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Teeth Whitening Sensitivity - Causes and How to Treat It

Jul 10, 2012
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Last Updated 7/10/2012 - A whiter smile is a popular accessory for almost everyone today. From in-office procedures to dentist-prescribed at-home treatments to trademarked boxes of strips, gels and goos at the store or online, if you want a whiter smile, there's a method and a price point for everyone.

But the fact is, with any method, you're applying a bleach formula directly to your teeth and gums; and bleaches are powerful solutions that can cause discomfort if not handled properly.

Dental sensitivity is the most common issue surrounding teeth whitening-and it can happen to anyone, with almost any method. But, according to Dr. Rod Kurthy, DDS, a recognized expert in the field of whitening science, "how severe the reaction is depends on each individual and three important factors: genetics, bleach stability and acidic reaction."

What Makes Teeth Sensitive?

Inside every tooth are millions of microscopic "dentinal tubules" that extend from the nerve (pulp) inside the tooth to the outside surface of the tooth. There's fluid inside these tiny tubes, and when this fluid moves inside the tubes, it causes sensitivity. Minerals from saliva normally plug up the open outer ends of the tubes, preventing fluid movement and sensitivity. All bleaching gels tend to dissolve these "plugs" [Fig. 1] , allowing the fluid in the tubes to move and cause sensitivity [Fig. 2].


For some people the reaction is minor, but for others the reaction can be very painful - and that's where the subject of genetics comes into play. It seems that everyone has a different reaction. Fair-haired and fair-skinned folks (you know who you are, you "burn" instead of "tan") tend to experience the highest degrees of sensitivity. But people with various dental problems are also at risk (that's why so many dentists recommend a thorough exam and history before moving forward with powerful teeth whitening techniques.) Genetics can play such a major role in dental sensitivity that some people may never be good candidates for teeth whitening although there is significant progress in addressing this problem.

Bleach Stability

Just think about how strong a whitening gel has to be to actually change the color of your teeth. It's no surprise then that manufacturing dental-grade bleach formulas for oral applications is a tricky science. And it's hard to get it right; make them too powerful and they're hard to keep at peak strength throughout the blending, shipping and storage process. Make them too weak and they won't work at all. That's why the people who make whitening formulas aim for something in the middle - literally - the goal of most whitening gel scientists is to create a shelf-stable bleach with a completely neutral acid/alkaline ratio or pH.

It's hard to do though - so frequently bleaching gels are just a bit off "neutral." What this means for the little tubes in your teeth is this-if the bleaching gel is too acidic, it can dissolve the plugs at the end of your tubes even more, leading to more sensitivity.

So, if you're thinking about whitening your teeth with an unknown over-the-counter method or manufacturer, consider how much science really goes into your more beautiful smile. Then reconsider.

Acid Reaction

The overall action of bleach on enamel, dentin and gums is the big daddy cause of most sensitive reactions; and the one most people are familiar with. Minor dental problems (chips, cracks, decay) or daily living and consumption of acidic foods and beverages (such as some sodas, sour candies and overabundance of fruit) can weaken tooth enamel (or create small openings in enamel) to make it easier for acids to reach the inside of the tooth and dissolve the little plugs at the end of your tubes. That's why good hygiene and a good diet make a difference in keeping sensitivity at bay. Regular cleaning, flossing (plaque removal) and examination catch small issues as they occur - minimizing the chance for damage to the inside of your teeth.

Are there any Teeth Whiteners that Don’t Cause Sensitivity?

ALL whitening procedures that use active peroxides can cause sensitivity. Whether or not you experience mild, moderate or severe reactions depends on your overall dental health. NEVER USE A MULTI-SESSION WHITENING PROCEDURE without KNOWING your teeth, gums and tissues are healthy.

How to Treat Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

Because sensitivity is such a big issue in the world of teeth whitening, there's a lot of interest in solving the problem-or at least in providing sensible, affordable and reliable ways to eliminate or minimize the discomfort.

