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Online Teeth Whitening Scams

Mar 30, 2013
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Last Updated 3/30/2013
The word "scam" is defined as: obtaining money by means of deception - and today you can find dozens of scams online - especially surrounding the field of over-the-counter teeth whitening. (TWR) has just concluded an investigation into this marketplace and found that companies looking to make a fast buck often invent fake personalities, reviews and testimonials to convince you their product is the real deal and worth the inflated (or unreasonably discounted) price you're paying.

In the unregulated, international world of Internet business, it is very easy for illicit marketers to start a private label teeth whitening business - without having to prove they've met any standards for safety or effectiveness. There are numerous manufacturers in China and elsewhere selling OEM whitening products at prices substantially less than their American or European counterparts. These products are not FDA-certified and are largely untested for efficacy. Would you really trust a whitening product that was made in the same country that created toxic toothpaste and melamine milk?

The Phony Review Website

One of the most common tricks used to build credibility for useless products is the fake review website. Scamsters create their own websites devoted to reviews of whitening products - and publish phony reviews, tests and claims - under the guise of objective Internet journalism. Some of the false testominoal/blog sties will even check your location via IP address, then plug your city in the testimonial (i.e. Cathy from Your City, Your State).

At one point, TWR was contacted by the makers of Vibrant White to remove their "scam" status on our website. The makers of Vibrant White were placed on our watch list because we found them to sponsor a website showcasing Vibrant White reviews. When we asked them to provide proof they had no affiliation with[dot]com, they responded,

"Vibrant White does not have any affiliation with We were contacted several months ago by them and they had explained their review site to us, we shipped them several free pens to try in their experiment."

Subsequent investigation by TWR revealed that both the product and the review website were hosted on the same server and IP address, proving that both sites were under the management of the same company.

To date, TWR has found the following review and testimonial sites to be sponsored, created or published by manufacturers of undocumented whitening products:












































































Last Minute Update

Watch your credit card statements! If you have purchased whitening products from an unknown source, be aware that TWR is also receiving reports of unauthorized charges from third-party partners of phony whitening manufacturers.


An effective whitening product can make a dramatic difference in your smile. And not all online whitening sites are scams, but it can be very difficult to know because of the suspicious marketing tactics that many of these companies use. To ensure you are getting a quality product, stick with over-the-counter brand names you recognize or visit your dentist (not mall kiosks) for professional in-office or take-home teeth whitening.

Online Brands To Avoid
BriteWhite (Extreme BriteWhite)
Dentech Whitening
Dazzle White
Dazzle White Now
Dazzle Smile
EverBright Smiles
Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener
Celebrity Sexy White
Celebrity Smile
Ivory White
Lucent Whites
Luminous Brites
Movie Star Look
Premium White
True Color Whitener
Vibrant White
Whitening Now
Easy White
Alta White
Whitening Brites
Ivory Brites
DentaWhite (Denta Whtie)
Brite Teeth Pro (Bright Teeth Pro)
Shimmering White
Super Smile White
White Blast
ZaaZoom White
Zero Peroxide
Ivory Smiles
Max White Teeth
Smart White
Bridal Beauty White
South Beach Smile
AllDayBright (All Day Bright)
True White
Pur Whtiening (Purwhitening)
UltraWhite Smile
Ultra Whites
SuperStar Smile
Dramatic Smiles
Smile Radiance
Vivid White Smile
TeethBrilliant (Teeth Brilliant)
Smile4You (Smile 4 You)
Super White Pro
Illumibrite Professional

TWR lists its most recent findings in the whitening scam reviews section of this site. It will be frequently updated as we receive reports from contributors.

Additional Information
The Better Business Bureau posted a warning about online teeth whitening scams after we published this article. Read the full article here

Update 8/3/2011
The FTC just slapped a $450 million dollar lawsuit on one of the kingpins behind many of these whitening scams. Read about it here and, here.

The FTC has also created this nifty little video warning consumers of "free trial offer" sites.
View here.

Update 2013
We've noticed significantly less scams online, but they still exist and are mainly promoted through deal sites like groupon. Watch out and checkout our article on groupon whitening!

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1. - Sarah - 01/09/2009
I can't believe so many online teeth whitening brands are doing this. Like everything in life, its always best to stick with reputable brands.
2. - David Shoff - 01/14/2009
THANKS!! I've finally found a site that has some truth to it about teeth whitening. I was looking hard at 4 of the products that you have told me to avoid! Thanks for the help.

David in Charlotte
3. - Barbi - 01/18/2009
Sooooo glad I came upon this!
Like David in Charlotte, I was contemplating a few of the sites listed above too.
Truth be told, I had just clicked on a 'review' website and sure enough, Vibrant White was front & center with 5 stars. I then scrolled to the bottom and clicked on Vibrant White's link which took me straight to their website. As I was about to leave their site, a 'live chat' window popped up inviting me to take advantage of an additional $20 off the price of their pen. Very tempting, indeed.
Thank you so much for the wise advice!
4. - DAWN - 01/24/2009
I bought te product and afterward told my dentist. He said he had never heard of vibrant white and would not recommend anything that is not ADA approved!
5. - Aaron - 01/25/2009
I can't believe this is happening! I just bought another 3 cause I thought it would take longer since it affects differently for each one of us and AFTER my 2nd purchase I READ this....
oh well. I got it so I might as well as finish it up and just let it go
6. - Nancy - 02/03/2009
Thank you so much, this site helped me not get cheated by vibrant white too. Good thing I decided to see a few more sites before accepting Vibrant White's "offer".
7. - lisa - 02/08/2009
omg. i dunno. i just read this but i already bought it. is there anything i should do? or what should i do now?? will i get charge left to right. if u can help and respond to me. thanks u guys!
8. - kiley - 02/10/2009
i already purchased the free trial and it hasn't come yet. its been 2 weeks. i am worried sick that they're going to charge me $80 for something i do not want. when i call their "customer service" it says "all customer service reps are currently busy thank you for holding" over and over and over again.

9. - Cheri - 02/12/2009
For those of you still interested in a real "non-scam" product, you should try Supersmile. (
Its not a scam and I have read in legit magazines of the excellent results; you can even tell by their website....check it out
10. - mamonski3 - 02/15/2009
thank God, was able to read this site, cos i was about to purchase one of the mentioned teeth whitener products! i wanted to check out more reviews about that particular product, luckily, i checked this site and i was "enlightened" with the truth!!! thank you so much for this site.
11. - kristen Lee - 02/16/2009
thank you so much! im constantly bombarded with these kinds of offers with some gorgeous person with the whitest teeth i have ever seen and the optimist in me always wants to fall for it. i needed to read something like this so i can stop thinking that this is something i need to have. thank you again
12. - Candi - 02/19/2009
They have just disabled the comments on, due to the fact that I had commented how neat I thought it was to see a local person, discovering new things. I pulled up her blog and it said she lived in Bloomington, IL and NOT my city. The site obviously logs where your ip is coming from to make you enticed. I recommented that I felt it was a scam. GUESS WHAT?!?! They shut down the comments section! I should do this on every site. lol
13. - Joe - 02/20/2009
NOOOOO.. I JUST PURCHASE CELEBRITY SEXY TEETH WHITENER ON THE 14TH! AND IT WAS $50! dammit.. i knew it was a little fishy. i came across this review site and it said that Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener was #1... professional whitening was #2 but way too expensive... and #3 was GoSmile because it didn't work quite as good as the Celebrity Sexy Teeth.. and some other products. but then there was a secret $50 rebate too so i said screw it.. i'll just try it. at first i thought it was just an easy one-time-purchase thing so i didn't read the terms and conditions and all that.. and then right after i purchased it.. it said that i would then be automatically billed and sent a new one every so and so unless i cancel. well i DID cancel that so HOPEFULLY IT REALLY IS CANCELLED. AFTER THAT... i read that i was also automatically put into a membership at know if that's a scam also?) for like $40 a month or something unless i cancel that too which also already canceled. why didn't i come across this first??? i'm a little scared i might keep getting billed now. i should've just went with the GoSmile because it IS legit. just youtube it and you'll find videos. the only good thing about buying Celebrity Sexy Teeth is that i got it in 4 days(the 19th). i just put it on like 30 minutes ago too but after reading that some products aren't even safe or tested....... i'm scared to even use it now! *HITS MYSELF IN THE HEAD!*

sorry this is so long. hopefully someone comes across my post is they're about to buy Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener.
14. - Jeannette in the Bay Area - 02/20/2009
You guys SAVED MY BACON! Was about to order either NutriBrite or one of the Celebrity or Movie Star Look brands. Sounded fishy so I poked around (I'm in marketing). Many marketers post these fake landing pages which look authentic.
Thanks to Cheri, I'm going to try SuperSmile and may go to my dentist first for power bleaching.
15. - Jane - 02/27/2009
I am so thankful I found this site. I was also going to order the free trial of NutriBrite, but then I remembered reading another article a while back about an "average mom discovering a DYNAMIC DUO for weightloss (now teeth whitener) by taking advantage of 2 free trial offers online" and referencing the Oprah Show (now CNN). Since the two stories were so identical, I stopped myself from submitting my information after I typed it all in, and thankfully came across this website. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Ugh, I am never clicking another facebook advertisement again!
16. - Carolynn - 03/02/2009
Wow, I was this close to giving out my billing information to WhiteningNow!! What made me think twice was that the I agree to the terms and conditions box was checked, but I couldn't access them, so I just happen to stumble upon this site and I'm so glad I did! Thank you so much!
17. - D - 03/03/2009
Yup, just read a 'mom who found out about two free trial offer products" about celebrity smile and whitening now.

Looked them up online, and a bunch of review sites came up on search, but they all looked like they were advertising, not reviewing the products.

Thank goodness there's sites like this to help protect consumers, these people need to be shut down.
18. - Mike - 03/03/2009
MOVIE STAR shipping...not a good product. Caused me to go buy some Oragel Maximum Strength to stop the pain due to gum problems( Cost $7.49). Don't even try to contact them via phone..they didn't answer for hours. No link to contact customer service via internet either. Send certified mail letter of 'refusal and cancellation' with a copy to Better Business Bureau and your credit card company.
19. - Jen - 03/05/2009
HA! I knew it! These "miracle whitening" products are all scams! Way to go with my gut feeling. I'm sorry to all you folks who came across this page too late. I do have a question though, and I hope someone can answer me - if you are familiar with those teeth whitening kiosks in the mall (the ones that charge $99.00 for an instantly whiter smile), do you know if these too are just out to get your money or if they are actually legit? Again, my gut is telling me something is fishy - but I could just be very distrustful of businesses. So, if you know please share your wisdom! Thanks!
20. - James - 03/05/2009
"if you are familiar with those teeth whitening kiosks in the mall (the ones that charge $99.00 for an instantly whiter smile), do you know if these too are just out to get your money or if they are actually legit?"


Read this article:
21. - Jenn P - 03/06/2009
It really sucks that you can't trust anyone these day. I mean, all people want is whiter teeth and other people have to try and rip them off! Instead of going through all this trouble to scam people how about putting their brains to use and actually inventing something worth selling?!

My teeth aren't that bad, but I wouldn't mind some of them being a little brighter if possible. So I started looking around on the internet and I was suspicious immediately because so many pages came up that were supposed to be blogs from everyday moms and stuff. They all promoted two different brands with free trials and all the stories were remarkable similar. Shoot, two of those pages even had before and after pictures of the same exact pair of teeth despite that they were supposed to be two different moms who used two different products! One of the sites I looked at also said the person was from my current location, and since I'm currently in po-donk IN I had serious doubts about that (I mean what are the odds?) and figured it tracked my location before loading and then put it in so it'd make the story more believable to me (which is funny since it had the opposite effect).

For my own investigative purposes, I did look at Nutribrite and Movie Star Look since I found that blog about those two first. Well, I found it interesting that all I could find was the free trials. No matter where I looked I could not find a price for the product if I wanted to actually purchase it. Movie Star Look didn't even have a terms and agreement page, which was fishy, but Nutribrite did. I read the whole thing and of course, they were trying to trick you. After you get your free trial you are automatically enrolled to receive kits, like, every 60 days for a certain price and that would continue unless you called to cancel which is not only a pain but there's always that possibility of trying to call and nobody answering (sounds like some people here have already had a problem with that).

I was wary right away and now this site only verified my feelings. Thanks for the article, I appreciate someone trying to save people from getting cheated. I do wish we could do some way to shut scam artists like that down though. Just remember nothings really free and if a deal sounds too good to be true than it probably is. It sucks but that's how it is.
22. - Jimena Alvarado - 03/09/2009
so, now i feel like an idiot
I went ahead and ordered easy white and whitening now, not 15 minutes ago.
now I have to run around trying to cancel the orders before they ship.
I'll try to post with info on how it turned out for me. serves me right for buying shit early in the morning.
23. - Caroline - 03/10/2009
Ugh I feel so stupid for odering this dumb thing! I ordered it the "free trial" version after seeing the website I'm only 19, just got a credit card about 6 months ago, and am pretty naive. Anyways, after reading all this stuff about the scam, I called the number for Advanced Wellness Research and spoke to the most UNHELPFUL employee ever. I had extreme difficulty understanding him and he did not comprehend any of my questions. I gave him the "order number" I received with my confirmation email that I got. He said there was no such order. So I gave him my name, phone number, postal code (I'm from Ontario, Canada) and he said "You do not exist in database". I asked THREE separate times for his confirmation that if I apparently was nonexistent in their database, I would not be charged for a free trial or the subsequent monthly deliveries of Whitening-Now. He said no, I would be charged for nothing. Sure enough, today I check my Visa balance online, I was charged for the trial offer which I have not received. Realizing I would probably be scammed out of more money, I immediately cancelled my credit card. But what a hassel for nothing! In times like this, we can't afford to have any extra cents stolen from us. These people need lives, and real jobs.
24. - Sara - 03/11/2009
My goodness!! I can't believe I fell for the Cathy's teeth whitening lie too! I just placed my order last night and now that I read all your comments I am so upset! I guess I better check my credit card and make sure I cancel them before they start taking out more money! Thanks for the info!
25. - Brooke - 03/12/2009
UGH that Cathy's blog thing was in my local newspaper today and I jumped and ordered the 2 free trials mentioned, and then found all this info! If I call my credit card directly tomorrow instead of going through their sketchy 'customer service' can I just tell them to cancel the 2 payments made tonight?? I'm so worried now...
26. - hank - 03/13/2009
I sent this message to whitening now web site:
I ordered teeth whitening now 10 days ago...still not here...what kind of operation are you running...seems like a scam so far....14 days to try out and that would leave me 4 days IF I received it today. Then charge me $68 for forgeting to call the cacellation number....this is not the first time "wellness" has done this. You should be investigated and fined for your practices.
27. - Karla - 03/13/2009
I wish I would have seen this before I ordered this morning, I hope I don't get screwed.
28. - Jeff - 03/15/2009
Thank you for writing this article to explain to the public that there are fraudulent teeth whitening products. I was one of the many people that promoted these products and later found out all these products are frauds. I stopped promoting these products. I hope everyone is smart enough not to fall into the "Free Trial" offers.
29. - herson - 03/15/2009
I fell for the free trial, too. Whitening Now. cathy's blog.

I just cancelled my credit card so they can't charge me anymore. I lost $6.95 in the long run. I called and tried to cancel my order... I phoned them 3 times and each person gave me a totally different story - none allowed me to cancel.

If I ever receive the product, I'm not going to use it. I've read that it causes severe pain to teeth and gums.
30. - Ralph Levy - 03/15/2009
I ordered the FREE trial but then decided next day to cancel because I saw some refs to SCAM on the web in re this product. I called them, and they refused to refund my $6.99 and say I have to receive the FREE (?????) trial package and call them , giving the number on the package. I have been in business for over 50 years and I know a little bit. I called my CR CARD company and told them that I am contesting this charge and not to accept any future charges from this company. Seller's name is Advanced Wellness Research and the product is called WHITENING NOW. I urge any other persons being scammed to do the same - notify your CR CARD company at once. Any legit company would immediately refund this fee without question.
31. - Casper Perkins - 03/16/2009
I also purchased The Whitening now product online. After seeing all the negative info online I called the company Advanced Wellness research within 15 minutes of placing the order. They refused to credit my account the $6.99 shipping fee. I called my bank once the amount post I will be able to file a claim against the company. I cancelled my bank card and will take the necessary steps to file a claim against this company. They would not cancel my free trial. They told me I have to call back. Don't fall for it just another scam!!
32. - Jeff - 03/17/2009
When looking at these "Free Trials" offers, the most important thing is to look at the disclaimer, more specifically after how many number of days they would charge you for full price.

That's my two cents on this. Hope no one would get scammed.
33. - JM - 03/17/2009
I too made a purchase like an idiot. I'm smarter than that. I decide to call my card company and cancel my card and have them issue me a new number. That way this lowlife company can't get anymore of my money. Then i'll try and cancel this order. I'm sure i'll get the same runaround as everyone else. They say live and learn, but I should have learned from past mistakes. We need to try and fight back. Find out what avenues we have to try and stop this kind of Bernie Maddoff activity. Good luck to all!
34. - J Swanson - 03/17/2009
I also fell for the stupid blog! I ordered the free trials and it doesn't tell you anywhere that it is a monthly charge until after you hit submit. Total BS. Then they won't cancel when you call at one site and the other site you can't get ahold of anyone(Advanced wellness). So I called and cancelled my credit card number and received a new one. I can contest both charges for shipping when I get the bill if they are on it. I am also refusing the USPS shipment when it comes(just DON'T OPEN the package and write on it "Refused--Return to sender").
Usually I am so careful, I cannot believe I fell for this scam... smacks forehead!! Never again...
35. - Hollie - 03/18/2009
Do not buy any teeth whitening online! Go see your dentist for bleaching or other methods. Beauty is not cheap! These online scams a pathetic...........
36. - Ruth - 03/18/2009
I also fell for the Cathy's Teeth scam.

I had an awful experience with the Natural Source Store. In addition to not being able to cancel my order as requested (I canceled my order on the same day it was placed), I was billed $27 from I was told that when I agreed to rush my order I had also agreed to enroll in another company's service.

Here's an e-mail that I sent to the Natural Source Store with a copy to Fitcompass.

Dear Natural Source Store:

After visiting the the following site, I clicked through and place an order on your site:

On the day that I ordered the free trial, I called and e-mailed you to cancel my order. Unfortunately, you shipped me the product anyway, and it took about 2 weeks to get to me. Since you say that you have to return it within 15 days of the shipping date, that pretty much makes it impossible for me to return the product to you in time.

I've had an another awful experience with your company, Natural Source Store. In addition to not being able to cancel my order as requested. I was billed $27 from I hadn't realize that I had agreed to enroll in another company's service when I ordered the trial product from from you. This is absolutely underhanded.

Customer Service 356 North 750 West D-9 #403
800-380-7751 or 800-260-1347 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST, M-F)
American Fork, Utah 84003
[email protected]

I'm having my bank check you and Fitcompass out for fraud.

I have browsed the Internet and found lots of complaints about your company. The complaints were very similar in nature to mine.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB to join all of the other ones I’m sure they already have on file.

37. - Hannah - 03/18/2009
I am writing this simply to inform everyone that any product sold by Advanced Wellness Research is a total and complete scam! They claim they are stationed in Miami but in fact are in India. How do I know? My bank account requires a two dollar processing fee for any transaction made outside of the country. Why was I charged that for something in Miami? I actually purchased their acai berry supplement and was charged 80 DOLLARS SOMETIMES TWICE A MONTH! Curious I purchased their teeth whitening and the same thing happened. I called their customer service and heard chatter in a foreign language. A friend of mine who speaks Farsi called as well and translated. She believes they sell products that do not work to unsuspecting Americans in order to fund government activity... I am not nearly as paranoid but believe something should be done. By the way Plus White five minute speed whitening gel is sold over the counter at your local wal-mart it gives fantastic results and is ADA approved.
38. - Cal - 03/20/2009
I did the free online trial with "Whitening Now" and now they just charged my card for another 69.99! how do I stop these a**holes from charging my card over and over again please help me!
39. - SHERILL - 03/20/2009
I almost signed up for the free trail offer from whitening now but after giving my name, address and phone number and clicking next I decided that I didn't want to give out my card info so I just got off their page. Now JAMES ALLEN from india is calling me every day at the same time. How can I get him to stop!
40. - Mark - 03/22/2009
There have been reps around my college campus telling the students about and offering a 25% discount. I have been looking at the site and it seems legit. Does anyone know about this site?
41. - shel - 03/22/2009
yes the Cathys teeth comment section is a scam...when you comment you will see your comment posted, but none will ever be posted after yours if you check back there...I thought the comments were all too positive to be true...just like the "free trials".
42. - William - 03/23/2009
For those of you who do not know, you can disable "scripts" from loading by default on a web page. Mozilla Firefox has a fantastic plug-in called "NoScript" that will give you the option to enable scripts one site at a time.

