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Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Aug 9, 2011
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Last Updated 8/9/2011 - It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that people have always been interested in better looking teeth; wanting to look attractive is a natural part of the human experience. Archeologists have found evidence of teeth whitening dating as far back as 5,000 years; usually sticks with a frayed edge used to approximate the function of a toothbrush. Cleaning and whitening pastes and polishes, too, are not new inventions, but continue a long line of dental experimentation and innovation. In this article we cover the history of teeth whitening along with dangerous modern day home remedies.

Toothbrushes: The First Teeth Whiteners

The first teeth whitener was the toothbrush. Toothbrushes with bristles (like pasta and gunpowder) seem to have been invented in China around the 16th century and then exported to Europe. The handles were usually made of wood or bone and the bristles were made of hog hair. Toothbrushes were used by the wealthy for the next several hundred years - with other animal hairs sometimes replacing the hog's hair bristle. But it took until 1938 to eliminate hog's hair bristle toothbrushes altogether, thanks to the help of DuPont, who'd invented "nylon" to serve the same purpose. Unfortunately the first nylon toothbrushes were so hard, they damaged the teeth they were supposed to whiten and clean - and it took another 10 years for DuPont to create soft vinyl - so the bristles were much more flexible and healthy for the teeth.

Ancient Home Remedies

Both the Egyptians and the Romans have left records of their teeth whitening efforts. The Egyptians mixed a paste of pumice stone and vinegar that used the abrasion of the pumice and acid of the vinegar to remove tooth stains. The Romans found that urine - a natural source of ammonia - whitened the teeth. Ammonia, when used in highly diluted solutions, has cleaning and brightening properties. Europeans throughout the 17th and 18th centuries turned to their barbers, who ground down their teeth and then applied an acid solution to remove stains.

Toothpastes and Beyond

With the invention of commercial toothpaste, between 1800 and 1850, Americans concerned with dental health and whiter smiles had their first "go-to" product - from Colgate. In the 1960's, years of studying the element fluoride yielded another significant advance - with cavity-fighting and teeth whitening fluoride toothpastes. And, in the 1980's, another important step forward was taken - recently stabilized hydrogen peroxide formulas meant that true whitening toothpastes could be developed - and then sold to a public eager for whiter, brighter smiles. In the 1990s and 2000s extremely effective whitening systems based on carbamide and hydrogen peroxide formulas became available to the public. Now whitening systems based on this formula continue to innovate at a very fast rate.

A Long Tradition of Home Remedies

Even with a wide variety of teeth whitening toothpastes - and wildly popular whitening kits, strips, lights and other procedures - some people are still turn to old, home remedies for results; primarily for budgetary reasons.

Some authorities are also advocating home methods today. Dr. Mehmet Oz, noted TV personality and physician addresses a few dental do-it-yourself methods online, including strawberries, a blend of lemon juice and baking soda, raisins and apples.

"While some of these home remedies appear to have worked over the years, many, if not most, of them are downright dangerous - and people really need to be aware. They were developed when people didn't have other, affordable and healthy whitening alternatives" says Dr. Rod Kurthy, practicing dentist, teeth whitening expert and advisor to "Many of the old home remedies - including the ones mentioned by Dr. Oz on his website - rely on a too-strong acid-based solution to whiten - and that acid wears away the natural calcium in your teeth, making them susceptible to decay," he says. "Mixing lemon juice and baking soda can actually erode tooth enamel and cause permanent sensitivity."

Clearly, from the perspective of informed dentists and other oral care professionals - DIY teeth whitening is something you leave alone!

Acid-Based Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Whitening Teeth with Lemon Juice

Procedure: Brushing or rinsing with lemon juice or lemon juice/baking soda

Some people advocate the use of lemon juice to whiten teeth, but lemon juice is actually citric acid & can harm teeth, causing them to lose calcium (which gives teeth some of their off-white color). Once calcium is lost, it's irreplaceable. And, as just mentioned above, combining lemon juice with baking soda is another bad idea - not only will the acid of the lemon juice (more powerful than vinegar and proven to dissolve actual BONE in chemistry class experiments) leech calcium from teeth - the baking soda will erode tooth enamel with the potential to cause permanent damage. Lemons have a pH of 2.3 which is very low. The lower the pH, the more acidic it is. Note that if you put lemon juice directly on your teeth, it causes damage starting immediately. It is quite common now for dentists to deal with tooth destruction caused by people sucking on lemons.

