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Teeth Whitening Dangers?

Aug 10, 2012
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Last Updated 8/10/2012 - Teeth whitening is the best thing to have happened for people with stained and discolored teeth. People have been able to make their teeth whiter by taking advantage of the various teeth whitening products and teeth whitening methods available. However, like all good things, teeth whitening has its own set of disadvantages. People who have opted for tooth whitening have experienced different complications that range from mild irritations to severe pain.

In a craze for getting that flashy Hollywood style smile, the majority of people rush into teeth bleaching without realizing if there are repercussions. Although it isnít too dangerious, teeth bleaching can cause problems. People who use various kinds of home remedies for teeth whitening may incur indirect effects to tooth enamel and gums. When people use home remedies, they usually rely on acidic properties of certain fruits. This acid can deteriorate your teeth's enamel and make a person's smile worse than ever.

In regards to over the counter and dental whitening products, prolonged bleaching can lead to severe irritation in the teeth and gums. Teeth whitening products make use of chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide that need to be used in the right concentration and right quantities to have the desired effects. People who use tooth whitening products at home do not pay much attention to their correct usage. Teeth whitening, like any other treatment or surgery, needs to be done under the supervision of an expert. A dentist is the right person to consult regarding this subject. If done properly, which requires consulting a dental expert, teeth whitening is harmless. It is only when people buy teeth whitening products over the counter and use them without following the proper directions that it is dangerous.

First and foremost, the chemicals that the tooth whitening products use like hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation to the delicate and soft tissues in your mouth. When teeth bleaching is done in a dentistís office, the dentist takes care of this by placing a dental dam to prevent the chemicals from getting in contact with anything besides the teeth. Many people have reported a prolonged and increased sensitivity in their teeth to hot and cold things like coffee or colas. Gum irritation is not uncommon. There is a probability of the teeth whitening product being ingested by the patients, causing nausea, vomiting or a burning sensation.

Recently, there has been talk about a study done in Georgetown University, which says hydrogen peroxide may cause tongue cancer. This study is based on the results of two people in their 20ís getting cancer. It is important to note that the study looked at only 19 people who used teeth whiteners. Researchers theorize that when hydrogen peroxide in the gel leaks from trays it releases cancer-causing "free radical" cells, which may have caused the tongue cancer.

However, Dr. Gerard Kugel, from Tufts Dental School says:

It's been looked at many times over the years in animal studies and in human retrospective studies and there is no evidence of any link between peroxide and oral cancer. We've bleached millions of people, I mean it's almost amazing how many people whiten their teeth with so few problems related to it in contrast to other things we do in dentistry or medicine. To me, it's one of the safest things we do at this time in dentistry. 

Remember, if you are using over the counter teeth whitening products, follow the directions, do not over-use, and use a reputable company.

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Reviewed by Dr. Alan Zweig
Dr. Alan Zweig runs a private dental practice in Beverly Hills, CA. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Alan Zweig is a teeth whitening veteran. Heís been trusted by major celebrities, business leaders, and patients from over six different continents.

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1. - Jaime - 09/01/2007
I am astonished to see that there is no mention to the lip frying I sufered while receiving Zoom whitening.
My upper lip swelled to 5 times it's size, and still not subsiding, ruining my holyday weekend. I want to know if my lip has been exposed to UV rays to dangerous proportions. I like the color results, but the fried lip is not only a nuisance, but a real danger. One hour of UV rays cooking my lip could be deleterious to my health , I am concern about cancer to the lip.
I think this procedure should not be done untill the safety of both lips can be guaranteed. I deem this procedure "unprofessional" and cruel
2. - Carolyn - 09/21/2007
I agree with Jaime. My daughter had the zoom treatment today and suffered a very bad burn on her lip. The doctor told her the swelling and blistering would go down after 20 minutes, it has been over 4 hours and it has not gone down any. The doctor also told her she had a 'reaction' to the chemicals use. I don't think so. I think her lip was sizzled with the devise used to emmit UV rays. I too am worried if now her chances of developing cancer- or at the least a bad infection- are raised.
3. - Robert - 09/22/2007
I am in a worse situation after the procedure, my upper and lower lips suffered serious burns,and formed blisters by the second day.
Had to start applications of antibiotics and have the lips numbed mostly of the time to be able to drink or eat.
4. - Chris - 10/22/2007
I would just like to say that i too experienced blistering of the lips. Can any of you tell me how many days it took your lips to heal. I was told that some of the solution got on my upper lip. It swelled up like someone hit me in it and it did not go down for like 30 hours or so. The blistering however is still here and is not subsiding after almost 3 days. I have been using chapstick religiously. Any help would be appreciated.
5. - Chuck - 11/01/2007
I am interested in speaking with people who have had problems with tooth whitening for a
television report. Please contact via email
[email protected]
or by phone (405)478-6395.

6. - dr shalash - 11/04/2007
the complication of lip swelling or blistering during the zoom whitening procedure is not a common one . the dentist should have used a protective cream and barrier to protect all areas of the skin and lips from the effect of the machine light. i am sure that the blisters will go away by time. as regards to getting cancer to the lip from the effect of light of the machine this totally nothing to be worried about. cancer developes when there's prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. this needs years for such an effect to take place. so a single or even several exposures of your lips to the light coming from the machine can not do such damage.
7. - Monica - 11/06/2007
I also suffered burns on my upper lip. It is numb and swollen. I am desperately hoping that it does not form blisters. I was told I had SPF 50 sunblock, but it still burned.
8. - Sue Tangen - 11/11/2007
I wish I had never had my teeth zoom whittened. My teeth were already pretty white but I wanted them movie star white. I had my lips were burned so bad I wasn't able to go to school the next day. I am now taking oragel and using over the counter meds for my teeth. They are so sensitive it's hard to sleep and I have to take ibuprofen nonstop. The dentist doesn't tell you about the possible side effects.It was a horrible experience.
9. - Debbie - 11/14/2007
I had zoom done today. I have whitened with the trays for years and everything was fine so I was not worried about doing this. I had no idea my lip would be burned and swollen and I've already started to develop a huge what looks like canker sore...maybe it's a blister....i can barely talk, feel sick and it was a horrible experience and I cried in the end when the pain of the light was too much to handle...I am so upset with myself for not researching this before..i do with every lately and I just trusted that it was going to be a simple procedure...i could not care less about my teeth or their color right now im just so upset i have huge fat swollen lips and thanksgiving is next week...i can't be like this next week!
10. - Luca - 11/21/2007
Sorry for my English which is not perfect. I'm writing from Italy. Thank you very very much for reporting your experience. I was thinking about whitening my teeth (even if they are not so bad..) but now that I've heard your stories I'll think twice. I've already suffered lips irritation in the past and so I absolutely think it wouldn't be suitable to me. The worst thing is that my dentist didn't told me about the risks.
11. - Tammy - 11/22/2007
I had my teeth whitened yesteray with Zoom. I received 2 burns on my top lip. My lip is HUGE!!! They blew itoff at 1st adn tried to tell me to just put some ointment on it to keep it moist. I went back to them 3 hrs later and they gave me some pure vitamin E to put on and a prescrition for Benadryl. They tried to make it out like I was allergic....
It is still swollen, almost 24 hrs later, and there are 2 white dots (the size of small peas) on my upper lip in the inside.
Happy Thanksgiving to me!
12. - Tina - 12/22/2007
I had Zoom! done in 2005 and experienced the same canker/cold sore reaction. However, I am prone to getting them especially when stressed or being out in the sun too long so I just figured it was because of the UV light. My blister did go away but I will not do Zoom! again.
13. - Shelly - 01/03/2008
I just had Zoom today, left the dentist's office at 1:00 pm. It's now 7:40 pm and my lower lip is three times the normal size. When I was in the office, he said that the swelling would be gone in a couple of hours. During the procedure, I told him my lip was burning, and he said that it was just because it was dry and from the heat.
14. - Cheryl - 01/08/2008
I had my teeth whitened yesterday evening. The results were not 'fantastic' but good, however i left also looking like i had been attacked in the mouth. During the process, my lips were BURNING but i thought it was normal, being a first timer. I couldn't wait for it to finish and when it did, i didn't even bother looking at my teeth, all i could see were my FAT LIPS. This morining they are still fat, can't go to work. So dissapointed, due to the fat, swollen lips. To me it has defeated the whole point of having my teeth done. Think twice people.
15. - Niksan - 01/10/2008
But what about whitening ur teeth using geL? Isnt it safer?
16. - Toor - 01/10/2008
It has been 8 hrs since my in office Zoom treatment...I had to stop the process due to my gums and cheek was burning..Needless to say my gums on the left side of my mouth was burned and turned white. that was scary looking...Im taking Loratab (pain meds) to stay ahead of the pain..
17. - Stephanie - 01/11/2008
I had my Zoom whitening process yesterday and am THRILLED with my results. My mother on the other hand had gone to another dentist and was not so thrilled. After reading about other peoples experiances here I can definatly see the difference a good and experianced dentist can make. The process my dental office took before my whitening was very extensive. They put a protective coating all over my lips and gums. And were very careful to pack my mouth and gums and any very sensative teeth with gause so as not to irritate them. They also did the whitenting in 15 mintue incraments.. Came and repacked my mouth and cleaned up the coating and reapplyed it each and every time. I am thrilled with my results as I got 8 shades whiter!! I do have very VERY sesative teeth right now and they do hurt. But it is day two and they are much much better today and im sure by tomorrow they will be perfect. My mothers experiance was very different, they just let her sit for over an hour and when things were burning just said oh well thats what happens. No protective stuff or anything and didnt give her breaks in between like I did. He results werent as dramatic as mine either. So just my tip to all of you thinking about it. Make sure your have an experianced dentist who knows and CARES what he or she is doing! If you do then your Zoom can be a fantastic thing!!
18. - tab - 01/16/2008
I have the blisters, but they really didn't come until 4-5 hrs later. Tell me if you know, what to DO about the blisters. And how long did they last?
19. - kathy - 01/17/2008
My daughter had Zoom whitening today. Unfortunately I did not research it because if I knew she would be experiencing the pain she has right now I would have never allowed it. The procedure was started at 2:00 and it is 8:00 p.m. right now. I had to give her a Vicodin for her pain. She is in tears and is inconsolable. I feel awful that she is suffering. The whitening was a gift from her boyfriend, whose dad is a dentist. Believe it or not, they never told her she would experience this type of pain...just that her teeth might be sensitive. Some gift.... Think twice about this procedure everyone. It's nasty.
20. - David Gordon - 01/19/2008
I had zoom done and we must put an end to this cruel punishment for the cost of greedy dentists just caring about there bottom dollarIf you would like to help email me and we can talk. thanks dave.
21. - David Gordon - 01/19/2008
I had zoom done and we must put an end to this cruel punishment for the cost of greedy dentists just caring about there bottom dollarIf you would like to help email me and we can talk. thanks dave.gordo7[at] Ps include a brief description of your experiences.
22. - Linda Custer - 01/23/2008
I just had my teeth whitened by ZOOM yesterday and my upper lip is swollen. Is this dangerous and when will it go away? What can I do to make it better? I love the results but hate the swollen lip. It looks awful and embarassing!!!
23. - jm - 01/23/2008
I had the zoom procedure done and regret it. I was told I would experience some "sensitivity". As soon as the 2nd 15min session was over (there are a total of 3) i was in extreme pain. If felt as if someone was trying to rip my tooth out. They had to stop the treatment. I was in such pain when i left the dentist office. The next day i had to miss work because my lips were swollen with blisters and i could not talk right. (The dentist did cover my mouth well, so for this to happen i just wonder how strong the solution/light is). I have sense written to Zoom, but have never received any kind of response from them. I am told by my dentist i am the first that this has happened to, and i must have just had an allergic reaction.... sounds like i'm not the only one. What's worse, my teeth are only about a shade lighter.
24. - Stacey - 01/26/2008
I had Zoom whitening on Tuesday afternoon & made it through 4 15-minute sessions. Fortunately, I only had about 4 "zingers". But, the entire inside of my lower lip, some of the inside of my upper lip & various spots throught my mouth are burned horribly & hurt so bad that I have been taking pain killers just to get some relief. Even then, the pain killers don't help much. I have been putting Vitamin E in my mouth at night, & during the day I use a canker sore gel that contains aloe & helps to soothe the extreme pain. Today is Saturday, and the pain is just awful! My lips look horrible inside my mouth too. And my teeth don't look that much whiter to me. They actually are very splotchy looking, which I hope goes away. My best guess to what happened is that the gauze they used to pack my mouth with should have been changed for every 15-minute session, because by the time the 4th session started, the gauze was saturated with solution & saliva. They never changed out my gauze. When I called the dentist's office & asked the girl who answered the phone for some numbing gel, a pain medicine Rx & an antibiotic Rx (b/c my lymph nodes are painfully swollen under my jaw as they work to fight off infection from the burns), she said she would talk to the dentist & call me back. No one has ever called back. (I had previously spoken with the dentist Wednesday & explained to her my problem too.) Anyway, I paid $299 for the Zoom & would definitely not do it again!
25. - Karolina - 01/26/2008
Wow, Sorry to say I am suffering some of the same effects...I had Zoom done yesterday (Friday). Part of my lower lip is swollen, the upper lip is partly burned? and I have a big 2cm x 2cm painful blister inside my lower lip. It is hard to eat and Tylenol #3s aren't helping. I think I am in for a rough few days.

The procedure itself felt like torture, not being able to move the whole time. I kept thinking of those poor souls in Guantanamo and how they endure torture for real!

I am reluctant to say but I didn't research it at all before I did it, which is not like me. I had no idea what the process involved until I got there.

Take care everyone...
26. - Karolina - 01/28/2008
I just called the local FDA office to file a complaint. The women I spoke with was kind of new but said that she had never heard of ZOOM! Lets see if they do anything. Does anyone know of any class actions suits related to this product or any lawyers who might want to start one?

I also can't believe they don't make you sign a release form before the procedure informing you of ALL the risks...

27. - emily - 01/29/2008
same thing - zoom yesterday and a huge swollen and burned lower lip. i'm putting ointments on but can anyone write to say how long it is going to last?? thanks!!
28. - Karolina - 01/31/2008
I say, lets join together and sue the manufacturer, discus dental.
Email me at [email protected]

I am on day 6 of suffering. It is still hard to eat.
29. - Hass - 02/01/2008
I had the procedure done today and SAME THING, folks. BURNED UPPER LIP and an ulcer. It was scary the first time i saw myself in the mirror, i had two white formations on the right side of my upper lip, what appears to be the ulcer. I was given a topical cream 'Oracort E' and an ice pack that i had to apply on my mouth for about a half hour. Accordin to the dentist it was very rare, she'd only had one other patient some 5 years ago who reacted this way. I suspect it's cos of the wet gauze and the saliva that somehow compromised the protection it was supposed to give. Cos i was drippin onto my shirt, believe it or not. There was a throbbing sensation when the light was flashed onto my teeth, but i was told it was supposed to be that way, so i stayed still. They gave me a bell to ring if the pain got unbearable, but it didn't, so I didn't call for help. If i'd known my lip was gonna swell the way it did, i would've rung it multiple times. I wasn't monitored too, that made it worse i guess. I'm gettin a free round in some weeks, and i'm sure as hell gonna warn them to check up on me every 5 mins or so and replace the WET GAUZE !

Btw i'm still pretty sore from it all, but it doesn't hurt. It's just swollen and I look like I'd had a lip job gone awry. :(
30. - Administrator - 02/01/2008
It seems a lot of you are experiencing problems with Zoom! Whitening. I have added a discussion thread in the message board to make it easier for you all to discuss your issues.

Visit this URL:

31. - emily - 02/01/2008
I just went to the dermatologist for my swollen burned lip and apparently the laser light can trigger a 'cold sore' viral outbreak. i am now on an antiviral pill. apparently we were not 'burned,' which is good news.
32. - Jenn - 02/01/2008
I just came back from the dentist today after having the Zoom treatment done. I've read every single one of your posts & wow - I also did not research this procedure beforehand either which is not like me .. just expected it just to be nice & easy , I thought teeth whitening in general was just so common. Obviously there is a reason I found my way here. I can say I was very happy & everything was fine, just minor discomfort, the throbbing sensation, etc during the first 2 treatments of 15min each, half way through the 3rd session (I was supposed to have 4) I felt sudden horrible excruciating pain - I yelled out and ended up pulling the machine off of me. Dentist thought that I had moved causing the protectant stuff he put on my gums to loosen & got burned because of it. I didn't move til I felt the pain & I am sure now that it's not coming from my gums but one of my teeth. I know this because a few hours later I am still dealing with this awful pain. I'll be fine for say 15 min or so & then it will hit me again all of a sudden for no reason - but just that one tooth, feels almost like when they hit a nerve or something, not just "sensitivity". I am also worried cause some of you said your lips didn't swell til hours later - I too felt that on my lips but was told it was normal, guess I'll just have to wait & see. I am definitely not recommending this to anyone & will never do this again.
33. - karolina - 02/02/2008
Had you had cold sores in that area before? If it is just cold sores why is your lip so huge and swollen? Was there one big blister or many smaller ones - which would be more typical for cold sores?

I suggest people take photos of their injuries for documentation, in case you want to go further with this. At least call the FDA. By the way, I called the American Dental Association and they didn't care a bit. You have to be a member dentist to be able to talk with someone.
34. - Nicole - 02/03/2008
I'm a registered dental assistant and I had my teeth whitened in our office (free of charge, thank god) everything seemed to go smoothly until the following day. I woke up to find that the gums in between my front teeth turned purple and they really hurt! The day after that they had turned bright red...still hurting! Now, three days later my gums are white and look infected... but I suppose they are just badly burned. I'm hoping it will go away eventually because my gums are sore and not to mention ugly to look at! Has anyone else had this problem? Good thing I work in a dental office because I'm going to show our dentist what happened and see if he has any ideas as to what I can do to remedy this problem.
35. - Toor - 02/04/2008
My original blog was 1/10/08. It has been almost 30 days since my Zoom in office treatment. After I sent, my first blog (8 hours after the treatment) I realize I had burns on my left gums, which turned them white. However, I did not realize I had burns on my right gums also. My gums have healed -- now my teeth appear to be very sensitive; I am not sure what that is about. Nevertheless, when I left the dentist office my teeth was a couple of shades whiter. Not even 30 days later my teeth appears to be the same color before I started the process. This process was a big disappointment, I am calling my dentist and requesting a full refund. I am sure it has worked for some but this was a waste of time, money, and unusual pain.
36. - Brenda - 02/09/2008
I had my teeth whitened today at the dentist - not the ZOOM method, the bleaching method. The last time he did the solution and left me, the pain was unbelievable. I yelled out and he came and took everything off. He had to freeze my entire mouth the pain was so bad - shooting pain in all of my teeth. The freezing is wearing off and I am in so much pain I could scream. I als have trays in my mouth with some kind of toothpaste in them to "close" up holes in the enamel that are affecting the interior of my teeth - apparently. I am so sorry I went for this procedure. I will not continue with the home treatment that comes as part of the package. My weekend is ruined - the dentist said it should be better within 24 hours - I am freaking out that it won't be... If I had to live with this kind of pain for long I would end up in the ER.
37. - Tami - 02/15/2008
I had Zoom whitening yesterday on Valentines day. I was very sensitive right after and it has continued to be, but now I have a huge blister on my upper gums!!!! It hurts so bad. I tried to call my dentist today and he is on vacation. I went to my doctor and he gave me viscus lidocaine it helps a little I am also taking vicodin.
38. - john ellis - 02/18/2008
For the person that compared Guantanamo to teeth whitening shame on you, you are a moron.