Scripts, usually run by the average internet user unbeknown to them, will calculate and display things like the "order within X amount of time to take advantage of ..." timers, as well as "I live in [your town] too" tricks that I keep reading about here.

Because I have scripts disabled by default, when I come across websites that use them to fool me, it is really obvious. The website doesn't operate correctly, and that usually means that I've found a scam.

Well, I must go now. Just thought I'd give you guys my two cents! Good luck fighting online fraud.

PS- "CS Lite" is also another great Firefox extension that disables tracking cookies by default -- except for specific websites you want to allow them for of course.
43. - chinita - 03/24/2009
i just ordered mine too ... SHOOT!
44. - Terry - 03/24/2009
I also fell for the Cathy scam (which was on CNNs page!), tried to cancel 15min after and of course they said I needed to receive the product first to cancel. Has anyone been able to cancel? Has anyone actually received anything? Is the only way to fix this to change my credit card number? Ugh! I'm smarter than this! Grrrr.
45. - Terry - 03/24/2009
I also fell for the Cathy scam (which was on CNNs page!), tried to cancel 15min after and of course they said I needed to receive the product first to cancel. Has anyone been able to cancel? Has anyone actually received anything? Is the only way to fix this to change my credit card number? Ugh! I'm smarter than this! Grrrr.
46. - Roger - 03/24/2009
I was skeptical when I read the so-called blog "Cathy's Teeth Whitening Success". What a coincidence that "Cathy Anselmo" was from my little town! So I right-clicked to look at the page source, scrolled down to where her name is, and what did I find? A link to an applet that provides the city of the viewer's IP address. Just as I thought, a total scam. Nice try, "Cathy"!
47. - Kaitlyn - 03/24/2009
Yeah, it's stupid how this "Cathy Anselmo" is from Roger's town.. and also from mine..
But actually (what my i.p says it is) .. even though I live a town over...
So.. I guess Cathy doesn't fool anyone.
And the before and after pics? The before is true.. but the after pictures are definitely photoshopped.

I only trust what my Dentist reccomends..
and he does not recommend Cathy!
(A LOT OF his clients keep going to her website, and he says that it's a shame of her just to make all of the money she's getting with partnered products.)

48. - Ashley - 03/24/2009

These guys are in the mall, Sam's Club and Wal Mart and are coming out with a infomercial product. This product is marketed as an equivalent to dentist whitening but it's not even close. It's being sold for about $100-160, but it's really only worth about $25.

My advice...stay away from these scam artists.
49. - ann - 03/25/2009
YES I was scammed too, already posted thoughts and problems in the review area of
this site....the problem I now have is everywhere I go on this site the same ad by ggole that got me is here.....everywhere on this site under different titles!!!!!! what is up with that???????????
50. - victoria - 03/26/2009
I can't believe I fell for Cathy's scam too. It was my lesson never to order anything online, especially for free trial. I called a fraud company to cancel my free trial but they didn't do it, asked me to wait till the product comes. So I called my bank and cancled my debit card that scamers wouldn't charge more! I lost $6.99 for shipping. If they send smth to me, I'll just refuse it and return that sh... back to them. Those scam people have to be punished.
51. - a - 03/29/2009
I do admit I was enticed by the whiter teeth bit. Unfortunately I found out the hard way. I got billed. I also ordered the one from advanced wellness. I called and this lady with a ridiculously thick accent answered. I asked her to cancel my order and she continue to try and have me keep the product and get billed for 69.99 then 59.99 then 49.99. I said you are not understanding me. I don.t want this product any more.

Well to find out I supposedly ordered 3 trial samples but only received two. I thought it was weird when I received two of them in the mail. I asked her if I could send the unused product back and get my refund. She said no it was too late. I didn't call within the 14 days to cancel so I would get billed one time for 69.99.

I did the only smart thing I could do. I called my bank. They were (she was) very understanding and very helpful. She ordered me a new card and canceled my old one so I wouldn't receive more charges. She also marked it as stolen so I may get a refund from the purchases I didn't want.

I admit it is a good lesson learned.
52. - esther - 03/30/2009
I fell for the celebrity sexy teeth scam!!! i think it's been more than 14 days. i knew the clicking the star to unlock the $55 rebate and order in the next 7 minutes thing was fishy...and it was promoted by rachel ray as well as being the #1 teeth whitener... falsely using a celebrity to promote their product.. isn't that illegal? they were so convincing but it's a bunch of bs.. don't fall for it!! do i just call them to cancel the future shipments and the wellness center subscription? or is it best to just cancel the credit card i used? could anyone that's gone through this help me?
53. - melissa - 03/31/2009
Cancel your credit cards now! I just cancelled mine so i don't get billed for anything more!
54. - Karen - 04/01/2009
OMG! I was going to place an order about 5 minute ago (they have free shipping today... may be they have this promotion everyday..), but decided to see more review of it online. Thank you.
55. - Yo - 04/03/2009
I had fun spamming Cathy's page, and I'm glad to see that my comments have survived the last ten or so minutes. I know they'll be deleted ASAP, but I hope to catch at least one innocent person and save them from this sick scam.
56. - Yo - 04/03/2009
Oh, and by the way: even if no one sees the comments - I'd recommend the spamming method to any deceivee who wants to vent their anger. It works pretty nicely for that.
57. - Leia - 04/03/2009
Sorry, Yo, the comments on Cathy's page will never show up to anyone but the poster...

However, I agree - it's nice to vent. =)
58. - Liz - 04/04/2009
Thank you all, I am sorry you have been had. However your experienced have given me an education. I would like to especially thank the contributor "William" for his suggestions about downloading the Mozilla add on "NoScripts". It was immediately helpful, and has been something I have been hoping someone would develop. Kudos to all. Maybe we should spend the little extra sometimes to get quality.
59. - [email protected] - 04/07/2009
I just ordered trial offers from Natural Source Store and Advanced Wellness Research based on a review written by "Brenda" who lives in my area. THIS IS A SCAM! Dont purchase from either of these companies. Like most busy people I didnt read the agreement and failed to cancel in 14 days. I then received a 30 day supply at the the cost of $80.00 (its only $50.00 at the dentist's office) and am stuck with IT! I haven't even tried the free sample yet. One thing they do is delay the shipment. I called on March 12 (which is the date they use for the 14-day countdown) but didnt receive it until March 24. Do the math; it only left 2 days to cancel.

Again, this is a SCAM!
60. - Uschka - 04/07/2009
And the latest wrinkle in these "blogs" about whitening teeth is the fact that the blogger's hometown changes according to where the person viewing it lives. There were at least 4 or 5 people that stated that on some obesity site(someone said it can be done with Java). Yes, I fell for this too and now I'm going to have to try to get it straightened out with my credit card company, the Attorney General in Colorado (for Easy White) and the FTC. Big Scam!
61. - Tyler - 04/07/2009
I fell for the "Cathy" scam as well. It looked very convincing and everything looked fine until I saw the bill. They charged me $160.00 for the two full kits, not the free trial. The website said 'free trial' but if you read the fine print it says 'if you do not call within fourteen days we will automatically bill you for the full kit'. Very convincing, big rip-off.
62. - TJ - 04/07/2009
Don't fall into 'cathy's' pit of doom. I ordered it and am now having to deal with a whole bunch of crap to get them mailed back and hopefully get a refund.
63. - doris harrison - 04/10/2009
iam so glad iread about thetooth whitening.i order the celebrity whitening on april 3 2009.they said the total wuz 49.99 i got my bank statement and found out they took out 175.oo. they didnt send me the whitening.but they took my money.why peoples are not real. but i think u so much for letting the peoples know and myself.
64. - JoBeth Miller - 04/11/2009
There is another fake page cathysteeth[dot] com. You have it listed above as cathysteethtrick.
She must be changing it and paying LOTS of money to show up in large ad spaces like those beside hotmail inboxes. I hope she loses her ass financially.
65. - Jo - 04/13/2009
if you want to hurt them financially you can click on the teeth ads you see A SHITLOAD and they will have to pay A LOT OF MONEY for the ad clicks!! Every time you click on those ads and dont buy their scam they lose money!

66. - lb - 04/13/2009
Has anyone had ANY luck with returning/refund for any of these whiteners?? This is ridiculous!
67. - Jessica - 04/14/2009
Oh my god, I've been scammed by Cathy! Why, why, why didn't I do my research before buying these trials??? I've never been so stupid before, and I never will again! I'm going to try and return them-it hasn't been 14 days yet! I'll come back and post if it works....
68. - Jessica - 04/15/2009
No such luck. The "easy cancel" button at the top of the ivorybrite webpage is a fake, it says I'm not in the sytem. So do the people I called! I had to close my credit card to make sure they didn't put any more charges on it-I'm just lucky the only money they scammed me out of was the shipping and handling fees!!
69. - Ashley - 04/15/2009
I just got conned! I looked- not only do they charge you, there's an INTERNATIONAL VISA CHARGE as well!!! Celebrity sexy teeth whitener my ass..... i fell for it. Sad thing is - I NEVER BUY ONLINE. for this reason, but i was so tired of yellow teeth, i waws getting depserate and saw free.... bullshit.

Worst is- this my fitness- bull shit- I cancelled with them 3 times now!!! Each time they say they do not have record!!!! EFFIN BS....

gUESS i HAVE TO cancel my stuff and claim stolen!!
70. - montique - 04/16/2009
I just bought plus white whitener gel 5 minute teeth whitener because of a post on here. THANK YOU! It works! Only $5.95 at Wal-mart!!!!
I almost fell for the Celebrity Sexy stuff!
Also: if there is any of this stuff you want to try like Celebrity Sexy, or bare minerals make-up ( another one that bills you every month and so does pro-active)
You can try any of this stuff for 1/2 the price from Ebay from others that have been stuck with it month after month.
I buy alot of stuff from Ebay to try and I don't get billed every month.
It might still be expensive, but it is only a one time purchase and you can be protected by Pay-pal when you pay.
I saw this Celebrity Sexy on Ebay for $38
71. - Dave - 04/17/2009
Nutra Brite,Cambridge Biosciences, Movie Star Look... All connected and one huge SCAM! Set's you up to be taken, knowing very well that most of us will chalk up the loss to experience. They don't cover their tracks very well if you halfway investigate. Highway Robbery!!! Thanks for sites like this!!!
72. - Lisa - 04/20/2009
I bought it yesterday - and just found this site. I called the number listed, and canceled the order. They said they were still shipping it, so I'd still be charged the 4.99... but that I didn't need to send it back. I'm soooo nervous!!!! I'll let you know if I ever get it, or if I get another charge from them.
73. - sheila - 04/20/2009
WHEW!!! you caught me in time.. I was almost ready to do the Whitening Now system.. than I remembered when I purchased the InStyler hair straightner through an informical
I will ALWAYS research before buying ANYTHING EVER AGAIN.
People that do these scams should ALL go to hell..
Thank you :)
74. - margo - 04/21/2009
75. - steve - 04/21/2009
Thanks everyone... there are so many scams.. on line pharmacies are often shady too... you can usually find all kinds of wonderful testimonials (innocent looking lies).. sites like this one that identify scams are our only defense against these cons.. Stay Alert..
76. - Alan - 04/22/2009
I got scammed out of $160 additional to the $12 that was originally charged for the "Trial". I disputed the transaction through PayPal and they ruled in my favor. I got the transactions reversed AND I was able to get a $60 refund (the charge minus a 15% restocking fee for a product I never received) from the scammer. So after all my aggrivation, I actually turned over a profit ! Just for safety sake, I cancelled that debit card and got a new one. Lesson Learned - This worled is ruled by scammers and liars. Most of them with their shitty little fingers in the legal system.
77. - Heather - 04/25/2009
Wow-- Same Problem here.. If anyone has any luck with recieving it and sending it back -- please post! I don't want to be charged any further... I just ordered mine last night soo it will be awhile. Please comment if your able to get a rufund or stop the payments. Thanks!
78. - Yan - 04/26/2009
Thank you very much for the info.
I fell for cathy's blog and clicked to the 2 products that she mentioned. However, free trial products always warn me because 100% of free trial products would come as continuous subscription of future periodical services/deliveries or the company's partners' services. When things are too good to be true, a research is often needed, we just have to remember there is no free lunch in reality. Thus, I went ahead and search "teeth whitening scams" and found this article before I entered my info to try the free trial. Now millions of people take advantage of the internet to deceive others, fortunately, there are still many honest people would share their experiences to help others avoid scams. It's always good to do a search on scams before purchasing any internet products or stores. I always prefer to pay extra to buy products from a legit known site or big brand just for my own sake. As for first time purchase at any websites or products from unknown brands, I always do a little search just on the safe side.

In order to avoid scams, I think common sense is the most important, as we all know there are so much info we can get from internet, many of them may not true. Just remember that we should not always trust things that we see or hear, common sense is developed through our education and experiences and thus more reliable sometimes.

In the case of teeth whitening, although I do not believe the over-the-counter products will give us the miracle results as whatever they are advertising, at least in most cases, they were tested and should be safe to use, even if they cause problems, the big brand companies are always there if you need to file claims against.

Once again, thank you very much for the info.
79. - Rjohn - 04/27/2009
Note the lies in the "success" stories:

Sandy: "I used to smoke in college .. then stopped. I quit smoking before my first child was born. I used the products (WhiteningNow and EasyWhite)separately and they seemed to work for a while but they never lasted".

This indicates that the product actually removes discoloration. If that were true, this product would be sold at every CVS and Walgreens and would be rolling off the shelves.

Another review states: "I took pictues of ... the results.., I but I don't know how to put them on the internet.. " Give me a break! You scammer!
80. - bob - 04/28/2009
i got scammed too
81. - Larry - 04/30/2009
Thanks a bunch. I thought it was funny that even the caps got whiter in the pictures. I was about to order, but too lazy to get my card at night and figured I would do it in the morning. I checked it again at work and found it funny that Cathy now lived in California. (My company's proxy is there.) Thanks a bunch for writing this for me and saving me grief!
82. - Kelly - 04/30/2009
I should've looked up "whitening now scam" on google BEFORE ordering, not after. I called the company and some Indian woman told me I couldn't cancel the order today so I said fuck the bullshit and called my credit card company and cancelled my card and I will dispute the shipping charges. These people are all going to hell anyways...
83. - Joey - 05/01/2009
Interesting that the NutraBrite System comes up as an advertisement on this website.
84. - declan devereux - 05/01/2009
I graduated from dental school 19 years ago and it was at about this time that take home tooth whitening started. Some of the earliest products to market are still around, most notably Rembrandt and Nite White, as well as a host of do it yourself products. Almost all take home products use carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient. In the mouth carbamide peroxide breaks down to hydrogen peroxide which is the active ingredient that whitens the teeth. Since hydrogen peroxide is such an active molecule it is relatively unstable that is why the products use carbamide peroxide (which is more stable). The other important point to know is that a 20% concentration of carbamide peroxide will break down to about a 5% concentration of hydrogen peroxide so you have to look closely at the label. In a dental office whitening, such a ZOOM!, we use high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (20%) which is much too strong for take home use. If it gets on your gums it will burn them and turn them white. So there is no way to produce the high speed results of a dental office on your own. On the other hand if you are patient the low concentration products will get you nice results if you use them repeatedly. We tell our patients that for average yellow discoloration 2-3 weeks of daily use of a 20 % carbamide peroxide should get a significant shade change. I would agree that if you go with a store bought product make sure it has the ADA seal then at least you know the product should not harm your teeth. My advise would be find a good dentist and they can advise you best. BTW that advise may be to use a store bought product if that fits your budget and needs the best. Good Luck
85. - George - 05/02/2009
Two pen like devices unmarked and not labelled arrive with a packing slip that shows no company or return address.
The "pens" must be ancient as they contain little or no peroxide.
I was not able to detect any peroxide in either and now I have to be concerned about them using my credit card againa nd shipping more of this crap.
Don't go near these deals !
86. - Almost a Sucker - 05/02/2009
I was considering Cathysteeth whitening, but decided I'd better do a little research on it first. Thanks for your website. You saved me from my own stupidity.
87. - Marcia - 05/02/2009
Well, I was stupid enough to fall for the scam. I just got off the phone after the second, over $70 charge was deducted from my checking account. I talked to an Indian representative who told me that I signed an agreement that said I could cancel within 14 days free trial (fine script, obviously). I told him I wanted to cancel and wanted to return the last shipment, which he said I could not return. He also said they would only refund $50 of the last charge and none of the first charge. This is Saturday, so I'm screwed, but first thing Monday morning I am cancelling my debit card and telling my bank to refuse any further charges from this company. I'm also reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Never again, will I be suckered like this!!! I am just furious!
88. - Connie - 05/02/2009
Any time I'm tempted to buy something like this that I am not sure about, I just google the product name and the word scam. That's how I found THIS site. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
89. - Natalie - 05/02/2009
I admit it, I got scammed by Cathy as well. I was a bit dubious, but I didn't feel like googling her - you know, until after I gave my credit card information.

So right away I called my bank and cancelled my card. Only the two shipping fees went through. I'll be getting a new number. But now I am thinking -

Do I still have to "cancel my account?" Return the product, or do I keep it?

I'm not sure...
90. - Jeff Stover - 05/04/2009
ditto - got scammed by ''


complaining to the ftc and state attorney general
91. - James - 05/06/2009
I've always wondered if anyone actually falls for this kind of stuff. Now I know. God, did any of you really think some mom just discovered some amazing secret and has pockets deep enough to pay for the huge amount of advertising you've seen on the internet? Amazing. It's simple, if anything looks too good to be true on the Internet, it probably is. If a site is requiring you to give your credit card number to receive 'free' information, assume it's a scam. Generally, reputable companies do business in a more straightforward manner.
92. - Edward - 05/06/2009
I was scammed once before and now almost a second time until I read your report on Celebrity teeth whitener. I had my order form all filled out and read the terms and conditions which I did not like. Free rebates automatcally kicked in automatic purchases that I am repsonsisble for. Therefore I opted out of the rebate offer. Now after reading the warnings I am not "biting" on this particular product either. Thanks for exposing these scams!!!!
93. - amy - 05/06/2009
this might sound silly, but my teeth have looked so much whiter since i started flossing twice a day and using listerine! maybe i will still consider a teeth whitening in the future, but for now, my teeth have been looking lots better (oh, and i get my teeth cleaned 2-3x a year)

94. - Catreece - 05/07/2009
I googled "Cathy's Teeth" because I wondered if anyone else was as grossed-out by those damn ads as I was. I see the sickening things at practically ever Web site I go to. Until I came here, I didn't realize that they were a scam as well! Just one more reason to hate the damn things...

95. - Misha - 05/07/2009
A friend referred me to an ad and I fell for it. When I tried to Google the person who claimed to be "just a mom" I couldn't find them. A couple of days later I came across the same ad with a different person's name!

Beware of:

96. - Tracy - 05/08/2009
BEWARE the TRIAL...I just tried the Cathy's Teeth whitening trial offer. They made it sound so simple and for only $4.95 shipping you get to try the product. !!!!They hide the fine print!!!!! If you don't cancel within 14 days they charge you for the trial product $79.00 for one and $39.95 for the other. This is a complete ripoff. Central Coast Neutraceuticals is a SCAM SCAM SCAM company.
97. - Sandi - 05/08/2009
I feel like such a fool to have fallen for this!!! I know better and ordered the trial samples anyway. Don't know what sparked me to look up Cathy Anderson in Google today but I did because I thought she lived in my town. Thank goodness I found this site instead. THANK YOU TRACY for calling attention to the fine print. I just called my husband and told him to CANCEL everything ASAP and contact our credit union about the charge card. Darn why do people have to be so crooked!!
98. - Jonathan - 05/09/2009
It's sad to see that so many people can't tell the difference between a fake site and real one. I googled Cathy's white teeth from an ad beside my Yahoo mail just to see if anyone else was pissed with all these scams around and I see people actually giving them money. Stop giving them money and learn how to spot a scam, whether it's white teeth or gold in California.

