I got my teeth whitened at DaVinci Teeth Whitening, the one that you have on your list.

I'm pissed. The lady used a teeth whitening tray on me and the gel burned my gums so badly I had to go to the Emergency Room. I paid $100 and she gave me my money back and begged me not to say anything. I told her I wanted my hospital bills paid in full. My gums were really red with blisters. All the ER did was give me a prescription for pain killers. OMG I will never do that again. I later found out that the whitening trays can cause severe damage to your gums. It took almost 2 weeks for my gums to feel any better. I could hardly eat anything and lost my job because I couldn't go in and talk to customers. Whatever Davinci uses in their stuff is harmful. I have pictures. The only reason why I didn't file a lawsuit is because the lady cried and begged me not to. She paid my hospital bills and pain medication prescriptions.
419. - jamie - 12/27/2011
i work at a teeth whitening kiosk and I have a bs in biology and animal science. I am certified to do teeth whitening as well and I work it as a part-time job. This article is proclaiming that all kiosks for teeth whitening are harmful, the staff are not prof. and to stay away, but that is not true. Most are FDA approved, and 35% carbamide peroxide is not damaging to your enamel (its the same as 16% hydro. per. but safer!). Yes its the same strength from your dentist. No it is not corosive to your enamel if used properly and having no chemicle preservitives as my company's gel is 100% natural.

Do a little more reserch!
420. - C London - 01/02/2012
I recently decided to stop at one of these "whitening kiosks" at my local mall. I'd been passing by it for well over a year and wanted to know more about their process. The fact that the "techs" don't assist and the customers "do it themselves" was enough alone to convince me this practice UNSAFE! It wreaks of insurance deniability should something actually go wrong.
421. - Guest - 01/26/2012
Reference #418 - Ashley

Your a joke! Anyone reading your review can see that. You say you went to ER and further say you lost your job because you couldn't speak???? If this was truly the case you would be suing your employer because an employer can't fire you if you had a Doctor's note. Your whole review is a little over the top!! Sounds like a sore competitor to me;-) I've used DaVinci for several years and have never had a problem.
422. - george - 01/30/2012
I see on this site all sorts of conflicting information. Please tell me what is the maximum level that may legally be applied to teeth for whitening and exactly who is legally allowed to apply it.
Is Smart Smile product within the legal limits?
423. - Sara - 02/21/2012
Hello George, I've been in this business for over 12 years and I have never heard of Smart Smile. Like any industry there are good and bad companies, so just do your homework before making a decision.
424. - Leslie Kurtas - 03/29/2012
I had Davinci whitening done yesterday for the first time in Florida. I am 49, a smoker and a coffee drinker. My teeth were minimally stained because of these factors. This system did what it says. It whitened my teeth several shades lighter, the colour is even and consistant,even on the restorations I had done on my two front teeth which were a concern for me as I thought they might not lighten as my natural teeth.I was inpressed and will go back. This is purely cosmetic and convenient and showed results for an acceptable cost. Some mild sensitivity 3 hrs after that lasted about 6-8 hours. This sesitivity prevented me from wanting to eat chewy,hard.cold or hot foods. I took a couple of tylenol and was good to go. I am happy, my husband likes the result and he is going back today to get his done. PS my lips and gums were never sore before,during or after the treatment. They were prep'd with a vitamin E oil prior to the treatment. I could not feel the topical solution on the surface of my teeth during the 40 min treatment and there was no bleach in the topical whitener.
425. - Shelby - 04/28/2012
My dentist in Greenville, SC told me to do it myself! It's not rocket science. Just be careful of the strength of the bleach! Coupon deals for the mall places make it very inviting. :)
426. - K.Diaz - 05/06/2012
I went to my local mall yest and was curious to find out more about the "SPAWHITE" kiosk. They were giving "free samples" and asked me to have a seat. As I was waiting to be helped I did see 2 men that were doing their treatments, after 1 man was done I heard his daughter say that she didn't see any difference. Regardless I still went on, my husband paid $141 as this was going to be my mother days gift. She never asked me if I was pregnant or any other dental ques. I applied Vaseline to my gums and she proceeded by applying the gel on my teeth. The only thing she mentioned was that my teeth would be 6-8 shades lighter. After 20 min treatment there was absolutely NO DIFFERENCE! She went on with a 2nd treatment and after being there for over 1.5 hours, and feeling pain all over my gums, I demanded my money back. The manager tried to give me the run around but I wasn't having it..... After nearly 15 min of arguing with him I got my $$$ back..... My advice is...... Save your money. Today I have a lot of blisters on my gums and they hurt really bad, and of course with no diff on my teeth color!
427. - TOM - 05/16/2012
Consumers, let me give the facts:I have been doing teeth whitening in flea markets, 15 minutes, 36, or44% Carb Peroxide.I have did over 260 people & have a customer satisfaction questioneer I have them fill out after the treatment.I have never-ever had a complaint & all see the differance at least 5-10 shades & so happy, the main comment is that "thats the best money I ever spent, kissing me,recommending me,and never a failure in all the years.This gel will not ever hurt your teeth, you can actually drink it.Have I had sensitivity?? Yes, it does happen I would guestaimate out of the 260 people I have did, I know this number is correct because I use teeth like brushersto remove film)and before treatment and been thru 2-3/4 boxes, I would say maybe 35 people claimed this,most shrug it off after seeing results, but if blanching occurs, i use a Vitamin E calsule, ask customer to chew, exposing the juice & rubbing it on the sensitive spot & walla!!! approx 4 minutes--gone.This is a very rewarding thing to do for people, it instills confidence & I actually dont do this for money, Im on a pension, but seeing the happy faces after Im done, makes me very happy.I do promise you,this will not affect your enamel, in fact you can do this 100 times & still wont.I have proved its safe & I dispute anyone to question this with me--anytime!!Your average cost is $99, the strips on the market are useless & a waste of money & keep you buying for better results which sometimes do produce some whitness, but not like the 15 minute treatment, so, take heed on that.Rest assured, in most cases, your teeth will come out gleaming, but in some cases, you have kids doing this who really dont know how to produce perfect results--I have did many reworks, and actually had a lady last week who I made 10 shades better.If not satisfied--demand a second treatment, for this person is not qualified.Sams club people are a perfect example.Cheap gels, led light produce 2 shades at best.I never have less then 5 evev!So, dont let these hygenist, who are jealous of such great results lead you to believe this non sense, believe me___I have prooved this many times.Any rebuttal will be answered promptly.
428. - Holly - 05/16/2012
I am a dental professional and all I can say is I would never do this. It's one thing to go and but the Crest Strips and go to the mall and have a non-dental professional give you advice on how to apply whitening agents with a light. All the light does is dehydrate the tooth which makes the teeth lighter for a small amount of time before saliva and liquids are reintroduced. This is the same with Zoom which is done in a dental office. My belief is to get the trays professionally made by your dentist and get the gel and whiten over a 1-2 weeks period. How you whiten your teeth is up to you as an individual...knowing the risks of course.
429. - Truther - 06/03/2012
In North America you can not put your hands or even touch the patient if you are not a licensed dental professional.
Compare this treatment done at the dentists office
with this treatment done at a spa salon.
Notice how the client does everything her self. No cavity check no oral assessment.