The burning on the inside of your lips is due to irratiation from the peroxide. This causes swelling and it usually lasts only a few days. I had it but I dealt with it. The dentist didn't offer me a refund, which pissed me off, but I also didn't compare it to Guantanamo. That person is definitely a liberal democrat dumbass.
39. - M - 02/22/2008
Wow, I thought this was about the dangers of teeth whitening, not a place for people to insult each other (and cursing? my my).
Anyway, I just want to thank (almost) EVERYONE!!! I was about to get my teeth whitened tomorrow morning with ZOOM, and now I'm just going to cancel my appointment.
My teeth aren't that yellow, anyway. Definitely not yellow enough for the possibility of extreme pain and burns. My dentist told me it was completely safe and pain-free. hmmph.
40. - Amy - 02/24/2008
Nicole (2/3/2008) I had my zoom treatment on 2/18/08 in a Manhattan office and was burned on the gums above my two front teeth. I am a RN and the dentist tried to dismiss an obvious burn as a "bruise" from the retractor! I have been in pain for a full week nowand am not usually demanding but am insisting on my money back. I also did not have to sign an informed consent and no potential risks were presented to me.
41. - Joseph - 02/25/2008
Mr. Ellis,
No one compared teeth whitening to Guantanamo. Read more carefully. What do you gain by trying to diminish someone else's experience? A number of people are describing blisters and lip swellings, not just sensitivity due to peroxide. The light used with the light activated systems can cause soft tissue damage of this sort. It would seem that this is a faulty system. I think the manufacturers are exposing themselves to liability especially since there doesn't seem to be clear evidence that the lights are even necessary.
To those of you who have been injured, have you pursued any action through the FDA or other means? How can we collectively stop this from happening to someone else?
42. - Sutton May - 02/26/2008
I wish that I had researched some of the side effects of having teeth whitened by the "Zoom" process. The sensitivity was something I was already aware of and assumed that was the only problem I would have. The inside of my lips are burned so bad that I don't want to talk or eat anything. I really think it's bad enough to be considered a 2nd degree burn. The gave me some vitamin E oil to put on it which helps but not enough.
43. - tommy - 02/26/2008
Hi everybody... I am doing a research symposium on the harmful effects of teeth whitening and am looking for some useful information and effects of your past situations using various products. I know the topic is a little out there but I need you to continue your stories of the amount of time these burns last. In the near future i will be coming up with a survey that will help my research so please continue. Thanks!!

I would appreciate any stories or information of severe or long-lasting effects when using teeth whitening products. Either post them or send them via email: [email protected]
44. - KW - 02/26/2008
I had the Zoom today (this was my 2nd time) in 4 years. The first time I had great results with no side effects. Today I got great results but have burns on both my upper and lower lips. My bottom lip is already almost better 8 hours later but I am afraid my upper lip seems to be going up and down with swelling depending on my lip movements. Laughing, eating etc. I have the Vit e oil but am going to try ice (no one has recommended that one).
45. - Suzanne - 02/28/2008
I had the i Brite Express done here in the Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach. My teeth lightened 7 shades, but when I got home my upper lip was three times as large as normal and bright pink. I looked just like a duck, this morning, I went to the drug store and got sensodine toothpaste, and Orajel, I also took aspirin. This does hurt, very much. There are a couple of second degree burns on both sides of my inner upper lip. A dentist told me that it would scab over like a fever blister and heal completely in two weeks. I am 72 years old and do not recommend this to anyone.
46. - J. S. - 02/29/2008
I had zoom done yesterday afternoon. You see, they don't tell you that if you drank flouridated water when you were younger that those spots that were once hidden in your natural color are intensified by doing zoom. So not only do my teeth look worse then they were before, My gums are bright red, and turning brown on the edges where it meets my teeth. Seriously, reconsider your decision. It's not worth the risk.
47. - G. D. - 03/05/2008
Happend to me. Zoomed yesterday and woke up this morning looking like a bad Goldie Hawn movie. Looks like I've got a good sized second degree burn inside above my upper lip.

The good news is that I didn't wake up a pea brained conservative ass. Whew!
48. - Miss Michigan - 03/09/2008
I attended a home a garden show yesterday in Detroit and they had a booth called Flash aka 1 15 min. session $99 show special... I thought wow that doesnt sound bad... I did it and when I was done I personally didn't see a big difference to any of the shades.. Im not a smoker, I dont drink coffee, I dont drink red wine so My teeth werent really bad just a lil yellow to me..they offered me to sit down and try another 15 min (free) since I looked so unhappy and said okay ... I had way better results the 2nd time for sure! I was happy and thought cool.. my smile is brighter now.. I proceded on my evening and ended up going to dinner, I had no problems other than my lips felt "numb" they said it would go away no problem. yada yada.. when I got home at 10pm at night my lips started to feel swollen to me... I went to bed and put some carmex on to moisten them. I did not sleep well all night! I must of got up 2-3 times due to my lips feeling weird!! I finally got up out of bed at 8am and looked in mirror and I look like I just got lip implants.. they are huge! I started freekin out and put ice on them for an hour.. they hurt a lil bit here and there.. I get cold sores once a year from the sun and immediately felt like this is one of those moments... I just took a Valtrex hoping nothing blistery comes out. If I wouldve seen this thread before I went to this home show and found this booth I would of passed! I hope the very lil' pain goes away and my lips go back to normal. I don't think the girls working there know about these side effects which take place hours later. The worst thing is I tried looking for the phone # on their website to call but there is none listed and none on the card that I was handed as well. Just email address.
Just think twice before getting something done like this with no knowledge.
49. - Susan - 03/10/2008
I also had the ZOOM treatment on June 1, 2007. I have always had very dry skin and have always used moisturizing lip gloss and have had success making my own. After the treatment, no lip gloss would work on me and my lips would be dry and cracking. I just made my own lip gloss again on Friday, March 7, and now my lips are so uncomfortable and I suspect this is a reaction from the Zoom treatment, albeit months later. On Wednesday, March 5, 2008, my lips were totally dry and cracked, but now after using my own lip gloss on Friday, I have the most uncomfortable feeling on my lips.
50. - Susan - 03/10/2008
I forgot to mention, that now I cannot get my lips to dry out - - it's like their sealed and whatever is there, will not come off, no how. It is the most miserable feeling I have ever felt, and do not believe it came from my lip gloss, which I have made before and used often.
51. - mo - 03/11/2008
no saliva after whitening stripes under my upper lip ,soft tissue damage
52. - Angie - 03/13/2008
I had the zoom treatment done 2 days ago (3/11/08), I have to say, it has to be one of the worst decisions I made in my life. Let me start by saying I asked about the dentist about the treatment and at no time did they tell me I would experience any of this, they didn't even have me sign a consent form indicating the side affects or what to expect. The procedure or shall I say the torture I endured was unbarable, but I figured that's how it was. It was the longest hour of my life. Once the procedure was done I noticed certain parts of my gums were white (which means they were burned), as the day went on, the pain got more and more intense, it was the worst feeling. I took 6 advil's and it did absolutely nothing, I didn't know what I was going to do with myself. The next morning I woke up and felt much better, the pain was almost gone. I went to brush my teeth and I couldn't, my gums are so badly burned that even brushing my teeth gently cause extreme pain to my gums (don't even think about flossing), today is the 2nd day, and once again I couldn't brush my teeth properly b/c of the extreme pain I feel on my gums, I contacted the dentist and they said I could come in to get some floride and it would cost me $18.00 (not to mention the girl that did the procedure to me she got some of that stuff on my gums and they were burned. They really have a nerve, the charged me $450.00 for the procedure, burned me, and expect me to go in and get some floride and pay for their mistakes. Oh, and I forgot to mention my teeth don't even look a shade lighter, that's probably the worst part. I paid all that money, endured all that pain/torture and didn't even get any results. I always get information and do my research before having any procedures done, but I didn't this time, I thought what could possibly go wrong with whitening my teeth: EVERYTHING! To bad I had to learn the hard way. If you're even thinking about getting this done, DON'T! I can't stress that enough, DON'T DO IT!!!!


53. - Laura - 03/13/2008
I just had laser whitening done on my teeth yesterday. Right when the procedure was done, I noticed my upper lip was swollen in the middle. They said it was a heat burn and that it was common and to just put vitamin e on it. I had a horrible time sleeping because my teeth hurt so much. I kind of expected that, but what I didn't expect was when I woke up this morning, my upper lip felt numb and swollen. I looked in the mirror and noticed it was about 3 times it's normal size. I look a duck and I don't want to leave the house now. I don't remember the technician putting any protective cream on my upper lip and when I called him this morning, he said that is usually the first thing he does. Well, apparently he forgot this time. I am now waiting for a call back from my dentist to see if there is anything else I can do. From reading stories, it looks like I have blisters to look forward to and who knows when the swelling will go down. I was never given a consent form to sign or any information explaining possible complications. I didn't do research because I figured this is such a common procedure and I totally trusted my dental office. I wouldn't advise anyone to have this procedure done. It definately was not worth this!
54. - G - 03/14/2008
I had zoom whitening on 3-13-08 at 2pm. I knew my teeth and gums were sensitive and expected a lot of pain, but felt it would be worth it to whiten my teeth. After I got home my bottom lip had started to swell. It's the next day and my lip is about 5 times it's normal size. The pain in my teeth has subsided but my lip looks horrible. I am hoping to hear from someone who had a swollen lip and how long it took for it to go down. I have meetings next week and I can't go looking like this.
55. - G - 03/15/2008
My last entry was 3-14-08. Once I started putting ice on my lip the swelling went down considerably. It's almost down to its normal size, but I have blisters on the inside of my bottom lip. If I had not started putting ice on my lip - I don't know what I would look like today.
56. - Karolina - 03/15/2008
Sorry to hear about everyone's troubles. I think the product is obviously faulty. From the research I have done, the injuries are very likely from the light. Use of the light, by the way, has no clear scientific evidence behind it indicating that it has any effect on enhancing tooth whitening. It just increases the possibility of injury. So these companies are marketing harmful products with fraudulent claims. Sounds to me like they are opening themselves to liability claims. Who is interested in trying to stop them from hurting other people?

email me: caroliner[at]
57. - KT - 03/21/2008
Well - I AM a LAWYER - I DID have this procedure done - and I AM in terrible pain with the same symptoms all of your described. My BURNT lips are in terrible condition, the pain INTENSE, and the liability CLEAR.

58. - zeena - 03/21/2008
Hi All,

Im based in the UK and was just doing some research into teeth whitening and came across this site......Your stories have totally put me off ZOOM treatments.....Has anyone tried anything else which is effective but safe? I know i have sensative teeth and the last thing i want is to make them worse and potentially also burn my lips...... any suggestions would be much appreciated...........


59. - D - 03/22/2008
I too am based in the UK and was researching tooth whitening, and I am horrified at what I have read. Any positive suggestions would be good, if there are any???
60. - Susan - 03/29/2008
Well, I finally went to see a new dermatogolist and he was very nice. My previous derm never even looked at my lips when I saw her about this. Anyhow, the new one did look at my lips and right away, he said something is really doing on your lips. It is - cheilitis sicca - and I asked what that was and he said it's from UV rays. I told him I'm not in the sun at all and that's when he said it could have been done with the Zoom. He gave me cortisone ointment and told me to put it on 4 time each day for one week. He said I would feel something horrible on my lips, maybe for 3 days, but if I can overcome that horrible feeling, he said your lips could get back before the Zoom. He said, see the mountain? I said yes. He said you're on the ground and have to climb up to the top of the mountain. He said try to use the cortisone each day. Because it's horrible with 3 days, he said a lot of people stop the applications because they cannot overcome that feeling. He said it's very hard but just keep thinking that your lips will be better after this.
61. - Susan - 03/29/2008
This morning my lips felt greasy and then that went away and I went to work and got there at 11:30. Then the next application was at 1:00 p.m. and right after that, I started feeling a vert strong pulling sensation started on my lower lip and that immediately told me that this Cortisone is working great and pulling the cheilitis sicca out of my lips. He said there was just a little of that on my top lip, but most of it was on the bottom. He said usually it is just on the bottom, but we know because of the Zoom, there was a little of that on the top lip.
62. - Rushda - 03/29/2008
I had the in-office zoom whitening two days ago (03/27/08). During the treatment I told the technician that my lips are burning. She looked at it and said that it looks dry. She applied some vitamin E gel to it and carried on with the 2nd session. During the 2nd session it was burning even more. I told the technician again and again she said it was dry. When I was done with the procedure I was in tremendous amount of pain plus my upper lip was swollen quite a bit. The dentist stepped in at this point to see how my teeth came out and I told her that my lips are burning and swollen. She just gave the technician a looks as to say 'what did you do'. Before leaving the dentist's office, I was given more of the vitamin E gel to apply to my "dry lips". All night I applied the gel in hope that it will help. Well it didnít because the next morning I woke up to what appeared to be a collagen lip job gone bad. I was horrified and to top it I had a few blisters inside my lip. I immediately took photos of my lips to keep just in case I decide to take further action.

Later during the day I went to the dentist office to show my dentist what happened. Coincidently my dentist had left the office and one of her partners checked out my lips. The partner wasnít really helpful and was very much disconcerted about what I was going through. She actually was getting quite annoyed at my hostility. She told me that I will have to live with it for the next couple of days and apply more of the vitamin E oil even though I mentioned to her that it hasnít been helping. The second day after the treatment I was in even more pain than the previous day. My inner upper lip and gums are totally sore that eating, brushing my teeth and even drinking liquids hurt. I called the emergency number of the dentist to speak again to my dentist to find out that she is out of town. I spoke to another partner of hers and was told to rinse my mouth out with warm salt water and to apply aquaphor to my lips. The warm salted water seemed to have given relief but only at the time of rinsing. My husband went to Walgreens to get the aquaphor just to be told by the pharmacist that it is used for cracked skin not to be used on the inside of your mouth. Real dumb advice from the dentist. During the course of the day it started to feel swelling spreading to my nose and that my nose was very sore along the cartilage area. I decided to go to doctor just to find out that the inside of my lips and gums are infected. I am now on antibiotics for the next 7 days and have to rinse my mouth with a lidocaine to numb the pain I am enduring. If I knew that this was going to happen I would have never done it especially for the price I had to pay for it. And the cherry on top of my story is that my teeth are not as white as I expected it to be.

Do anyone think that I can take legal action against my dentist or zoom or even both?
63. - Rushda - 03/29/2008
BTW, my dentist never told me that this could be a side effect plus I never signed any indemnity forms. I want a refund but wonder whether I would get one. I paid $400 for pure torture.
64. - Rushda - 03/29/2008
KT...please advice whether legal action could/should be taken.
65. - Susan - 03/30/2008
KT - I would be interested also where any legal action should be taken again my dentist (who denies that anything went wrong with the Zoom - even after I showed him the then 18 pages of the comments on this website). He also said, those people's problems are only temporary and not ongoing like my lip gloss problems. All he did was give me a prescription for the blister on my top lip.
66. - Susan - 03/30/2008
There should definitely be action again the ZOOM machine. I don't like the fact that I got cheilitis sicca from the UV Ray light used during the whitening process. Something should be done!!!!!
67. - Susan - 03/30/2008
Does anyone even know the website for ZOOM? I can't seem to find it - I wonder why?!?! They are probably receiving tons of complaints.
68. - Susan - 03/30/2008
Is the Zoom made by Discus Dental? I found their website. Has anyone sent them an email or submitted a comment?
69. - ron - 03/30/2008
i just got my teeth whiting by zoom on 3/29/08 but when they were doing the whiting my whole front teeths felt like the were being drill with a drill. a very shrap shrap pain on them. when i was done my upper lip looked like o blown up ballon swollen and this morning is wrost. its bigger then before. can any help please.. how would it be this last. anyone thats has advise please shareit with me........ next time i make sure i do sum research before doing anything to my mouth especialy whiting.. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE ZOOM TO WHITING YOUR TEETH ITS VERY VERY PAINFUL
70. - Rushda - 03/31/2008
I suggest to everyone to take photos of the different stages that their lip goes through after having this dreadful zoom. Do anyone have any tying to a law firm that is willing to take on a class action case against Discus Dental?
71. - jm - 03/31/2008
I did write a letter to discuss dental/zoom, but i never received a response from them.
72. - Susan - 04/02/2008
I work for an attorney but he cannot do a class action suit. I'll join in also if someone knows who will do it. We all need to join in to go against Discus Dental for making the Zoom Whitening. So many of us have had permanent damage to our lips.
73. - Karen - 04/03/2008
I was thinking of having my teeth whitened with Zoom for my sons wedding so that my smile is whiter. However, after reading these horror stories I'm not going to take a chance. It is totally not worth it.
74. - Susan - 04/03/2008
Can any of you tell me what you have done to help your lip damage from the UV ray lamp? My new dermatologist says the reason no lip gloss will work for me is because my lips were damaged from the UV ray lamp. I'm just looking for answers or remedies. If I let my lips dry out, they will become very chapped because I need some sort of moisturizer on them. Again, no lip gloss works - just cakes up on my lips. I'm desperate for an answer.
75. - Maria - 04/08/2008
I just came back from having my teeth whitened with Zoom and I, thankfully, was not burned. My mouth and lips are a little sore but the biggest problem is the unbearable sensitivity of my teeth!!! I can't concentrate on anything else. I had no idea that this would be such a problem and I don't know what to do. I had to leave work because I felt like pulling all of my teeth out. I love the results but I will not be getting Zoom again.
76. - Susan - 04/09/2008
In answer to MARIA - my lips were not burned either, but something surely did happen to them the day I had the Zoom, because I have never been able to use lip gloss again because of being exposed to the UV Ray lamp. I didn't have blisters or cold sores either, but this is a huge problem for me and I'm begging for a solution to return my lips to some normalcy so that I can at least enjoy food again. I'm losing weight over this problem adn I don't need to lose any!
77. - ISC - 04/12/2008
I, too, had the ZOOM done yesterday - although, I was aware of the "zingers" but did not expect pure torture. And I, too, had both my top and bottom lip burned inside - my top lip blew up immediately once the ZOOM mouthpiece was removed from my mouth. I thought I had an allergic reaction. I would not recommend this procedure to anyone. It's not worth it. For the pain, I find Advil to be most helpful and ice for the swelling. It's day 2 and the swelling has subsided just a bit, but my interior lips have huge white blisters - yuck! And ouch :( I am unable to brush without passing out. I believe the problem is the ZOOM machine and not the dentists - we all had this procedure done by different dentists with the same ZOOM machine. My dentist took time applying all the necessary protection and I still got burned. Stupid ZOOM!
78. - Susan - 04/16/2008
Actually, my bottom lip was burned with Zoom, as my dermatologist examined me. He said one exposure to the UV ray lamp will damage the lips, and in my case, particularly the bottom one. I am now using a true aloe vera plant and cutting 1" of the stem off and then cut that in half and the liquid will start coming out. I'm with a new doctor who told me to buy those plants and he said it will heal the burn on my bottom lip. I hope he's right.
79. - - 04/17/2008
We have created a submission form for those of you who are interested in joining a class action suit against Discus Dental (the makers of Zoom! Whitening).