This site is doing a real good job, but it's sad to see the same ads showing on google ads beside this page. To think this site is also making revenue from the scammers anyway.
99. - Carol s - 05/10/2009
BTW - the canceling within 14 days is a scam as well. I called to cancel yesterday (day 6 for me) and wasted over 20 mins on the phone with some Indian guy that only speaks selective English. He finally told me it was cancelled. I called back this morning to check and another scummy Indian guy told me that the call I made the day before was to authorize another shipment at a discounted rate.
Fortunately, as of today, I only have one charge for $1.99 for shipping.

Instead of playing games with these Eastern scumbags, I went ahead and closed out my credit card. Who knows.... they could also be selling your credit info.
Screw you Punjab!

100. - tommy - 05/11/2009
I called their customer service and they told me they were in Southeast Asia, could not tell me where Cathy really lived....SCAM=SCUM
101. - Jamie - 05/11/2009
Ok well i got scamed to but only out of the shipping cost. i used a prepaid debt card and it only had ten on it. I just got enough to cover the cost of both shipping. But i have to say the products worked, not the 8 shades they claim but a good 4 shades but its not the two they claim now, its bright smile used it first and ivory white second which dodnt do much. Just thought i would let you know it did work and worth 5 dollars but not much more.
102. - Carol s - 05/11/2009
If you got taken by Bright Teeth from Advanced Wellness Research - (or any similar scamming company) file an on-line complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I just did - it's free and was easy to do and maybe if they receive enough complaints they can expose and shut these companies down. The BBB have to investigate all complaints. Just put the Better Business Bureau in your web browser...they ask for no credit card info -and you can vent your complaints to can't hurt.
103. - Joe - 05/13/2009
Bernie Madoff would have liked to have been in on this one. The two products are actually promoted by the same scam outfit. They have a net to reach out and catch the unsuspecting and gullible, and I'm sure it's making them lots of money.
104. - Bob Wilber - 05/14/2009
Here is another 14 day free trial scam which may be the same as "Cathy's Teeth" operating under new names. You'll find it on a YAHOO search under "Whitening Now," "Max White Teeth," "Advanced Health Research," and possibly other names. They offer you a free, no risk 14 day trail, but don't tell you that the 14 days start the minute you type in your information and you are obligated for a $79 one-month supply even if the mail is late. I didn't receive the free sample until a week after I placed the request and when I tried to cancel a few days later was told the 14 days was up and the month supply was shipped. If you search the fine print under "terms and conditions" you'll find you can't win. They even say they can change their terms and conditions, including price, at any time and you are still obligated to pay. Call their customer service and you'll get an Israel billing company that offers no recourse. So I canceled my credit card to keep them from billing me for a second shipment. CHOSIL

105. - jj again - 05/14/2009 and the Whitening Now product is a total SCAM, no doubt about it. After reading through this website about this scam, it confirms everything. Report this as a scam and do not give up. Demand a cancellation confirmation be sent to your email before you hang up. Tell them you know it is a scam is all over the internet and not hard to find. Demand a refund.
106. - Jeannie - 05/15/2009
If you want white teeth just brush with baking soda and water, then rinse for about a minute with hydrogen peroxide. It's very inexpensive. Do this 3 times a day (your normal amount of brushings). My 85-year-old uncle has done this his entire life and still has all his own teeth... they are pretty darn white, too. Mine are a B1 shade (dentist's color scale). That's the whitest white for teeth and I've never had my teeth bleached. Some of it is genetics, but it's worth a try.
107. - Tracey - 05/17/2009
I'm amused to see the Cathy's Teeth scam ad appearing next to this column. Everybody: click the ad as much as you can, but don't buy anything! Those scumbags pay Google for the clickthrough, and this site gets a cut, so you'll be taking money out of the scumbags' pockets and putting it into this site!
108. - LabRat - 05/17/2009
I too found Cathy's site. As with everything on line - I type in the product and then followed by the word "Scam" tends to weed things out pretty well. I haven't been taken.....yet.

A few posters here have made the suggestion to click constantly on the AD's and not make a purchase.

This is a great activity for someone like me who has OCD!!!! LOL - I'm sure that a few people clicking hundreds of times a day would only be like a mosquito on their arm.......but if many people were to do it - I'm sure they would feel SOMETHING.

At the very least.....they would be forced to give up some of the money that they have stolen from you people and the countless others.

Even if people are "Only out the shipping fees" imagine how many others have that same attitude and do not fight it. Even if they simply "get" everyone for the "shipping charges"......they are still making a huge profit.

So yeah.....I think the way to make them FEEL it is EXACTLY the way that they have made YOU feel it.......financially!!!!

I will visit Cathy's website daily and get click happy - and every time I click - I will smile just a little bit knowing that they have to give up even just a little bit of what they have stolen from you and people like you - Money that should have been used to feed your families - which they intend make them fat and happy.

"Take the power back"

You CAN do something about it......GET CLICKING!!!!! Make it a family affair!!!!! Give it 10 minutes a day - every day - and smile each time you click.
109. - Keith - 05/18/2009
And don't forget, another site that purports to be "A mom’s blog about how she changed her teeth from yellow to white!" It's a referrer to "Celebrity Smile" and "Teeth Whitening Now", supposedly to be used in tandem.
110. - Diane - 05/18/2009
Boy, do I wish I had read this BEFORE I ordered 2 different trial sizes from CATHY's recommendation! They charged my acct over $177.00 total between the two because one I canceled one day after the trial and the other ..I'm not sure, they stole my money on that one, I canceled on the 15th day of the at day trial period, and they still took out of my checking account. This just happened today. Does anyone know how I can get my money back? These people work out of India and they just keep looping around their words. I am sick about this! Thanks
111. - Amy - 05/20/2009
I just contacted every damn news show I could, the Today show, cnn, CNBC, fox my local news, I dunno if it will go any where but maybe it will since some of these sites are using their logos. I too got caught up in it and had to cancel EVERYTHING! I used two cards a credit card and a bank card within an hour of ordering I tried to cancel. OMFG! they were rude, called me stupid and refused to cancel anything! In that hour they charged my account twice for things I didn't even order! CLOSE your accounts NOW! don't even mess with them, just close them out and lick your wounds, disputes cost valuable time, and they will still have access to your account. It's a SCAM!!! The lady from Dubois Pa that claims she was scammed 10 times, also claims to have lost 35 lbs on another web site. They are all linked together by the same company!! They will not return your money no matter what they promise and if you think they actually cancelled your order, think again, they didn't. They will charge you a membership fee within the first 24 hours and for things you didn't order within the first hour. I have learned a very hard lesson and a sad one, TRUST NO ONE! They don't use their real names either! Found that out very quickly! RMA numbers are usless so are any other numbers they give you. He told me "too bad you ordered it and now you will pay for it" after I told him I kNEW I was not going to get my free product within the two weeks allowed for cancelling.I flat out told him this was a scam, and thats when he said "you were stupid enough to order without reading!" Almost admiting it is a scam. CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNTS! Even if you have read these products work, they will rob you blind and thats a promise!
112. - Anonymous - 05/22/2009
I had gone to the Whitening Brites website and typed in my information to get to the next step for receiving the "free" trial. Although I did not enter my cr.card info. or accept the offer, I got a phone call from Whitening Brites today telling me that my "free" trial was on the way. They were extremely persistent, but I cancelled the product I didn't even order in the first place. In small print the condition of the "free" trial is if you do not call and cancel within 15 days your credit card will be automatically charged $88.97 every month.

113. - Robert - 05/23/2009
Just one other point to be made about whitening products being advertised on sites like CathysTeeth or similar sites is that if you study the before and after photos very carefully, you'll notice that the "after" photo's have usually been altered to give the appearance that several shades of whitening have occurred. In the case of the photo's on CathysTeeth, the before and after photo's show the same teeth with several posterior (back) teeth with porcelain (tooth colored) crowns. Interestingly enough, in the "after" photo, not only do the natural teeth look whiter, the crowned teeth do as well. The problem is that bleaching and whitening gels like the ones being sold on these sites only whiten natural tooth surfaces like enamel, not artificial surfaces like porcelain crowns or tooth colored fillings. The pictures are altered to encourage those who see the ads to purchase the product. Very misleading advertising in my opinion. If someone is really interested in whitening their teeth, they would do best to consult with their dentist first before considering using "any" whitening or bleaching product sold over the counter or through the internet.
114. - Sharon - 05/24/2009
I am such an IDOIT. I can't even get a hold of my credit card company!! This sucks. I did only get charged so far for the "free trials". Hopefully nothing else will go through before Tuesday. Thank you so much for having this site. I will go spend the 45 dollars for some crest strips..
115. - FL Mom - 05/24/2009
I'm amazed at all of these silly scams...I live in a small, off-the-map kind of town in Florida, so when I saw my city (Cathy from Bellview, FL) in this ad I immediately did a search for "cathy's teeth scam" and lo and behold here I have come! And of course my city and state was in bold...I said to myself "yup, they just use the IP to tell where I am and...'insert city here'..." so to hear someone from MY area...LMAO yup, its a scam alright

Unfortunately, we fell for a loan scam about a year and a half ago that cost us about $1,200...of money we had borrowed to begin with!! Since then I have become like someone who has lost one of their senses, thus causing all the others to be heightened. My "scam sense" is ultra sensitive and I've done so much research I can smell them a mile away.

The rule to live by, especially when dealing with ANYTHING online or dealing with your credit card (or any money) is...


That's the motto I learned the hard way to live by. These people prey on the desperate, ignorant and unsuspecting, and trusting people. Once I was all of the above...not anymore.
(also, watch out for Value Plus and Explore USA scams...we got hit by them also, but they are way more underhanded and sneaky)

One GREAT way to check for something you're not sure of is to do a google search for whatever business, etc...then add the word scam at the end. If its a scam, you will find it. (ex: "cathy's teeth scam") And if you look into it, you can read all about just how they do the scams. It will leave you shaking your head, in almost disbelief of how so many bad people there are in the world today.

Best of luck to you all...stay scam free!!
116. - bruce - 05/26/2009
You can add the following two to your list:

Max White Teeth and ivorybrightswhitening. Both are scam artists offered in the same add. It appears that you are only paying $5 for a trial but then a $88 charge appears on your credit card for each equaling a total of over $160.
117. - TWR Admin - 05/26/2009
Thanks Bruce. We added those products to the list.
118. - Darin - 05/27/2009
Hey everyone... I have been very interested in the comments and yes,... these sites are scams of the truest forms... If you are still interested in whitening your teeth you may check out No free trials... no credit card suprise orders... just a good product that comes with trays and a two step process... 22% carbamide peroxide gel and a patented purple gel that goes on after the clear gel. It works. Check it out on line first or call the company or better yet check with your dentist. The same product is sold in Dentist's offices under the name Ultra Violet White... your Dentist may know more about it. No 800 number on the site, just a regular phone #, but someone that will help answer any questions. Thought that this might help!
119. - Kaouthakis - 05/28/2009
Really.... So this site just 'happens' to have a list of all the scam sites, which I don't doubt are scams, but then advertises 4 products, which, according to the 'comments' shown here, work perfectly. Sure.
Not a bad try, and I'm sure you have no problem at all hooking in the average person who doesn't think, but this is just BS.
120. - Christina Normil - 05/28/2009
hi id likwe to share my story i got caught in two of these scams ivory brights being one of them when i called them to get my money back they automatically did it...but there was another one that didnt send out the product to me and charged my credit card i called them back to get my refund and was told that even if i didnt use there product or receive it they wouldnt give it back to me... i woyld like someone to tell me what to do in order to get my money back and to stop these compagniesfrom stealing peoples money anymoe
121. - Christina - 05/28/2009
122. - Brad - 05/28/2009
I agree with Darin #118. I've tried their products and they work great. Perhaps the only truthful offer out there!
123. - maggie - 05/28/2009
i have been scammed also, i did speak to a rep. and she said i have to receive the package costing an extra$59.95 then send it back for a this space...i phoned my bank and said i wanted to dispute this charge but it has to be paid first, so after reading these comments, i shall think about stopping my credit card and asking for a new number. someone should stop this fraud.
124. - Kyle - 05/30/2009
Who owns and operates this web site?


This "blog" turned out to be quite the deceptive internet fraud site. So I wrote up a complaint for three state attorney generals ... and I would like the NAME and address of the owner and operator.

Oh ... and at this point, let's just say I am certain it is not owned by a cute helpful housewife by the name of Cathy ... which is of course a key part of this internet con.

My point is ... a PERSON owns this site and an INDIVIDUAL is responsible for organizing this group internet crime.

My question is: WHO?

This WHO is hurting a lot of people right now and is getting rich on an obviously illegal con.

NAME please.
125. - Kyle - 05/30/2009

Let's put this criminal in a nice cozy jail cell. So ... who will "spill the beans" ... and provide a name and sufficient legal particulars which a state attorney general can use?
126. - BOB BOCHMAN - 05/31/2009
127. - Kyle - 06/01/2009
Yes, it becomes obvious, after observing the group organized fair game criminality of this outfit, that it is SCAM in capital letters.

If someone can be a good whistleblower, and provide the NAME of the primary criminal to the attorney general, that would be a good thing.

128. - Allen Johnson - 06/02/2009
All I can say is thank you.
finally an honest site.

Can this site recommend a true teeth whitener?
129. - TWR Admin - 06/02/2009
Visit the product review section to find highly rated whiteners.
130. - OMG! - 06/04/2009
I am about to cancel my card right now. I knew that I had done something that I would regret when a third party called my phone about a free $100 gas card that would only cost me $20...Contradiction much?

I immediately said that I wanted to cancel but the lady was persistent so I asked for the company's number. I got the number and told them that I wanted to cancel and they said that I wasn't yet in the system and that I should be in the system within 24 hours. I called after 24 hours to cancel and they confirmed the cancellation but when I checked my account, $20 was missing, so after calling the number and telling the person on the phone that they needed to send me my money back because I told them numerous times that I didn't want anything, she said that it would appear back within my account within 5-7 business days. Luckily for me, my mom is a credit specialist and she said that she gets disputes like this all of the time. She said that from experience with past customers, they will promise to refund my money but 30 days will pass with no refund and I'll eventually have to take it up with my insurance company. Anyway, tomorrow morning the first thing that I'm gonna do is call the number again to see if my money has been refunded and then I'm canceling my account and creating a new one...I hope that Cathy bitch dies!!!
131. - OMG! - 06/04/2009
I meant to say that my mom told me that I'll have to call my banking company and not my insurance company.
132. - OMG! - 06/04/2009
UPDATE: Luckily for me, the third party company did indeed refund my money but I called my bank and I am receiving a new check card so that they cannot take any more money from me. I was told that since I didn't give them my routing & checking number (as if I would EVER do that), then I don't need to delete my account. So I should receive a new check card within the next week...I hope everyone who's thinking about this has learned from our mistakes and remember, it never hurts to do research!
133. - Diane Bassette - 06/04/2009
How did you guys dispute using your debit card? I'm out $177.00!!! Thanks
134. - fran - 06/04/2009
STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!! Whitening Now! Baloney. What a scam. No FREE trial!! I learned to ALWAYS google ANYTHING I want to order online. This company won't honor a cancellation request for refund. And the operators in Sri Lanka or wherever the H- - - they are very hard to understand. Offered a $20 credit towards the $78.93 withdrawn from my account. Expensive lesson. If the $20 even shows up I will be shocked. Should have known, the actual price is butied so far down in the fine print you can't find it! SCAM SCAM SCAM.
135. - Shawn Louis - 06/04/2009
Why are you people so stupid!?! Quit looking for some mystery miricle fix, save up a couple hundred bucks (or charge it!) and go to one of a bazilliion dentists out here that are trained and reputable who within an hour can zoom white your teeth! DENTIST PEOPLE, DENTIST! If you're really that retarded, you need to get scammed!
136. - kyle - 06/05/2009
post 135:

Right Shawn, blame the victim of crime.

So how long have YOU worked for the Cathy's Teeth Scam?
137. - david serotkin - 06/05/2009
I fell for this scam. I recieved my free trial supply. I was told this was the 10th day and i was already charged 78.34. I immediately called my bank and I hope to recoup my money for their bullsh@t in a tube. I can tell you where these people can stick the toothwhitening tube. They should all be fined and go to jail.
138. - Jacqueline - 06/06/2009
I got conned into trying the dazzlewhite scam. I actually believed an advertisement was a blog because the ad was on my yahoo home page and I didn't pay attention to the word "advertisements". I just thought it was an article. Well, lets just say I fell for it and signed myself up for what I thought was a $2 trial. Once submitted, I see that I'm also signed up for 2 other services I couldn't have known anything about. There wasn't even a way to opt out of the other services. Seeing that I had just fallen for a scam, I quickly canceled any further transactions. I have cancellation numbers so, if they try to charge me, I will consider that charge to be stolen funds and contact my bank. However, it is too late to avoid having a pending near $60 total on my bank account for the so called trial they are already sending me. I have to return it to keep my money. Of course, even if all of this works out, I'm still out shipping charges and I had to cancel the other two services they automatically signed me up for. This is NOT a trial. A trial means you can try it and then decide whether you want to keep it. If I tried any of this, they would would definitely charge me $60 for not returning it unused. What a rip off!
139. - Kathy - 06/08/2009
Yes. It is a scam. I fell for it. How stupid. But for the guy who said if you believed it and ordered the trial you deserved to be scammed, I think you fall into the category of people that run the company. If you can have that little compasion for your fellow man, what kind of person are you. How do these folks sleep at night. I feel sorry for them.
140. - Just wow..... - 06/08/2009
These "obvious" fake companies exist only because the ones scammed here keep them in business. They appreciate your stupidity every time you open your web browser. Do yourself a favor and call your ISP and disconnect now. I came here just to read about all of you who were scammed because its entertaining. Now if you'll excuse me i'll wait for karma give me what i deserve
141. - kyle - 06/08/2009
It never ceases to amaze me how scammers, con artists, fair gamers, and criminals justify their own crappy seedy stupid group organized fair game criminality.

Instead of being sincerely apologetic for degrading civilization yet another notch towards more and more group crime, one will see lame excuses such as:

1. You did it to yourself.
2. You were too trusting.
3. We appreciate your stupidity for trusting us.
4. It’s entertaining to see you get scammed because it makes me feel “right”.
5. If I scam you it’s because your karma caught up to you.
6. You who were scammed are just too stupid, and we are real smart because we lied to you, tricked you, and deprived you of your money.
7. If you are really that retarded to trust us, you must be retarded, and you deserve to get scammed.
8. And so on and so forth, et cetera, ad infinitum … literally an infinity of “very low responsibility” and an inability to confront their own sins and their own group organized crimes.

How about a breath of fresh air … an air of rejuvenated honesty?

Something like this:

“Hey guys and gals, sincerely sorry I lied to you, tricked you, and stole from you. That was wrong of me to do. I goofed. I thought I could make a quick buck, but instead I pissed off many thousands of customers, and I have degraded myself and my group into sordid seedy unsupportable crime. I’ll see what I can do to make up for this. I will be more honest in the future, because … hey …it’s my civilization too.”

Is there anyone left on this planet with that form of integrity?