Desensitizing agents can be found in the formulas of whitening solutions and are also used as stand-alone medications that dentists apply during a whitening procedure. Popular stand-alone desensitizers include: UltraEZ® Desensitizing Gel Syringe (with Fluoride and Potassium Nitrate) and Orajel Advanced Tooth Desensitizer. Some dentists utilize desensitizing methods after whitening; one system now performs desensitizing techniques before and after (KöR Whitening Deep BleachingTM).

Fluoride is probably the most commonly used desensitizing agent. It acts on your dentinal tubes to temporarily reduce their size, slightly reducing the fluid movement in the tubes.

Potassium nitrate is another popular agent. It actually works its way into the center of your tooth (the pulp) and has a numbing action that may reduce discomfort. It tends to work better on some than others. However it doesn't do anything to reduce the tooth nerve inflammation caused by fluid movement in the tubes.

There's more and more research into the use of a compound called amorphous calcium phospate (ACP). ACP helps to strengthen the enamel, but seems to do little to plug the open ends of the dentin tubes.

Desensitizers that rapidly build new plugs [Fig. 4] in the open-ended tubes [Fig. 3] have shown to be the most successful at stopping fluid movement in the tubes and preventing bleaching sensitivity. These desensitizers are oxalates (minerals) and HEMA (resin) based products (KöR Whitening desensitizers).

If desensitizers are not fully successful, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories may be used. If "anti-inflammatories" sounds too medical, just remember ibuprofen or Aleve. These classes of pain relievers work to minimize inflammation of irritated tooth nerves - which, in turn, helps to reduce additional discomfort and sensitivity some people may feel. If you experience inflammation, your dentist may give you something before and/or after your procedure - or recommend that you follow through at home.

Having a whiter smile can create real feelings of confidence and self-esteem for people, but alongside the advantages may come the discomfort of sensitivity. But, with a little education and awareness, you can help to make sure you experience the brighter side of whitening - whether you opt for do-it-yourself techniques or seek the help of your dentist. Keep smiling!

Update 12/19/2012
In a study that appeared in the Journal of the American Dental Association, a new method was found to reduce the side effects from teeth whitening. Apparently researchers found that calcium added to a whitening gel will prevent mineral loss, and thus sensitivity. Previously, manufacturers of teeth-whitening products tried to utilize desensitizers to curb the effects of whitening agents. Potassium nitrate and fluoride were two of the top ingredients typically used, but studies with these products proved inconclusive.

Reviewed by Dr. Alan Zweig
Dr. Alan Zweig runs a private dental practice in Beverly Hills, CA. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Alan Zweig is a teeth whitening veteran. He’s been trusted by major celebrities, business leaders, and patients from over six different continents.

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1. - julie - 09/12/2009
I recently used crest white strips and I left it on 20 min longer than I was supossed to. When I woke up this morning my front teeth were throbbing. I've taken a pain killer and an anti inflammatory. I also tried swishing ACT flouride and swabbing on ambisol, but nothing has helped. Does anyone have any ideas to relieve the sensitivty and pain that's occuring?
2. - James - 10/19/2009
Please visit your local drug store and look for sensitivity reducing products. You shoud be able to find some in the dental section.
3. - alana - 10/27/2009
I had my teeth whitened with zoom a couple of days ago in the dentist's chair. i have never experienced tooth sensitivity before but it was a very painful experience. although the pain has ceased attacking randomly, it now hurts to consume hot and cold drinks. how long will this last?? the dentist said i would experience NO pain, that no one he has ever done the procedure to has experienced pain; what a crock.
4. - Jen - 11/16/2009
You should ask your dentist about applying Gluma Desensitizer if you are having tooth sensitivity. It can only be placed by a dentist, but the effects are long lasting. It is the leading desensitizer used by dentists. Hope this helps.
5. - Crest Whitestrips Review - 01/24/2010
I think all teeth whitening products have active ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, etc, which can cause teeth sensitivity. Just pick a product with low dosage of those active ingredients if you have sensitive teeth. And of course... follow the instructions "exactly" ;)
6. - Cialis - 01/25/2010
I have a sensitive tooth so i changed my toothpaste to a sensitive one which helps little bit. I had a filling done close to that tooth and that may be what triggered it.
7. - nadia - 02/06/2010
i have had laser teeth whitening yesterday from "perfect smile" who works mobile -and all my teeth are still throbbing! also i have not noticed any real colour difference in my teeth and therapist stated tha u can onlyget a hollywood smile with veneers. she also used a "pumice" toothpase to rub the enamal off my teeth at the start of treatment - is this right? is the color difference supposed to be very slight that it is unnoticeable??
8. - Sandra - 05/17/2010
Make sure you read the instructions at least twice, and use a stopwatch so that you don't over expose your teeth when using teeth whitening kits.