Visit this link:
80. - David - 04/18/2008
I had Boost three weeks ago. Almost the same as Zoom. No light but burned gums and sensitive teeth. Understatement!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant sleep. Have been to the dentist twice,ER once and my GP. Nobody can help me.
The dentist said that whatever was wrong was my fault and I did it to myself!
Swishing with lidocane/malox compound,what a life. The dentist should be hung.
81. - Susan - 04/19/2008
David, so sorry to hear your gums were burned and now teeth sensitive. It's so horrible about Zoom and Boost! Join the class action.
82. - Olivia - 04/21/2008
For all of you who are wondering about swollen burnt lips and healing time - PLS READ - it will put your mind at ease....
I also suffered from a burnt upper lip after receiving the zoom treatment 4 days ago. It was awful and I iced it for a day and then used vaseline. Now on day 4 it is much better and I am now using a steroid cream from the doctor - it has healed instantly.
I also got a FULL refund from my dentist, who I think was in shock from the whole experience. He had never seen a patient with this kind of reaction before.
The good news is my lip is nearly back to normal, I am not out of pocket, and I will never bother with comestic uplifts again.

83. - Colleen - 04/22/2008
I wish I had found this page before I had my procedure today. Same story burnt lips and extreme pain during treatment. I hope the swelling goes down soon because I am getting married in a few weeks. Love the color but the pain is not worth it!

84. - Olivia - 04/22/2008
I suggest you ice it as much as possible for the first day and then see a dcotor who can prescribe a cortisone cream (containing steroids). It will clear up way way quicker if you use this kind of prescribed cream. I would give it 5 days and you should be back to normal.
Best of luck for your wedding!
85. - Kelley - 04/29/2008
I had my teeth zoomed 2 weeks ago today and I am still on antibiotics and I have constant dry mouth. Just went for my second follow up since the procedure. The gum between my front teeth actually turned black the next day. I called the dentist and I was told it was not an issue that I would feel better in a couple of days. She did want to see me a week later when I called to complain about the gum (the part that turned black) around my front teeth falling out. The dentist actually left the room to call the people at Zoom for advice. I now have a gap between my teeth. When I questioned about what type of burn it was (chemical or heat), I was told I must have been allergic to the gel they coat the gums with. I am not sure how I can have an allergic reaction concentrated so severely in one spot and not have an issue anywhere else. I am not buying it. It is a burn! From the postings it appears that is the same response a lot of people are getting from their dentist. Zoom must provide this excuse to dentist as part of their training. I am now waiting to see if the gum will grow back in. I paid $450 dollars and it was my dentist who recommended that I have the procedure. I had never even heard of it before. Anyone who is considering having this done, DON'T! It is extremely painful and dangerous as far as I am concerned
86. - Billy - 05/02/2008
87. - Stacie - 05/06/2008
I had the Brite Smile whitening done and have the exact same issue with the swollen lips! Both my upper and lower lip are swollen 3x their normal size. I was never told that this would be a side effect and they NEVER put any protective cream on my lips. They got some of the chemical on my lips (I could feel it, but they never bothered to get it off). They gave me vitamin E and quickly shuffled me out of the office before other patients could see me. My lips are even more swollen the following day and there is no way I can go in to work! I look like a duck and my lips are numb from the extreme sweling. I also have white burns on my gums inside my mouth.

This procedure is NOT safe and should not be done.
88. - Crystal - 05/08/2008
I got the Sapphire system from my dentist yesterday - it's a take home whitening system that uses a custom fit mouth insert and gel. I wore the mouth inserts with the gel in them for an hour this morning and when I took them out I noticed a small, white dot on my lower lip in the left corner. I assume it's because i got some gel on my lip and it burned. it doesn't hurt and my teeth aren't sensitive (yet) but i had no idea the gel would burn the soft tissues. . . I will be more careful next time I apply this gel!
89. - Steve - 05/13/2008
I am getting married Sat. 5/24/08. My finance and I went to the dentist this morning to get our teeth whitened, although neither of our teeth need it that bad. She had hers done 1st and me next. She was fine. (We did not do Zoom, we did Saphire, which is the same thing, the dentist had both, but this was safer than Zoom.) Midway through my treatment one of my teeth was hit with a ZAP so intense I jumped out of my seat!! My finance ran and got the dentist he came and thought it was my gums, he wanted me to finish but I started having multiple ZAPs all over, I took it all off fast and rinsed with a fluoride mouth was, didn't help. It is 5 hours later and I am searching online for a remedy, I continue to have the ZAPs in random teeth 2 or 3 times every 5 minutes. It is one of the most painful things I have ever felt and I wrestled in middle school and high school, I have broke my arm and collar bone, I had all four wisdom teeth pulled, none of that holds a candle to what I feel right now. I would never do this again, I hope it stops soon. Every time I think its done I get a surprise POP that sends my body into a jolt. I'm not very religious, but I keep praying for relief, I don't know what else to do.
90. - Sirmalik - 05/15/2008
They should call this product Zoom Doom!!!!!!!!! I just had this done and im in the worst type of pain. They packed my mouth well and it still hurts. I had four 15 mins sessions and i wanted to jump out the chair after the third. My lips are fine but my teeth and gums feel like they are being ripped out my mouth. I will never EVER USE A PRODUCT THAT THE COMPANY DOES NOT GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT MY TEETH ARE ONLY A FEW SHADES WHITER AND WITH ALL THE PAIN INVOLVED IT IS NOT WORTH IT. DO NOT BECOME A ZOOM VICTIM!!!
91. - Susan C. - 05/17/2008
Help....I had the zoom procedure two days ago and I experienced much the same as others. My bottom lip is swollen three times it's size and the blister covers the entire middle. I cannot eat, I cannot talk and have had to miss work. I tried to tell them my lip burned and was numb and they told me it was due to the pulling of the lip that made it numb. I couldn't wait to get out of there, I really didn't care about the whiteness of my teeth since the pain was too great after the procedure. I am using vitamin E non stop does anyone else have any other solutions that have help? How can we get the word out about this stuff to unsuspecting patients????
92. - Tom - 05/20/2008
Thank you all for posting these comments against Zoom! whitening. I did reseacrh and a presentation discussing the harmful effects of teeth whitening. (Susan, I used your case of Cheilitis as an example in the presentation) I recommend not using trays or white strips, as Georgetown University Hospital observed two patients with extreme ORAL CANCER who were also constant users of these peroxide-based products. I also suggest (no matter how inexpensive) not using teeth whitening procedures from an unpopular source, such as stands in malls, etc. They are most likely uncertified and are definitely dangerous. I will not be doing ANY teeth whitening myself with all the research I have done. I am sorry for your situations with whitening treatments and I higly recommend joining the class-action lawsuit against Zoom! and these other harmful procedures.
93. - Marlon - 05/21/2008
i had my zoom done at 12noon today & already had my upper lip swollen a little bit. tried to eat but couldnt.was in soo much pain took tylenol at 6pm and went to wife woke me up & told me my upper lip has swollen 2x its size. i think angelina jolie would have been proud of my lip. looking back i should have had botox instead..
94. - Julia - 05/27/2008
I had Zoom done a few days ago and now my teeth are splotchy - yellow and white. I'm getting married in 5 weeks - will this go away?
Has this happened to anyone else and did it eventually go away?

I'll take my old yellow teeth any day over half marble colored yellow and bright white teeth.

I would not reccomend this procedure. If you are considering doing it before a special event (wedding, etc.) go far before in case you have an adverse reaction.
95. - Admin - 05/27/2008
Hi Julia,

Sorry to hear about this. Your dentist should have warned you.

The good news is that the spots usually go away in 1-2 weeks (teeth need to rehydrate). My recommendation is to WAIT! Another option is to *continue* whitening until all the teeth match the color of the white spots. You can get a takehome custom mold tray and continue whitening at home using high concentration hydrogen peroxide. Have you discussed your problem with the dentist?
96. - Julia - 05/27/2008
Thanks so much for your response. I'm relived to hear that. I think I will certainly wait it out as you advise. My dentist thought it would go away on its own as well, but I was looking for another opinion since I've lost some trust in him for not telling me about any of the potential dangers prior to the treatment.

Thanks again!

97. - Heather - 05/31/2008
I had the zoom done yesterday and some of the bleaching agent seeped through onto my gums. I now have black/purple/white gums all across my front two teeth. I'm going to continue to take pictures as the time goes on. I am scared. Another post said that her gums fell off! If my gums fall off where this burn is, it'll be disgusting! I have recommended that my husband not have this procedure done on himself. Granted, my teeth are much whiter, but I don't think it is worth it at all!
98. - suzi - 06/02/2008
I had the ZOOM treatment in July 07, the treatment was pure hell!!! I was in pain the whole 45 minutes! Not being able to move,my legs were thrashing from the shockwaves running threw my teeth!! The Dr. came in and handed me a note pad to see what was wrong, I couldn't even remember how to spell!
For the rest of that day, all I did was twitch from continuous jolting pain.
Now to why I am adding my 2 cents.
I have always had senitive teeth,now x'S that by 100.. My front tooth (#9) starting feeing weird.It felt loose, but it wasn't. When I had my teeth cleaned in Dec. I mentioned this and they said it is probally due to my grinding. Well, in April I went back and had them take a x-ray of tooth #9...
I HAVE ROOT RESORPTION!!!!!!! The tooth is eating itself from the inside out !!! Very rare... I am now scheduled for a root canal, then a crown !!!! My teeth maybe brighter, but it is NOT worth it!! Hopefully it is only one tooth !!!
99. - Admin - 06/02/2008
I'm so sorry to hear this. There are some articles related to this rare occurrence:

Has your dentist looked into stopping the resorption with calcium hydroxide?
100. - larry - 06/03/2008
The sensitivity is pure hell! I don't recommend anyone to go through this pain from my experience. The shocking pain is too much to bear at times. I would rather get punched in the face than to experience this re-occuring pain. The Zoom Whitening pain is excruciating!!!
101. - Donna - 06/06/2008
I had my teeth whitened yesterday. There was no protective gel used on my lips or gums. the technician advised me to smile big the entire time. Thanks to smiling big, my gums were burned white. The soft palate underneath my tongue has swollen to the size of a small egg. The zingers were so painful and lasted throughout the procedure. The technician kept saying they would stop but when they did not, she said I must have a hairline crack in my tooth. After seeing my blistered and white gums, she said I must have some sort of sensitivity as it normally doesn't happen. The gum directly over the tooth that had the zinger pain is now and open sore. if I had known the consequences, I never would have had my teeth whitened in this way. This is day two and I'm still in a lot of pain.
102. - SoCal Samii - 06/11/2008
My Zoom whitening was done by a qualified dentist a few months ago. I was blessed to NOT experience the reactions mentioned on this site. I loved the results, but was not happy with the tooth sensitivity. Further research indicates the sensitivity may be caused by flouride and nitrates in the applied gel dehydrating the dentin.
I recently learned t I could only purchase gel from a dentist. One dentist wanted $79/syringe! That did not make me happy. Thank goodness for the Internet - I purchased a comparable product of equal strength without flouride. The price was far more reasonable. I'll see if it whitens without sensitivity and tooth damage.

103. - DebPeg - 06/13/2008
First, I want all of you to know how sorry I am for the pain and misery you have all experienced; it sounds like a total nightmare. I've given birth and I know there's nothing worse than what you've experienced. When I was last in to see my dentist for a cleaning, the hygienist asked me if I had ever considered having my teeth whitened. I drink coffee and tea, and also smoke, so I had considered it but told her I would look into it first. I generally use a whitening toothpaste which keeps the discoloration within reasonable expectations, and I also see my dentist regularly for cleanings. I can't believe people are taking advantage of our vanity in such a haphazard manner. Many of you have stated you anticipated it to be a one-time thing, for a special occasion, only to end up being permanently maimed. Mouth infections are not only excrutiatingly painful, but can lead to other much more serious physical conditions. I'll live with my slightly yellow but healthy teeth, thank you, and the next time someone asks me if I've considered having my teeth whitened I'll ask them if they've considered sky diving without a parachute. None of you are to blame for what has happened to you. As I said, it was offered and somewhat urged by my dental technician. If there ever comes a time when I have a real need for cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry, I'll make sure its done by a certified professional, and even then only if its covered by insurance. I can't even begin to imagine what you are all going through (I've read every single one of your posts), but I do hope you are able to regain your quality of life and you are successful in obtaining some sort of relief and recompense for your suffering. As a person who has benefitted from your experiences and your kind sharing of them, I owe you a debt of gratitude. If anyone has the gall to mention anything about the color of my teeth in the future, I know where to tell them to go. Bless each of you.
104. - David - 06/14/2008
I've had zoom and boost. Three years ago with the zoom just sensitivity horrible for 2 days. BOOST 3 months ago finally today I can say my teeth and gums are back to normal. That's right it took 3 months to heal.The ADA can go ****themselfs!!!!!!!!!!!!
And so can the North Vally family dentist practice all of them ignorant bitches.
105. - Dr. Lynn - 06/16/2008
I'm really sorry to hear that there are so many people that have had such a horrible experience with the Zoom in office bleaching. I'm a dentist and have been successfully whitening teeth for several years with the Zoom light, Britesmile, and the custom trays.

Let me first say that I don't recommend the Zoom light to everyone. I strongly urge people to try the custom whitening trays first because it's cheaper and just as effective. As a dentist, I can offer three strengths of bleach depending on your sensitivity levels. It is normal to experience mild to moderate cold and air sensitivity but it ususally doesn't last more than 24 hours. This does take around 10 sessions of wearing the trays to get the best result and I tell my patients to skip a day inbetween if the sensitivy bothers them. And you still have to be careful you don't put too much bleach in the trays because it can cause a sensation like a pizza burn.

I only recommend Zoom to patients who know they will not or cannot wear the trays. It's good for the busy traveller who may lose their trays or can't remember to wear them. If someone does have an upcoming event, I definitely recommend doing it at least 2 weeks ahead of time in case there is any discomfort or swelling. It cost more because it does take up chairtime that could otherwise be used for other procedures. The sensitivity is different in the form of zingers (shock like sensations that I have experienced first hand- they made me irritable but subsided after 24hrs but everyone has different thresholds) and tissue irritation. There is a lot of protection that we try to apply to avoid any burning but the bleach is clear and difficult to see. Burning and pain is not common during the procedure and you should have the dentist stop the light if you feel this.

I've had maybe 5 patients who have experienced this burning. One person tried to repeatedly use her cellphone despite our warnings. The others could have very well been our fault. We are human and don't mean to cause discomfort. Again the bleach is clear and looks like saliva if on the tissues. I will say that Vitamin E gel, ibuprofen, or a mild narcotic or ointment such as lidex prescibed by your dentist may help. The pain may get gradually worse before better, similar to the way an apthous ulcer comes on.

I realize that I may be bashed for my comments and career but I am trying to help. I'm sure there are some "ignorant bitches" out there but I hope they are in the minority. Millions of people have successfully bleached without major discomfort. I have bleached my own teeth as well as my family's teeth and would not have done so unless I felt it could be done safely and effectively.

So good luck out there!
106. - Kim Downey - 06/17/2008
I have had resorption in two teeth. Does anyone else out there think it's from bleach?
107. - Victoria - 06/18/2008
Thank you so much for all your comments out there, and I truly hope you all get better quickly. I had my Zoom appointment scheduled for 9 am tomorrow morning, but just called and canceled. I will not be rescheduling - Doesn't sound like this procedure should be allowed!
108. - Heather - 06/22/2008
I just wanted to re-post and let you all know how it is a couple of weeks later. I had the zoom whitening done and it burnt my gums. The good news is that they did not fall off. They were nasty for about two weeks, but even though that happened I would do the whitening again! I am actually incredibly happy with it. I am actually going through a whole series of fixing my teeth right now. My parents were not rich and didn't have dental insurance when I was young, so my smile has never really been picture perfect. Every person at my dentist's office is incredibly nice and felt so bad about what happened to me with my gums. My dentist even called me personally to make sure I was doing okay and to see if I needed anything for the pain.

In other words, I don't think that the dentist's office should be blamed or called inappropriate names. I believe many dentists get into the profession to help people (such as me) to once again be able to have a beautiful smile :) ...

I do, however believe that the patient needs to be given more warning information from the dentist's office before deciding on the procedure.
109. - Brandy - 06/22/2008
I had zoom done on Friday... the procedure was not that bad, but the after effects OH MY GOD!! I know that Zoom recommends 3 sessions at 15 mins each, but my dentist did 4 15 min sessions (with the light) and then another 30 minutes without the light.

I had the zingers for a little while too, but my main problem is that I had one of my front bottom teeth begin to itch (kinda inside my gums) and now here we are 2 days later and my whole inside lip/gums on the bottom is swollen and sore. My chin even hurts from this whole thing.