I hear an echo ... and that's it.
142. - mrm - 06/09/2009
i fell for cathys teeth...
2 things made me suspicious... 1}suposedly "cathy" was a housewife in the same small TX town as i (they must somehow read your IP address and insert the name of your town...what are the odds CATHY is from right next door?!?)
2)there's a 5 minute timer rushing you to complete the purchaser info. (not allowing you time to FIND much less READ the conditions)

BTW i've noticed they've changed from ivory brites and dazzle brites to dazzle white and smile brite or whitening now and south beach smile....SNAKES!

i tried the bogus customer service number and it was disconnected...that's when i called my credit card company.

i feel like an idiot, but not a COMPLETE idiot. i have ONE credit card that i use only for merchants i'm not familiar with or internet sales. it's been about 8 years since i was last suckered least this time when i close an account i don't have to scramble to get everybody paid that had a monthy draft on my account (like utilities, cable, phone etc.)

i wish somebody would start a class action suit. there are many problems with their sales techniques.

if it's too good to be true....

take care, beware
143. - X MasterCard Holder - 06/09/2009

I also was suckered it to the trial offer. I find several of their methods fraudulent. One is that the ad that states that if you use these two different products you will get these great results. The ad leads me to believe that they were two different companies and two different products when in fact they are one in the same. Both in on the scam together. Probably the same product as well. I did not notice the additional 78 dollars they would charge monthly as well. It should be stated on top so it would have been clear to see. It is in the fine print. Who in their right mind would agree to 160.00 in teeth whiting products every month? On my statement I am being billed from three different companies for this scam. When I received the product it did not have anything in the packaging to state that I agree for them to keep sending the product or a termination clause. Now to the most disturbing factor of the scam. My credit card MasterCard will not allow me to dispute the additional charges. When did the credit card companies take this right away from us? This scam is reported to the FCC and the credit card company stated to me that there are many complaints (Many) but they will not allow me to dispute the charges. Why? Well my educated guess is that if they had to dispute all the cases being reported the credit card company would have to terminate the relationship with Bright Teeth and Easy White (One Ad Two Companies) losing that revenue. We as consumers are being scammed and our credit card companies are not putting a stop to it. It makes no sense, unless they do not want to lose that revenue from Bright Teeth and Easy White. What to do. File a complaint with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, FCC, POST TO AS MANT SITES AS YOU CAN WITH A COMPLAINT. SOMEONE SHOULD FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT. Most importantly - Cancel your relationship with the credit card company that takes your right away to dispute a charge. Especially a company that has so many complaints against them. MasterCard you should be ashamed of your stand on this matter. When did you stop backing your cardholders? When you got in on the scam? If any one knows of an attorney to take on this scam please post. Bright Teeth is only in business as of May 2 2009 in Florida and EasyWhite shows no listing in Boulder CO.


MasterCard - Not Understanding – Not In My Wallet

I was a 20 Year Mastercard holder. WAS.

An X- MasterCard Holder
144. - Larry Bahmer - 06/09/2009
I didn't get to this page in time. Got hooked by not one but two saying in combination that they were better than any other type of whitening. Between the two the got me for over $160.00. I have cancelled both and filed compaints with my States Attorneys General Office. If I receive any benefit from this I will post it here.
145. - hangemhi - 06/09/2009
I checked the computer code source for "Cathy’s Teeth Whitening Success" as displayed on MS Internet Explorer. The source code filled 18 pages in MS Word. Somewhere in that source code is probably the information needed to track down the people behind this scam. You can make a copy of the source code by 'right-clicking' with your mouse on the "Cathy’s Teeth Whitening Success" crap and then selecting: "View Source". Once the source code has been displayed you can 'left-click' with your mouse in the source code listing and then 'hold down'the "control" [ctrl] key on your keyboard while you press the 'A' letter. That process 'highlights' all the source code. Next, 'hold down'the "control" [ctrl] key on your keyboard while you press the 'C' letter. That process 'copies' all the source code.

Next, open a word processor document MS Word or other); 'left-click' with your mouse within the word processor document and then 'hold down'the "control" [ctrl] key on your keyboard while you press the 'V' letter. That process 'pastes' all the source code in your word processor document. NOW, SAVE THE DOCUMENT SO YOU CAN FIND IT LATER. Good luck in finding the scum behind this scam.
146. - TAMMY - 06/10/2009
I got scammed on Brightening White and Ivory Whites. The ad said "Risk Free" pay shipping and handling. Yea right! I received the product (which doesn't work)and then found my credit card charged in the amount of $177! When I call to cancel I get somebody in India who won't give a refund but will give you a $20 coupon for your next scammed order. It took me over 30 minutes to get him to cancel my order. They keep going back to the fine print "terms and conditions". Risk free my a**! Don't fall into this scam like I did.
147. - Wendy - 06/11/2009
Oh thank God for you folks.. Just about to order off her site for the (barely affordable) "free trial" and super cheap shipping when I saw this one.. I'm an in home caregiver for the disabled and am on a VERY strict budget.. If I would have ordered this I would not have the transportation money to care for my clients while trying to battle these jerks on re-imbursing my charges. Whew! Close one, and all in the name of vanity! Oh, and by the way, no pill will MELT fat off your body either.. Get this: after millions of dollars of our hard earned tax dollars, research shows.. wait for it.. DIET AND EXERCISE DOES!! Thank God our gov't is helping us out with all this crap.. too bad they could'nt spend a little more of our tax dollars going after these jerks scamming us.. Oh well, like everyone beens posting: If its too good to be true... Riiiggght..
148. - Elizabeth - 06/11/2009
I spent last week trying to get the bank to explain all the charges on my VISA card, and figured out that it was because of the "free" sample I had requested online. I had given my card number to pay for shipping. That was supposed to be $4.95

I have since been charged that amount by CS Web Entry (which I'm guessing is "Cathy's web")

Then the following a few days apart

Nexus Wellness $ 9.99

Celebrity Smile $39.95

Ivory Brite $89.97

Dazzle White $58.76

My bank wont automatically reverse the charges on my word that these are fraudulent charges. I have had to contact each one. At least the bank had the phone numbers to give me.

Depending on which one I called the responses were different, everything from, well you shoulda read what you were agreeing to. (to get a free sample?) and the nicest one right up front explained it was past the 15 days, but can do a cancellation so there are no more future charges. I just may be out of luck to get full refunds for something I never ordered!

Closing out one's credit card is not good for one's credit. However, if one has lost their credit card, they are given a new card with a new number, and any company or organization who has been charging to your account can no longer do so.
149. - Tony - 06/12/2009
yeah I fell for the scam too. I just received the dazzle white. I figure I might as well try it. I think it might be working. I'm going to cancel regardless I think. It's too expensive. Not mention the overdraft fees I received because of this. I know I learned my lesson. Still I think the product is works.
150. - Brittany - 06/14/2009
yeah all of these teeth whitening websites are scams. i def learned my lesson and will never ever get anything like this again. when i received my free trial i told them i would like to cancel and they still billed my account $88.97. it's a totally scam and please don't fall for it like i did.
151. - edith - 06/15/2009
I to ordered one of the teeth whitening products,whitening brites&celebrity teeth.Ihave had the same exprence with returning. i am convinced it a scam. i am strated that they have the nerve to do this in an arrogant way. we should make them pay.
152. - Lisa M. - 06/15/2009
I order both of the whitening products. One I received on June12 and noticed on June 15th, my acct was charged $85.47, I called the bank to find out what was that charge abd they said I havd to call the company. The company cancelled my order but says I have to pay for the shipping back of the product. I ask the lady if it is a 10day free trial offer, why was I billed on the 10th. day. They are scammers, I also payed an overdraft fee and shipping fee too.
153. - YellowFang - 06/15/2009
What I somehow missed in their advertisement of the "21-day free trial sample" is that the clock starts ticking the day you place the order. I did not receive my "free sample" until 10 days later and was promptly charged $89.00 on day 21 after the order date (eg, 11 days after receiving the product). I had not yet had a chance to open and try the product. It is going in the trash along with the name Nutribrite.
154. - Janetta - 06/20/2009
So glad I came upon this website. Ordered Dazzlewhite free trial and found they charged me for shipping and also apparently for the first month unless I cancel in ten days (which I intend to do).
155. - Mary Ann - 06/21/2009
I, too, thought I was ordering a simple trial offer for the cost of basic shipping. In no time, I was charged $88.97 and never received the product to boot! I have now cancelled the "membership," but have only been assured that there will be no further charges. I am probably going to have to wage a war to get the money refunded to my credit card. My advice is to not fall for this scam that looks innocent by appearing as a personal blog/testimonial -- perhaps even by someone locally in your own area.
156. - jay - 06/23/2009
What about Opalescence Teeth Whitening? Have you heard anything about them? They seem to be a "scam" website as well. Does anyone have any information on them?
157. - Annie - 06/24/2009
I discovered this site too late. I ordered the Dazzle White and Smile Brite. Canceled on the 11th day (I didn't find out that Smile Brite starts counting from the day of order) so they charged me $85+. Now I'm out almost $88, including the shipping. And I haven't even opened the package yet. They told me that because I canceled on Day 11, I can't get a refund. What a total scam!
158. - D. J. - 06/29/2009
If anyone out there gets an RMA number - please share it with the rest of us. The package will not be accepted for return unless an "RMA number is clearly written on the item being returned".
159. - D.J. - 06/29/2009
So far in investigating this crap, I found out that there is a company in Canada that is a "call center" for
and many of the other companies listed on this site as companies to avoid. How do you get the parties involved prosecuted when they outsource their work to a company out of the country?
The company is called
1400 Taylor Ave.
Winnipeg, Canada
They are a call center for most of the companies listed on your list.
When you call them, they will not give you the address of the company location in California or anywhere else in the US, they will only say the company is located on the "West Coast".
160. - Ann - 06/30/2009
I got duped also - talked about using 2 products together and, free trial pay shipping only $397 and $4.99. Now I got additional charges $78.37 and $88.97 and from Axis Wellness $9.99 a month later.
I have contacted them and attempting to get refunds - has anyone successfully gotten a refund????

The new 'names' they are using is (where scam begins) pushing for easywhiteteeth and dasslewhite!

They keep using slightly different names and very misleading, hard to find where you are signing up for monthly shipment just for doing the free trial!!!!
161. - button - 07/01/2009
I just ordered whiteteethnow Whitening Pen
would this be the same company as Whitening Now?
162. - YellowFang - 07/01/2009
Button...I would advise cancelling your White Teeth as it could very well be a scam..just to be safe. Hey, DJ, good info!
163. - Janet - 07/02/2009
I was also a victim of this "whitening scam". Specifically the one with the syringes. I followed advice from others and canceled my credit card so they could no longer charge me. It's important to note I NEVER DID RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT FOR MY TRIAL. Since the product never came, I figured this confirmed my suspicion it was a scam and the whole thing would just go harm other than the $4.95 I spent when I signed up for the trial. I didn't see the need to cancel the "membership" that was the result of a scam. A year later this awful company sent a collection agency after me for the monthly fees they were unable to collect once I canceled my card. They claimed I didn't "cancel" my membership as was required in the "contract" (presumably the fine print at the bottom of the trial order page). The collection agent upfront admitted the guy who owns this company is someone very well versed in the law who knows he has people backed into a corner with this little loop-hole. Apparently the company's owner was tired of all the charge-backs from customers who finally caught on. The agent said other customers had fought the charges in court and lost because they canceled their cards instead of canceling their membership as was required in the "contract". They were trying to collect somewhere upwards of $1,000 (I can't remember the exact number as I've tried to block this horrible experience from my memory:) but to show "good faith" offered to accept $200 from me to settle the debt. It was clear I either pay or risk ruining my credit. I could have fought it on principal, but my time and the frustration involved was worth more than the $200. I'm pretty sure they count on the fact that many other people feel the same way I do. Easy money for them, don't you think? They never even had to put out the expense of sending a product. The true cash cow here was the "membership" fees. And I'm no legal expert, but what the collection agent said made sense and I knew I was on the short end of the stick. I had no proof anywhere that I had actually canceled the membership. What's the moral of my story, you ask? If you do cancel your card to stop the charges, please also cancel your membership with this unscrupulous company - in writing via certified mail. You will be glad you did...
164. - Amanda - 07/04/2009
I just received my trials of DazzleWhite and Dentec. I fell for it, its my fault- but Dazzlewhite did charge my acct twice, almost $60, caused me to bounce checks. I called my bank, and DW- DW said "too bad for you" basically, and all my bank was requiring was a fax from DW stating the charges were in error- they would NOT do it. So my trial cost me $104 of overdraft fees and the $1.95 shipping- sux!! I could have just paid the place at the mall to zap my teeth- I had to cancel the check card I used and get another one with a new # that they do not have!! P.O.S. scammers!! Lesson learned for me- again people...keep a close eye on your credit card transactions....they will keep trying to hit it, long after the fact!
165. - Blame - 07/04/2009
Guys, we have so many witnesses here. Lets sue them together. Sure, they said the words were in the contract about the membership, but its not in a conspicuous area, so its obvious that their intentions were to scam people.

Even I got tricked. I thought it was ok to cancel the credit card, but it seems that if I don't cancel the membership, I'll be haunted by them forever. How do I do it? And how do I sue them to death?
166. - Sam - 07/06/2009

I ordered trials of DazzleWhite 3 days ago
and new it was a scam about 2min after pressing ok.
they have agreed to cancel the order but not the trial. so I have to send that back.
I’m going to cancel my card as well and hopefully that should be it a loss of 14.90
and whatever it cost to ship the trial back. told there customer line off a few times and made it very clear if I do get charge for a supply I will making sure to make my order cost more to them than any profits they may have made from me.

Still, I really thought I was smarter than this.
I was hungover when I ordered but still!

But I can recommend a product. Plus Plus white toothpaste is excellent as far whiting tooth pastes go ( the extra strong one with peroxide)
167. - Me Too... - 07/06/2009
Like my name...ME TOO!

1) cancel all "memberships" and make sire you get a cancellation number as well as the name and ID# of the person you talked with.

2) Call your credit card company and DISPUTE all charges, and there may be 4 or 5, and give them the cancelation numbers.

3) I was told that "leagally" there is no "valid" contract IF they have not provided you with a copy of it upon agreement. ~~SO, don't let them BULLY you!!!

4) Most of their sites (google, "The trick is using two TRIAL products") and you will see them (and they are not just into teeth) and notice all the LOGOS they are using...CNN, Oprah, Fox News, VH1....we need to bombard THEM with complaints that these sites are using their GOOD NAMES and LOGOs to SCAM hundreds of us.
168. - Sam - 07/07/2009
Ok I got my cancelation number and told them I would be taking screen shots of their replies and reporting my progress back to this

The nice customer service girl gave me classic reply to that!

See below:

Nadia: Some of our most common issues arise from the customer not having a clear understanding of the terms and conditions which they must indicate that they have read and agree to before placing any order with us.
169. - faye - 07/07/2009
Anyone know if "White teeth now" or LA White" are legit?
170. - Jim - 07/07/2009
I filled in my contact details for a trail of dazzle white but after reading the Terms and Conditions decided not to proceed with my card details as I was not prepared to tie myself into a membership or pay all the high costs for this product! However I am now concerned that they can now do something with my personal info?
Anyone know if they can or not?
171. - Jerry - 07/10/2009
MaxWhiteTeeth is another scammer for sure. I'm a lawyer and pretty cautious of anything offered "free," and avoid any "free" offer that show that there is some "participation required" or other indication of an ongoing obligation. This MaxWhiteTeeth one either said no such thing or buried it really well, plus I figured that paying the $5.00 shipping would just get me a small amount of product to test at a fair price. When I got the second "sample" I called and learned of the two $80 charges on my card, and, after the operator tried to get me to agree to a much skaller monthly subsrciption amount, I just canceled. They said they would eliminate the charges from May and June, but haven't done so yet, so I notified my credit card company which has put a hold on the charges while they investigate. The FTC needs to shut down this massively-advertised scam.
172. - Sonni - 07/11/2009
I, too, was a victim of the teeth whitening scam. I did the usual signing up for "free" product for a small shipping fee from Dazzelwhite Pro and Whitening Brites. When the "monthly" shipment and charges arrived that I was not expecting, I was outraged. $89 for one and $58 for the other. I immediately cancelled the accounts and then with persistance, and help from my credit card representative, I cancelled my credit card, threatened to dispute the charges AND go to the BBB. It took 5 emails and at least that many phone calls and about 3 weeks time, but all charges from both companies were credited back onto my account. It was a good lesson for me to learn. Nothing in life is "free" and I will always be cautious online.
173. - K Smyth - 07/11/2009
"Easy White", "EZ White", "Teeth Whitening Now" and all other names of this product associated with AdEx Media is a 100% scam. I have been billed six times now, ranging from $78 to $90 for a product I have never tried. This is the first, only and last time I will ever try a product advertised on a major website (MSN). Even though I have called "Easy White" and "Teeth Whitening Now" to cancel shipments, a total of 6 boxes sent in a three month period, I was just charged $90 again directly out of my checking account. I have notified my bank and had to cancel my credit/debit card as well as my checking account. This is an outrage! I would like to know how a company is allowed to blatantly scam people with no legal repercussions. This needs to end now. If there are any lawyers reading this, you have an easy case against AdEx Media. Please feel free to sue them on our behalf. I would be more than happy to be a part of a class action suit against AdEx Media.
174. - Ryan - 07/15/2009
I too fell for this "scam". I read the story of the mom using 2 free trial products to brighten her teeth. It was only going to cost me $5 for shipping, if it doesn't oh well its only $5...So i placed the order & then i check my account & notice a $58.76 pending charge. I started to do some research & found out about this scam. I called them immediately asking to cancel my order. I was told that they cancel my order but i will have to return the product to them to remove the pending charge. I told them that i only place an order 30 minutes ago, dont bother shipping. I was told that they cant stop the process, just return the "free trial" & you wont get charged. They told me to write the RMA # when shipping it back.

I called my bank as i used a debit card. I wanted a new card so i would not be charge any additional charges.

Couple days later i receive the packages, i sent them back writing the RMA number. I check my account weekly & notice the pending charge was removed. Yeah, no more worries right? Yesterday, i checked my card & notice that i got charge $58.76. I called Dazzle White & ask why i got charged. First they told me i never canceled my account? WTF, how is this possible, i gave them the cancellation number the person gave me/RMA # & they said that's not a cancellation number, we only use 5 numbers. I will cancel your membership now, that's what she told me. She gives me a cancellation number which BTW is 6 numbers, i asked her why is this 6 if you only supposedly use 5, they said that was for a few weeks ago. At this point I was pretty pissed off, i then spoke to a so called "supervisor" he pretty much told me the same thing the one customer lady told me.

I then called my bank & they advise me to wait 30 days from the first charge. After that they can start their investigation.

This is such a headache for me. I dont even care about the $58.76 anymore, i just dont want additional charges every month. Any tips on what i should do?
175. - James - 07/15/2009
@Ryan: Just get a new debit card from your bank. That will stop charges from going through on your card. Good luck to you!
176. - EDDY - 07/15/2009
ya hey ryan.. doing exactly the same thing all day yesterday on the phone cancelling " orders" from companies i hadn't even ordered from all from one " sample" of dazzle white that was supposed to cost me $11.49 on my credit card.. am i an idiot or what???? natural clean got me for 102.00 but will reimburse me when i return the sample, dazzle white dinged me for 150.00 but will reimburse me when i return the sample, some diet membership that i was " automatically " signed up for at 8.53 which only 50% is returnable ( which i thougt if 3.50 is all i end up paying for being a complete idiot then i am good eh>??) then a charge for 99.20 A MONTH I AM TOLD BY MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY !!!!!!!!!!!! for some place called " show the smile",, who nobody has ever heard of but when i call the phone number visa gave me associated with show the smile--- natural clean answers the bloody phone and some superass supervisor named brad trying to tell me that they are in no way affiliated with show the smile and that there is no way they are having credit card info hacked from them , but they answer the bloody phone. printing copies of email cancellation confirmations all day yesterday and visa doing investigation on show your smile to stop payment-- whatever!!!! this is going to take a long time to sort out and you can bet that i am replacing my credit card as soon as i get all my reimbursments maybe even sooner.. gotta call the bank again tomorrow to see how soon i can get a new card.. NEVER NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANYTHING OFF THE INTERNET WITHOUT PAYPAL..!!!!!!!!So ryan-- call your bank and tell them you need to do an investigation for this and as long as you have the ball rolling-- if they try to take the money out again that is when the bank will put a stop payment on it but you have to " wait" until they try to take the money again.. stupid eh??? good luck. and be lucky thats all they are taking you for. my card has been dinged already for 349.81 plus anything else i don't know about yet!!! geesh!!!
177. - Janet Morgan - 07/15/2009

Here's some good data people.

I am going to use caps now ... not yelling, it's just to get your attention:




PO BOX 944255


Your letter needs to be DETAILED WITH JUST THE FACTS.

All of you who have been scammed, do this, and perhaps you can get GENUINE JUSTICE!

Do I hear an Amen?
178. - LetMyGuardDown - 07/16/2009
Janet-Reply to your comment from 7/15/09

The company that I was scammed by has addresses in UT not CA. I am not sure if it's the same outfit. Should I send a letter to CA anyway, just in case DentaWhite and BriteSmile are based there? I am sure its the same scam as it was an ad by a "local mom" who tried 2 different "free trial" teeth whitening "systems" and got great results!