Whitening Teeth with Strawberries

Procedure: Brushing teeth using mashed strawberries

It is also not advisable to brush your teeth with strawberries - strawberries get their power to brighten teeth from ascorbic acid - and acids are harmful to teeth. If someone chooses to brush with strawberries, they should be sure to brush teeth immediately with fluoride toothpaste, and then to floss.

Whitening Teeth with Apples

Procedure: Eating apples

Dr. Oz suggests whitening your teeth by crunching on an apple! And while apples have plenty of wholesome and healthy attributes - whitening your teeth safely isn't among them. Apples are fine as fruit - but not as a substitute for oral hygiene like brushing and flossing. And any brightening that might occur is the result from a slight amount of naturally-occurring malic acid (another acid) - only you'd have to eat SO MANY apples to see any difference, you're running the risk of acid-based damage again.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies that Rely on Abrasion

Whitening Teeth with Baking Soda

Procedure: Using Baking Soda with toothpaste while brushing

Baking Soda won't bleach your teeth, but it cam remove plaque as it is an abrasive. Be warned though; Because baking soda is an abrasive, if you use it too frequently, it will damage tooth enamel. Again, most commercial toothpastes will remove stains as effectively as baking soda, and do so without side effects.

Whitening Teeth with Wood Ash

Procedure: Brushing teeth using wood ash (i.e. from your fireplace)

The reason wood ash whitens teeth is because it contains potassium hydroxide (aka lye). However, only hard wood ash contains significant concentrations of potassium hydroxide. Soft wood ash does not. Before lye was available commercially, soap was made by leeching the potassium hydroxide from hard wood ash and then combining it with tallow (rendered animal fat). Whitening with wood ash is dangerous. The harshness of the potassium hydroxide could significantly damage your teeth over time.

Brushing Teeth with Sea Salt

Some home whiteners also advocate the use of a paste or a "rub" of sea salt, combined with water or even an acid, such as cider vinegar. The use of abrasive compounds along with the acid-based vinegar will probably brighten teeth a bit, but no more so than a commercial application. Plus, with repeated use of the salt/vinegar paste, you will experience tooth damage through decay or increased sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies that Rely on a Polishing Method

Whitening Teeth with Olive Oil

Procedure: Polishing teeth using an olive oil soaked towel.

Taking a clean towel and applying olive oil to your teeth is said to both brighten and polish teeth to make them appear whiter. While we can't attest to its effectiveness, we encourage our readers to use commercial pastes and polishes to eliminate even the chance of discomfort or damage.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies that Rely on Increased Saliva Production

Whitening Teeth with Raisins

Procedure: Eating raisins

Dr. Oz says, "raisins help to keep your teeth white by inducing saliva production. An increased level of salvia naturally helps to rinse away plaque." But that's not really whitening, is it? Plus raisins HAVE a significant amount of sugar. That's not to say they're not healthy, but the STICKY type of sugar in raisins will lodge between teeth, sit there giving off their sugar, helping to start or accelerate forming cavities. And whitening has nothing whatsoever to do with saliva production.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

The primary reason for avoiding home remedies is that they're subject to mis-application. There are no formulas or procedures created to assure safe usage, so there's a real risk of severe and permanent tooth or gum damage. No dentist reviews your oral health before you begin to use them, so there's no way of knowing if any specific home remedy would affect your particular teeth or gums.

On the other hand, reputable companies spend thousands of hours testing their commercial teeth whitening products and methods - to determine a standardized application protocol that's safe for most people and to avoid costly lawsuits should there be any adverse effects. Additionally, when you choose a teeth whitening method that requires dental supervision, you can be sure your dentist will evaluate your dental health before proceeding; adding a second level of care and caution to prevent damage or discomfort.

Since people have been trying to whiten their smiles for thousands of years, there are undoubtedly hundreds of goofy and implausible concoctions designed to do the job. Happily, we live in the 21st century, where reliable and affordable answers can be found in every drug or grocery store. So, do yourself a favor, head for the dental care aisle and stay away from the fruit section. AND stay away from getting advice from pseudo-doctors like Dr. Oz. He is giving out whitening home remedy advice, when in fact he doesn't have the slightest clue of what he is talking about.