In the UK, you can get Ibuprophen which is a fairly stong anti inflamatory & pain killer.
9. - John - 12/30/2010
i would say take expert advice from your dentist first. sometime its expensive but not more than your tooth. i would add in sandra comment that Voltarol which is more stronger than ibuprofen and it's became available now.
10. - Jess - 02/19/2011
Thanks for all the great information, reading this has been very helpful. The comments are great, too.
11. - Dentist in Arlington Texas - 03/01/2011
Another product that is a useful and effective desensitizer is Sensodyne toothpaste. It is an efficient way to decrease sensitivity that lasts for more than a few hours as it can be utilized daily. I usually keep a tube along with my regular toothpaste so I have it handy if my teeth begin to react sensitively to different temperatures.
12. - steve douglas - 07/04/2011
Tooth sensitivity caused by teeth whitening is not harmful, or permanent, however it can range from a mild tingling sensation to excruciating pain. If this occurs stop use immediately and consult you dentist.
13. - Kim - 07/12/2011
My dentist gave me some, but it isn't clear. Do you use these de-sensitizers before or after the whitening procedure?
14. - Jacob - 07/18/2011
Truly a great article here, it focuses on the side not many people talk about. The Carbamide Peroxide level in teeth whitening gels is what people should consider when purchasing a home teeth whitening kit.

There are some manufacturers out there which will have a 10% level of Carbamide Peroxide, which is considered to be safe on sensitive teeth, 16% being safe on most teeth.
15. - Colin Stead - 07/29/2011
Sensitivity is temporary but you must stop whitening if you get a problem
16. - wolf8girl - 08/16/2011
Does anyone know how long the sensitivity from Crest 3D 2-Hour Express Whitestrips is supposed to last? I took the strips off last night at 11:15 pm, and it's now 2:30 pm the next day, and my teeth feel like they're getting worse. It's almost intolerable.
17. - Nebstar - 09/05/2011
Hi, im thinking of whitening my teeth, but im not sure about which way is the best way to get it done?

If getting it done by Laser at a clinic or using home teeth whitening kit.