I am not sure what to do, I have taken pain killers and am taking some antibiotics just in case, but I am thinking maybe I should call the dentist tomorrow and make sure this is "normal".
110. - Jesna - 07/01/2008
Anybody tried "Flash" teeth whitening?
111. - Eva - 07/02/2008
I didn't do a whole lot of research on Zoom before I decided to have the in-office procedure, however I did research my dentist and am so happy I did after reading your comments. I'm Irish and as I had booked a holiday to New York in September 2007 I decided to have the teeth whitening done over there, partly because it is alot less expensive to have Zoom carried out in the United States and partly because I know people who had it done in Ireland and the results were poor. I guess I am lucky as I had a positive experience but I don't think it is all down to luck if I'm being honest, Yes, some people are more sensitive than others, but I do really believe that it depends on the skill and knowledge of the dentist how carries out the procedure. I had four 15 minute sessions and my dentist repeateadly checked on me throughout the whole procedure which lasted approximately 2 hours. Yes, I did experience a few zingers but they were tolerable and I had absolutely no burning to my gums or lips. About four hours after the procedure my teeth became extremely sensitive and I had to take painkillers but my dentist had told me to expect this. The day after this pain had almost totally subsided, it is almost a year since I had Zoom and my teeth are probably a little more sensitive than they were before but its not bad. The results were fantastic, I came back home to Ireland and everyone was amazed at how white my teeth were. I am so sorry for any of you guys who have gone through such pain, its obvious this procedure does not suit everyone. For those who are still thinking of having it done my advice is to research the dentist and dental clinic thoroughly because it can mean the difference between a horrible and painful experience and a positive and happy one.
112. - Christine - 07/02/2008
I had the zoom! done today. I had 3 15 minute sessions. They asked if I wanted the forth but I couldn't bare the thought of it. By the time I was done my eyes were watering, I was sweating and felt like I wanted to run out of that office like a mad woman. My mouth burned during the procedure as well as my top lip. It seemed to get worse and worse as I sat in the chair. When I looked in the mirror I was horrified. My top lip looks like it was punched. It had also a big white spot which has now faded, but its been 6 hours and even after using vit E oil and putting ice on it all day I still look like I have been punched in the mouth. I will include a pic. This is several hours after the procdure mind you, so you can imagine what I looked like right after. I was so horrified! I have to work tomorrow abd have no idea what to do. My teeth are only about 2 shades whiter. For the pain endured and fat lip after... I would say I deinitley regret getting this done.
113. - rose - 07/04/2008
114. - gail - 07/11/2008
I had the zoom proceedure and the results were:
burned lips inside and out
throat burns
and geographic tongue which an Oral Surgeon wants to cut out a piece to send off for evaluation. I am not having my tongue cut.
Also, a burn on my lip which has to be stitched together after he removes the burn.
No one seems to care or do anything about this ZOOM proceedure.
What else can one do.....
115. - Thao Nguyen - 07/15/2008
I am glad that I've read you guys comments!!! I just wanted my teeth whitening, but not my lips ...double-sized.
116. - Jill Horne - 07/20/2008
I had the ZOOM procedure 6 days ago and was never told about risks or given an informed consent form to sign. My upper gums, on the front and back are severely burnt. I have been taking Ibuprophen faithfully and using Oragel to relieve the pain. My teeth are white, but the gums are disgusting. I called my dentist and all he said was "Sorry." I would never have had the procedure done had I been told of possible complications. I'm worried that my gums will not heal properly. I would like a total refund. Do you think I should receive one?
117. - Sondra - 08/12/2008
I had zoom whitening done yesterday and am pleased with the results. No burns, whiter teeth, but I do have tooth pain that woke me up way too early this morning.

The process was time consuming and produced some short lived shooting pains in some of my teeth but my dentist must have done a good job protecting my surrounding tissues as I got no burns. At the end of the first 1 minute session, my upper gums were burning and the dentist reapplied the protective gel which took away that problem. I did well after the 3 fifteen min sessions and only had fleeting pains in various teeth. I did awaken this morning with tooth pain...feels like a bad tooth ache and I am very tired. Will take some Advil with hopes to get rid of this pain.
It may be a long day! I think I am very happy not to have my old yellowed teeth color but should feel even better in a couple of days.

Sondra in San Jose
118. - Scott - 08/13/2008
I had zoom whitening done today and (12 hours later) my teeth are in PAIN. Plus I have severe swelling on my upper lip -- it looks like a collagen injection operation gone wrong. My wife and coworkers think I look hilarious (I do--I look completely ridiculous) but it's sore and, frankly, disturbing to look at. I am not happy.

Are my teeth white? Yeah, they're a lot whiter.

Would I do this again? HELL NO. Definitely not worth the pain, discomfort and utter embarrassment.

Imagine riding the bus and getting strange looks from fellow riders all the way home. I tried to hide my ridiculously swollen upper lip as much as possible. It sucks.

I will NEVER do this procedure again. Ever. If I had known there was a good chance of this happening, I wouldn't have done it.
119. - michia - 08/20/2008
I am gald that I was doing a research paper on teeth whitening because I to want my teeth done and didint really know where to started now after reading your comments I KNOW I will think twice. I am truly sorry to all of you for what happen .I will pray that GOD will heal you.
120. - Wendy Wells - 08/22/2008
My husband and I both did the zoom.....never again. Both of us are in terrible pain. It wasn't really bad at first, but slowly got worse throughout the day. Constant aching and shooting pains that I call "zingers". My husbands lip was also burnt so bad that it turned white and has blisters. Yes, my teeth are more white.....not worth the pain. Both of us said we will never do it again!!!
121. - Sonja - 08/25/2008
I had flash whitening at a jewerly show in new Orleans yesterday. I paid $125.00 for 2/12minute applications. I wasn't very satisfied with the results. My teeth were not real yellow, butthey were only taken 1- 2 shades whiter. You could not tell a difference. The guy and girl were none professional and she talked about her crazy religious and political beliefs the whole time. This blonde girl thought all the republicans were the new world order and that bin Ladin and bush are friends and our administration is hiding him out... That our gov. Planned 911, and the plane never hit the pentagon. This bitch was and is crazy........ I do want to say that I shAre none of this girls beliefs. Thank you! Please let me know how your flash session went
122. - tracy - 08/25/2008
I am SO glad to read your comments. I was planning on getting my teeth whitened tomorrow. I am the matron of honor in my best friends wedding this weekend and I would be so upset if I had big burnt lips and pain for the wedding. I will not be getting my teeth whitened now. I will get the crest white strips though. I have done those before and they work good too. Sorry about everyones pain!!!
123. - Amanda - 08/29/2008
I had Zoom whitening done 5 days ago and I am still regretting my decision. I told myself that the money I spent on the Zoom procedure was a reward to myself for quitting smoking. I had tried the Crest Whitestrips in the past but didn't have any luck getting whiter teeth. I had heard about the trays but I didn't want to wait the two or three weeks to get whiter so I opted for the Zoom treatment. I experienced some minor burning on my gums above a few teeth but the sheer discomfort of holding your mouth open with a mouth full of crap for nearly two hours was one of the worst experiences I've had in a dentists chair. I experienced sensitivity for the rest of the day after the initial whitening but was giving some gel to help with that. My second day I noticed that my teeth were beginning to rehydrate (getting darker) but I had some big white patches where they were still dehydrated. Your teeth almost seem chalky looking right after the procedure. I was told that the rehydration was normal and that they never maintain that white of a color after you leave the dentist's office. I still have the patches today but I am hoping that those will go away in a few weeks on their own. I was also given touch up trays and have been using them daily hoping to get more white and decrease the difference in colors. I did have a painful area in my mouth the second day that seemed to come out of no where. It was in front of my lower teeth, in between my gums and my lip. Similar to a canker sore. Luckily today, day 5, that pain is subsiding. I went back to the DR two days after the procedure to have them look at the splotching and the sore in my mouth. They didn't seem too concerned but no real explanation about where the sore might have came from since I had gauze in there during the whole procedure. If I had to do it all over again I would have just gotten the trays and saved all that money. Before you do this procedure make sure you are clear on what exactly will be done (how long everything will take, what equipment they will use, typical amount of discomfort experienced) and all the possible side effects. I just went along with it since I too thought teeth whitening was a run of the mill procedure. It is far from that!
124. - Jillian - 09/01/2008
SOMEONE HAS GOT TO TAKE A STAND AND CONTACT THE FDA about ZOOM !! The number of postings of pain and suffering is incredible. And to not be notified about the possible side effects is UNACCEPTABLE.
I have never received the treatment but encourage past and potential receivers of th treatment to ACT OUT !
125. - Scott - 09/02/2008
I posted a comment earlier (#119), and thought I'd post a follow-up about my experience.

My swollen lip went away two days after the procedure, as did the soreness. Now everything is fine (thank God).

I was told by my dentist that my experience happens to a "very small percentage of people." He also said my lips probably burned because I donít have a lot of melanin in my skin. (I am super whiteóSPF 50 sunscreen was made for people like me.)

If you have a fair complexion and tend to burn in the sun, you are extremely likely to experience burning/swollen lips with the Zoom procedure. They donít tell you that. My dentist did apply a ďsunblockĒ to my lips but it was a low SPF--essentially worthless.

I am just grateful everything returned to normal in a few days. Still...I would absolutely NOT do this procedure again. I would not recommend it to anyone. Itís not worth it, unless youíre into gambling and/or pain.
126. - Mark Simonds - 09/10/2008
I had Zoom done about 10 hours ago and my teeth are acheing like hell! It started with a few 'zingers' but now it's a constant dull ache.

My dentist seemed very disinterested during the whole procedure and only came in to check on me twice during the hour, while his assistant did all the work. Before he started I wasn't shown any colour charts to show how many shaded white my teeth might get, and I was informed about any possible after pain or side effects.

Once it was over two parts of my gum were very sore so they applied a 'nutrition' gel and told me it will heal very quick. Luckily I have no swelling like other have reported but am experiencing alot of pain.

To top it off, my teeth have lightened but it's not even whatsoever. Some teeth are half white/half original and most look patchy and stripey.

I'd saved up a fair while for this ($800 AU), and it was a birthday present for myself which I was excited to get. Now I'm just underwhelmed and dissapointed with the whole experience. The dentist I saw is the best in the city, appearing on Extreme Makeover blah blah blah, but my experience was extremely poor.
127. - Caroline Wood - 09/12/2008
I'm so sorry for all your pain. Thank you for speaking out. I will cancel my appointment. My dentist did give me a form to read and I did read it and signed it but felt some concern which brought me to this site. I have read nearly all the comments. I'm disappointed that my dentist said nothing to me about the possible side affects, I was given the consent form to sign as though it were an afterthought.
Thank you all again, and again sorry for your pain.
128. - Danielle - 09/30/2008
I have been searching the internet to find out what happened to my bottom lip after having my teeth bleached and whether I should be concerned and I was so happy to find that I'm not the only one who had what I believe to be chemical burns due to the peroxide used or some type of burn due to the light they used during the procedure to the inside of my mouth and lower lip - I did not have this bleaching procedure done at a dentist office- I went to a fair and they were offering the bleaching treatment for so much less than the dentist and they said they sold the dentists the equipment they were using so I decided to do it. I felt my lips burning during the process but couldn't speak and no one checked on me anyway. As soon as the procedure was over and they gave me a mirror I noticed white spots on my lips and I asked what it was and if I was burned, they blew it off saying it was just the peroxide and that the spots would dissappear in 15-20 minutes...actually the spots did disappear- could have been because I put ointment on them - however, the next day my lower lip blew up to twice it's size and for 4-5 days after it was swollen...I had an open sore on one side of my lip and now I have blisters under my lip and my lip is split in the middle - it's still not back to normal and its been one week today. My teeth weren't even that bad before and now I have to deal with this and worry that I could get cancer or something because of this. I wish I had listened to my mother who told me not to do it. If you decide to do this be sure you go to a reputable dentist and that they take all the necessary steps to insure that your gums, lips, etc are protected!
129. - Paul - 10/05/2008
Wish I'd found this site before my treatment! Had 3 x 20min sessions in one visit at my dentist. Had no lip protection what so ever and as a result suffered a severly damaged lower lip. The dentist said he'd never seen this happen before and claimed it would all be good by the following day. 1 week later and the swelling and blisters are now almost all gone. I found the whole affair very unpleasant uncomfortable and would not recommend it. It would be really useful if we could post some images of the damage caused as I dare say this would be an excellent way on informing future clients of the true risks. Email me at [email protected] if you'd like to see what I had to suffer. Thanks
130. - G.B. - 10/08/2008
I had zoom done two weeks ago. It burned my upper lip which I treated with medicated chap stick. I noticed a slight darkness at the end of one of my front teeth. I didnt think anything at all about it until this morning. It seems like I now have a ridge of "new" enamel (?) along the edge where the darkness was. Anyone else had this experience? If you have, please let me know what occured and how it was resolved....

[email protected]
131. - Tanya - 10/10/2008
I had zoom whitening yesterday. I told them that I would have MY wedding in three days. But they said it would be ok. So, now I am looking at the mirrow and I am watching swollen upper lip! It looks horrible :-( If it will not be gone at my wedding day?...
132. - Jason - 10/16/2008
why didnt you guys go to brite smile. I used brite smile once and i never experienced anything of these sorts. Must be horrible I feel for you guys. I decided to look over these reviews, I wanted to see what the difference was and WOW.
133. - Christie - 10/16/2008
WOW! After reading all the negative things that are being said, I felt I should comment. I had the Zoom whitening done yesterday morning. I had four 15 min sessions. I took 2 tylenol before hand to help with the expected pain. I made it through all 4 sessions with NO zingers, sensitivity or burns. I was a little disappointed that I only got 4 shades lighter. (I was a shade 4 to begin with and now 1 shade off the chart) I had only 2 strong zingers in the evening hours and a little sensitivity. I was still able to drink ice water last night! I had absolutely no burning of the gums or lips. I had a very positive experience. I believe the burns that some have experienced are due to the lack of concern from the dentist or hygenist. I have nothing but positive things to say and would highly recommend this procedure!!
134. - glen - 11/13/2008
Hi guys,I wonder if you could answer a question? what is zoom?
I currently run my own bussiness in laser teeth whitening in the uk, and have done so for the last year. The product i use is beyond whitespa. Never in my time have i burnt a patient or they had swollen lips.
Could the zoom product be too strong? or the person applying being careless?
For all you guys thinking of having laser teeth whitening i would shop around, and always go with someone recommended and just because they may be a dentist does not make them the best!
135. - Sonya - 11/21/2008
Wow,its 921 am here in columbus ohio, i had a appt at 1130 today for the zoom, ahh hell no not now!! after reading everything you all have said, it doesnt take this (bitch), as that dentist made statement about, we play michigan tomorrow i will not walk around in pain with big fat lips, i called dental office and said i am cancelling i have done some research on zoom, and i am not going there! she said as she seemed a little shocked, and says well one has to sit still blah blah, i said have others made complaints, she said no not really i am thinking NO NOT REALLY? well at age 50 i am no dummy, she just said that magic word NOT REALLY !! i will try the take home trays i told her !!
136. - Christina - 12/01/2008
I had the zoom zoom yesterday at a clinic in Dubai. I wish i had read all this before. I have a swollen lip, my teeth hurt yesterday and all night. Today i went back to the dentist and he said this is the first time he has seen this and that i must be very sensitive. He didnt use a mouth guard to protect my lips, ofcourse they are going to burn! The worst thing is he originally put on a mouthpiece that protected the lips. It was uncomfortable so he tried another one with no protection. He didnt warn me of the possible risks. I would much rather the uncomfortable one for an hour than a swollen mouth, irritated gums for days. i hope the swelling goes down.
137. - Kayla - 12/07/2008
I had my Zoom whitening procedure done yesterday (12/6/08). It was included by my dentist as a free gift with my Invisalign procedure paid in full from the start (which only took 6 months and had fabulous results). The whitening process was awful. I was told that it would be simple: Cream would be rubbed on my gums and lips to prevent irritation from the bleach and the light; the bleach is applied to my teeth; 3 light-activated sessions for 15 minutes each; and if it burns, say something. Well, they couldn't put cotton between my gum and upper lip because I don't have a big enough lip. They put paper instead. By the second session, my bottom lip was burning so bad, inside and out. I told them, they "fixed" it, and then the session continued. The third session was horrible. Again, they "fixed" it. By the end of the process, my teeth were whiter, but they had bleached some portions of my gum-line to a nice white color as well. My lips were swollen and awkward-looking. My mouth was so sore, and I had the expected extra-sensitive teeth. The gum color returned, and the lip swelling went down after a few hours; the soreness and sensitivity continued. I woke up this morning with no more tooth sensitivity, but my mouth was still aching. I checked it out in the mirror, I have a small white patch along the inside of the center of my lower lip by the gum-line, a larger white patch along the inside of my upper left cheek, and a huge patch on the inside of my upper right cheek. They feel like cankersores, and haven't blistered. I can't even touch my face or open my mouth. I guess I'll be using Orajel for a while? :-/
I wish I had looked into this procedure more carefully. I'm usually not the type to listen to someone and go along with what they say, no questions asked. I guess you get what you pay for.... But I will be calling my dentist's office in the morning.
138. - Alexia - 12/09/2008
Hey everyone,
Just felt I also had to comment. I live in Cyprus. I had my zoom session done 5 days ago. My dentist made sure she put protective balm on my lips and around my face, I had to bite into a mouth gaurd for 2hrs during the whole procedure which kept my jaw still, so that the dentist could swab the teeth and not get any concentrate onto the gums etc. I had 4 x15minute sessions. Boy were they long!!! but i got through it. I did have quite a bit of tingling and sensitive shocks especially in the last 15 minutes. but the results are great. the only thing now is that I'm continuing the treatment at home with the gel and today, the 5th day, I'm experiencing quite a lot of sensitivity on all my teeth. My dentist said I should give the home bleaching a break for a day or two.
I did not experience any burnt lips or gums etc. You need to find an experienced Dentist who knows what they're doing. And most of all ASK QUESTIONS!!!
139. - Geoff - 12/22/2008
Phew, I am sooooooooooo glad to have read this information that you guys have posted and sorry to hear of your ordeals. I passed this temporary booth named 'GLO WHITE SMILE' a few times at Westfield Shopping Mall in Burwood NSW today and was almost convinced to do it by my wife but I balked at the last minute because the mall was so crowded and I must admit I had just a little aprehension about the place. I was contemplating doing it early tomorrow though. The indian girls running the booth didnt look professional at all and were very young but the booth looked so accomodating, clean and easy. The sign said 'SAFE FAST AFFORDABLE EFFECTIVE'(from)$129. I can see why so many people get sucked in. I think the operators will just slip out of sight when things get too warm from complaints. I'm sticking with the much slower Listerine pre-brush rinse. Thank you all very, very much and I hope you all get 100% better soon.
140. - Josh - 12/22/2008
I just had teeth whitening done today, in Toronto. I wasn't warned of any side effects at all. I'm in great pain now. I feel like such a fool. It wasn't even the one with the light. Just the stuff brushed onto the teeth. Is anyone else here in Toronto? Let's team up against dentists who do this to people.
141. - Tony - 01/04/2009
I had Zoom whitening done last week and it burned my lips clean off...I'm lipless.
142. - BeCareful - 01/11/2009
I had Zoom bleaching done December 8, 2008 by a very reputable Dentist office {procedure performed by technician}. Please be aware before you read this I am not a cry baby, Ive had a high tolerance for pain with a previous c-section and injuries from being thrown from a car and nor do I believe any of these other comments are from cry babies but only people who experience the same pain I now have. I did not read about this procedure before my appointment to my dismay. I did not know I was to be checked on every 15 minutes, I was not checked on until the third set at which time I told the tech of shooting pains in my gums, she said she was aware of them and they would stop soon. Welll after the last set she checks me and tell me I have "an irritation on my bottom and top lip and to put vitamin e on it, I am so traumatized by what I now know as "Zingers" Im not thinking about these places she is telling me thats burnt inside my mouth, I just want to get some comfort and go home to bed {no meds of any sort given}. I go home and sleep the afternoon away to wake up in UNBELIEVABLE pain, I am in tears and too embarrassed to tell my husband. I called the office and the tech tells me if not better by tomorrow to come back in, well regretfully to write my bottom is completely disfigured, swollen, blistered all across the bottom. I head straight back to Dentist and the tech comes in and gasps when she examines me, she leaves the room and tells the Dentist who is with patients and never comes to see for himself, the tech is in shock from looking at her face and gives me about 20 packets of some kind of peroxide mouthwash and tells me to continue putting vitamin E on my lip. I try the peroxide rinse and Imp totally on FIRE and the pain goes he length of my entire body, my husband comes into the room looks at me and my ridiculous lip he thought was still swollen from the two fillings I also had done and looks at the inside of my mouth and immediately calls the Dentist office {is not rude or abusive in any way} and takes pictures and videos of the inside of my mouth. They immediately calls me in antibiotics/pain meds. I return 7 days later after Monday after weekend the Dentist and Tech comes in very apologetic and informs me they will not charge the $500.00 for the service and for me to find another Dentist, I am in shock with a terrible chemical burnt mouth and unbelievable pain. It is now January 11, 2009 4am in the morning, after doing everything to heal myself with still some swelling I am awaken in more pain and go to the bathroom to find a clear cyst in the place where the awful two inch blister had covered my bottom lip. Everyone asleep and in tears looking for answers I found this site. Thank You! I will be making an appointment with my GP and an Dermatologist tomorrow Monday morning. I really do believe we should start a class suit to Zoom as well as to some of the Dentist offices in the way they carry out this procedure. Please be careful. I hope and pray for my complete healing.
143. - Sam - 01/14/2009
Hi I had my teet Whitened at Glo-WhiteSmile at Burwood NSW, i was skeptical at start as it was in a mall out in the open, i asked a Lady at the counter, who had a British accent and was very helpfull in all the information. I had used 35%Hydrigen peroxide from dentist and i had belleding ums and sensitive teeth so i stopped using it last year. With this they had 12% Hydrigen peroxide and i had no sensitivity at all, my teeth were 6 shades whiter. I refered my friend and she had 8 shades white in 2 sessions. I recommend teeth whitening to evryone, just check out the facts however, the Place was very clean and neat and 2 staff had very customer service standards. They also gave me free Teeth Wipes which are great inbetween day fro fresh breath feeling. Sammy.
144. - john - 01/21/2009
I had zoom done today (about 10 hours ago), i didn't research it, just went and did it. The dentist spent ages applying some block to my outer lips, then a long time putting this protective cream on my gums, which they then baked hard so all my inner gums were protected.