I was billed $88.97 by "whiteningbrites" and $9.99 for monthly access to the AxisWellnessPortal "webportal". The other part of the scam involved DentaWhite/ for $78.37/monthly shipment of the teeth whitening junk and a $5.95 monthly charge for something called "FITNESS AID". I did get an RMA # to return the first monthly shipment and there are TWO different addresses listed as to where to send the product back to. Hmmmm....Both addresses for the DentaWhite, whitesmile, and Healthtracker are all in Utah. I was also charged $78.37 by another company listed as RESVPURE out of California. Ironic how its the exact same amount as the charges by the DentaWhite/WhiteSmile outfit in Utah. I looked up ResVPure and its some kind of "anti-aging" pill. I believe what happened is that immediately after signing up for the "free trial" of the WhiteSmile stuff an ad popped up on my computer screen for these "antiaging pills" that I immediately closed. I guess by hitting the "x" to close the ad, I automatically got billed. By the way, I never received any "anti-aging" pills. I was able to get my credit card issuer to remove that charge since no product ever was rec'd. I will also be able to get rid of one of the $78.37 charges because I successfully got an RMA number and have sent the product back via certified/insured mail. All total I will have lost close to $115 on this crap that I haven't even tried yet from the "free trial" I was originally sent.

I will write whoever I need to to help get these scammers shut down.
179. - Janet Morgan - 07/17/2009
reply to: LetMyGuardDown Post 178

Check the postmarks on your packages. Also do internet research. If you find ANY link to doing business within the State of California, write immediately to the address provided in my post 177.

Otherwise, write to the Attorney Generals of the states from where the packages were mailed from.

The point is, complaining to the banks, or to the credit card companies will not get these criminals out of business and into a proper jail cell.

These people are in business today ONLY because not enough people have complained to the state attorney generals.

Think of your state attorney general as the top lawyer for the people, with the authority to prosecute and jail criminals on behalf of the people.

Am I clear enough on this?
180. - Vaughn - 07/21/2009
I was scammed! Am sending form downloaded from Attorney General's site -- Edmund G Brown. Ya'll better get off your complaining butts and DO THE SAME. Otherwise this outfit will scam you down the line, but with a different product. It's basically all about FAIR AND UPFRONT DISCLOSURE on internet sites. I am determined to get this outfit -- as soon as I get the bill passed. I need your help first.VIDAER
181. - Janet - 07/22/2009

Post 180 Vaughn ... Excellent.

If someone reaches into your wallet or purse and steals several hundred dollars, you ARE going to report the crime to the police, right?

For this internet scam, including huge unauthorized credit card charges, "reporting it to the police" means reporting it to the Office of the Attorney General.

These people are in business today ONLY because not enough people REPORT THE CRIME to the state Attorney Generals.

Complaining to the bank or the credit card company, and then NOT reporting it to the Department of Justice, via your Attorney General, will accomplish precisely nothing.

I am going to use caps now ... not yelling, it's just to get your attention:




PO BOX 944255


Your letter needs to be DETAILED WITH JUST THE FACTS.

All of you who have been scammed, do this, and perhaps you can get GENUINE JUSTICE!
182. - Tanya B - 07/24/2009
I visited YOUR SITE and clicked on a link ON YOUR SITE that took me to one of these fake review sites! I ordered the two products and now I'll have to cancel!

How can you warn people about these horrible sites but promote them at the same time?! I guess even the "good guys" are tempted by the money available online. This site is hypocrtitical!!!!
183. - Blame - 07/25/2009
I doubt that they this site scammed on purpose. The ads are most likely randomly generated. Just click it and DON'T BUY it to support the site and not fall for their crap at the same time.
184. - Marie - 07/27/2009
I wish I had seen this sooner. I ordered a pair of these and now I am in shock to come home form vacation to packages and charges. I feel like I am going to throw up. I have spoken with the people form Dazzle White and they will refund my money if I send back the trial and the first shipment. Or so they say. I don't remember even ordering the Smile Brite but got a package of it before leaving and my family threw away the package thinking it was a free trial. Now I went online and find that I am signed up for shipments of that too. Boy I am ticked. What a vacation.

185. - chuck d. - 07/29/2009
What teeth whitening products have worked for everyone out there?
186. - shawn s. - 07/29/2009
...dammit, I just ordered DazzleWhite Pro...stupid, stupid, stupid...then saw this page...I called the cancellation line and got through relatively quickly. After cancelling the order, I was told I would be charged $50 some odd dollars (not just the $14.90 for shipping and handling). I told "Tanya" I would not pay this as I did not agree to and that I would contact the FBI internet fraud division and got her work ID#. She then said I would only be charged the shipping and handling and that my account would be closed... hopefully this is true, but we'll see. My guess is that I will indeed be calling the FBI at some point.
187. - minh - 07/30/2009
this is the risk of internet for people like me in Vietnam where we are not used to this kind of scam but luckyly i am not caught by the trick.
your site is helpful to all since I see the 2 site mentioend ahead that we should not trust
188. - Cynthia - 08/01/2009
I, too, got scammed. Found this site too late. I did, however, write to the Governor of California in hopes he would shut these people down. Just more bad PR for Budget-Broke state. I will be writing to the Attorney General of my state, Alabama, as well as the Attorney General of California.
189. - KT - 08/02/2009
I bookmarked shimmering white about 2 months ago to look at it at a later time. Every time I open the link there are only 5 minutes and 31 free samples left.
This screams of "fake"
190. - Janet - 08/03/2009
Post 188 Cynthia ... Excellent.

After all, if someone reaches into your wallet or purse and steals several hundred dollars, you ARE going to report the crime to the police, right?

For this internet scam, including huge unauthorized credit card charges, "reporting it to the police" means reporting it to the Office of the Attorney General.

These people are in business today ONLY because not enough people REPORT THE CRIME to the state Attorney Generals.

Complaining to the bank or the credit card company, and then NOT reporting it to the Department of Justice, via your Attorney General, will accomplish precisely nothing.

I am going to use caps now ... not yelling, it's just to get your attention:




PO BOX 944255


Your letter needs to be DETAILED WITH JUST THE FACTS.

All of you who have been scammed, do this, and perhaps you can get GENUINE JUSTICE!
191. - D. J. - 08/12/2009
Dear TWR Administrator,
I saw on this site that clicking on the advertisments will charge the scam companies money just for clicking on their ads. Is this true?
192. - D.J. - 08/12/2009
I copied this from one of the websites listed on this site:

Order Confirmation Calls
We call all of our customers within an hour after they place their trial order. We do this as part of our fraud prevention efforts in order to ensure that none of the orders placed on our site are fraudulent in nature. This call helps customers understand who they ordered from and helps them understand what they will receive. They are provided information about how our trial offer works, so that they understand both their rights and obligations. We believe that his helps to create a good relationship between our company and our legitimate customers. During the call we also explain to our customers how they can cancel their trial offer in the unlikely event that they are not satisfied with our product.

Did anyone ever get one of these confirmation calls? I didn't.

193. - D.J. - 08/12/2009
This is one of the responses that I got from Dentech after I sent them an e-mail telling them I was going to report them to my credit card company and request their assistance...I was almost scared to do it after this response, but reported them anyway. The fraud department at Chase MC was well aware of all of the companies I was involved with. They referred me to their fraud department and handled it very professionally. Unfortunately, the website mentioned in this response no longer exists, and I would bet that "Tony" is a made-up name.

Dear Customer,

We find it truly unfortunate that you do not feel you are willing to resolve this matter internally, with our company. Please be aware of our continuing desire to rectify your complaint before escalating the dispute to your financial institution. In the interest of full disclosure, allow us to respectfully advise you of some facts regarding the dispute process.

Once a dispute is filed, we are instructed by your bank or lending firm to cease any dealings with you personally, and instead allow our financial institutions to communicate and mediate the final resolution, as we do file a charge-back reversal form. During this 30 to 90 day process, your bank will investigate our terms and conditions to verify that we have not charged you in a fraudulent manner, at which point they will award the funds to the party whom they feel is correct in this matter. Please also be advised that once they have made their ruling, this decision is final and is not subject to further negotiation.

Should you wish to avoid this process and continue to maintain a dialogue with us regarding the steps you can take from here to ensure you are refunded, please reply stating in writing that you will not be continuing to pursue your dispute, and that there is no dispute currently in process against our company. Once you have verified this, we will provide you with explicit instructions for you to be issued a full refund. You may also wish to review our terms and conditions at where a detailed description of the trial membership you signed up for is listed in full.

Respectfully yours,

Tony Slocum

I plan to take the advice of post #177
194. - D.J. - 08/12/2009
With persistence I got this from the support staff at

Dear Customer,

Thank you for following our return guidelines. Your RMA number is: 99089079

Please use this RMA number to send your most recent monthly installment back to us with delivery confirmation. Upon receipt of your package, we will electronically process a full refund for the unopened product.


Biff Webster
195. - D. J. - 08/12/2009
Someone also suggested that a Mail Fraud Report be filed to:
US Postal Inspection Service
Inspection Service Support Group
222 S Riverside Plaza STE 1250
Chicago, IL 60606-6100

Since many of the companies listed on this site use the mail to further their fraudulent efforts, in the event that the Attorney General is able to finally prosecute those behind the scams, FEDERAL charges could be added to the lawsuit - the USPS is a federal company.

It couldn't hurt to try.
196. - D.J. - 08/12/2009
Better Business Bureau - Company rating "F"
BBB of the Southland, Inc.
315 North La Cadena Drive
Colton, CA 92324
Phone: (909) 825-7280
Fax: (909) 825-6246 Company Report

Company Profile
263 West Olive Avenue #130
Burbank, CA 91502
Phone: (888) 279-0604
Contact: Joey Santorielli - Customer Support
Business Start Date: 3/5/2009
Company ID: 100081656

Nature of Business:
This company's business is the sales of teeth whitening products.

File a report!
197. - Alice - 08/16/2009
All these reviews are about online scams like free trials and stuffs right? So does some of those products like Alta White actually work?
198. - Bob Puckett - 08/20/2009
Well folks,
I have filed a complaint with: Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
I have filed a complaint with: Competition Bureau / Bureau de la concurrence [[email protected]] since the headquarters is supposed to be in Alberta, Canada
I don't believe I'll pursue a complaint with the BBB as they have indicated they have only settled a couple of the 100+ complaints BBB/screwed customers have filed. No point in wasting my time.
Have filed a complaint with the FTC. (Since the Consumer Protection Agency is now part of the FTC.)
Have filed a Complaint with: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
A note to 196 D.J.: if you do a GoogleEarth of the Olive Street, Burbank CA address, you'll find it's a mail drop IE: the box number - #130. It is not their place of business and they only ship product there.

Copied from: http ://

This is Dentech Whitening/Dazzle White/etc BBB report. Yeah - they got an "F"

Business Contact and Profile
Name: Dazzle White
Phone: (888) 681-4353
Address: 201, 85 Cranford Way
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0H9
Website: www.
http ://
Principal: Jesse Willms, Owner
Customer Contact: Jesse Willms, Owner
File Open Date: July 2009
TOB Classification: Internet Shopping Services, Business Opportunity Cos., Dental Equipment & Supplies
BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names: JDW Media LLC

This person is a thief!

Be Very Cautious.
199. - Jennifer - 08/25/2009
Didn't realize there were so many tooth whitening scammers out there. I have only used whiteners I can buy at the drugstore. The Rembrandt 2-hour kit is, I think, less than $30 and worked well for me. However, you really want to avoid drinking tea, coffee, soda, etc. for several days afterward because your tooth surfaces are vulnerable - I actually stained mine a little worse by drinking sweet tea and had to re-do it.
200. - Sue - 08/25/2009
I too was scammed with both DazzleWhite & Dentech. Anyone that is wanting to try these, PLEASE DON'T. The product does not work, they do not follow their own Terms & Conditions and they do not tell you that you will also be getting charged from other companies they have given your information to. I have been successful getting a refund back from 3 of the 6 companies, but it was with threats of law suits and I had to cancel my card. If you have or are trying any of these, Go and cancel your card immediately. Refunds will be accepted by your bank, but you will also stop any other unauthorized charges. It's a pain, but well worth it. It's a crying shame that the Internet allows this type of thing to happen. They need to set laws up for this and prosecute! It is False Advertisement plain & simple and no one seems to care. Where is our Justice system now, try taking care of these problems. There seems to be a lot of people out there pushing non-smoking, no drinking, etc, etc, who's trying to protect the 'children' that this will affect??
201. - Ann - 08/27/2009
I only realized I was scammed when a parcel arrived with three
tubes ofdazzle white . Confused I rang the numbers but they don't
work in Australia , can someone advise me how to cancel the memberships here in Australia and should I send all products back
by registered mail to the adress on the bag ? Please help I'm quite worried
202. - veronica - 08/31/2009
Help! I just recently ordered zaazoom white. I know, stupid of me to fall for the scam. I wanted to cancel it before my trial ends but the company doesn't want to answer the phone! I have called so many times but to no avail.
203. - Lori - 08/31/2009
Same problems as everyone else. Cancelled within the time period, returned the product via registered mail. Still was charged, called the company, sent copy of return receipt, was told that person never worked there and it must have gone somewhere else. Kept charging my credit card and enrolled me in other programs I specifically said no to. Only way to stop this was to report my credit card lost. It really is a shame that people are willing to do this to each other. Bad enough the government does it, now we can't even get something online.
204. - Sr Citizen Duped in AZ - 09/01/2009
I was an unfortunate "victim" of DazzleWhite/WhiteSmile/VHAccess/HealthMember...and whatever else they are calling themselves these days. Have reported DazzleWhite to the BBQ. Rec'd my money back, then noticed a different charge from "WhiteSmile" of $1.76 and $58.71 respectively -- posted TWICE to my bank account. I am ashamed that I fell for something so foolish. Have returned all products and in process of getting my $117.42 back from WhiteSmile. Adrian from WhiteSmile informed me that they are also called DazzleWhite -- all one-in-the-same company. It's BS!!! Do NOT fall for this scam like I did. Taking forever to get this settled. These people should be ASHAMED!!!
205. - How foolish I am - 09/04/2009
This "Justin" from Denta White is "Plecca" in They are pure crooks. Since they copy the same comment everywhere, so I also copy my comment from

I would like to share my method about how to sue Denta White
if you are cheated by Denta White. You know they are crooks, but they are crooks in a smart way, i.e. they can claim whatever a cunny website they have, consumer should be responsible for what they signed, because it's consumer themselves who missed those important contract term. But they may not be so smart as they thought. Here is something I think I will use to sue them:
1. They have published many advertizement titled "Teeth Whitening During Recession", they can fake a Mom or lady's name, fake photo, a fake address, a faked detailed story, but they can't make a fake statement as " she used nothing but trial offers that cost her less than $10 total". We know that after 14 days, even the "free trial" product will charge $92. So obviously the above statement is false and misleading
2. The claim "As Seen on MSNBC, The Opran wihfrey show, CNN and WebMD", I strongly suspect about this. If this turns out to be false, this constitues false information and lie.
3. They publish more than 10 faked review, I think this is also questionable. Advertisement may allow them to fake a name, but does that allow them to fake review?
4. In their checkout web page, they try hard to make consumer to miss the real contract term with extreamly small font, such as a rolling timer to show "Sign up in the next XXX", "RUSH MY TRIAL", "HURRY ACT NOW!!!", also ask you "check whether you are qualified", and "promo coupon", the only purporse of this trick is just want user to miss the real contract part. Maybe they think they did in a very smart way. But the receipt they issueed to customer only has H&S fee, doesn't mention anything about the real contract, I believe this is also questionable. In this case, the real $92 is not included in the receipt. I think this constitute a false information too.

Also don't use their "return product" address, that's a rep company for many many company. Their real name is "T89 Wie Vita System LLC", 32 West Loockerman St. Suite 201, Dover, DE, 19904". The phone is not theirs, only rep's.

Based on the above observation, I am confident to sue them in a small claim court and get back all my cost. Even though because they are selling online, they don't need to register their business in local area, so we may not sue them in our local place, but I am determined that even I have to fly to Dover, Delaware, I will pursue it, I will let them to pay my flight! I did this not simply for money, just hate them to do business in this cheating way. The feeling of being played is too bad to me!

If you have better idea, please let us know
206. - David Johnson - 09/04/2009
The first comment about these teeth whitening scams was dated early January, unfortunately I just now read it(September)and all the others. Guess what? Now I need the answers to the questions posted. Imagine how many of us there are still being taken advantage of. Does it make anyone feel like this crap is out of control and can't be stopped. We need some "Hero Hackers" to turn this around and SHUT THEM DOWN!.
207. - Ron H - 09/06/2009
Just info: I was looking for a cheaper method for teeth whitening, and after finding "megans teeth", and clicking on one of her blog page links, I was taken to an order page. I could order the "free" trial if I would only pay the shipping and handling fee. I THEN DID WHAT I ALWAYS DO NOW WITH EVERYTHING I AM INTERESTED IN ... I PUT THE ITEM NAME PLUS THE WORD SCAM INTO A GOOGLE SEARCH!!!! It is amazing how many things on the internet are scams, and how easy it is to find out that they are scams.
208. - Faith E - 09/08/2009
I too got suckered into this double scam. I thought I did some due diligence before purchasing and read the print. Then by happenstance I found this site and others revealing the scammers. What I did was cancel first, then called/emailed/website cancel. I want no additional charges to the .99 and 1.95 charges already made which I will also dispute with my credit card. Hope this helps the next person.
Below is the transcript between a DazzleSmile rep and me:
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Gail'
Gail: Hello and welcome to DazzleSmile. I'll be your live operator today. May I know with whom I am chatting with?
you: You're speaking with Faith and I want the following order and any affiliate unsolicited offers cancelled as well: DazzleSmile Transaction Number: DZW40152033xxxx. This is your receipt for your $1.95 purchase of a 14 day trial.
Gail: Could you please provide me with your full name, email address and postal/zip code, so that I can pull up your details?
you: I have researched your company and found too many complaints of fraud like activity and do not wish to receive this or any related or unrelated products
you: Name: Faith E
you: Email: xxxxxx
Gail: One moment please while I locate your account information.
you: Zip: xxxxx
you: Please be advised that I have already alerted my credit card company to refuse charges
Gail: You have been removed from the auto ship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments. As per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to before placing your order, your card will be charged the discounted rate of $79.91 for the first shipment of Dazzle Smile Teeth Whitening after the completion of the trial period.
Gail: Your cancellation # is
Gail: 348917
Gail: We are unable to process return requests via live chat because of privacy and security reasons.
Gail: Please contact our member support staff at our toll-free number for all return information:
Gail: The number to call is 888-948-5508. They are available 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM (MST) Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they are open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MST). They are closed on Sundays.
you: I have the satisfaction statement that does not explicitly state that i will be charged $79.91
Gail: You will not be charged the $79.91 for the trial if we receive the package back before the 14 days trial period is over.
you: In fact, it states that I can cancel at any time only being charged if I choose to keep the product
Gail: We only provide 14 days to try our product before being charged for it. Our product itself is not free.
Gail: After completing your trial you are charged for your 1 month supply which you got as trial.
Gail: One Dazzle White applicator lasts for 30 days with recommended use.
you: In all fairness to a customer, that appears unscrupulous if, as your website states, my order will not arrive until 10-14 days
Gail: Your two week trial period doesn't start until AFTER you have received your package in the mail.
you: I do not wish to receive the package.
Gail: Kindly contact our phone support they will assist you better regarding your query.
Gail: The number to call is 888-948-5508. They are available 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM (MST) Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they are open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MST). They are closed on Sundays.
you: Are there any other offers that were automatically submitted that i need to formally cancel as well?
Gail: No, not at all.
you: Ok, thank you.
Gail: I hope I was of assistance to you. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.
209. - Faith E - 09/08/2009
ooops, correction: I cancelled my credit card FIRST. Then I did the calling , etc to cancel the product.
210. - Jamie - 09/08/2009
I was thinking about ordering this, mostly because I saw it on the CNN, ABCnews, and FOX news websites. It seemed to good to be true, and I noticed these things:
1. There are little "Advertisement" words at the bottom of the ads
2. "Cathy's" pictures were from stockphoto.
3. The picture of her teeth didn't even look like her!