18. - lynnie - 10/01/2011
omfg!!!me and my man did this at 6 pm til 8 pm tonite and our teeth hurt sooooo bad help!!!i had sum teeth desensitzer but it didnt evn wrk.iwe used crest 2 hr whitening!!!i will nvr do it again wtf!!!man help us if u know what we can buy from walmart to help us
19. - Rachel - 10/11/2011
I had this procedure done in an "office." I don't think the guy is a doctor. I had it around noon. It is 5 PM and I am still in massive pain! I have never had this kind of sensitivity before. I took an Aleve and 2 Asprin. Then I went to the drug store and put on some tooth desensitizing gel. I am still in pain! It's probably the worst pain I have ever experienced because it does not go away! Maybe by tomorrow it will be better. I really hope so, so I can work. As of now, who knows? Ouch!!!!
20. - Aliona Walser - 10/20/2011
Best way to avoid teeth sensitivity is to do a gradual whitening process at home. Dont buy an express 2 hour whitening strips but buy a 10 day supply where you can put strips for 30 min at a time 1 or 2 times a day. It will take longer but it will not give you an awful pain. Your teeth/gums will be sensitive for first couple of days. But the pain will be tolerable. Good luck!
21. - Lisa - 10/26/2011
You should use the sensodyne a few days prior to using the strips. Secondly, ensure you use the strips before you brush your teeth. Only allow 30 mins per the instructions. Take the advil before and after. I just starteed using the Crest Pro strips yesterday, I do have a little sensitivity today but I'm going to take my advil, I didn't use the sensodyne but I forgot about using it, so my fault. It works!
22. - cait - 12/05/2011
Awesome article. I always experience horrible pain from whitening, so much so that I have began only leaving whotestrips on for 1/4 of the time recommended and doing it over a longer period of time. Oh, what women do for beauty. Sigh.
23. - Christy - 12/28/2011
I tried a fluoride treatment at the dental office after whitening my teeth with take home products from the dental office. As i do work in a dentL office i had easy access to get strong fluoride treatment, but works almost instantly to relieve the pain experienced by sensitivity after whitening. Some severe increased pain at first then disappears.
24. - Sophi - 02/02/2012
I started the home kit a few days ago. The sensitivity pain is excruciating !! If you're on the same page then using sensodyne toothpaste and skipping a night for the whitening helps. (for exmaple, if you put it on Monday, then put it on again on wednesday) ! Hope this helps!
25. - Jjeahz - 02/06/2012
I used crest white strips i supposed to apply it for 30 mins but i fell asleep instead of 30 mins it took me 5 hours grrr now my teeth is so sensitive when i drink and its painful ..i am using sensodyne but still sensitive
26. - AnnMarie - 03/01/2012
I started to whiten my teeth 3 days ago with nitewhite from my dental surgery. OMG iv never experienced pain like this in my life and i have 10 tattoo's. Im supposed to use this every night and still have 11 nights left :( , iv tried rubbing sensodyne on my teeth, orajel and taken ibuprofen i even had to take strong pain killers it was that bad. The throbbing is 24 hours a day and its driving me mad.
27. - Tiffany - 03/06/2012
Today is my second day using crest 30 mins whiten strips and Im really impressed about how my teeth looks in two days, but my gums are sooooo irritated and i dont know if i should continue to use the this normal and should i stop using the strips???
28. - April - 03/23/2012
I just got my braces off (yay!) so I decided to go and get some crest whitening strips. I bought the strongest strips Target had, the 2 hour ones, assuming that it was over the counter, how bad could it be? When the pain immediately after taking off the strips I experienced spurts of pain... if air hit a certain tooth, or cold, or even my saliva sometimes. It got better when I took some ibuproffin, and by the next day it was fine. But I skipped a day of whitening and am now doing my second dose. The plan is to brush my teeth afterwards with my anti-sensitivity tooth paste, swish around some flouride rinse, and then go to bed... if I'm asleep I probably won't feel it, and hopefully in the morning I should be fine.
29. - Jo - 03/27/2012
Has anyone who used crest 2 hour whitening strips got any advice?? Used 30 mins ones before with no problems. Just used 2 hour one and my teeth are so painful, can't drink anything. Tried sensitive toothpaste and sensitive mouthwash but no relief...any advice?
30. - shanta - 03/29/2012
OMG what have i done!!! i had a Pola whitening done in my dentist office today and first the results are poor hopefully its still early but i dont see any change and second the pain is unbearable!!! i keep getting sharp excruciating random pain ive take ibuprofen and vicoden nothing is helping i pray i gets better by tonight so i can sleep im not even going to try to eat!!!
31. - donna - 03/30/2012
awe am in agony how long dose it take the pain to go away afta whitening am in so mch pain some 1plz help me
32. - Mary - 03/30/2012
Know it sounds gross but bathe your teeth in your own saliva. Close your mouth and let the saliva fill your mouth for awhile.
33. - eli - 04/27/2012