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1. - Jeanne - 12/26/2006
Wow! Thanks for the information about the lemon juice. I recall that my grandmother had recommended it -- good thing I checked before I tried it!
2. - steven - 08/29/2007
is hydrogen peroxide something i could use?
3. - Joshua - 09/21/2007
ok these things have side effects so what really do work?
4. - lilian - 11/27/2007
If you eat an acid fuit such as strawberry or any other healthy but acidic food such as yogurt, I would advise that you wait at least 20min to brush your teeth since the acid softens the enamel and you would be brushing some enamel away if you brush immediately. After 20 min the saliva would have "buffered" the acid on the teeth and would be Ok to brush and floss.
Also in-office bleaching products that are chemically activated only (not light activated) would lighthen most people teeth also, but usually the light activated ones would make your teeth 2 shades lighter. If you are a realistic patient, balancing the health risks of UV light exposure and swallowing peroxide at night with the home-bleaching products, a chemically activated bleaching gel is a good option. The dentist suction is in your mouth all the time (so you do not swallow the gel). the disadvantages are that your teeth will be sensitive, as will all bleaching products, some people cannot tolerate this. On the other hand can cause burns to the gums, therefore the dentist will protect your gumms with a hard resin material, but leakages may accur. If this happens, you will feel it immediatelly and if the gel is removed on the act, only a very superficial burn will appear (like a white spot on the gums) which will be OK in about a week time. This is not very significant compared with the continuous gum irritation caused by the home-bleaching products.
5. - lupita - 01/17/2008



6. - Bruce - 01/26/2008
What exactly is "a shade" or "2 shades"??
7. - lola - 04/16/2008
There's no remedies for strawberries! Well, strawberries works well too! Anyways, mash it up and brush your teeth with it! BUT MAKE SURE YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH AFTERWARDS!
8. - Silvina - 04/25/2008
The hydrogen peroxide works and it's easy to do but it takes awhile to see any results. This home remedy needs to be done on a somewhat regular basis; but like the post says, if you do it too much then you can wear away your enamel.

I don't know much about the other remedies, but I have heard that the strawberry one works too.
9. - Brian - 01/03/2009
I heard that hydrogen peroxide does work, but it takes so long. I never tried it, but know people who have. I would just buy the whitening systems I see advertised.
10. - Dr White - 02/01/2009
The problem with hydrogen peroxide is that it has been found to cause tissue hyperplasias, which are precancerous tissue changes, if used for more than 5 days. By using good quality kits, or visiting the dentist, you can significantly minimise its contact with the tissue in your mouth.
11. - Gasen Redeye - 06/27/2009
Many natural home remedies for whitening teeth use various different types of fruit to achieve their effect. This is because the acids in the fruit help to dissolve stains on the surface of the enamel.

Read the full article here:
12. - bian - 07/02/2009
thanks for the info,can you suggets other natural safe and effective ?
13. - teeth whitening tips - 07/18/2009
Let me add a little home teeth cleaning tip. This is the simple table salt know as sodium chloride in the chemistry. Just rinse your toothbrush with fresh water and spread a thin layer of table salt on it. Then simply brush your teeth. You should apply more salt when you feel that earlier layer is dissolved in the mouth. This simple brushing will remove the yellow layer on your teeth and will make your teeth bright.
Caution is that the use of sodium chloride may harm your gums. So only use it once in a week. If you feel that bleeding gums, then dont use this without asking your dentist.
14. - Aaron - 07/25/2009
Thanks for the info because I have heard that all these things whitens your teeth however, I was not aware of the side effects. What do you recommend that I use to brighten my teeth and give me a more unique smile?
15. - jenne - 02/08/2010
what will help then
16. - Natalie - 03/22/2011
This information is useful, but doesn't provide any viable replacements for the home remedies. Simply recommending store-bought toothpaste and regular visits to a dentist is not helpful. Additionally, fluoride is a POISON and should be avoided whenever possible. Fluoride was falsely believed to be beneficial to teeth because of the naturally-occurring fluoride in our teeth.