I'm kind of disappointed that all of these news websites would continue to have this kind of scam on their pages. I feel bad for everyone who ordered it, or have random people calling them from India. How lame. Call the department of Justice; or threaten to sue!I'm sure they would stop, or at least cut it down if you were serious to them about it.

211. - tara williams - 09/08/2009
I was dupped by the "Local mom finds teeth whitening breakthrough..." I got the "free trials" to Dazzle White and also Clean Whites after I paid a small amount for shipping, and then noticed all these other charges popping up on my checking account at $80 per charge. I cancled my debit card and have disputed the charges, but I am glad you have set this site up to warn people. PLEASE add Dazzle White and Clean Whites to your list of frauds!!! Thanks.
212. - Karl - 09/09/2009
signed up for two free trials and found out they are misleading. Capital One is aware as they are receiving multiple complaints about dental whitening charges and I have instituted disput procedures as well as called these two companies, Brite Teeth aka Pure Essentials and Dental White aka T89 Wie Vita System LLC which are both deceptive and misleading.received return authorization however denta white refuses to refund initial mileading charge and am trusting capital one to resolve.
Advise everyone to bombard your credit card companies with complaints about these companies so the fraud departments will intervene on our behalfs. These companies are very slimy...
213. - Elyse - 09/09/2009
I too was scammed-Dazzle White and White Smile-the worst part is they managed to charge my visa using different names for each of 6 charges, and they sold my credit card to a 3rd party for access to a variety of websites I never asked or agreed to have access to.Stay far far away, and check those charges under 10 dollars on your statement.They use different names each time.
214. - Kristin - 09/10/2009
This is a great article, thanks! Here's a great rule to live by:

Never, EVER! buy anything online unless you are an expert in the product you are purchasing.

i.e. In the case, if you were a dentist, you would be qualified.

I had to learn the hard way by purchasing rotten wood flooring from an online vendor and was ripped off to the tune of $1200.
215. - Karen Miller - 09/10/2009
Like all of you I just found out that my credit card was charged $.99 on one day and then on another $92.37 showed up. I tried the samples from the "local mom" site also for the Smile Bright and the Dazzle White. The charges were listed under SMILE SPARKLE OR SMILE BIG two names I am not even familiar with I called Capital One and am taking care of it with them. So far Smile Brite told me that I don't even have an account with them so they couldn't help me. I keep calling Easy White and that's all I get is a fast busy signal. FRUSTRATING AS ALL ****! Good Luck to all of you!!
216. - David Johnson - 09/10/2009
Here's what I did. I canceled my credit card (saved 80 bucks) then called Smilebrite 1-877-604-2117 to cancel membership in their program and the other one you are required to join. My RMA #1550621-4083691. Remember you did not buy the product you ordered a sample so send back their stuff. I did not even open the packages. I called Dazzlewhite at 1-888-948-5508 and canceled my membership RMA #DZW511364972351. I sent a warning to where I got suckered to alert them to this scam. I hope to be interviewed tomorrow by our largest T.V. news organization in Alaska to also expose this scam. The worst part about this is that I think they are doing this legally. We are required to be dilgent in our cancelations. They will waste no time in dinging your credit cards. Good luck to you all.
217. - Kim - 09/12/2009
I was scammed by Dazzle Smile Pro and Celebrity Smile. Supposedly backed by many reputable TV stations. Only a few dollars for a trial of both. Well, then I get $85 and $58 charges on my Credit Card. I've had to cancel my credit card and report fradulent charges. I've called both companies to "cancel" the subscription I never signed up for and I kept getting charged. Most recently the charge was for keeping the free trial, the customer service agent laughed and said goodbye when I told her this is a scam. What a headache and expense for poor products.
218. - Joseph - 09/12/2009
BEWARE of debit card cancellation, especially at Chase bank. I was told that cancelling my debit card would stop the theives from charging another $79.00 to my bank account. This was a total lie. Days after I activated my new debit card two more transactions for $79 plus foreign transactions fees hit my account again. After several calls to Chase bank and going thru two supervisors I was finally told that that the mastercard company can still post to your bank account becuase they are listed on your debit card. This can be done no matter how many time you cancel and get a new debit card from your bank. There is a direct connection to your bank account no matter what. Credit cards are different bu not sure how. No longer use credit any more due to all the money I have spent in the past to their greed in interest fees.

219. - Joany - 09/16/2009
I tried the 14-day trial of DazzleSmile however, their simple pen applicator was just good for 6 days which I used two times a day. Unfortunately, I havent really see any of my teeth go white! I called to return the item and they gave me a cancellation no. And the order no. that they gave me was different from the order no. originally when I purchased it. They said I am going to return it to a different P.O. Box. I was confused with their return process. I hope this would not create a mess! I also tried the Celebrity Sexy but it was also the same as DazzleSmile, no result of a brighter or whiter teeth. I guess I better try Crest Whitening Advanced Seal!
220. - D. J. - 09/23/2009
Take Janet's advice post #177

For this internet scam, including huge unauthorized credit card charges, "reporting it to the police" means reporting it to the Office of the Attorney General.

These people are in business today ONLY because not enough people REPORT THE CRIME to the state Attorney Generals.

Complaining to the bank or the credit card company, and then NOT reporting it to the Department of Justice, via your Attorney General, will accomplish precisely nothing.

I am going to use caps now ... not yelling, it's just to get your attention:




PO BOX 944255


Your letter needs to be DETAILED WITH JUST THE FACTS.
221. - Hey Mikey - 09/23/2009
Guys, anytime you see an ad for personal health or hygiene, wrinkle remover, teeth whitener, etc. and the ad says "from a mom", you know it's scam. all these are the same, "I smoked during college, but quit" is a common claim made by the wrinkle remover people as well as the teeth whitening scammers... both are claiming to be local moms. All of them also claim to use two products combined to get a better result and all of them claim it's a free trial... and in the small print it says you will pay a lot of money at the end of the free trial!
222. - mmmnsk - 10/05/2009
i ordered this cathy's teeth whitening kit about a week ago...and i looked at my bank account online today and i have chargers from random places that i have never heard of... dont order anything!!
223. - Tom V - 10/05/2009
I'm soo lucky my wife routinely checks our bank card charges daily and found the one for $92.37 charged to us courtousy of "Elizabeth’s Teeth Whitening Success". The on-line add made teeth whitening claims with use of Purely White and Smile Brite products at a cost of only reduced shipping costs. I received the samples and the charge howed up under the name " MB Nutrition" which my bank fraud dept says originated from my transaction with "Elizabeth".
224. - Joanna - 10/08/2009
ALSO BEWARE OF SMILE BRITE! You pay a buck for a "trial kit" and they automatically sign you up for a $92 PER MONTH deal. The read-the-fine-print "trial" starts the day you order the item (like how can I "try" it before I receive it?) and if you don't return it within 10-days of ordering UNOPENED, they won't take it back. Again, defies common sense - how can you try it if you can't use it. BUYER BEWARE!!! I should have found this blog before I innocently went ahead and ordered the test kit. On the other hand, I did order a $1 tube of Dazzle White and that was it. No strings attached.
225. - Anita Vice - 10/08/2009
I'm still trying to get all the charges removed for this phony baloney! So far over $150 out of my account. buyers beware...stay clear. free trial is NOT free in the end
226. - Chuck Turner - 10/16/2009

Here is the head office phone number and address for the Dazzle Smile / Dazzle White scam:

JustThink Media
Corporate Head Office
Suite 204, 85 Cranford Way
Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA T8H 0H9
Phone: 780.416.0211
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Customer Service
[email protected]


More about this company and their history can be found here:

Where to file complaints:


Good luck to all who have been caught by these scammers!
227. - Hazel - Surry UK - 10/16/2009
Lucky my Credit Card company called me suspecting that Shimmering White were trying to take fraudulant payments. The only way I could stop payments being made to these sacammers was to cancel my card which is what I did. So if they send any more they wont get paid. Never thought I would get caught by a scammer, but they are crafty(I wont say clever) Just nasty little spineless crooks.
228. - great idea - 10/18/2009
I say cancel your credit cards, crap in the box when it arrives and send it back to them. They deserve it!
229. - Ramzy - 10/29/2009
It was dazzlewhite and denta smile for me. I was supposed to be charged 1.95 for each of the 2 free samples. Thats all I agreed to. A few weeks later after receiving them I received another 2 packets in the mail. Thats when I checked my bank account online. $368.42 is what they got me for all together so far. When I called the number back I asked the operator how she sleeps at night or looks in the mirror. If I could get ahold of who is responsible for this... lets just say it would not be good for them. I got a new debit card, ahd I am hoping that is good enough. People are hurting in this economy, yet you have these devils stealing from hard working people. They are s very slimy bunch. If someone is planning on bringing some sort of action if possible against these companies please contact me. I still have all the products and packaging they shipped me.
230. - David Granger - 10/29/2009
Hey guys just to let you all know is a scam.

My girlfriend told me the day if I wanted to try this teeth whitening gel she had, she said it had come from america, however the penny didn't drop as I'm quite internet savy.. Until she said it was a free trial.. Straight away I told her to check her bank account and low and behold they had taken over $250 in less than 15 days.. 1 payment was Shimmering white and 3 other payments which seem to be sister companies.. She has had to cancel her card and close her account.. However because they have taken so much in a small amount of time we have spoken to the fraud squad and they are now invesigating.
231. - shelly - 10/29/2009
i got dooped by I actually believed Karen was a real person and bought the 2 tooth pastes that she recommended for only 99 cents each. I knew a monthly charge would come soon so once I saw the product wasn't coming I called to cancel. They then immediately, without permission, charged my card $6.99 to send product i hadn't even received, back. They also work with Dentawhite which is supposed to be the 2nd toothpaste - but it's actually a mouth piece that tells you to boil in water to shape to your mouth but it shrivels up and cant be used. I hear the feds are getting involved - lets hope. I canceled my card. Stay away from these people.
232. - Margaret - 10/31/2009
I have been devastated and have had no sympathy from my credit card company who say it was my own fault and that the toothpaste company is not a scam.
I am a single disabled mum of very limited means and this con has compeltey ruined my young son's Xmas now. I still have another transaction to sort out from one of their sister companies whic they automatically registered me with. It's the last straw for me. I just don;t know what to do now. I have no one to help us.
233. - Ariel - 11/02/2009
I readed a stupid artical about teeth whitening then I did just like it says, I order free trial from DazzleSmile and Denta white, after couple weeks, the Denta white charged me $93.11, and DazzleSmile charged me $88.76, now I have to change my account number.
234. - David - 11/02/2009
I ordered Bdazzled and Celebrity Smile- both are scams... they charge you the credit card 30 days after- DON'T FALL FOR THIS....
235. - Zara - 11/03/2009
236. - John - 11/06/2009
First off, anyone of you guys who orders anything from a blogsite or from an ad on a page are IDIOTS! STUPID DUMB IDIOTS! What the hell do you think they have STORES for? I would never ever order anything from a website I dont know anything about, and I'm only 19 years old. And of you guys who ordered and got scammed, I dont feel sorry for you at all because you guys are plain dumb stupid idiots! And I bet this site is a scam also! I won't even put my real E-mail adress on here. I put one that I dont even use incase of SPAM! People wake up and use that thing you call a BRAIN!
237. - P Hill - 11/07/2009
Dazzle white package arrived today... third unwanted package. Canceled this weeks ago they lied and said it would stop. They keep taking money from my account. My bank said they can't be blocked because they change the company billing name when they get a rejection for the charges. They change company names over and over to get what they want from us. I have to close the account, they will not stop taking. If there is not money in the acct they will keep on billing until a paycheck hits the account. So far they have taken 150.00 and all I have is brightening pen for my teeth!!!!!!!!!
238. - j vell - 11/08/2009
i fell for it too. they took the first two payments of £6 and £7 . i got the package and then they took and extra £54 and £56 fee by separate companies. i closed my account. it was he only way to stop money being taken out the bank can not do a thing what a joke that this can happen x
239. - Chrissy from the UK - 11/08/2009
I too, I am ashamed to say, have been scammed. Again it was tooth whitening but mine is being charged by pristine health and I am unable to find an e-mail address for them - if anyone can help I would be grateful. They have charged me 3 times and passed my credit card details on to Vibrant Beauty, Easykit, Elite pack and also Ultifreshwell. So far it has cost me almost £300.00. All I have received is 1 pen and I have no e-mail addresses to contact any of these people. I have reported all this to my credit card company and they would not cancel my card as I had given them my card details. I pointed out that I had only authorised them to take out £2.99 for the postage and packing and nothing more and was told that I should have read the small print. Finally this week they have agreed to cancel my card but only after several sleepless nights and breaking down into tears on many occasions. Perhaps at this stage I should tell you that I am an old age pensioner and cannot afford these charges. Things are very difficult at the best of times without all of this on top.
I thought that the company should have contacted me by e-mail at the time of the order in the same way that dazzle white had done. They had let me cancel straight away and I have had no problem with them at all.
Apart from my agreeing to pay half price instead of sending back the goods.
My credit card company say that I have to contact the company direct to cancel from pristine health but all I have is some phone numbers 8668477659, 8666764122 etc but although I put 0 in front of these numbers, then 01 and finally 02 I am still unable to get the numbers to ring. Does anyone know what number I should be putting up front to call from the UK? Any one who could help I would be obliged.

Please do NOT let anyone else get ripped off as it is a complete nightmare.
240. - maccie- uk - 11/08/2009
yes i was stupid too. the product looked like something i'd seen at the food show one year and i only wanted enough to get my teeth a bit whiter for a wedding next month as my teeth aren't that bad. i wasn't even expecting miracles just thought it would be more effective than whitening toothpaste and site said it was FDA approved. It was called premium white. You have a 7 day cooling off period when you buy online but you must do it in writing (it can be done via email). i recieved an email confirming cancellation but it indicated i could be charged if the item had been dispatched and was not returned within 14 days. i am resigned to losing the shipping and handling fee but think my cc company will be able to dispute any other charges as i cancelled the same day i ordered the product. i also reported my card stolen (if you have problems tell them a friend used your card to order without your permission) my cc company were really helpful. not sure what will happen about any third parties i will try and email also. i'll let you know how i get on. fingers crossed i don't lose anything other than the £7 shipping and handling.
I know this is a long note but good to vent and too embarrased to tell my family how stupid i have been
241. - Lynn Crow - 11/11/2009
I got scammed by two of these companies some time ago and I am glad that there is a website dedicated to bringing them down. More people should know about how many false companies are coming together to scam everyone.
242. - Joe - 11/11/2009
Call your bank and cancel your cards!!! They got $180.00 even though i followed their rules and returned the product on time. BTW their 800 phone number is fake!
243. - Brenda - 11/19/2009
I think its interesting that we, consumers, who claim to work long hours and work overtime to make ends meet, believe that in this day and age we can get FREE, "no stings- attached" products via mail AFTER submitting our Credit Card info...its doesnt make sense. You can abuse the system or get beat by it but why even put yourself in the frontline for either action?
244. - fausto - 11/20/2009

You only have to scroll down...

"Please also recognize that the story and comments depicted on this site and the person depicted in the story are not real. Rather, the story is based on what some people have achieved with these and other similar products. The results portrayed in the story and in the comments are illustrative, and may not necessarily be the results that you achieve with these products. This page does receive compensation for purchase of products featured on this site. The seal of approval does not indicate FDA approval, nor approval of any medical association of any sort. The comments in the seal are the opinions of some dentists and is not necessarily the consensus in the industry."
245. - Rosa Bell Lopez - 11/22/2009
I got a call 11/26/09 from the DCN Collection department concerning an order I placed with Celebrity Smile back in March09. I did not like the product and was only charged a small P&H fee. No other fees were noted. I cancelled the membership a week later. I talked to the Customer Service Rep who said nothing else was required to cancell my membership. My problem now is I am being threaten by the collection agency claiming that I owe the Celebrity Smile Company $39.95 for a shipment I never recieved. I am notifying the BBB and anyone else who will listen about the scam this company is trying to extort from innocent people. My bank also notified me when they attempted to charge my credit card. The card was cancelled immediately. Also, I am not paying them a damn thing.
246. - April - 11/24/2009
The ad for Money Savers: A Mom's Trick to Whiter Teeth on ABC news website is the biggest scam ever! I'm out $400 because I trusted the ad since it was on ABC news. Don't fall for it! It's for Cleanwhites & Dazzlesmile.
247. - Kris - 11/29/2009
This is a really bad scam. I am so stupid and I know better. I have been continually getting charges from all kinds of companys and now are out $180 plus new charges of $258. Doesnt do any good to call the companys who are charging you. You must call your credit card company and report the fraud and they will credit back the charges and issue you a new card and number. YOU MUST DO THIS. DO NOT HESITATE! IT IS THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH THESE SCUMS!
248. - helen - 12/03/2009
I have ordered 2 Free trial Products(as I have believed),todated I have recieved one of the product,but I have already been charge 3 payments, and been told by the E-mail that more charge will be coming,can anyone let me know how would I get out of this mess? Thanks For any Help.
249. - Bonk - 12/04/2009
I almost downloaded the mailing my information into the computer and said give me your information! i want to take all your money for what? i don't know why it's free. i am not that important but tempted too download because i need to whiten my yellow teeth all for the girls to see me shine:)
250. - Bonk - 12/04/2009
....uhm Ya! he he.. :P" o0O8o.o
251. - Debbie Hindle - 12/07/2009
I have purchased from Bridal beauty White in good faith to find not only does this product not work but I have had £31.00 taken from my account for 3 months running without my permission. Tried to call several times but no answer !!!! Strange that !!!
252. - Sheila - 12/07/2009
I ordered Premium White gel pen and because I live in Canada it was originally lost in the mail the first time but i finally recieved my second pen (free of charge) a month after my original order date Nov6. My gf said she tried the duo, of PW gel pen and the At Home Whitening kit, So i oreded that sample too. I was billed for the s/h for that on Nov6 and still haven't received anything. I cancelled my subscriptions with those two companies right away so i didnt get suckerd into monthly payments..I also cancelled any other promos that may have been attached to those sites and I WARN ALL!!! At Home Whitening charged me and additional $88.98 American on Nov 21 even though I cancelled! And I have a foreign charge stated on my visa from :accesscleans for $48.92 American
AND I still HAVEN'T received anything.
I will never buy ANYTHING off the internet ever again! and warn all those who attempt too...your better off buying something in a store and maybe paying a little more than you expect but at least you will avoid the headache and frusteration!
I even have my cancellation numbers yet they seem to be of no value!
If this continues I may have to cancel my Visa and order a new one!
253. - JEN - 12/11/2009


254. - robert Stevens - 12/12/2009
I am also ashamed to say that I have fallen foul of teeth-whitening vanity and have been scammed, ripped off or whatever.
I phoned VISA who are well acquainted with this. They gave me two 'catch-all' telephone numbers that respond for cancellation purposes. Any subsequent false payments can then be refunded by credit cards.
Make sure dates are noted. Verbal contracts will be allowed by CC companies. So get going quickly to look after yourselves!
255. - iris otero - 12/29/2009
i also got scammed (to my shame i confess)i just can't believe it. made my bank account into a living nightmare. i had to go to my bank to straightened out the returned checks without funds that started arriving to my bank because three of these so called companies smile bright/dazzle white,ivory white,premium white,south beach brite. between them they got me for$284.21. my comcast, verizon,car insurance and a monthly contribution to two christian radio stations one for $6.00 & &21.00.i was LUCKY that my rent payment was collected before they wiped my bank account clean.i am a 55yr.old woman and live off my social security and ssi. Now i have to wait until my funds trickle in and have to pay the checks that bounced because people decided to rob me by deceit.this really feels like i've been violated
256. - S. Assisi - 12/30/2009
I had the same problem with Dazzle White. After putting in a trial order of teeth whitener online, I was billed in Can. funds by the following companies:
Nov. 9, wellbhealth $3.94
Nov. 9 ultrifreshwell 14.22
Dec. 10 whiteteeth 52.59
Dec. 14 smilebright 94.44
Dec. 21 worldfit 26.47

After making an inquiry on my credit card, visa telephoned these people and discovered that they were all connected to my trial order. Visa cancelled all the accounts, accounts I didn’t even know I had. To my surprise, I was even enrolled in an online weight loss/gym.

Then I was made to feel ridiculous by the company because I didn't read the small print.
However, if the same complaint arises from so many people, the problem rests with the company. The company lacks clarity. People should not be tricked into buying a product. They would get much clearer if they had to pay each time a consumer was tricked by this gimmick.