Hi guys. i had laser teeth whitening this morning and i am not exaggerating when i say i have never been in this much pain before. Sharp shooting pains at random as well as a constant pain over all my teeth. I went to A and E in the end and they gave me oramorph which is a type of morphene. This more or less knocked me outfot a good while so i did not have to withstand anymote pain. WHen i woke, the pain was far more bearable.
34. - Dental Implant Arizona - 05/11/2012
Hello, this is my 1st visit in this blog and want to share with you all something. As being a dental implant specialist I want to tell you that Sensitivity is temporary but you must stop whitening if you get a problem. If you use sensitivity toothpaste for some times, rinse your teeth with mild-hot water, avoid cold-drinks and sticky foods -- then your sensitivity will be gone. But use bleach or other chemicals in a regular basis for whitening your teeth - can be harmful for you. So beware and take care. :)
35. - Feeling YOUR pain - 05/17/2012
Had Boost in office whitening... Ridiculous pain, last week deep clean... Today the spinning grit, then open wide with spacers, 1st phase, not so bad phase 2 intermediate shooting, throbbing shocks, final & 3rd phase more of phase 2 the she was lazy got the bread on her glove burned a whole in my lip (note to self... Product can burn thru flesh) then some get this crap off my teeth "desensitized gel". NO help made worse, 4 hrs ago cant think kinda pain... Motrin, percocet, Sensodyne fluoride and warm water warmed ACT extra fluoride and got 2 minutes relief...& yet beautiful full white's worth it I think, gonna smack my thumb with a hammer and paint the nail
36. - Lisa - 05/28/2012
I got a Whitening kit from the dental office and was instructed to wipe excess whitening gel from my gums to alleviate added sensitivity. Sensodyne helps a lot but is only effective if you use it twice a day- if you switch toothpaste to a regular type it's not going to help much at all. My teeth were sensitive the first three days but fluoride rinse and sensitive toothpaste the two weeks after day and night have helped best. Since it's a prescribed kit I've done it twice a year. The over the counter strips have been effective with my friends but it's definitely a good idea to make sure you are cavity free before doing anything.
37. - Angel - 06/14/2012
I arrived at this page after trying to see how long the sensitivity would last after I did the Crest 2-hour whitening. Unfortunately, no one specified how long the pain lasted. This pain was like no other I've experienced, and I've had three babies. I did the treatment from 10 am to 12 pm and immediately my teeth were hurting and I ended up salivating ALL DAY and taking pain relievers (didn't help). I was so worried that the sensitivity would last into the next day for my sister's wedding. I returned to this page today to write that the sensitivity lasted all day, but was gone by the time I woke up the next day. Nothing made it better, only time.
38. - Owowowowow - 06/14/2012
Everytime i get my teeth whitened i swear ill never do it again... Then i forget... NEVER AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!
39. - Nick Crawford - 06/20/2012
I feel asleep with the whitening treatment I got from the dentist. 7.5% peroxide - strongish stuff. ok for 30mins but not 2hrs+. he also gave me Relief ACP, which i've had on for 20 mins with little effect so far. will try warm water & floride mouthwash as mentioned in the blog. Dentist recommends Colgate pro relief as a good sensitivity toothpaste. might have to wait this one out. Pain is just bearable
40. - Sue Tassy - 06/22/2012
I whitened my teeth with Crest 3D Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects (2 hrs daily for 7 days) Whitening Power 5. Man, they sure do look very nice (even after the 1st day) BUT at what cost? The first 3 nights were great, but when I woke up yesterday morning, "POW, ZAP!" Every 5 to 6 minutes, I got severe random SHOCKS in my lower teeth! (Only a tooth or two). I could eat, drink and bite down normally, but kept watching that clock for the next SHOCK! It lasted all day and nite. I took an anti-inflammatory and rubbed sensodyne on the affected area. I made an appt. to see the dentist this morning, but I think I'll pass and ride the storm out. I discontinued use on the lower teeth, as recommended for a couple of days and see what happens. I'm still getting random shocks this morning, but not as painful. If you've never whitened before, I recommend using a lower whitening power. Last year I bought Crest and used it for 14 days. I believe it was 30 minutes a day. The results were AMAZING, and no pain!
41. - renkyol - 06/29/2012
I'm in so much pain right now. I just used Crest Whitening strips recommended for 30 minutes per day and put in on last night. I fell asleep and had it own the whole night. I woke up with so much pain this morning that I'm salivating constantly. I'm so hungry but can't even bite into anything but bread. It's just too painful. I've had two cups of coffee thinking the pain would go away with a little sugar. I think I just made it worst. So, I tried a bit of warm water to help and it seems to be working. With that I also took Aspirin but, I guess I need to try something else to ease the pain a bit more. A little bit of air going into my mouth is too painful. My gums are throbbing right now that it makes me want to hit myself for trying whitening strips. On the upside, it did whiten my teeth a bit. Now, I just want the pain to go away. I just hope for next time, if anyone is considering on whitening their teeth, to read all the comments and suggestions that are on here. I would have not known what to do or should try if I didn't experience the pain that I'm in now. I guess in my case, "no pain, no gain." Ouucchh!!!