They also put in this plastic gadget to keep your teeth expsoed to the light and its pretty uncomfortable. I had slight tingling during the 4 15 mins sessions, but not too bad. They said it would feel strange for a few hours as my lips had been folded back. Its now 10pm and my gums are all fine, and no sensitive teeth so far. The lips are fine on the outside and inside, no burn marks or blotches. upper lip feels kind of swollen and numb, kind of like i have stuffed some tissue paper in between the lip and upper gum. I dont know if it was the light or just being forced back but it feels swollen on the inside. I have taken some anti-histamine and some ibuprofen and just applied some ice after reading all the comments here. I wish i had come on here first and read everything befoer i had it done, i'm really scared i will wake up tomorrow with my gums and lips in a state - i will report back tomorrow
145. - john - 01/22/2009
...well i spoke too soon. I woke up this morning and knew i was in trouble as my lip was throbbing, it looked alot more swollen, and on the inside upper lip where it felt weird yesterday was a big white blister type patch. It stretches for about 4 cm and although its not visible it makes the lip look swollen and hurts like hell. Its now 7 pm and i've just applied some anti-anflammatory mouth gel and take some ibuprofen, but think i'm stuck with it.

Looking at the shape of the blister, it seems pretty clear this is from the light, not a bit of bleach falling onto the lip. Also, i have faint freckles on my lips which i get when i'm in the sun. This area of lip must have been exposed to the light.

At the moment it really hurts to smile, but the swelling has subsided a little bit. I'm not sure how long the blister wil take to heal, it looks like it might fill with fluid. If you've ever burnt your finger, you wil know the feeling when you can feel the blood throbbing through it, imagine that in your lips, its just magnified so much. Last time i ate something really hot and burnt the roof of my mouth i had a small white blister on the roof of my mouth which looked the same and took about 3 days to clear up, so i wil report back for those of you who have the misfortune to have this happen and are looking for time answers.

To take the pain/swelling away - take ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory mouth gel and suck on ice cubes. Also gargling with lukewarm salt water is good for mouth blisters and helps them heal but god knows if it will work with this monster !

Forgot to mention the teeth....they are definately whiter, even though i can hardly see them...needles tosay i would not have had this treatment done if i knew there was even a remote possibility of this happening, the dentist told me nothing of these dangers. Its just not worth it.
146. - Brittany - 01/25/2009
I was going to have the Zoom whitening done yesterday but decided to cancel once I saw all the bad reviews online. My theory: The UV light causes an oral herpes outbreak (Herpes 1). When people say herpes they think, "Eww. I don't have that." But the truth is that tons of us do. Here's stuff I found to back it up.

This is what it says:

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure (from the sun or tanning salons) is known to re-activate oral herpes infections. A Smart Living person would then avoid UV light exposure, or use a sunscreen of Factor 25 or higher on the face prior to UV exposure. People with genital Herpes recurrences would also be advised not to sun-bathe in the nude or use tanning beds nude.

More than 80% of the adult population has oral herpes and a recent study suggests this number could be 98% among adults.
147. - Paul, UK - 02/11/2009
I was just about to book this treatment in Dubai. Luckily, I opened about 5 windows from the search engine, and as luck would have it, I came upon this page. I have just read every single post, and I can not believe the amount of damage this treatment seems to have caused. The comments by the lady dentist are valid, and she is obviously trying to help, by explaining in detail about the procedure. But I have only read about 3 or 4 positive comments, in about 150 posts. I really feel for you people, and I just hope that you can find some justice through the legal system.

I was going to get my ZOOM treatment done before getting on the plane. Thank God I came upon this page first. I'm desperate to have nice white teeth, but this has put me off these treatments for life.

Good luck with your search for justice, you all deserve it!

148. - Zoe - 02/16/2009

I had zoom whitening 3 days ago and each day i wake up my lip is bigger .. today its huge ! yesterday i went back to the dentist as also having problems sleeping due to tooth pain ,i also have blistering at the back of my mouth which he said was due to my wisdom tooth ? and that the lip is something completely different .

I called the NHS and they said it is a reaction .. I am very embarrassed to leave my home as my top lip is 3/4 time its usual size .

I wish i had read this before hand as i do not usually have reactionsor allergic to anything .This is so not worth it !

Can anyone give advice ?or do i epect it to get bigger? or how long it takes to go back to normal?? or anything i can take for it .. ??

Please email me [email protected]

Thankyou x
149. - Lauren - 02/18/2009
I'm a producer with NBC4 in Washington, D.C. I'm working on a story about problems with UV Teeth Whitening. Any chance that anyone here is in the D.C. area (D.C., Md or Va) and has had a problem with this treatment and might be interested in doing an interview? Please email me ... [email protected] Thanks!!
150. - ekb - 02/19/2009
I had Zoom done 6 hours ago and I am experiencing EXTREME pain in my bottom teeth. This pain started during the procedure. It hurt so bad by the second 15min session that I insisted that I could not finish. My dentist reasured me and gave me 4 shots of numbing to make it through the last 15 mins. It helped but wore off and has lest me in severe pain. I never considered my teeth to be sensitive and they were not that "stained". I was told younger people have more sensitive teeth. I don't really believe that and I would not recommed this procedure. I agree I think it is dangerous. I paid 500.00 for this treatment.
151. - vvillalobos - 02/22/2009
My daughter and I had the Zoom whitening procedure done this weekend, 2/21/09 and let me tell you......I wish I would have researched it before! it was an awful experience and our teeth are in worst shape than before the procedure! our teeth were already white we wanted them whiter.....we have learned a lesson about vanity! but still trusting in your dentist that all procedures done and used on his clients are of great quality and results...were we naive!

We luckily did not have any burning but we did ruin our beautiful smiles! our teeth are now marbled between two different shades of white,we are both in great pain in how sensitive our teeth are after the whitening not to mention the zingers! awful! we had to be on pain killers all weekend, I will not be going in to work's awful!

I just hope these spots on our once good teeth will go away .......our teeth look brittle and awful....I feel so foolish I didn't research it before...I feel taken and sadden I wasn't wise enough to protect my daughter from such awful pain .....she already had a beautiful smile I'm not sure why we wanted I regret it so much, I'm hoping our teeth will heal and go back to some kind of normal soon.

If anyone is doing a lawsuit please let me know I'm in!

Regretfully Taken By ZOOM,
152. - Boz - 02/27/2009
I had a Zoom treatment today and I feel great. I can't beleive all the bad comments. My lips are not burned, my teeth are white, yes they are sensitive, but that is expected after such a radical treatment. I had it done in Poland, all procedure was explained to me in detail,the preparation of my lips and gums took longer than the actual treatment.
153. - Carly - 03/24/2009
I would just like to say I am sorry that people have suffered so much for a pricey whitening treatment.I would love to get mt teeh whitened at the dentist but dicovered this web site after my bottom lip blistered and swelled up after using a whitening toothpaste at home! So I am sure that my lips would not withstand a proper whitening treatment!
154. - Sher - 03/24/2009
It is 7:05 pm and I just had the Zoom treatment done by my dentist in his office starting at 3:00pm. After the treatment, I informed my dentist that my lips felt like someone had spread hotsauce on them,they were burning. They did give me some Vitamin E capsules and a gel to apply directly to my teeth.I too now have a swollen upper lip with a couple of blisters. I called my dentist and he said it may be an allergic reaction, I don't think so. I was aware that my teeth would be sensitive for a few days, but not about the possiblity of lip burns or worse. I'm also usually a person that investigates before having anything done, but because I used a dental office I've been going to for over 17 years, I trusted them. I will check back in tomorrow morning and let you know what my progress is or isn't. I hope this swelling goes away, I'm going on vacation in less than two weeks. My teeth were white enough, like most, wanted them whiter. I'm acutally a bit disappointed in myself, because I usually don't fall for comsetic bull...t, especially if there is any pain involved.
155. - Janet - 03/30/2009
I got the Zoom treatment 15 mintues at 3 times each from 11:45 to 1:30 pm I am in so much pain just in my teeth I feel like pulling my teeth out they are in so so much out ragious pain

Help!!! good luck to all
156. - califhappy - 03/31/2009
I had the ZOOM treatment yesterday morning. I had it done by a reputable Smile Enchancement Center which i thorougly researched prior to making my appt. I paid about $400.00 including a take home kit w/my custom made molds, my custom trays done in a lab, i received a warm welcome, drinking water to have there and take home, a gift for new patients, the procedure leading up to the ZOOM treatment was thorough, careful and took longer than the procedure itself. Each of the 3 (15) min increments of light were divided by changes in gauze, reapplication of gel inside gums and lips and my take home gift also had some Vitamin E to gloss my lips with. It's the next afternoon, some sensitivity although minor and expected, 7 shades lighter, no lip burns or swelling. I would do it again and recomend it in a heartbeat!
157. - kay - 04/09/2009
To Sammy and John,
who mentioned the Burwood teeth whiting booth in Westfields. I have a leaflet from them and am considering doing it. They state that they use a "patented blue light (compared to others with harmful UV rays)"
Am I thinking that this is NOT Zoom? but an alternative safe way of whitening teeth

158. - Anne - 04/21/2009
My mother and i went to a practise today to enquire about zoom, nothing was mentioned at all about the possibility of burns. Only thing mentioned was possible sensitive teeth for up to 24 hrs. Decided to come home and research first, found this page and have now told my mother we will not be getting it done.
159. - Brett Shepherd - 05/12/2009
I had this procedure done yesterday and though I have no upper lip is huge. So I cannot say that I am disappointed...i am taking a wait and see approach. I will be upset if the swelling doesn't subside. As far as the whitening, it was improved but I think people have this misconception that years of staining and other things just don't come off in one day. That being said, I will not do the treatment again because I dont want my lips to be any bigger than they alreay were. :)
I give it a 7 on a scale from 1-10.
160. - Sheena - AUS - 05/15/2009
I had the procedure yesterday and now i have a purple burn on the gum line around one or two of the upper front teeth. $1000 later It looks disgusting so i cant smile at all now. I rang the people who performed the zoom! and they suggested that i had an underlying gum problem and that it had only ever happened to one other person and that was the case for them. Would never do it again.
161. - T.J. - 06/05/2009
I had trays made at the dentist office. I use it with a Dental Whitening Gel 21% formula. It is for professional use onl. It is called premier.I am to put the gel in the tray and wear it for 1 hour twice daily.The roof of my mouth feels like I burnt myself with a hot pizza. The skin area on the inside just below my teeth is so blistered that I can't eat and it makes me feel sick. I have been gargling with salt water. This is my 3rd day and I feel miserable. Does anyone know what else I can use to help the pain?
162. - Beth - 06/22/2009
Good morning, Reading this is so sad. I used crest white strips about 6 months ago. I had good results. Last week I decided to use Natural white 5 minute gel. It has a mouth guard that you put the gel in and bite down.
My teeth are a nice shade of white. I have sensitivity though.
I would recommend both crest and natural white. Good luck.
163. - Rona Smith - 06/24/2009
I was considering the Zoom treatment but after reading about these side effects I quickly changed my mind. Thankyou for sharing your experiences.

Has anyone else had any problems or nasty side effects with the custom fitted take-home whitening trays? I am considering this treatment as an alternative.

Thanks, RS

164. - angel - 06/25/2009
well i had the zoom done today everything went great!!!!!!!!!! until about 4 hours into work my teeth are so sensitive i can not even stand to talk and that is really sad because i have 2 little babies that i can not even play with this is the worst pain of my life i was going to have it done for my mother for her b-day thank god they did not have anymore openings cause i would not want her to experince the pain that i am in what should i do about the pain nothing over the counter is helping i am out of options and in terrible pain!!!!!i will not ever do this again and would not have anyone do it that i no thank god i got it on speacial for 299 but that is 299 to much.....i am going crazy help please
165. - Mary - 06/26/2009
I had zoom treatment at 1pm yesterday. I felt my lower lip burning and tried to communicate this and was not understood, since my mouth was full of gauze and peroxide. I toughed it out. The first application was full of "zingers" and everyonce in a while during the light treatment. The second application was better and same with light on one "zinger". The third I was drooling all over my top and my lip was on fire. The hygentist gave me some vitamin e to put on my lip or gums if needed and some gel toothpaste for sensative teeth. I have been using a similar floride gel for sensative teeth 1 month prior to the zoom treatment to help with sensativity. The hygentist acidentally opened the vitamin e deal and taped it back together and I just went to get it out of my purse and guess what....not only am I in pain, lip is on fire, teeth are super sensative...but the vitiamn e oil is all over the bottom of my new Louis Vuitton bag. How is that for insult to injury. Plus my dentist is on vacay in Mexico....luckily he is my brother in law and I am calling him tomorrow....I have two baby girls that need me. What was I thinking.....I had a baby in Jan and had an abcessed tooth and then 2 weeks later I had another tooth reabsorb in to my gum and battled that to try to save it and ended up losing the tooth and getting an implant....not I just bring more pain on myself. I wish I had found this site two days ago.
166. - AJ - 06/26/2009
I'm not sure if my lips got burned or what but the same thing happened to me as the lady from the first comment and the daughter in the second. BOTH of my lips are swollen at the moment. I got my teeth whitened last night at about 8 and woke up to this crap. It looks like i injected myself with botox while i was drunk! So much for taking senior pictures today...
167. - Andrea - 07/05/2009
I just returned from taking my mom to urgent care. She had Zoom done 2 days ago and has 2nd degree burns on her bottom lip. She has not been able to eat or drink since the procedure and cannot even sleep at night from the pain. She is now on a steroid, an antibiotic and a strong pain med. She had four 15 min sessions, during which they left her completely alone without checking her. NO ONE informed her that this could happen. I definitely do not recommed this procedure to anyone.
168. - A. Glenn - 07/09/2009
First of all, thank you for sharing your realistic comments on this site. I had my Zoom whitening done yesterday (July 8) at 1 p.m. through about 3:30 p.m., and it was a scary process...almost like a FEAR FACTOR challenge. Lip burning, teeth sensitivity, and LIP SWELLING are truthful side effects of ZOOM Whitening procedure. I trusted my dentist for about 8 years, but I have to discredit my dentist for not even giving me a list of thorough possible side effects other than just teeth sensitivity. I called in sick today, because my upper lip is almost double the size of my lower lip. I am not sure how long the swollen lip will subside, but it is a terrible experience. Please think twice before "Zooming" your teeth or you'll get a ZOOMED lip:)
169. - A. W. - 07/09/2009
I had Zoom whitening done 8 days ago. During the procedure the solution leaked onto the inside lower lip during the second of three 15 minute sessions. I indicated that my lip was burning but the technician recommended we continue rather than stopping the whole procedure. The chemical burn on my lip continued for approximately 40 minutes. The pain in my teeth was excruciating for the rest of the day following the treatment, but subsided. The lip, however, became swollen to 3 to 4 times its normal size by the next morning. The sore became white and quite disgusting looking (I have a picture I would post if possible) and was slightly greater than the size of a quarter. It has been constantly hurting ever since. Every meal has been painful. I have woken up at least twice every night since in pain, I think because the lip must dry out. I apply vitamin E cream to soothe it. The dentist refunded the full amount this week and was very remorseful. Had I known that this would or
could happen I would never have done this procedure. It is not safe and the risk of suffering a severe burn is too great. I would not recommend it and say, "Buyer beware."
170. - Jane - 07/11/2009
I had teeth whitening done at a Spa White Express Booth in Queens Center Mall in NY and it was a disaster. I had two 15-minute sessions as recommended for better results. I felt burning on my lips but disregarded it since the service associate assured me that the procedure was safe. A few hours after my lower lip swelled up and it was really sore. Went back to the stall but they refused to give refund and no help from the manufacturer either. They neglected to obtain patient consent and discuss contraindications as well as side effects prior to the procedure. They also did not do any step to prevent any irritation from occurring such as applying petroleum jelly to cover areas that might be irritated during the procedure. The burn lasted for 3 days and had to miss work because of the unsightly lip swelling.
171. - Javier - 07/15/2009
I had zoom treatment today. I could not finish the 3rd treatment due to pain. Now my upper lip is swollen 4 times the normal size and my lower lip is burned really bad. I also have burning and sharp teeth pain. Dentist said that it will go always in 2-3 days. Something needs to be done about this!
172. - Andrea - 07/19/2009
Update - It's been 2 weeks since my mother's treatment and she is still suffering from her burns. They are getting better but it will be a while before she is healed. She has gone through 2 rounds of steroids, tons of pain pills, some sort of paint for her lips and a rinse for her mouth. She has missed several days of work and spent hundreds of dollars on dr copays and rx meds, not to mention the sleepless nights and inability to eat. I cannot believe there isn't a class action lawsuit against this company, given the number of people online who have had similar experiences.
173. - db - 07/29/2009
Had Zoom done at NYU Dental School.