Questionable businesses such as Dazzle White, and the like, should be banned from the net. Further, credit card companies must decline their services to dishonest companies. If trickery is in the fine print, it needs to be forthright. Someone has to put a halt to these unethical business practices and make them return all the monies they have scammed from people.

257. - NLHH - 12/31/2009
I too fell victim to the tooth whitening scam BUT when the inflated billing began against my account, I immediately contacted my bank to lodge a complaint, contacted the company supplying the product every day over a several week period, got a letter from my dentist stating that the product not only did NOT work but could be dangerous, sent this letter to the company via certified mail, and continually bugged my bank and the company until ALL Monies were returned to my account by the company in question - Ivory Brites. This fight was time consuming, but well worth it! Consumers beware yes, but when you are taken advantage of do not sit quietly back and take it. Fight for your rights! Let's together take down these bogus companies.
258. - Jaeden - 12/31/2009
I cancelled my credit card right away(5 min after ordering). Like others I can't believe I was duped. How are they tapping into your chequing account if you ordered by credit card? I live in Canada. Won't cancelling the credit card do??
259. - judith rockford - 01/02/2010
I order the trail but never order the next shipment for 88.00 and want this off my credit card
260. - wasabigirl - 01/05/2010
I guess I was just had scam by NATURALSOURCESTORE.COM last Sunday. I've read the article about the house wife has found the cheapest way of house tooth whitening using this Vibrant White & Natural Sources's trial product. It's said $1.99 with promotional code.
But I just found out today that they have charged me a $79.95 for each product. I just can't believe that CNN news has released such a scam companies article with the link & promotional code to the public! I hope I can dispute the charges and get my money back...
261. - Kelly - 01/05/2010
The cleanwhites and dazzlewhites companies charged my credit card with over 500 dollars worth of fraudulent charges for products I did not order. After my initial order of less than four dollars, they called me and I asked them not to send me anything else, but they did! Beware!
262. - Earl - 01/06/2010
What is even worse than these evil scamming us is that our own elected corrupt evil politician's allow this to go on. Until we all wake up and come together to defeat this evil that has taken over the United States of America, our lives and the World, you will continue to fall victim to these evil!
263. - Larry Young - 01/08/2010
You can file a complain to fbi at
264. - Sue Sanders - 01/10/2010
Thank you for this site. It took me awhile to find one that had honest reviews on tooth whitening products. The internet has brought all kinds of frauds out of the woodwork. As a consumer I avoid a site that has all rave reviews about a product because chances are good they are fake. When have you seen a product that everyone is fully satisfied with?
265. - .Will - 01/11/2010
BIG SCAM! I just spent the last hour on the phone CANCELLING MY VISA CARD because the NATURAL SOURCE STORE has taken out 3 unauthorized payments on my credit card totalling $365.96.
I got sucked in to their FREE TRIAL and was scammed. Don't deal with these guys! It'll cost you dearly!
266. - Jeanne Busch - 01/12/2010
After ordering from an Ad: "Stay at home mom saves money on teeth whitening" I ordered samples from two different companies. They sent samples and than charged me $87.62 a month. I cancelled thru my credit card and called the companies. They claimed they were not affilated with each other. Yet both gave me the same cancellation number. I have found that they are listed as"Premium White", "Ultifresh", "Dazzlesmile", "White Smile"
267. - Janet - 01/13/2010
Well I got sucked in to try it out. O-M-G what a huge expensive mistake. 1)It does not work. 2) Approx. $90.00 per month if you forget or don't cancel in the 15 day time frame. 3) Just go to your dentist if you are going to do it.
268. - ChrisK - 01/13/2010
Watch News story covering rip-offs DazzleSmilePro and CleanWhite "negative option" rebills.

FTC take Note: such practice should be ILLEGAL! Its time you started protecting the American consumer
269. - Dyane - 01/14/2010
For those of us who fell for it and paid on debit card, we can't even cancel our card to stop payments going out, my banks says they could still take the money as the 'agreement' I signed is dated before the card stopped. Fortunatly I have managed to get cancellation numbers from both companies. so the bank can bonce back if they try to take any more, but whats already taken will be much harder to get back.
270. - CB - 01/14/2010
Watch out for Everbright. I called them to cancel and they told me I couldn't, too late. The web site said I could cancel after the first shipment, I called to do so and they told me they were charging me and that they would continue doing so because I had agreed. I can't even find what I agreed to anywhere - they won't send it to me. They said they are great at sending collection agencies after people like me and they will indeed get their money. Beware! This was a testimonial that said for just 99cents I would get white teeth and I could cancel. you can't.
271. - Mandy - 01/15/2010
I am another victim of Everbright!!! me and my son both signed up for the teeth whitening trial using my credit card and debit card and you guessed it, both a/c's had a number of unauthorised transactions taken, totalling £550 within 12 days. I have had to have my bank a/c closed and my credit card company are charging back some of the transactions. But i was told my credit card company, they have been inundated with ppl who have had this happen to there a/c, at least 100 a day!!! Surely they must be breaking the law and someone can put a stop to it.
272. - Lou Garçon - 01/15/2010
God; not only did I take Shimmering White, but I decided at the time to compare that with Varimi LLC Dazzle White and ended up paying two 4 fold hits amounting to $451.04. However, it didn't stop there, and I had 2 further hits from 1) Sup*Worldfit 866-4075590 US 24.13USD at 1.641. 2)Sup*Smilebright 877-5947850 US 86.93USD at 1.638.
Someone in authority should be doing something about this, and closing 'em down and getting our monies back (Please)
Kind regards
273. - toby - 01/15/2010
they offer a money back guarantee. the product doesn't work. i sent it back well with the guarantee period recorded delivery. i got no refund. sent several emails and even a letter through the post. had no response whatsoever. there is no telephone number to be found anywhere on the web. avoid these scammers. i am about to issue court proceedings
274. - Mike - 01/15/2010
Watch out for smile bright and Celebrity Smile... It is a HUGE scam. They send you a tube for $2.97 as a 14 day free trial... Guess What?? The tube they send you,which you assume is your 14 day trial tube is supposedly stocked full of 30 days worth of teeth whitening. So read the fine print clearly,if you do not cancel your subscription and return the USED,yes used tube they will charge you $86.93. But it gets better they will keep charging that each month until you call and cancel. When you call customer service it is a joke. They will not escalate calls to a supervisor, They try and tell you it is your responsibility to go to the post office and research tracking numbers. Became very humerous talking to them after a while once I realized it was a scam.They give you a number for Ohio 877-594-7850 it actually gets handled from the UK. When I called my credit card company the lady said her stomach dropped because she didn't feel like having to deal with these guys again. They get complaints all the time. If you want to get into a good argument with someone. Call that number in customer service and ask for Dominick159256. He is useless and won't be able to do anything for you as far as transferring a call, getting a supervisor, issueing credit etc. He is however, good at reading the script in front of him and will get agitated pretty easy when you question him. good luck!!!
275. - KC - 01/19/2010
I fell for the "A Mom's White Teeth Trick" scam too on
I called my chase bank, the rep over the phone told me they knew about this scam and give me two phone numbers to call those companies to cancel my orders: 877-409-4406 and 877-503-1282 for Staywhites and CelebrityTeeth. He said just call those companies to cancel orders first, if they attempt to charge membership fee or restocking fee later you just dispute those charges and bank will take care of them.
276. - Lenka - 01/20/2010
Hi, have anybody heard of I was trying to find some reviews but couldn't find any, bad or good.. They claim they're using the same material the dentists are using in their offices.. I contacted them and they said their products are from some SDI Ltd. company.. Any advice appreciated...
277. - Jay - 01/24/2010
Bedazzeled is another ripoff. I canceled as soom as I read there would be a $87.00 monthly "membership fee". They still billed me the $87.00 and would not remove it. They will receive theirs in the end.
278. - Ronald E. Altman - 01/28/2010
Beware! I was scammed by Everbright Smiles free trial offer. I ordered on 22 Jan 2010 and marked my calendar so I'd remember to cancel before the 10 days (from date of order!) were up. On 28 Jan 2010, my account was billed for the $87+. I immediately called them and canceled. Imagine my surprise when I read their cancellation-confirmation email and discovered that they placed my name on some fraud list! So their lack of ethics is exceeded only by their chutzpah!! Oh, and I still don't have the free sample. Hard to believe they're allowed to continue doing business.

-Ron Altman-
Niceville, FL
279. - Mandy - 02/02/2010
FAO T.Gatson if i was you, i'd keep a close eye on your bank a/c because although i've had an email confirmation from everbrite confirming that my a/c is also cancelled BUT it hasn't stopped them from taking more money out of my a/c.
280. - bigdaz - 02/02/2010
I got scammed. Not so much by the product, I couldn't open it, but by the ongoing monthly fees that were unauthorized and from a multitude of different companies and associated problems. At one stage around $180 a month was being deducted, my bank said they were powerless unless I reported my card stolen which I eventually did. The problems then occured due to all my direct debits being cancelled, e-toll accounts were overdrawn as they couldn't access my account,which led the administrative fees being added at a rate of $20/ day, internet providers closed my account which then had to be reopended with other fees, gym membership lapsed which was embarrasing to say the least. All because of my stupidity, there is 'NO FREE TRIAL'.
281. - MKT - 02/07/2010
If you want white teeth go to the dentist. It is not cheap but it does work. You can ask dentists who generally give you good advise on what options are available.

I just started blogging about white teeth treatments and my recent experiences with Zoom Teeth Whitening. Personally it has really work well.

Check out my before and after shots. Definitely look whiter.


282. - gary - 02/09/2010
I was scammed by the FREE sample, I later found out they were charging my credit card 89/month for like two cents of liquid which did not work and I did not use or ask for.

Dont do it!!!
283. - keneyo - 02/10/2010
It's too late now, the damage has been done. Bellabrite and SmilewhitesPro each just billed my credit card for free trial offers that I really thought were free. I wished I had came upon this site before, or better yet listened to my wife who thought that the offers may be scam.
This is pure example of internet mafia.
284. - anonymous - 02/11/2010
I guess I was the latest to be duped.
I got a call from someone saying that I am signed up for some kind of buying club. I told her that I did not sign up for that. She said I signed up with my free trial offer of teeth whitening gel. I asked if I could cancel right then. I was told, NO. I can call 3 days later then cancel it. Of course 3 days later, I was told that there was no way I could cancel it & was charged 39.99 for buy club that I canceled but they would not refund the money.
Well a month later I got a shipment of Denta-White. I called them because I did not order a subscription at $92.37. I told them that I will send it back. They said they cannot take it back. TOO LATE. So I was billed 92.37 twice, according to them and $39.99 for some buy club I canceled but could not get refund for. I called my credit card. They told me to go ahead and send it back and they will fight for reimbursement.
A month later
285. - SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! - 02/17/2010 soon as you find out you have fallen for a scam, call your credit card company and tell them to not authorize payment to that Scam company. Let them know what is going on, therefore YOU have record when you are trying to get your money back. When talking to a REP on the phone ALWAYS get an ID number and a phone number, and call them RIGHT back. If they give you some BS that you CANT cancel at the moment, say you want to talk to a supervisor. ALWAYS read the fine print before you buy something online. I'm sure every single one of those scams said in some kind of AGREEMENT ACT that you were signing up to those other memberships.

286. - Michele - 02/19/2010
I used the plus white 5 minute tooth whitening gel system about a month ago, and although I only used it 4 times, and followed directions, my teeth and gums continue to be sensitive to cold, and my gums are very red and bothered. I would not recommend it even though it is cheap and ADA approved.
287. - amanda - 03/01/2010
Thank you so much for warning me of this people.I was just about to do this and by reading this. It scared me thank God. well thanks again! Midland Tx
288. - joseph - 03/04/2010
thanks i was thinking of getting the everbrite and celeb. white. but now that i know the truth i wont. I cant belive how many web sites acctually have the pop ups for them.
289. - Janice - 03/15/2010
I am an 8th grade teacher who is trying to teach students how to evaluate information found on the Internet. It is a very difficult skill to learn. I think I will add to my list advertisements. Thanks for this website.
290. - Jeff - 03/16/2010
Well I got caught in the Scam.. I tried the teeth whitner the "mom" came up with and now fighting with Denta White MD to get the $92.86 credit. My wife did read the fine print and cancealed in the 14 day trail period but we were still charged. We have now cancealed our debit cards and ordered new ones. Should have known if it is to good to be true it is!!!! DENTA WHITE MD 1866-273-2520 IS A SCAM....DON'T TRY IT!!!!
291. - Laura - 03/17/2010
Who gives out their bank details to just anyone who asks for them? If you cannot pay C.O.D for delivered goods you'd be mad to continue the transaction. I think the obsession with, and search for, cosmetic perfection has softened the brains of contemporary society.
292. - ED - 04/06/2010
I too was scammed $300 I suggest you all send nasty emails to these scammers over and over and over. Below is one of there email addresses. F-Heads
293. - Lori - 04/16/2010
Celebrity White, Everbrite--are the biggest rip-off scams. They send you no information in the package that says you have 10 days to cancel!! Then they put a hold on your account for about 7 days! They did not cooperate until I mentioned the work scam and told them my landlord was an attorney. It still is not over yet. I haven't recieved a credit in my account yet. But believe me, I plan to. I won't rest until I do!!!
294. - Kristin - 04/27/2010
I got sucked into this awful scam. I canceled in time, never received the product but continued to get charged. This is a rip off! You can't trust anyone, it's sad. The third time I called, after waiting almost an hour each time,they hung up on me. REALLY!? I'm going to get new banking info.
295. - Lonnie - 05/07/2010
My bank said we have to close the Visa account used for the on-line charge and get another.
Also charged for something called Yackietell. Anyone else?
296. - Maggie - 05/13/2010
I was naive enough to order the everbrite/ total brite combination trials. Cancelled everbrite today. Cant find Total brite anywhere on the internet. The number I had to cancel the order is now disconnected. I dont know what to do?????
297. - Lance - 05/13/2010
For anyone who is interested I found an easy way to scam the scammers. hehe Go get a prepaid credit card and only put like $50 on it to cover shipping costs for the free trials and then go order like ten different ones at once. Then cancel out the prepaid credit card after ordering all of the "free" trials you want and wait for a dozen different whitening pens to arrive on your doorstep. Once you cancel out the prepaid credit card the day after ordering all the free trials (just long enough to let the shipping charges go through) there is no need to even bother canceling all the memberships out afterwards (before the two week deadline and after the minimum 48 hours in order to still receive the free trial) unless you want to since they are all illegal scams anyways... I hope this helps someone get back at them. hehe Hey, maybe if enough people do this they will lose enough money to eventually stop doing this. Thanks, and have a great day!
298. - dentist - 05/24/2010
When it comes to teeth whitening, I am not sure if cheap is the way to go if you want your teeth whitening, I would recommend using the services of a reputable dentist or cosmetic dentist specialist.
299. - John - 05/25/2010
I was stupid enough to fall for Cathy's blog and ordered the two trial offers.
When I noticed that my mastercard was being hit by a company called ACAI for large amounts of money I called my bank. They cancelled my card, issued me a new one (diff number) and refunded the large debits.
Then about two months later the same large debits with the same dates from my old card account reappeared on my new card!!
Now my bank tells me that cancelling the card and issuing a new one will not stop these debits. Is my bank bullsh*tting me?
All my other direct debits on my old card failed on my new card - a mess I had to clear up.
Is just changing your card number the sure answer??
THx J.
300. - Ruth Dziadon - 05/28/2010
I requested 2 trail packages at one time because I read what I thought was a reputable report on these 2 items being particularly effective if used together. It was a total scam, both these companies charged my accout $62.90 and over $90 in addition to the money I paid for mailing the free trial. Apparently they have fine print in which you agree that they will send you additinal product every month. I did not even try them, because I was upset and appalled that they would be allowed to run such a scam. I called them and On Line health agreed to refund but Alpine aka Everwhite will keep $41 as a restocking fee for something I never even opened SCAM!!!
301. - Rebecca - 06/21/2010
also beware of My Ever white Kit and Super Star Smile. Take note that if you did order it, the trial period begins on the day you order, no the day you recieve!
302. - Corie - 07/13/2010
You may want to add Vivid White Smiles onto your scam list, they got me. :(
303. - Lynn - 07/14/2010
I was scam by this company, Brite white. They offered 1.95 shipping for a free trial teeth whitening kit. Within a month, they charged me $62.90 and then everymonth after that. I was charged 3 times and never received the product. I called them up and they claimed they had shipped out the products and also won't give out anymore information regarding their business. I told them that they are scamming people and that I will report it to the comsumer. Finally they refunded me 2 payments but not the last one. I cslled up my credit card company and filed a dispute against the most recent charge. They also blocked them from my card.
So, be careful out there! U pay less by going to your professional dentist and get the best product with cheaper price tag.
304. - Anna - 08/04/2010
I recently read an article featured on Yahoo! Today regarding how a hometown teacher had used two teeth whitening products (Smile Radiance and Super Star Smile) that when used together will provided excellent result. And all we need to do is to sign up for the trial. The post was on Consumer Digest Weekly and it said it was seen on a few national TV Channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN). Even all the comments on the post was giving good feedback to it. Now I come to think, those comments are fake too!

It didn't occur to me at first that it was a scam. And I know to be careful around them. But since this post was on Yahoo!, I thought it should be OK. I signed up for the trial and agreed to pay for the shipping. Like a lot of the other people, I checked that I am 18 yrs old and agreed to the term and conditions. And two weeks later, my credit card was charged with a huge bill of $77.77 and $99.95 from these two companies.

Hey, if the companies wanted to bill such a big monthly amount to the customers, shouldn't they put it in BOLD and UPFRONT before we signed up for the trial?? No they didn't, they hide this in theier fine print ... and yet towards the bottom part of the term and condition. They are DEFINITELY scammers.

Smile Radiance was good enough to credit my $77. But the other company said they mailed out the package and will refund me if i mail them back the box. And guess what?? I have not received that box at all. For a moment, I think they never really did send it out. I am trying to file a dispute with the credit card company for that $99, but was told that the company requested for us to return the box before they can issue the credit of $50 (50% of the amount that was charged) for the refund. I am goin to fight with the credit card company to get back a FULL refund.
305. - Ryan - 09/02/2010
Wish I did some research on this product....I thought Amy found a good deal for me by combining two teeth whiteners for under 5 dollars....I never got it...then went on a trip to Asia for two months and can't believe that halfway through my trip all my funds were vanishing...they had used 4 different company names taking over$500 dollars before I could put a hold on my card...had to scrape by in a foreign country with no money because of these scam artists...just got back to the United States and am hoping Bank of America will refund my money...any chance of that....these people ruined what was supposed to be a fantastic trip....Jennifer Theraui new lady must be brought to justice
306. - Pam - 09/03/2010
They got me too! Can not believe I fell for such a scam. I am working with my bank to get my money back. Talked to 3 different "customer service rep" from the companies today told 3 different lies. Should have known if it sounds too good to be true it probably is NOT true.
307. - s. m - 09/05/2010
hmmm i just cancelled my credit card recieved my trial from everbrite found out its a scam .used the product didnt work. now im really wondering what ive put in my mouth!!!!!!!!!
308. - Reggie - 09/07/2010
Everbright Smile and i can't even remember the other stupid craps name, i found the CNN "article" too. but unlike many others i DID read the fine print, placed the order, waited 4 days, called both numbers, lied and said i had the product so they would cancel me. That was June 21 2010. The one company i have had no problems with, but today i noticed "Bright Smile" is trying to take 39.95 from my account, so even though i thought i could outsmart them, i couldn't, and now i'll have to fight with my bank... dammit! :(
309. - Marie - 09/11/2010
I was taken also by ordering online trials
of 2 teeth whitening products Easy White and
Dazzle white after seeing an ad, what a scam.
I received the products and they are just
a trial for several days but I was then
billed $ 39.99 on my CC for each and started
receiving the products monthly and could
never get a customer service person on the
phone it was constantly busy. In addition
I got charged for some stupid fitness & diet
emails I never wanted ( PLEASE READ THE SMALL PRINT ) on the agreement you checked
to receive the teeth whitening products.