42. - daria - 07/15/2012
Oh man, I see I am not the only one in pain dentist told me she will do laser teeth whitening for me but first I have to apply some gel for abt 10days, first day 16%, then 22% and last night I just apply the strongest 38% and it s my 5th day and after that I think I will give her a call that I don't want that freaking laser whitening any more. I can only imagine the pain after she finishes with the laser! screw that, it s not worth it, I prefer my normal color than deal with that stupid pain that doesn't want to go away!!! Guys, it s not worth it, and I read that it weakens your teeth! I think I am done..
43. - roxanne - 07/25/2012
I used the 2hr crest whitening strips and it hurt so bbbad I cried , it lasted about 2days.. I'm about to do it again bit I am only doing it for an hour this time!
44. - Danielle - 07/31/2012
I get my teethe whitened a few years ago w/ Davinci I loved the results and I didn't have pain but I only went for 45 minutes, Well today i went back and did the housr session Im in the most pain I think I have ever expierenced in my life! I have tried everything ( even the filling my mouth w/ saliva) not working! I work early tomorrow so Im hoping this subsides! Glad to know im not alone I can't believe how painful this is! It's only my bottom teeth! Never again will I do this! :(
45. - John - 08/11/2012
How long does the sensitivity to hot and cold last after laser whitening?
46. - Ann-Marie - 08/17/2012
Just had my first ever whitening treatment in preparation for some other veneer work etc. to improve the appearance of my teeth (buckled enamel and botched dental work messed with a couple of them). I am stunned at how painful it is two hours plus after treatment, which is why I came on line to see how long this is likely to continue! I have a great dentist, but was not warned about pain. I can honestly say that had I been warned, I would never had have this done. I would have been happy to continue with the colour my teeth have become, and had veneers made in that colour. The results are admittedly stunning, but right now, not worth the pain. If anyone is considering tooth whitening, please be warned!
47. - stacey - 08/17/2012
So i have like about 3really small cavities and a broken front tooth. I've always Sensodyne toothpaste which really helps with sensitivity. I purchased 3d whitening toothpaste and used it once. Immediately after I had PAIN. I tried desensitizing mouthwash and oragel which was a waste. Ultimately I visited my dentist and he had desensitizing gel that ceased all pain on spot.
48. - mzuri - 08/27/2012
i had my teeeth whitening done at stratford west field.the pain is ubearable,i was told it will take 2 days to experience senbsitivity.Sharp random pains all over my teeth,i have applied desensitising gel and taken long will this pain last.I will not go for teeth whitening again.
49. - Klc - 09/01/2012
I just had the zoom bleaching . Severe pain for a few hours, I took a 7.5 Vicodin,then a 800 ibuprofen did a warm salt water rinse, had a warm bowl of Campbell's chicken noodle soup took a sleeping pill went to bed and woke up pain free my teeth are extremely white I'm smiling and it worked. When doing the warm salt water swoosh in mouth you'll feel a little bubbling around teeth, do it about 4 times of so. I feel great. I'm never on line and rarely text. I'm 53, and I just wanted to share this info. Hope you all get some relief . Good luck. I'm texting in bad lite so no spelling check. Got to run now.
50. - Kristi - 09/04/2012
ouch!! I got my teeth whitened at the fair a 20 minute session i also got the home kit a smaller light with the gel. My teeth are 9 shades lighter but the pain is pretty unbearable I took a 750 vicodine and the pain is still there It has only been 12 hours since I got this done.
51. - OUCHY!! - 09/04/2012
ok soo I just found out floride helps the pain.. but if you dont have floride get some toothpaste spread it on the teeth that hurt wow...... it helps :)
52. - tdileo - 09/12/2012
I had boost whitening done this afternoon at the dentist's office and have had the most excruciating pain since. It stopped for an hour, but returned as soon as I put some desensitising gel on. I can't sleep, eat or drink anything and I do not know what to do. I will NEVER have whitening done again... its not worth the hours of pain!
53. - Fabs - 09/18/2012
I recently purchased the crest30 min whitening strips and I have started to feel the sensitivity . I don't usually forget to remove them after the recommended time, but if I don't brush my teeth it with sensodyne toothpaste, I start to feel sensitive. Not so bad that its unbearable, but its annoying and awkward to drink water or open my mouth. I haven't taken anything for it yet, but I think ill skip out.on it tomorrow. They have worked well ill give that to them :)
54. - Dora - 10/03/2012
Stop crying like a little baby, if you're whitening is gonna happen. I actually sleep with my strips, like a boss.
55. - Bob - 10/18/2012
I found a product online that stops the Sensitivity real fast ! last for months, Found it at
56. - Jasmin - 10/22/2012
Crest Whitestrips Supreme and PAIN!