4 x 15 min procedure.

Halfway through, felt tingling in lower lip and told dental student about it (actually wrote it down for her, because you cannot talk during the procedure). Regardless, I felt that I could tolerate the tingling and she didn't make anything of it so we continued.

Immediately after the procedure, and for 36 hours after it, my lower lip was approximately 3-5 times normal size.

After 36 hours the swelling subsided to about 1.5 - 2 times normal size, but a white spot replaced the part of the lower lip that had swelling. Specifically, it's on the inside of the lower lip; if I have my mouth closed it can't be seen and I either open my mouth or slant lower my lower lip for someone to see the spot.

Is this white spot what everyone here refers to as a "blister"? Is it a burn mark? What is it?

It's been 5 days now since I had Zoom, and the white spot is still here.

To go along with some pain and a general feeling of lousiness.
174. - Fran - 07/30/2009
I just want to say this. Nobody can be so vain as to put themselves in pain.
Pain, even just a zing, is not worth the time and money wasted on tooth whitening. Also, teeth are NATURALLY yellow because of the calcium. Healthy teeth are cavity, plaque free and are a bit yellow. Movie star white isn't healthy and whitening is a useless procedure. Just don't do it. Don't listen to the dentists pushing for it and don't don't listen to those plugging the product. You don't know them, you can't trust them, you should definitely not put chemicals and UV light in your mouth like that. Another unhealthy fad like tanning booths, shaved pubic hair and fake nails. Not worth it.
175. - db - 07/30/2009
Fran, as someone else here mentioned most of us thought that laser teeth whitening was a routine procedure. Never heard anything in the news, nor told anything by our doctors, that there could be complications.
176. - KD - 08/02/2009
i had the Britesmile procedure done a week ago, my teeth are whiter. However, they have a rough feel to them that has not gone away....and you can almost see this, the teeth do not reflect light like a smooth tooth would do....
What is causing this? have i damaged my teeth enamel permanently? will they become smooth again?
177. - Tiff - 08/04/2009
i did zoom this morning (3x15min) and felt fine throughout the entire procedure: no zingers and only a mild heat sensation. my lips were swollen immediately but i was told it would go down and was given a small vitamin e oil sample. it's now 12 hours after the procedure and i have an excruciatingly painful, swollen lip with a 3/4-inch long blister (possibly fluid-filled) on my upper lip along with numbness on the blister itself. my teeth are slightly whiter, and i do mean slightly: i had the dental office e-mail me my before and after teeth pics, and the only way i was able to tell which was before and which was after was by identifying my pre-blister formation on the after pics.
178. - Kimmy Wayne - 08/20/2009
E-MAIL: [email protected]
179. - Sarah - 10/01/2009
I've always had white teeth but I too wanted that movie star smile so I had Zoom whitening done in Thailand. I looked on and researched the procedure as much as I could, I wish I had seen this site before I had the procedure done. I didn't suffer burnt lips but I was only able to complete two out of three of the 15 minute cycles. My teeth have never been sensitive and the pain I experienced was excruitiating it was like electric shocks going through my teeth. I had to go back to my hotel and take valium to try and sleep the pain away. The pain subsided late the next afternoon. My teeth were patchy for the first week, now they are a great shade of white and they look fantastic. I now suffer from sensitive teeth and now when I travel on planes the sesitivity increases for some bizarre reason. I would not recommend the procedure to anyone. Ever.
180. - Zoltan - 10/15/2009
Vanity combined with ignorance is a terible thing. I had Zoom done today at my dentist in Poland, who told me absolutely nothing about any side effects or pain. The burning started within 3 minutes of the light and by minute 15 I felt my mouth had been fried and requested to stop immendiately. My dentist was disappointed with my weakness, which was apparently unique to me (and apparently to all those signed above!). My upper lip sweell to 3 times its normal size and inside both lips are blistery. Pain is huge and teeth are sensitive and every couple of minutes feel like someone has just started root canal! Poland is not a country where patients sue their doctors, however, they should! I trust some smart class-action lawyer in the US will sue the hell out of Zoom!
181. - Whiter Teeth - 10/26/2009
I have also talked to people who now have a high sensitivity to cold and sweets after using Zoom. I personally would not use it. I'd rather just go to a dentist to have my teeth professionally whitened.
182. - Kiki - 11/24/2009
Wow, do I ever wish I'd found this litany of complaints before I decided to have my teeth whitened with Zoom. In common with many other posters here my dentist never warned me of any possible side effects other than "some sensitivity". I experienced a lot of pain during the procedure, but nothing could have prepared me for the 24 hours of continuous, stomach churning pain I went through afterwards. My teeth felt as if they would shatter in my mouth.

However it was in the days following the procedure that I noticed the most worrying side-effect: the ends of my two top front teeth have turned almost transparent, the effect when I smile is that of a grey band across my teeth where the top teeth overlap the bottom ones. This, to me, is more unsightly than any amount of yellowness (of which I didn't have much, it has to be said) and they look so thin and brittle that I am in constant fear of chipping them. Add to that the increased sensitivity that I still live with (eating an apple is enough to send shock waves of pain through my front teeth) and I cannot recommend highly enough that people stay away from this product!!!
183. - sharon - 12/20/2009
hi im from uk i brought a home kit called smile bryte i use it once a week and its brill stuff no sesitivity or burns just mouth gaurds u mold to your teeth and leave on for 5 minutes
184. - AK - 12/24/2009
Went to Dr. Steven Lantzy, at Corner Dental in Bowling Green, Ohio 43402, for the "Zoom" whitening.My lips and gums were severly burned by the process. I can not eat or drink since Dec 22,2009 @ 12:30pm.I have major blisters and raw sores. Hope your holidays are better than mine.
185. - Wendy - 01/09/2010
I have an appointment to Zoom in 6 days. Actually a more accurate statement is I HAD an appointment to Zoom in 6 days. Thanks to all who have taken the time to post, I will look for alternatives. I'm truly appreciative to you all!
186. - AK - 01/12/2010
I had the "Zoom" whitening process Dec 22,2010. My upper and lower lips and gums were burned terribly. They went from blisters to bloody. I could not even have a cup of coffee for two weeks. This happened at Corner Dental in Bowling Green, Ohio.Cost of $395.
187. - Ryan T - 01/14/2010
I had my teeth whitened with Zoom! yesterday. I got out and my upper lip was swollen they told me to take advil and everything should be fine. During the procedure my teeth were in alot of pain and my lips and gums burned and afterwards even more pain. They were extremely sensitive. Today they are no longer sensitive but my upper lip is still swelled even though ive been icing it. This morning my tongue and bottom lip are also in pain, my whole mouth hurts. This procedure cost me 600$ and im not very impressed with the results. They are whiter but the stains that were there originally are still there. I would suggest people look for an alternative to brighter whiter teeth.
188. - Bob - 01/25/2010
ROOT CANALS ! As a result of using dental trays from my dentist with 20% carbamide peroxide, I required two root canals on my perfect teeth. I don't have any cavities. My teeth got whiter but the price of losing two teeth was disgusting.
189. - James - 02/12/2010
I'm pleased...very little pain if any. Not really pain, just minor discomfort. I had four 15 minute treatments and my teeth are very white. My upper lip swole a tinnny bit last evening and is starting to subside today. It doesn't feel burnt, just a tiny bit blisters or anything. Well worth it. People's pain thresholds are different.
190. - Shauntell - 03/15/2010
Hi i would like to say that there are reasons why your lip gets burned and blistered. It does not happen every time. It all depends on the assistant you get. This is a very tough procedure that needs to be done PERFECT, or else you will get what you guys are talking about, blisters. You have to isolate the area very good and triple check as well. There are also creams you need to put on the area. I have been doing Zoom for a while and you just have to take your time with the patient and not rush. it does make them sensitive for a day but other than that you will be fine. I have had Zoom done on me a lot too and i have never had that problem.
191. - Chris - 03/17/2010
Just had the ZOOM done, It was ok and painless but throughout the procidure I began to feel a tingle on my lip but that wa soon after they applied the bleaching. I thought it was normal at the time but now the inside of my top lip is swollen! Doesnt hurt but feels weird! I called and they told me that I had an allurgic reaction! It doesnt look bad but its still a concern!
192. - RICHARD P - 03/24/2010
OMG dont do it, I'm here in L.A and saw a special my dentist was having for $150.00 so I said what the heck I'll try it, my teeth are a lot whiter but the next day i woke up and my lips where giant looked like the joker, had to call in sick to work -$200 for that day and thank god it went down a little so i could go the next day but but have 4 giant blisters in my mouth cant barely eat and its day 3 never again.
193. - Veronica - 04/01/2010
Wow!! Hearing many of your stories can really scare someone into possilbly having the "Zoom" whitening. I just got back from Costa Rica and had "Zoom" done and I'm not sure about the rest of you but yes a little discomfort but the dentist kept checking in on me and also he provided me with some Vitamin E get which helped tremendously and the following day I stopped by to say goodbye since we were leaving town and he provided me with more gel, just to have! I would definately do "Zoom" again and I would just recommend that people do a little research ask your dentist or tech. questions and remember anything "cosmetic" is not going to be absolute "painfree" good luck!!!!
194. - elaine - 04/24/2010
after zoom whitening i suffered a swollen top lip and burns to inside of my mouth. excruciating pain ensued for over a week later. i couldnt eat or clean my teeth without intense agony. i did get a refund from the dentist though
195. - Karen Eslick - 04/25/2010
I have had my teeth whitened twice with Expert's Choice. It is a gentler and less expensive treatment than Zoom. The first treatment went fine with no side effects and lightened my teeth by about 4 or 5 shades. The second time, I believe the technician got my upper lip stuck in the tray and while I could feel a burning sensation during the treatment, I thought it was just the heat from the lamp (which is not UV). My lip was swollen at the end of the 40-minute treatment and they did give me ointments to apply, which did no good at all. By the evening, my lip was about 3 or 4 times its normal size and I was looking totally disfigured. The staff at the dentist's office says no one else has reacted that way, but I find it hard to believe unless this is the only time the technician was distracted and inefficient. At any rate, what I wanted to know and what you want to know, is how long will the swelling last. On the second day I wore a surgical mask to my meetings! On the third day, my lip was scabbing and splitting so it was uncomfortable, but I never really had any pain throughout the experience. The procedure was done on Tuesday morning and it was not until Saturday night that I felt my lip was truly back to normal. I would probably do the whitening again in the future (with a different technician), but I would be personally aware of any burning sensation (and stop the process immediately) and I certainly would not do it less than a couple weeks before an important event. I would never, ever use Zoom. With Expert's Choice, neither my husband nor I experienced any gum sensitivity or tooth pain. Each session was $120.
196. - Dianne - 05/04/2010
I've started using an over-the-counter teeth whitening product by Aquafresh. This is because I talked with my dentist about having it done by him. He said "I'd be happy to taKe your money, but there's no reason you should pay all that money when u can do it at home for almost nothing."

So I decided to try it at home and I've only done it 3 times so far and I can see results already. The only problem was after the third procedure. I developed a tiny blister on the inside of my lower lip. I know how it happpened and I'll be more careful next time. Some of the sticky gels that normally stays in the disposible trays got out when I scraped it on my twwth putting it in. I felt the burning and just ignored it. Well, next time I'll just start over. That would be my recommendation. If you feel burning on your gums, it's not good. Thank goodness I didn't experience anything like the other posts with swollen and cracked lips from the treatments at the dentist.
197. - Joe - 05/05/2010
I just had the zoom teeth whitening done, OMG......I almost said F--K this before they even got started. I had so much crap jammed in my mouth I didn't think I'd be able to make it through the four 15 minute sessions. I had them adjust my mouth piece thing and went ahead, I felt crazy burning after the first session! I don't know what it was from, the light, the chemicals, I don't know but my lips are so right sucks bad! Upper lip is super swollen! I tried eating a hamburger at home, huge mistake!
198. - Kathy in Florida - 05/06/2010
I had zoom whitening last week done by my dentist. I did not have any problems and my teeth are beautiful. Would do it again! You people with burned lips must have gone to someone who didn't know what they were doing. My dentist covered my lips and gums and the only thing the light was on was my teeth.
199. - Maha - 05/10/2010
i ve had the damn treatment yesterday,as with the above cases the pain was excruciating like electric shocks u really cant grasp its magnitude unless u experience it, afterwords as the dr held out the mirror for me to see the result i was shocked by a huge swollen upper lip that i cudnt care less bout y teeth colour, the ice packs helped with the swelling but the blisters are still there,umm sad and angry at the dr for not warning me.
200. - vanessa - 05/16/2010
I had the zoom two weeks ago. I have been in constant pain, I can eat or drink due to the severe sensitivity. My upper lip is now very swollen, my glands are all swollen and the right side of my face is numb. O have seen an emergency dentist today wgho has given me antibiotucs and antihistomines and told me to back to my dentist tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it as I dont trust him now and I still have worrk to be done. I so wish I had googled this before I started my dentist didnt warn me at all. :(
201. - Mona - 05/29/2010
OMG!! I did my teeth whitening as well few days ago!my gum turn to White and burn!!!!the dentist as well said it's so rare this kind of burning!!! It's been tree days and it's still hurting.!!! I'm so regret!!! Why do they let this stupid dentist do this to innocent ppl!! Why no one do any thing?!!they have to arrest them and put them in the jail and take off their all their teeth with screw driver!!!!:( this is not fair they charged me £400 and I didn't get any result and my whole mouth and gum has burnt badly !! Plz plz dont listen to any dentist they r lier!!! They want only money ! They
don't care about ppl health:( I hope I'll get well soon !
202. - Mona - 05/30/2010
Just wanted to add , the dentist told me that this teeth whitening is the new technic and it is very safe !!! I got the tray and use home teeth whitening for about 2 weeks at was a blue jel called Evolution, 16%carbamide peroxide . It did slightly whitend my teeth! Noting wow!!! After I finished this 2 surang , last wednsday I went to dentist to do the laser whitening he said it's the new and safer technic than zoom!!he put the some gel in the trays and I wore the trays, then he put the laser in my mouth, it was supose to be in my mouth fir 30 min but in first min I felt like electrical shok!!it was like a night mare !!! In only 5 min there was water coming out from my gum !!!! Which he said it's salivia! But it wasn't!!! He cooked my gum !!!!?:( fuck him fuck all this fucking dentist !! And after about 5 min I took the laser off my mouth and told him I don't want to do it , couse I don't belive in that , when u r doing something which hurt u and u think if u put up with the pain you'll get the result!!! No the is mo good result if u feel pain that means somthing is going wrong !! Don't put up !! Just stop doin it ! So I took the tray out of my mouth, and in only 5 min my upper gum in the front went White color , and he asks me to continue I said no way I can not! It's good I didn't listen to him ,otherwise now it could have been wors!!the dentist said it's just happen in child! And he was tring to blame my sensetive gum! But i didn't have any gum probl befor! I had such a pink and healthy gum! Now it's been 5 days and my gum r still dehydrated , and a sore and numb. I can't brush my teeth,I just want to sue this fucking dentist who nearly ruin my life ,to get money!I don't care about money I want my health, I font let them use me as a rat and examined on me their nasty plans! I'm just sooo upset how I hurt my self with my own money!he didn't tell me anything about the side effect!!! By the way I'm from Iran , I did teeth whitening in London , in Kensington spa, with the indian dentist,he recomended to do that, he told m that In my age I have beautiful teeth ,bur a bit yelow it'll look do nice if I do whitening! Thanks god I took the tray and laser out of my mouth ! I'm going to do x ray just to make sure my root r ok,but not with the same dentist ! I don't trust him at all , it was a very big mistake in my life! Sorry if my english is not very good, unfortunetly every one see this side after they do this whitening . Wish u all the best ,ppl ..,.
203. - Gordon - 06/07/2010
Glad to see I am not the only one with a severe reaction. I just started using Listerine Whitening Strips and I too awoke 4 days later with a huge and sore upper lip! The second day was also so sore I thought I had burned it with hot coffee.
204. - Lynn - 06/09/2010
I had this procedure done yesterday. At no time was it explained that I would have problems. I have severe blisters and bleeding on my gums. I showed them to people at work today and they could not get over how bad they looked. One even commented that it looked as if I had a severe case of rotten teeth (due to the blisters and blood,) while another said it looked as if they had been cooked in a microwave. Another was talked about the open wounds and possible infection.

Bad pain! I even told them it was burning. I do not remember anything being put on my gums to protect them. I remember the apparatus and the cotton gauze but not something being put on my gums. Nothing was put on my lips.