I finally got a hold of someone that I
could not understand and got the run around
it took several phone calls to cancel the
products and still got the fitness email
and was billed $ 4.99 a month. I called my
credit card company ( WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T
not sympathic....tell them you lost your
credit card so nothing else can be charged.

with the over the counter brands that can
be trusted and are FDA approved. These
companies are our money, and unfortunately
we are trusting that we won't get ripped off, don't believe the ads.
310. - Karen - 09/14/2010
If you looking for teeth whitening product reviews you can check out

Teeth Whitening Products Reviews
311. - DES - 09/22/2010
Total bright and brightwhite is a SCAM!!!! CHARGED MY GREDIT CARD EVERY DAY 4 A WEEK!!!!!in the amount of 39.95
312. - Mario - 09/29/2010
All of these "free" teeth whitening ads are scams. After 7 or 14 days they charge you automatically $130+. When you call to dispute they offer a $65 settelment. Don't do it, nothing is free.
313. - Lauren Lyons - 09/30/2010
I was very irresponsible and JUST ordered the Bridal Beauty White teeth pens (I never spontaneous order crap)BUT I did this time and then started reading all of this stuff. I just got off the phone with my CC co. and they cant cancel it bc Bridal Beauty has to. SO I emailed Bridal Beauty and told them to cancel it immediately. I got an immedite response that it will be canceled. Signed JOHN ANDERSON...sounds fishy....I hope it works...this all just literally happened in 30 mins....ugh
314. - m parker - 10/02/2010
BEWARE of these people. They will take your money and you will never hear anything else from them. you will then have to file a dispute with your credit card company. HUGE waste of time. SCAMMERS, FRAUDSTERS.
315. - m parker - 10/02/2010
316. - John - 10/05/2010

The website claims to be a review site. Here is what they say:

" We are an independent consumer resource designed to help you compare the many teeth whitening aids available to consumers and learn about teeth bleaching aids that are actually worth your money.

Combining customer reviews and in-depth expert analysis, our mission is to provide the most complete and up-to-date information on the most popular teeth whiteners and to help educate each of our visitors with information that will help them make smart buying decisions. You can be assured that with every review, we cut through the marketing hype to help you find the best teeth whiteners at the best prices. "

Their "top recommendation" is:
Bridal Beauty White teeth whitening

But do a whois and check out who owns - it's Yale Wang owner of Bridal Beauty White!

"independent consumer resource" my arse!

What a bunch of lying scammers!

Sources: whois, linkedin, yougetsignal revere ip search.
317. - C - 10/20/2010
BRITE WHITES(or Ever Brite Whites) as they have started Emailing me and EXTREME WHITENER may be another couple of scammers at this with the "a moms trick to whiter teeth - mom named Olivia". I submitted my name and email address then input my Card details but I thought better of it and deleted these and did not submit. I'm still worried sick they will be able to pick up what I input even though I didn't press the submit button, can they view this as I was typing it?
318. - Terry - 10/27/2010
Ordered a 14 day trial from SIMPLE WHITE (pay shipping only) based out of Phoenix, AZ. (product was shipped from Torrance, CA) Credit card was charged $129.95!
The company I ordered this from, of course, is no longer in business. Rec'd email today that another shipment was on it's way from SIMPLE WHITE (than I didn't order) and I saw a charge pending on my credit card of $19.95. I also noticed I had two separate charges of $1.49 each for a product called DIET MAX out of Hollywood, FL of which I had never ordered.
319. - kaye - 11/02/2010
I was one of the trusting ones. I accepted a offer to try the "Brite whites" and "vivid white" thinking I had 14 days to try the products. Wrong answer, It is 14 days from the minute you clicked the button. I recieved the products and had about 4 days to try them. My account was charged for "a membership"($129.00) that would allow me to continue to recieve the product at a reduced amount. Money back? Ha Ha We don't refund membership fees.
320. - Gully Foyle - 11/04/2010
Would a charity accept drugs cartel money?

It's important that ALL charities that accept donations from Jesse Willms and/or his businesses are aware of his previous life as a serial internet scammer.

He has been successfully sued by Microsoft and Symantech for selling counterfeit software.

He has punitively caved in to a massive suing action brought by Oprah Winfrey and Dr Oz for illegally using their images as testimonials in a host of on-line selling schemes.

He has acquired a massive fortune from deceptive financial withdrawals from people that unknowingly sign up for a host of diet and teeth whitening schemes, on websites that obfuscate their identity, use doctored photographic promotional material. He sends unwanted and unstoppable email marketing (a.k.a. spam) from a myriad of second or third party businesses that he uses to promote his schemes.

This fortune is what he now uses to finance his charitable donations in the hope that a large number of small donations will swamp the bad news about his former and current activities. To boost this, he is promoting himself as an internet good guy and mentions these small donations in the most irrelevant of websites, obviously to optimize their relevancy in search engines, like Google etc.

Presumably, most charities would not accept donations from illegal drug mobsters that get their money illegally. They should consider Jesse Willms's in the same light.

Several TV news stations have online documentation of his scams with a host of real, verifiable witness testimony. A veritable library of consumer and other websites have his dealings cataloged as well. Please read up! Do not be deceived by this man.

See: - Microsoft press release on Willms counterfeit software fraud. - CBS report detailing Symantech issuing legal summonses against Willms. He later settled out of court for a large 5 figure sum. - legal filings of the above

321. - kw - 11/07/2010
Total White and Bright White are fraudulous companies. They will keep charging your credit card every 14 days. Make sure you cancel your credit card immediately and request the bank for a new credit card number. Also mention to the bank
representative that these two companies are scamming your money and that you need to have the money charged be returned. The bank
will send you a form to sign to indicate the unauthorized amount being charged by these fraudulent companies. Hope this advice
help you get back your money.
322. - Anthony - 11/19/2010
I normally don't get scammed but I just did by a company called SIMPLEWHITE, PHOENIX AZ in the amount of $129.95 after sending a free trial offer for the cost of shipping.I went for the free trail and was billed for the yearly membership. The credit card company Citibank Mastercard says disputes are fruitless as the Company will product a screenshot that shows that you've agreed to thier terms. I don't believe a company can continue this way in the long run of they are promoting a product that they want people to use... be forwarned.
323. - Renee - 12/10/2010
I too like Anthony #322 had the same problem with the Company SIMPLEWHITE. I called them on Nov.9,2010 to cancel the product during the trial period received a cancellation # and was still charged $129.95. This is still under investigation with my bank even though SimpleWhite says they will only refund me $50. I am infurriated! People DO NOT bother with these companies they DO NOT do what they claim they will do!
324. - john pilgrim - 12/11/2010
for extreme whitner, ( I just want to let everyone know that if you get the free trial, to cancel you have to call the number within 14 days or else you will be charged over $100. But heres the real warning I have, after your order it gives you a number to call to cancel, I have been trying to call it all day, it is a wrong number, just hangs up, call the number for ccbill right under that number, they will cancel it for you. 1-888-596-9279 (U.S.)
Email address: [email protected]

the final page says:
"*By placing your order today you'll be shipped a 30 day supply of Extreme Whitener for $3.95(USD). If you feel Extreme Whitener is not for you, cancel within 14 days from today to avoid the purchase fee of $79.97(USD) and enrollment in the auto-shipment program which sends you a month supply every 30 days at the low price of $29.97(USD). To cancel anytime simply call 877-304-9207." but this number is fake.

325. - Char - 12/14/2010
I got suckered in and after I cancelled, I still kept getting small charges on my credit card for sites I never heard of. I finally had to cancel my card. I still see their advertisements on legitmate sites and I've tried to let that site know they are leeting scammers advertise, but they don't seem to care! That's what is really annoying. I also noticed that these companies keep changing their names so it's hard to keep up with their scams.
326. - Joyce Osborn - 01/13/2011
My name is Joyce Osborn, President/CEO of BEKS Incorporated dba/BriteWhite Teeth Whitening System. We have been fighting this scam since January 2010. They use a comparative to our name such as BriteWhite, BrightWhite, etc.. We have been in business for 30 years and have a “perfect” track record, have FDA clearance and global patent pending. We take pride in providing safe, affordable and effective teeth whitening products and also ship same day. This scam company takes peoples funds, damage our good name, do not send products most of the time and then start charging their credit cards a high fee, most of the time the first time fee is $87.47. This company may change web sites, or leave a digit off the phone number so it is hard to track them down. We do not offer samples. We run a legitimate business with real people. If you look at the box for the original shipment, it will have a different name from what you actually placed your order. This leaves you without a contact number, (they leave a digit off the number) and on your second statement the name will change to another company, such as BriteWhite, then SmileRadiance, or Vivid Smiles or Dazzling, etc. Make sure you know the company before accepting these “trial” offers. Most are scams.
You also need to contact two federal agencies about this incident; the FCC (Chairman Julius [email protected]) and the U.S. Attorney Generals office (Sect. Eric Holder attn. FBI Internet fraud hotline 1-888-622-0117). Call your bank for a “charge back and dispute the charges, other than the initial charge you authorized. And check the link for the scam companies: . If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at our corporate office. 888/582-3650 or direct 205/384-3640.
327. - A Mullings - 01/19/2011
Add TeethBrilliant to your list of scams. They took me for $103.00 and were fixing to charge me another $100.00.
328. - S. Griffin - 01/24/2011
You do not have to fall for these scams. It is completely normal to chargeback for something you didn't order, or was misrepresented. If you as the consumer are unhappy for any reason, you have the right to not be taken advantage of. Do your due diligence, there are great products out there that do exactly as advertised.
329. - Dentist in Arlington Texas - 02/25/2011
Wow, it is sad seeing all the accounts of people who have been treated fallen prey to scammers. However, it is also good to see the smart advice regarding filing complaints, reports, keeping records and files, etc. that people have posted.
330. - Just Dreams Scam - 03/16/2011
I have been surfing about your blog and it looks really neat. impassioned about your writing. I am creating a new blog and hard-pressed to make it appear great, and supply excellent articles. just dreams Hawaii
331. - Just Dreams Hawaii - 03/16/2011
Thanks for the amazing content on your blog, I am very interested in this article and you have really helped me. I have just told a few of my friends about this on FaceBook and they love your content just as much as I do.
332. - stuck once - 03/21/2011
I fell for this once. The only thing you can do is get your credit card company and dispute the charges.

My Credit Card company refunded all of my money.
333. - M. KINN - 03/23/2011
334. - rod - 04/07/2011
335. - Henrietta L - 04/12/2011
Do not purchase products from or They are under the parent company DYNAMIC Body Improvements, LLC ...they got me with the false and misleading advertising and now I am out of $197.00. My bank tried to dispute it but couldn't because I didn't catch it before that phony trial period was over. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau. They have 55 complaints against them for the same thing. The customer service representative was very rude and indifferent towards me. I didn't even know they were the same company! I actually got word of their products from a CNN consumer reports article, and the person said she used a combination of these products that made her teeth whiter. I now know that she was probably hired to do this. I'm going to find that article and contact CNN.
336. - PO'd - 04/19/2011
I too have been scammed. Should have known better. $80. . CAlled and they claimed a $45.00 reimbursement. Guaranteed it just another lie.
337. - Bryan Semones - 05/23/2011
WATCH OUT FOR (((PRO GEL)))). . . . They WIll Charge you over $200 after you get your free sample. I read their website and its hard to believe that someone smart enough to rip off millions of people would start a sentence with the word "AND"
338. - KAN,YU - 05/23/2011

EDMONTON -- The United States Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against an Alberta-based online business for allegedly defrauding customers of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The action against Jesse Willms, who has an office in Edmonton, and 10 companies he controls was filed May 16, 2011.

It seeks to stop the alleged illegal practices and force the defendants to repay customers.

The U.S. agency, which deals with consumer protection and harmful anti-competitive business practices, claims over $450 million was gained through fraudulent means. The allegations have not been proven in court.

The alleged fraud involved luring customers with free or risk-free offers of products, such as acai berry weight-loss pills and teeth whitener, as well as free credit reports, access to government grants and a work-at-home scheme, said FTC spokesman Frank Dorman.

Read more:
339. - KAN,YU - 05/23/2011

Willms is not your typical online entrepreneur. At just 22 years old, the high school dropout is a multi-millionaire, connected to more than 40 product and company names. More than half a dozen law suits have been launched against Willms and his companies -- including separate lawsuits by software giants Microsoft, Symantec and high profile television celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The lawsuits against Willms and his companies have ranged from copyright infringement to software counterfeiting, to false product endorsement. Some of the complaints are still before the courts, while others have reached settlements. Willms paid Symantec $225,000 and he reportedly settled with Microsoft for $1 million.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon and host of the popular medical talk show "The Dr. Oz Show." Oz, along with Oprah Winfrey, sued Willms' company, JDW Media, and 40 other companies for unlawful use of their names and images to market products.

"People walk up to me in the street and say 'Shame on you, you sold out. You know, I trusted you how could you do this to me?'" said Dr. Oz. "And then there was a whole financial side, by getting them to sign up for products that would often cost them $90 a month, $100 a month and they could not get out of it."

Candice Rozak admits that she decided to try the Acai Burn pills because the product's web page claimed it was backed by Dr. Oz. "It said you know recommended by Dr. Oz and it had a picture so I thought you know what they can't really use the name unless he endorses it," Rozak said.

JDW Media has now settled that case, agreeing not to use the names or images of Dr. Oz or Oprah Winfrey to sell products. In a court order, filed in New York on May 3, 2010, JDW Media is "permanently enjoined from using the names, pictures, voices, identities, likeness and / or images of Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz…" The court order also requires JDW Media to spend 14 hours a week searching the Internet to make sure no "affiliates", companies or people contracted by JDW Media to promote it's products, are using the names or images of Dr. Oz or Oprah Winfrey in violation of the court order
340. - Kash @ Teeth Whitening - 07/02/2011
My Advice, stick to reputable brands. Nice Article. Will definately recommend to my readers
341. - MARIANA - 07/03/2011
Hello, I would like to now your opinio about the brand white smile. I noticed that it isn't listed above, so I assume that it's a secure brand.

Looking forward to here from you!
Thank for your help!

342. - Jack for White Teeth - 07/26/2011
Making websites is so easy today, you really need to be careful at all times. This is a real pity as there are many legitimate websites out there offering good products and informative reviews, i hope they do not get punished in some way by the actions of these websites
343. - Kona Printer - 07/29/2011
I'm amazed at how many scams there are out there these days. Buyer beware, because it's not what it seems!
344. - Manny @ Best Toothpaste To Whiten Teeth - 08/05/2011
It's a real shame that some people are advertising crappy ineffective products from China, when there are real whitening products made in the USA that actually work well. Lesser known American-made toothpastes aren't getting the advertising they deserve. Check out Tom's of Maine and Dr. Collins right here on TeethWhiteningReviews, they're good American brands that most people haven't even heard of.
345. - Patricia Lee - 08/05/2011
346. - One More - 10/13/2011
I see an offer from "Bling Dental" on GroupOn, with their "Icing 30-Karats teeth-whitening system" following a similar scheme - 70% discount, "9 days left", "online only" and tons of 5-star reviews, but it is not mentioned here. My gut feeling i's the same kind of scam.
Are you updating your list?
Can you check them?
This is the link:
347. - Jessica - 01/13/2012
Can someone please confirm whether Icing teeth whitening from Bling Dental is a legitimate product, or if in fact it is another scam?
I recently ordered this product through an online offer on livingsocial, and after reading these comments, am now slightly worried about having done so.
348. - jennyjohn - 01/25/2012
Hey, I heard about the world's best smile contest on Smile Struck that is ending soon World's Best Smile Contest. It's to see who out there has the sexiest smile or a sexy smile and the best smile out there. . .I joined. its free to join, but I only voted because my smile isn't that great. lol SMILESTRUCK - Johnson
349. - [email protected] - 02/12/2012
OCCUPY IVORY WHITE AT 1-800-964-4593 (HIT 0 WHEN RECORDING COMES ON). make sure they know how you feel and they don't allow their victims to cuss. These are criminals - file BBB to get their email address and someone we can contact the owners or executives in in this company via email, fax, whatever - I told them I live at 1600 Pennsylvania and theydid not even know it is the WH. They keep lying to me by saying they are in the US but not one speaks clear English and they are taught by rote and they outsource to other countries to avoid laws protecting our rights from these illegal chargesd. Occupy them until the walls of Ivory White fall down. They have taken well over 200.00 from me and I have Huntington's and on disability. Never received anything - no mail, no letter, no phone call - just large monthly deductions which I did not authorize or know about other than 1.03. Call your congressmen, senators, governors, council, press, Federal Trade Commission, and call these people hundreds times a day s so they cannot keep doing this with no problem. Never even seen this product and do not know what it looks like. File a fraudulent claim I have Bank of America and they told mek the phone numbers and gave me my money back, but they stole 84.00 today -and don't apear to want to stop stealing and scamming my money and so many others. They need to go to jail.


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350. - Vuitton - 04/23/2012
Its surprise me how many scams there are out there these days. Be careful, because it's not what it seems!
351. - Steven - 05/30/2012
Ok people, wow, I just finished reading all the comments listed on this great site. A common team lies in the majority of them, do if you do scrool to the bottom of this internal blog please remember: 1. NEVER buy stuff off the Internet, unless your positively confident of the "seller" I.e. you have ordered from them before or it's actually a legit site (amazon, CVS, etc.) come to quick thought. 2. And also, keeping the same advice in mind, NEVER sign-up for a free or highly "discounteded" offer. Once your info is in their possession , all I can say is Good Luck to you. I am, or should say was, affiiead with MLM marketing. The #1 rule, aspect is to sell product (regardless of any quality) and #2 is to build what is called a down-line, witch they can & easily do with all the info YOU provided them. Yes, we all want better smiles, the MLM marketers rely on that! It makes them $$ (does those "work at/from home deals should familer? Most all are MLM marketers, with no scruples. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some MLM companies that are very legit/honest. And yes you rarely hear of them, as they don't need BS review sites or "fake press" in order to to sell their, or anybody else's product. If good, the product sells its self really. The Bernie MadeOff comment it quite true. Last, but not least Bernie M & thousand of others us & world wide try to captilize on all those that are first timers, newbies, the oh what the hell types, and those with disposable income. Not sure who those are now days, but protect your self, do your own research (like this site) and don't be a victim anymore! Always approach any "deal" with a High Level of suspicion, and then & only then if you have done your due dillingence & it dosent seem "to good to be true". Because it usually isnt, & it passes the "smell test" I.e. not kinda fishy, you and yor money/ sanity will not be parted! I lone u don't know me, & have no reason to trust in what I say, but the above info comes from someone who has been on "both sides of the street" consumer & Marketer. Best of luck to all you may read this, good health & good blessings to all!
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It is always a good idea to read some reviews offered by the website trying to sell a product, and if they are all over enthusiastic without any reservations then one might be dubious about buying, but you can always look for alternative independent review sites for an appraisal of a current teeth whitening product and see if their views agree.
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359. - joni - 06/17/2013
`I did a lot of research of these teeth whitening people. They are all phonies, as well as they are all connected to each other. Blizzard White, SF Smile and Whitening Fast Direct are all affiliated SO FAR. I\'m sure there are others. Do your homework and report them to the Federal Trade Commission, The Better Business Bureau,and whoever else you want to submit your complaint your complaint to.

Do your homework; call them first to cancel, as I\'m sure you have, then call your bank to get a credit. If your credit card holder won\'t give you a refund, tell them you will contact the above sites (and them some) to put in a complaint against them. They will comply. If they don\'t, DO IT.
360. - Joan - 06/17/2013
Absolutely do not deal with these tooth whitening crooks. I tried to report my complains on, but it won't open completely to do so.

Perhaps you can go on Federal Trade Commission website, the Better Business Bureau and all of its affiliates, as I am currently doing right now. 6/17/2013
361. - Joan - 06/19/2013
WFSmile and Blizzard White are affiliated and are scams, as well as Whitening Fast Direct. Go to the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Reserve. They have a lot of material that you can word with. If your bank won\'t credit you, they will tell you where to go (Consumer Protection) and you can file a complaint against your financial institution if they won\'t issue you a credit. Also, go to google and put in the company name and then scam or review; for instance WFSmile Scam or WFSmile Review. Then you can read about them. These teeth whitening people are scams. Also, see if you can find a website on them. Good luck
362. - Gerry - 02/25/2014
I was TOLD I could get "free" samples of some teeth whitening crap. I get the 2 free samples and then find out my credit card was charged over $100 for shipping and I've been informed I just might get dinged again. I could murder these ass-wipes.
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