Just to let you know that these strips are strong and have lightened my teeth a couple of shades although taking longer than expected as I'm having to apply the strips once a day for 30 mins rather than an hour a day. Sensitivity got worse after day 2 when I was applying the strips back to back for an hour (as suggested in the instructions) - my teeth were hurting so much that I didn't want to talk and even sitting in my lounge was making me wasn't occasional shooting pains but a constant throbbing feeling, so bad that I couldn't touch some fabrics because it would make me feel worse. I liken it to that feeling when someone scrapes their nails down a blackboard! I use Sensodyne toothpaste twice a day and have limited the use of strips to once a day for half an hour as previously mentioned (this is difficult as I'm impatient and want FAST results) Will persevere and hopefully get the white teeth i'm hoping for.
57. - Sarah - 11/03/2012
Started a 14 day take-home treatment(plates with whitening solution worn for 8 hours overnight) from my dentist on Monday (it is now Saturday) and had terrible, terrible, pain at work from Tuesday through Friday. Complained to my dentist who told me to take an anti-inflammatory to reduce the sensitivity, so picked up some Voltaren 25 at the chemist and took it morning and night, but it made little difference. This morning, because I didn't have to get up and go to work, I filled the plastic plates with Sensodyne after rinsing off the whitening solution and sat with my teeth literally soaking in the paste for 1.5 hours. WHAT a difference! Hardly noticed the sensitivity all day! Am going to do the same thing tomorrow morning and cross my fingers for another positive result. Six days in and eight to go.... ugh!!
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