Bad pain
205. - Laura - 06/12/2010
I had the I-Brite Zoom performed at a "spa" that advertises it openly for $49.00, and they have you pay cash you get from their internal atm machine. A younger lady did the procedure saying she had been a dental tech for many years, done this for years, and no worries, after I asked her a few questions about it. She put me under the UV Ray after putting my lips open with lip retractor, put goggles on my eyes, gel on my teeth, and cooked me first 20 minutes, and had me rinse and rinse the mouthpiece in the sink, then had me sit down and did the same thing another 20 minutes. The second session I called out to her to tell her I could feel alot of energy coming at my teeth, and she said it was normal, that it was working. I had no tooth pain when I got up and after a couple days I noticed some pain in my lower left lip, and looked inside to find two small blisters, thinking might be cold sores, so I called. Another tech there who does the process said yes, it must be cold sore, nothing happens with the gel, some people can't handle it and even swallow it and nothing happens to them, so I should take care of myself. The next day, pain worse, lower left lip swollen more, and I looked inside the lip further back and there was a huge white blister/ulcer behind the two smaller ones. It hurt alot. I became alarmed and went to my dentist who took pictures and documented the mess, saying nobody who is not a dentist should be doing this type of thing.
He has given me internal antibiotics saying it "could" get infected, and pain meds, and steroid cream to put on the inner lip, also recommended vitamin E oil on it to help it heal and a follow up visit in a few days to check on it. This is Day 6 since I had this done, and it is hard for me to eat. I mostly drink things through a staw on the side that doesn't hurt and eat soft cold frozen yogurt or cold oatmeal. I can't eat without severe pain from chewing as it pulls the blisters, and I am depressed from this.

I called the spa and asked for the gal who did it, was told she went to Italy for a month, and the manager asks if he can help. I told him I was there last Monday night and what had happened, and he pipes up with "we already had several meetings about you and feel you are unstable" and asked me if I was on drugs. I told him I should be due to the severe pain I am in and told him I got hurt there. By this time my voice may have been strained as to the emotional offense attack he made on me emotionally,and I loudly asked him why doesn't he look on the internet and see what kind of damage can come from this procedure and why was I not warned. He says to me, "Hey bigmouth" (without even seeing the swelling (pun intended) to be insulting, and asked me if I knew what kind of gel they used and that it was so gentle people swallow it. I repeated the I-Brite Zoom process to him, told him, "Don't you call me big mouth, and that I was going to sue his a__, and hung up. Never once did he express any remorse, concern, or offer any refund or anything to make amends with me for my suffering. I told him I was on my way to my dentist over this. before he insulted me by asking if I knew what gel they used, and expressed no concern or remorse for me getting hurt in his establishment. It is Day 6, and I still have the two smaller blisters that have gotten bigger, the bigger one in the back (the ulcer) has gotten a bit flatter, but it still hurts very much, can't eat right, lip swollen, have to talk for hours for my work and stuggled through that too with all the pain in the past few days. Yes, I am interested in a class action and especially expositing this bully manager for who he is, a greedy, non-caring person only interested in the money. God sees all and now I have been put in a position to stand up for other innocents who may walk in their door. That would be the main goal for me, as I feel I will probably heal with no complications, but you never know. Thankfully my teeth don't hurt and I can still speak. I read another site where one gal lost her voice! I saw pictures of people's mouths with the same type of ulcer I got from this, and I saw pictures of people's lips that looked totally deformed after their procedure. This has got to be stopped. I am interested in being part of stopping it for the sake of other innocent trusting people that trusted like I did. No protection was put over my gums or tongue or inner lips at any time. Only the lip retractor, the goggles, a towel to catch the saliva and on goes the light. [email protected]
206. - Christine - 06/29/2010
I need help right now. Its 9pm and I had Brite Smile done at 3pm today. I had zingers during the treatment but the dentist told me "just 20 more mins, tough it out and you wont regret it". Well for the past 6 hours I have had tooth sensitivity so bad that Im about to pass out. I went an hour ago back to the dentist and yelled and screamed so bad that they gave me local anesthesia. Well now my gums and lips are numb but my teeth still hurt. If I take another painkiller im going to overdose. WHAT TO DO NOW?
207. - Marixa - 08/10/2010
Hi Everyone,

I did zoom yesterday and let me tell hurt so much. I could not stand talking or the even the tech to touch my teeth. I felt electric shocks in my teeth, like they were stabbing my teeth nerves. It was bad. I also got my gum burned. My ortho did cover my lips and put some wax over my gum before doing the procedure, but I think som wax wasn't to thick because it did burn my gum, some of it. After seeing me in so much pain, they coated my teeth with flouride and that helped some but not alot. They also gave a paste that's suppose to build my teeth bone. I hope it works. I feel better today, but still after all I went through, I dont recommend teeth whitening of any sort to anyone. beware.
208. - sharon - 08/25/2010
I had a single 15 minute treatment of brite smile at a mall. Big mistake, I'll never do it again. I looked like a character on The Simpsons for 24 hours because the center of my upper lip was swollen 3x its normal size. It was also numb. My gums were very raw, red and sensitive so that brushing was very uncomfortable. The lip swelling disappeared after 47 hours but brushing is still uncomfortable because of gum inflammation. I needed to apply teething gel to numb my gums 2 days after treatment. 60 hours after treatment, a beige-brown scab has formed in the gum over one of my front teeth. It is so not worth it as my teeth are not much whiter at all.
209. - marcia - 08/26/2010
It was my birthday and I wanted to treat myself so I bought two 15 minute treatment sessions of Bleach Brite to be done 7-10 days apart.I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. I couldn't have been more wrong. After just one 15 minute session, my upper lip looked swollen and disfigured. This lasted for two days. My gums had 2nd degree burns which blistered. This lasted 5 days during which brushing was difficult. I had to use anbesol to numb the gums. Needless to say, I had to cancel my 2nd session so my teeth are only very slightly brighter. I am not allergic to hydrogen peroxide which is what they claim causes this reaction. I don't think they know why this happens. I'm disappointed that the FDA and the Dental Associations let procedures they don't fully understand on the market. They did offer to give my money back but I would rather have had white teeth without going through an unexpectedly hellish experience.
210. - Judi - 08/26/2010
Wow. I read almost all the comments with EVERY SINGLE ONE talking about burnt lips. And guess what??? I had just gotten my braces off today so you can imagine my excitment when i go to get them whitened so I could have an even prettier smile. The dentist put a mouth guard-like thing in my mouth with gel in it and told me to relax my lips. Well, before she even turned on the light my lip was already burning within 5 seconds. After the treatment my mom (across the room) says "oh my is your lip swollen" and the dentist says "oh no her lips are just dry, then gives me some chap stick. the pain i suffered today was not worth it.
211. - Millicent - 08/27/2010
I couldn't help but read ALL THE POSTS!!! Allergic reactions involve swelling that is accompanied by ITCHING and WHEEZING of which NO ONE HAS COMPLAINED! Telling u that this is an allergy is BOGUS! These people are describing chemical/radiation burns of the soft tissue and nervous tissue taking days, weeks and, in some cases, even months to regenerate.
212. - marcia - 08/31/2010
I posted review #210. On day 7 after the treatment, I developed "dry mouth" and chapped lips, biotene oral gel helped with this new symptom. And I changed to ACT alcohol-free mouthwash because my gums are sensitive and sloughing off cells like crazy.It's sort of like peeling skin after a sunburn. I found that the Food & Drug Administration has not approved any teeth whitening methods and does not regulate it at all because it is considered a "cosmetic procedure"!!!The Dental Associations are beginning to have some concerns but aren't warning us of the risks that are revealed in these reviews because whitening is a BILLION DOLLAR industry and they obviously don't want to upset the apple cart too much!!! The teeth color continues to brighten for two weeeks after treatment which explains why some people had no significant different right after treatment. However, I will NEVER repeat any whitening treatment, it's NOT WORTH THE SERIOUS SHORT AND LONG-TERM HEALTH RISKS.
213. - XMD - 10/02/2010
I'm sorry for your complications. I'm no dentist but the way you described the symptoms, it reminds me of when I had cheilitis. There is swelling, tiny scaly bumps, large blisters, and there is a throbbing that feels like there is something running through your lip in a bad way (i akin it to feeling tiny worms streaming through). Anyways, my suggestion anti-histamine (I take loratadine, drink fresh aloe vera and take some of the plant for putting on the lips (you can add sugar), and next time if you want your teeth whiten (not too white but whiter) some ppl have tried oil pulling. Oil pulling takes longer, but its organic and won't screw your lips. Trust me once you injure your gums and lips even teeth, it will never be the same. I can't apply any lip product because now your lips will be super sensitive to chemicals. Oh btw, if you don't have aloe vera tried some lotion like lubriderm or johnson johnson oatmeal lotion. The best lotion you can get for sensitive skin only. I mean it will stil feel sucky but the best way to get it to stop being chapped is to give it moisture. Honey works too, but don't wash your face with any chemicals only just water and if you need to rinse of the old lotion use only water. Also, keep hydrated because when you skin is broken like that your moisture just runs off and also drinking small sips of water will just flush ur mouth gently. I know its a long entry. Best wishes.
214. - Merl - 10/11/2010
Well, this is the last straw for me. I had a tooth-whitening system done a year ago. It was "Nite-White". I had some cavities that needed to be filled, but the dentist told me to use this first. Talk about pain. I went through roof!! It's a year later, my entire mouth is decayed- I have lost over 5 teeth, including my front tooth (now that's attractive!)I now need a full mouth of dentures at 43. I lost my job a year ago (due to econoomy)in sales. Don't dare apply for a sales job now. No insurance, unemployment ran out, no state assistance available. Can it get any worse?
215. - Dr. J Scott - 10/28/2010
I am a dentist and I had a patient that described some mild burning of the upper lip. So i decided to check out the discus dental site to see what it said regarding this complication. I have been doing this procedure for probably 8 years now and have even done it myself in my own mouth. I've never had a patient complain about burnt lips. So reading all of these complaints is confusing to me. I had a new assistant preforming the procedure and I believe she did not put enough barrier cream on the lips when preforming the procedure. My patient is still very happy with the results. In fact the only time i've had a patient that was very unhappy was that she only got 3 shades whiter and expected more. Either way i'm very suprised about the complaints. Never in my over 1000 times preforming this procedure have i heard such sever complaints. Sensitivity is very minimal for most patients with the use of fluoride after the treatment. Before this we would routinely get sensitive teeth. Now it is very rare that I hear a patient complaint. I guess if you read 220 reviews saying the opposite it could be pretty convincing but I can confidently say that this is not the average result.
216. - Julia - 11/08/2010
I had Zoom done today about 9 hrs ago and i barely noticed that all my teeth are cracked, i am so scared of losing my teeth, i need help. I would not recommned this to anyone.
217. - Angie - 12/01/2010
I went to get Zoomed, 11/30/10. The experience was awful...zingers and pain beyond belief!!! My gums and lips hurt also. The dentist prescribed Motrin and I have been taking it for pain. My lips look as if I have been hit in the mouth with a baseball bat. For all those folks that think the Angelina Jolie, big lip look, is cool; well, think again! Do not get Zoom!!!!!!
218. - Barbara - 02/20/2011
I had the BRITE SMILE procedure yesterday at 11:00. It is 21 hours later and my bottom lip is still very swollen - the same as it was yesterday. The dentist said to just put lanolin on it. I assumed my lip would be swollen for just a few hours, but not 22! It is hard to drink and eat. My dentist did the procedure in three incriments, coming in the room to check on me. My lips and gums were protected, and my bottom lip did not hurt during the procedure, so I didn't even think to ask about it. I just noticed it when it was all done. The sensitiviy has subsided - my teeth really hurt yesterday. I will not get the procedure done again.
219. - Dentist in Arlington Texas - 03/01/2011
While I am skeptical regarding the news that peroxide causes cancer, a danger that is often ignored is the damage that abrasive or highly acidic bleaching methods can cause on tooth enamel. While some products are endorsed by the ADA, many have unsafe amounts of grit that can scratch enamel. Other home remedies, such as brushing teeth with lemon juice, can cause damage to enamel over time. It is important to remember that as enamel wears down, the dentin underneath begins to be visible, giving teeth a gray hue. This happens naturally over time as age progresses, but if damaging whitening products and techniques are used continually, the loss of enamel can happen a lot sooner and more extensively.
220. - huda - 03/16/2011
I did the Zoom now today and it was so horrible, i have tried Britesmile before and i had no problem, but the Zoom now has no real seal on gums so my lower gums got burnt badly i had to stop after 15mins and i walked out of the dentist in unbearable pain. and the light was making my tongue extremely tingly and hot. this cant be good for our mouth. never doing it again.
221. - Sarah - 05/10/2011
This morning I went to a local dentist and was informed that ZOOM! was the way to go by a sparkling white toothed receptionist, I was very tempted. I have now spent an hour reading your reviews and am definitely NOT getting it done. Someone is making a lot of money out of this. Thank you for sharing your advice everyone. Feel better soon xxx
222. - Cesar - 05/25/2011
I had Zoom done yesterday at 4p. I was completely fine up until the third 15 min session when I started feeling the "zingers" but it wasn't at all bad because I don't have sensitive teeth. The bad part was the actual light making my lips feel like they had a bad sun burn. Before the fourth and final 15 min session I told the dentist my lips felt really burned and she put some kind of ointment to help soothe and cool them off. It worked up until the last few minutes of treatment. When the gauze and moth piece were removed my lips were badly swollen! The dentist gave me an ice pack and it brought the swelling down but less than 24 hours later the swelling is worse and my top lip is split from the inside and starting to blister! Although my teeth look fantastic, the burning and swelling is definitely not worth it and have told all my friends and family who were considering NOT to get Zoom. You can achieve the same results with white strips if you're patient. The price plus 2nd and 3rd degree burns on lips is not worth a whitter smile. Take it from all the people on here and save your money and your lips!
223. - Kathy V - 06/06/2011
I personally would not recommend the Zoom procedure. My upper lip started tingling about a hour after the procedure and ended up swelling about 5x the normal size. It's been 4 days now the swelling is down about 80% I have burns inside my mouth and went to my dentist today and was just told to gargle with warm water. Horrible procedure!
224. - Miranda - 06/09/2011
I'm in Australia and I had my teeth whitened by a new beauty salon. When it was completed I already had a blister on my top lip and then on the 2 1/2 hour drive home I had a blister on my bottom lip too.
My lips are normally quite pale but now, THREE MONTHS later I have large patches of bright red lips and they continually ( YES, since three months ago!)run a cycle of blistering then hard dry crusts whish peel then soft new bright red skin which then blisters again..and so the cycle goes.
Will this EVER stop?? My lips are still swollen too.
This is a nightmare! It's as if somehow the chemicals are still burning my lips and producing the blisters etc just like it did at the beginning.
I don't know what to do or what to use to stop this process!
Can anyone reading this offer any genuine solution please?
225. - JK - 07/08/2011
OMG....I had the Zoom procedure done today at 6pm and I am still in horrible pain 5 hours later. My upper lip was swollen immediately after the procedure. I let the dentist know during the procedure that I felt a tingling on my upper lip. She applied some type of ointment and continued with the 3 (15 min)sessions. The worst pain I have felt has been from the "Zingers". Can I say...WTF? The minute I feel some sort of relief a zinger comes on. I just want to cry.

People refer to me these days as Business Barbie and in my 20's I was in Playboy. I can say that the price of beauty is not worth this type of excruciating pain. I was happy with my teeth and appearance prior to the "Zoom" procedure and realize that my Vanity got the best of me. I will "NEVER" do Zoom again.

I realized that Zoom had the same affect as the New Crest white strips. My advice is to use the new Crest White strips and avoid the professional teeth whitening. At the current moment all I can do is pray for the pain to go away!!!!!
226. - Ross - 07/25/2011
I wonder how Susan and her home made lip gloss are getting on?!
227. - Elizabeth - 08/01/2011
I live in Scotland and the teeth whitening product I used was Illumine. No on has mentioned loss of taste and smell with these products. I used the kit about three months ago and cannot taste my food and also have limited sense of smell. I am so worried about this as you do not know hopw much these senses mean to you until they are gone.
228. - Leah - 08/23/2011
i just had LED whitening.I'd researched it but never came across,nor was told by my dentist what would happen to my lips!! the sensetivity is bearable,my lips are so sore and swollen im afraid I'll have blisters by tomorrow!!
229. - Ross - 08/29/2011
Susan, you should try and market your home made lipgloss, I'm sure there is nothing wrong with it
230. - CD - 09/15/2011
Wow, I attempted to have the procedure done today and here I am! Like so many other people I thought it was a safe and simple process. The dental dam thing moved and that whitening chemical spilled all over my bottom lip (inside and out). My bottom lip is huge and looks freaky. Anyway, now even though I'm going on vacation I'll have to stay out of the sun.

The sad part is, the dentist didn't stop me from doing it even though he told me my teeth wouldn't get any whiter, they would just get brighter. (I had no idea my teeth were at the whitest shade).