First video is referenced to
and second video to RenaissanceDaySpa (couldnt find a website for them)
430. - Andrea - 10/26/2012
I did plenty of research before choosing to offer DaVinci in my business. The trainig was very detailed and I feel confident in offering this service. Have already whitened my teeth, a friend, and several clients. All had great results on zero sensitiviy! Very excited to add this to my services! My salon is located in Frisco, TX and appointments can be made at
431. - Robert Oldenschencker, DDS - 12/07/2012
Do not entrust your health to these pseudo-dentists at the mall. Your teeth will become severely brittle, likely within 10 years of having the "procedure", and will almost certainl require extractions and dental implants. Moral of the story: go to a licensed doctor, dentist, whatever; you're paying for their expertise and assurance that the treatment will not cause serious bodily harm.
432. - Research Done - 02/11/2013
Check out the reviews on this webpage. Scroll to the very top of this page and go to "product reviews", then click on "kiosk, spa, and mobile whitening.
433. - Emily - 10/02/2013
I sold these treatments in the Mall of America and I'm selling them, now.

I've never seen a person have a bad reaction--I've sold nearly 400 of these treatments. There were only TWO side effects that I ever saw: one was blanching--which is when some of the peroxide gets under the gums. This is taken care of with vitamin E that we give the person.

The other side effect (besides whiter teeth) was 5 cases of mild tooth sensitivity. As in--the people reported the tooth sensitivity as being mild, themselves, after the treatment. However, they also said it was worth it--and we sell a rinse to help with that, too.

We guaranteed 2 shades whiter or the money isn't charged. That's right--the people paid after they used the product. There were only two people that didn't need to pay me.

Use your common sense--if it's the same product as over the counter, then it had better be safe or they need to stop selling it over the counter.

Furthermore; you can get the same two side effects from over the counter products--but they don't tell you how to care for those side effects like we do.

It isn't rocket science. Also--the light is not a strong light. It's a light emitting diode. Some people might even think they are black lights--the point is that they aren't very strong.

However--the LASERS used at the dental office are. Using a laser is a much worse thing to do to your teeth. That's a highly invasive procedure that gets through many layers of your teeth--and the tooth sensitivity is worse. Sometimes the dentist has to give you pain killers for it!

So--to anyone that thinks these products are unsafe... Think again.

A slew of dentists tried to get my old boss out of business. They couldn't prove their case! My boss did and he won! It's a great product that's very safe and the only ones that get shut down are the ones that aren't using it right.
434. - jen - 11/02/2013
RDA here the only thing that may cause problems using the mall system is if the pts mouth isn't up to par on his/her hygiene gum disease and carries should not have this treatment done until taken care of by DDS. very true dentist feel very threatened by this new service in malls is all it really is...customers of mall product get your mouth checked by DDS before doing mall procedures the person doing this should be trained what to look for b4 doing this on anyone...;)
435. - jen - 11/02/2013
RDA here the only thing that may cause problems using the mall system is if the pts mouth isn\'t up to par on his/her hygiene gum disease and carries should not have this treatment done until taken care of by DDS. very true dentist feel very threatened by this new service in malls is all it really is...customers of mall product get your mouth checked by DDS before doing mall procedures the person doing this should be trained what to look for b4 doing this on anyone...;)
436. - Tobrow - 02/09/2014
to be honest the dentist across the country OVER-CHARGE PEOPLE & tries to sell people the same service in their office(s). Dentists are mad because they cut into their profits because most people cant do it cause of the cost. 90% of the time the person cleaning/whitening your teeth is not the dentist its the UN-trained assistant doing for him without supervision.

I hope they start at lease other parts low end dentist services. because dentists over charge for a lot of stuff.
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