You should only risk getting this procedure done if your teeth are black! After reading some of the comments though I'm grateful that it burned me at the start and we didn't even go through the process.
231. - Victoria - 09/16/2011
I had my teeth whitened today but the White Smile Spa in London. Oh my god, the pain I am in is horrendous, it's 3.30am I can't sleep and my bottom lip is burnt and swollen to about 5 times the normal size. I am so scared I have done perminent damage and I am so scared and embarrassed about my lip. I start uni on Monday and I just dont know what to do - I can't go to my first day looking like this. I have been crying for the last 5 hours.
232. - CH - 09/19/2011
I had Zoom done 5 days ago. Although I am quite pleased with my teeth, suffered no zingers or lip problems, I did received second degree burns on the tip of my tongue! I was in a lot of pain for 3 days after the procedure. I attempted to tell the technician several times about my tongue...difficult to do with all that's packed in your mouth. She basically just told my to try & keep my tongue out of the way. Easier said then done because all that protection in my mouth left nowhere for my tongue to go. I'm healing & the doctor that looked at my tongue said it will in about a week. Can't say that I'd recommend this to anyone.
233. - Joshua Finch - 09/19/2011
Hi, I am writing this because I am concerned. I have just noticed that my bottom gumline has turned purple. I can see pink directly under my bottom teeth, on the gum(just a tiny bit) and then it is purple underneath my teeth, especially at the front underneath the bottom ones. A little bit on top. I am missing my top 4 middle teeth. I am 34 years old and consider my oral hygiene very important. This is freaking me out! What does purple gums indicate? Fairly dark purple. No pain, though. I am going to start a warm salt rinse. I am of aboriginal descent so I hope this is not something that you white fulla's have brought in!! Just joking! I am aboriginal but do not find this an issue, I just want to fix this!
234. - yola lola - 09/20/2011
I got my teeth whitened on Saturday and it is now Tuesday, with the swollen right cheek and excruciating upper lip ulcer pain that has receded a bit but, bottom line, donít waste your money and time for a risky procedure that could be a horrific experience especially if the tech or dentist is not careful at all in applying any of the solution! All I can say is that I wished I had stumbled upon this site prior to booking myself for one heck of a rideÖ I am barely able to eat anything solid and brush my teeth without the gut wrenching pain of having the bristles of my tooth brush hit the swollen ulcer formed blisters on the top of my gum and lipsÖ not worth the pain at all! Just buy a tooth whitening paste and brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a dayÖ I didnít notice any shade difference after my whitening and I am now sticking with simply brushing my teeth with a tooth whitening paste and visiting my dentist for all oral hygiene care.
235. - Dewi - 12/10/2011
Had my teeth whitened @ the dentist office yesterday. The peroxide seep through my teeth and burned/blistered the are under my tongue. It was an excruciating experience to go through. Do not know how long I will have to suffer through this painful blisters. And this afternoon I realized I got burn on the apple of my cheeks from the UV light that was used to whitened my teeth. Will never do it again!
236. - Holly - 12/16/2011
Its 0230am and the reason I am on here is I am desperately searching for some kind of relief for the agonising pain I am currently enduring. I had the procedure done 10hrs ago, not pleasant,had a few "zingers" but not too bad considering. Towards the end I was left with a few small blisters on my bottom lip but was told by the technician they would go within 15 - 30 mins which indeed they did, leaving just a bit of tenderness and broken skin. However nothing prepared me for what came next, I was just sitting having a conversation when it literally felt like bolts of electricity going through my teeth, it was like the very worst nerve damage. 9 hrs later the shocks feel like they are every few seconds and are UNBEARABLE, my mouth and jaw feel like they have been repeatedly kicked and I am sitting with tears rolling down my face. Plus I am almost frightened to breathe due to the fact its -3 degrees here and when the cold air hits ... OMG !!! Please somebody tell me that this is only temporary and will wear off over the next few hours ?
237. - Dave - 01/01/2012
So sorry to hear of all these horror stories. My teeth are yellow due to thirty odd years of abuse. Looked online for laser treatment prices, but felt compelled to check out side effects. Ended up here and thanks to people's selflessness will not bhe getting any kind of treatment.

These bastards that are doing this treatment should be exposed, sued and not allowed to practise ever again.
238. - Annie - 01/10/2012
i am sitting at work and i got my teeth done by zoom this morning, thankfully no lip burns but blisters on my gums which are gone but my bottom teeth are unbelievably sensative i dont know what to do !! it hurts meee soo much
239. - free radicals from teeth whitener and chemical burns - 03/06/2012
Just because you visit a dentist to get your teeth whitened does not mean you will not get any serious side effects - the dentist through not informing me of the dangers and the mouthguard that the dental surgery made not fitting correctly, I have developed severe chemical burns to my mouth, tongue, insides of cheeks, lips, roof of mouth, throat and am experiencing severe pain along with tingling of the lips, unintentionally I have swwallowed thee product as well and have severe pains and nausea. The first few days after the chemical exposure I could hardly talk or function. I have free radicals in my blood from the teeth whitener, now just reading this article on this site, it states that carbamide peroxide when releaased into the mouth causes cancer, just great and these dentists and governments fully aware of the fatal dangers of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide still continue to use it and it is still sold in the shops...any percentage of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is toxic and dangerous and is a chemical and should be not allowed by law to be put in the mouth. On the advise of a dentist and under the care of a dentist I had a mouthguard made by a dentist and the dentist supplied me with a nitewhite take home kit to whiten my teeth. The packet had a sticker on the side of it with the ingredients and the percentage which was 10% carbamide peroxide, which I now believe could have been a higher percentage of carbamide peroxide and they have put lower dose stickers over them, as here in Australia all teeth whitening products containing 18% or more carbamide peroxide had to be recalled, why because there were numerous consumers complaints that had chemical burns as a direct result of the teeth whitener. I have read other peoples comments and like me when they have gone back to the dentist, they of course the dentist don't want to admit liability so put it back on the patient and say that its gum disease, it's another problem, their lips dont have enough melanin, please please, you dentist should be ashamed of yourself owe up to the fact you supplied a product with a chemical in it that can cause serious injury and I bet like the dentist I saw that when I asked what are the side effects all his says is "sensitive teeth" he didnt tell me the product causes chemical burns and discoloured teeth etc, if he had of i could have made a decision based on the truth and facts and there is no way I would have had it done. I paid over $300 for 15 mins in the chair and to take home the little kit - so big money for the dentist and easy money, so why would they want to tell you the truth when they could lose that money..... I would suggest that whoever has had a problem to write to your government, make complaints to whoever you can. My mouth is getting worse as the weeks go on, no improvement whatsoever....seen the doctor several times and I;m going to the hospital next to see what sort of treatments are available for chemical burns of the mouth..absolutely devastated...that this has happened and from a dentist - good luck to everyone in a similar position to mine. Oh by the way the dentist gave me my money back, only in his best interests of course.
240. - Jehan - 03/27/2012
I had teeth whitening today in the morning. The person who applied the procedure didi not tell me anything about any Sudra effect. To be honest she applied some vitamin E on my Gum and lips. I was told that the procedure should take 3 stages each for 20 min. After the first 20 min my lips were burning and immediately started to swollen. I didn't complete the whitning session and was told that "what happened to me is very queers and it might be the first time this happens". Now after reading all these blogs I think I'm not the only one. Now its 10 oclock snd my lips are still swollen from the inside although i kept putting ice and moistures. Please anyone sho thinks to do teeth whitening DON'T it is not safe.
241. - Should I Research - 04/24/2012
DO NOT HAVE THIS DONE!!! I wish I would have known about this website yesterday. My dentist highly recommended and they were offering a $99 coupon special. Within the first 5 minutes of the procedure, my teeth were pulsating, then I got hit with 'zingers' striking my nerves. I was in such pain, I push the machine from my mouth and I was bent over in pain, I thought I would pass out. The dentist and assistants came into help me. They had me rinsing my mouth, to get rid of the gel, gave me Advil, and the pain lastest until 1 am. I have never been in such pain before, and I CANNOT RECOMMEND this product at all. It is way too dangerous. Please beware, as I do not want anyone going through the pain I had.
242. - Nicolet - 04/25/2012
I have done many, many Zoom bleaching in the past and will do so in the future and I have never, never had any complaints or blisters or burns on any of the client's lips or gums. I have to say to all the people that received this that the procedure was done incorrectly or that the necessary manner of protection was not used. Zoom is a great product with the best result in in-chair bleaching.
243. - Sherry Brenner - 05/13/2012
I had my teeth Zoomed bleached on Wednesday May 9th. I also had a broken tooth so before the bleaching he prepaired the tooth for a new crown. I had many shots of novicane so when he started the bleaching process I was really numb. Even with the numbness I started to feel the burning getting worse by the second. He told me I moved and got burned and would have pain when I get home so he gave me a prescription for Tylenol with Codene. As my husband was driving me home my lips swelled to at least four times their size. As the novicane wore off the pain was horrible.
Well here it is Sunday and it's getting a little better and the swelling has just about gone away, (thanks to my husband insisting I keep ice on them while watching TV)but there is still pain. I know from the stories I read above that my sores were
probally not as bad as some as they are between my lower lip and teeth. However very, very painful. I hope I'm all better this week as we are going on vacation on Saturday the 19th. If you are even considering having this bleaching done to yourself DON'T NO NO NO NO DON'T!!!!!!!!
If you have yellow teeth just brush more often or live with them.
244. - Gabs - 05/22/2012
So just like every one else I am a zoom victim. I regret it in every shape way and form. Thnks to living social that promoted this zoom special deal it was said to be a scam. I ask god why would he let us innocent people undergo this type of harm. We are good people and now we had suffered. I pray everyone who bought the voucher on living social to come across this site bc I sure didn't and if I was able to turn back time I wish I would. It sucks to be useless in this type of situation. But god is good and hopefully everyone who has suffered will good come their way. For now I'm scared for the consequences that I will face bc of this procedure I have done. :(
If I were a dentist I would do the right thing and warn all my patients of this fucking procedure.
245. - Rachel - 06/27/2012
I just had my teeth whitened and I think it is well worth the money and pain.
My first session was completely fine. Second I feel very mild discomfort twice. After I finished second I got shocked once. Halfway through the third I started getting very painful shocks. They do hurt very much but last 2-3 seconds and then you're fine again.
No burning, swelling etc. Make sure you know your dentist and trust them, mine were amazing!
246. - Victor - 07/05/2012
In April 2011, my dental hygenist suggested that the clinic had a good deal on the Zoom Whitening treatment and that I should get my teeth whitened. Well, I am a tea drinker and as you all know that cofee and tea does a number on your teeth as far as coloration is concerned. So, I went through the treatment and LUCKILY I didn't have any blisters or burning problems of the lip like the rest of you have described here, BUT for the past 12 months my already sensitive teeth have been killing me with pain when I eat or drink anything cold or warm. I always had sensitive teeth but this is awful as during winter days the cold air hits me like a ton of bricks and just the eating and drinking things is almost not desired. I just to love to chew on my favorite fruit apples everyday for lunch, but now I am afraid to chew the skin as it sends pain in all parts of the mouth and head. This is so awful and I wish there was a cure for it. I am scientist and I should have known what would happen to my enamel when you put acid on it. Alas, in my vain attempt to gain a few shades of white tone in my mouth I got foolishly sucked into life-time of punishment. I have approached my dentist several times and he is in complete denial about the side-effects of the Zoom treatment. I heard from another dentist that there are side effects like mine and so I may consider suing the original dentist for putting me in this situation. Just thought of sharing my story here so that people reading it will not dare to go through the pain and agony that the majority of us have gone through already. Good luck!
247. - elainehoughton - 06/21/2013
Hi 239 Reading your post i am in the same position from tooth whitening trays i have had problems 3 months down the line. please can you let me know how you got on
248. - gardening supply - 10/31/2013
I never know it had a so different effect with tooth whitening. it will really affect the enamel? will you please add a little explanation about the lose of enamel due to the tooth whitening. thank you for sharing this.
249. - Dentists Are Dangerous - 01/09/2014
IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO EVERYONE - DO NOT HAVE YOUR TEETH WHITENED - Teeth whitening causes irreversible chemical damage of the human tooth. This information is written on the Australian Dental Associations website under their policies - even though they approve and regulate teeth whiteners along with ACCC. Please go to this website:- (copy and paste this address into your address bar and it will come up with the information on \"teeth whitening is hazardous to the patient\" \"teeth whitening causes irreversible chemical damage\" meaning wherever the bleach has contact with which is your teeth, gums and if it leaks out of the trays and you comes in contact with your tongue, oral mucosa, throat, stomach, their will be irreversible chemical damage. As the ADA have to inform the public of the dangers to protect themselves but they do not list the full side effects and that ACCC receive a number of complaints from the consumer in regards to people been injured by dentists performing teeth whitening. So to prove that this is true please look up this link to the ACCC Disclosure Log (which is available for the public to view) Then click onto 27/2012, 41/2012, 70/2013. Please note that there is a lot of correspondence from the ADA to the ACCC trying to convince them that teeth whitening is only dangerous if performed by a beautician or DIY but not from a dentists even if they send you home unsupervised to use a high percentage teeth whitener. The fact is teeth whitening is dangerous and unsafe even if its performed from a dentists and Yes the ACCC have received numerous complaints from the public who have been injured with chemical burns from a teeth whitener from a dentists. The only reason the ADA and the Dental Industry want to scare the public into thinking that teeth whitening is only dangerous from a non dentists is because teeth whitening is a 600 million dollar industry so dentists do not want to lose their profitable income to beauticians, pharmacies, online websites selling teeth whiteners. I am a victim of irreversible chemical damage from a teeth whitener!!(blisters, ulcers, sloughing of the oral mucosa, discoloured teeth, stomach ulcer, burnt throat, bleeding ulcer, receding ulcerated gums (which are permanently there now after the teeth whitening) THIS WAS FROM A REGISTERED DENTISTS WHO DID NOT INFORM ME OF THE SERIOUS AND DANGEROUS SIDE AFFECTS OF TEETH WHITENING. What is even more detrimental to the public is that if a dentists causes the chemical burns no other dentists will help you, they are more concerned about protecting their fellow colleague and their profitable income, and as a result their has been corruption committed by the doctors, dentists and the big corporations whom protect dentists and the dental industry. At least if you have chemical burns from a beautician, the ADA and the Dental board will help you. Even going to great lengths such as representing you in court so they can convince the court system that teeth whitening is dangerous from beauticians and should be banned from anyone that is NOT a dentists. I have been made a victim because teeth whitening is not regulated and is classified as a cosmetic not a chemical(even though it\'s a chemical - Carbamide peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide) are corrosive, cytotoxic, poisonous chemicals. TGA do not regulate teeth whiteners. I am in daily pain and my life is ruined because of teeth whitening and a DENTISTS.

250. - Dental Solutions In Philadelphia Burned Me! - 03/02/2014
HELP! Medical Malpractice at Dental Solutions on Market Street in Philadelphia, PA Ė

Radiation & Chemical Burns, Permanent Nerve & Tissue Damage from Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure. Buyer Beware!

Does anyone know anything about radiation or chemical burns from teeth whitening procedures? And Dental Malpractice. Also, what can I do to relieve the pain and help heal my mouth? Does anyone happen to know if there is a Class Action Law Suit filed against Zoom? Or my dentist? I am planning on pursuing this to the fullest extent of the law and my legal rights!

THANK GOODNESS the machine broke and I did not have to endure the entire one hour procedure - and was only literally Ďcookedí for a total of 15 minutes. This crude procedure is extremely damaging to the nerves and soft tissue. It also damages the enamel of teeth! ENAMEL CANNOT BE RESTORED!!

The attendant who performed the procedure was negligent and sloppy and when the machine malfunctioned she banged my mouth to try to get the machine to work again! When she did this it bruised and damaged my teeth and soft tissue and released all the chemicals into my mouth.

These types of products should never be used on anyone! Who really knows what the side effects, and/or complications of the radiation (along with the chemicals) could be??? What I'm finding out is that the only reason the Zoom whitens, is because the peroxide dehydrates the teeth so badly. The teeth then become yellow again very quickly, and that is why they give you touch-up kits to take home with you.

This costly and highly damaging procedure ONLY benefits Zoomís (and the dentists that perform it) bank account(s) and NOT anyoneís dental health!
This should also NEVER be done when other services have been done on the mouth such as which happened to me. Not only did they perform negligent Zoom Whitening on my mouth they did it immediately after working on all 4 quadrants of my mouth. When they found out I had good dental insurance they clumped unnecessary procedures and ad on's like Zoom to my bill.

But what's worse is that I'm still suffering from complications today. Needless to say, I DO NOT recommend the Zoom Whitening System to anyone! If you value your teeth you will not use Whitening Products. They literally destroy and rot out the roots of your teeth over time! Dental practices should be promoting solutions for dental problems and not causing them. You should leave their offices the same if not better than when you arrived. Not worse!

The dental assistant and dentist who helped performed the service was very apologetic and said they were so sorry that they burned me and that they would not charge me for the treatment and sent me home. They actually admitted that something seriously wrong happened to me and that they never had problems with the machine breaking before and they were sorry. They rinsed my mouth and said the white patches would go away, which they didn't and I was not able to feel the pain until the anesthesia wore off. I was in excruciating pain!

The next day I called the center to be seen right away. The follow up dentist, Dr. Bloomenthal was a total jerk and told me that there was nothing wrong with me and why was I in his office and to leave and go shopping instead of worrying about my mouth!! This man should not be practicing medicine. He is one of the most cruel doctors I've ever met and I still cannot believe he did not treat me for my burns and told me to leave and that there was nothing he could do for me. He did not even to offer me Orajel or anything. He just wanted me out of his office! I was in so much pain and left crying and he could care less. Never use this office for your dental work. I was FORCED to go to Urgent Care where I was diagnosed with 1st and 2nd Degree Burns and given Percacet for pain. I have been in pain ever since!

What angers me the most and the reason why I'm taking action is because of the follow up care that I got from Dental Management Group the office that manages the work of Dental Solutions. They said that they did not charge me for the Zoom and that should be enough for my damages! They would not work with me so I'm forced to take matters into my own hands and need some help!!

I am freaking out because my whole mouth was burned (1st and 2nd degree burns) and there were white patches which turned into huge pieces of flaking skin around my mouth and the inability to eat anything at all for over 1 month. NOTHING but liquids And then the pain was still severe for another month. Now there is still pain and sensitivity, nerve damage and numbness. My mouth feels misaligned and everything causes pain when I eat. My life is ruined!! All hot and cold foods cause shooting pains in my mouth which is till ongoing. The sensual sensation of eating has been ruined and I will never enjoy foods like I once did. All my nerve endings are exposed!! Iím planning on going back to the doctor in a few days to have my mouth looked at again by another doctor. I will never go back to Dental Solutions again.

Here is a link to Dr. Mitchel Blumenthal and the Dental Solutions office that burned me:
Buyer Beware!

Please post if you can help me heal or know of other people with Class Action Suites against Zoom or this dental practice! Or if there is a way to heal the tooth enamel once it's been etched with Zoom Whitening! God Bless you! Thank you so much!
251. - Join Zoom Class Action Suit 2014 - 03/05/2014
Zoom Class Action Law Suit 2014

We are preparing a Class Action Suit and want to hear from you. Please send your name and contact information, photos, bills and your Zoom story to our office. This will cost you nothing.

Contact us at [email protected]

Product Liability/Personal Injury Class Actions: Product liability and personal injury class action lawsuits are generally brought when a defective product, such as a drug with harmful side effects, or "mass accident", such as a toxic spill harms many people.

Although it sometimes helps if several people are named as plaintiffs in the suit, a single person is generally enough to file a lawsuit so long as the attorney for the class has a good faith belief that a number of other people were injured in a similar way. It generally takes at least 30-50 people with similar claims, and sometimes many more, to qualify as a class action so we need your information.

If you have been injured in the last 2 years can you file a claim. You may check your state for their limitations here

If you are burned by Zoom Whitening, take photo, go to the doctor and get a record of your injury and contact us immediately.

Contact us at [email protected]
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