If you want to have healthier and whiter teeth, you need to keep them clean. Contrary to what most dentists will tell you, enamel can and will come back if it is lost. Clean your teeth with a baking soda and peroxide mixture after every meal, and get rid of any amalgam fillings you may have in your mouth - which are also poison. Stop drinking soda, and don't consume highly processed foods.
17. - 809 - 03/25/2011
I think this is a LIE!!! Doctors, Doctors, Doctors. Doctors are just looking to get paid!!! Why would they tell you how to fix your teeth at home. If thats the case we would not have that many Dentist or Doctors, because we all be curing and taking care of our selfs at home. I say do your own Research and ask people that have tried these things.

A Dentist will not tell you how to take care of your teeth at home. He wants you to come back and see him. So he will tell you half of the cure but the other half he will hold on to so he can make his money.

Wake up humans...
18. - Nichole - 05/28/2011
Dental professionals have their patient's best interest in mind as well as that of the general public, hence this website. Dentists and dental hygienists go through years of schooling and are legally, as well as ethically, responsible to maintain current continuing education through research and coursework. So when they recommend something, it is with your safety in mind. Sadly, society is demanding whiter teeth with the assumption that they are healthier and therefore people are doing whatever it takes to get there, either with dangerous and harmful home remedies, or products that are clinically tested over and over to ensure their effectiveness and safety. When whitening the safe and appropriate way, you can be sure of good results and monitored by your dentist. Read the research, whitening via a dental office is the safest and most effective way. These home remedies will lead to destruction of enamel, and enamel will NOT come back, your dental professional would explain this to you and would simply recommend an OTC product to help; if not your tooth will continue to cause sensitivity, look even more discolored, in addition to the possible formation of a cavity. A fluoridated toothpaste will help with sensitivity; and it is simply not poisonous. The incorrect statements claiming the poisonous nature of fluoride fails to mention that it caused problems (in animals) when given enormous amounts.Chlorine is poisonous too when taken at increased levels, however without it (sodium chloride in our table salt) we would not survive. If you're going to make claims or promote something, please do your research (with CREDIBLE sources)and know that dentists are have much more education and training than do television advertisers who prey on vulnerable people.
19. - Vinay - 07/01/2011
Sir i waana know is baking powder really removes plaques ??????
20. - keith - 08/02/2011
this whole thing is backwards, and must be a piece of propaganda. have you looked at the ingredients of these commercial toothpastes?

Go to see how dangerous it is.

Most toothpastes are also abrasive which seems to be your main gripe with most of these natural remedies.

Furthermore its easy to adjust the amount of baking soda and lemon juice powder to make it basic in ph in its final out come.

Id rather brush my teeth with baking soda then polymer 407 and blue aluminum lake 40
21. - A-noticed-B-was-a-slave - 08/17/2011
"Dental professionals have their patient's best interest in mind as well as that of the general public, hence this website. Dentists and dental hygienists go through years of schooling and are legally, as well as ethically, responsible to maintain current continuing education through research and coursework." They don't teach them the fraud, they teach them how to act within the fraud. "So when they recommend something, it is with your safety in mind." you know the NAZIS 1st used fluoride in the water to dumb down the jews in the concentration camps right? >>>>>>>>>Ex Pharma Sales Rep speaks the truth - Pharma doesn't want to cure you >>
22. - Sky39 - 08/30/2011
Keith, thanks for the website and A-noticed-B-was-a-slave thanks for the youtube site as well. Good to know that genuine people exist! my tumbs up to you guy's! I believe in the old remidies instead of the money oriantated industries. People wake up to it eventually.
23. - Peachy - 10/23/2011
On the paragraph about olive oil:

Whitening Teeth with Olive Oil

Taking a clean towel and applying olive oil to your teeth is said to both brighten and polish teeth to make them appear whiter. While we can't attest to its effectiveness, we encourage our readers to use commercial pastes and polishes to eliminate even the chance of discomfort or damage.

You had something negative to say about each method. I smell bias.

"While we can't attest to its effectiveness, we encourage our readers to use commercial pastes and polishes to eliminate even the chance of discomfort or damage."

24. - Whitening Bleaching - 10/25/2011
Rinse with water after drinking coffee, tea or eating fruits that stain will help from getting them any darker.
25. - Habien Lones - 10/29/2011
thanks for the good information i didn't know you could use baking soda strait from the box to whiten teeth. i have been applying a few of your natural techniques and they are working great. thanks alot
26. - Whiter Teeth Naturally - 11/02/2011
this is some great information, i really like the list of food to increase saliva production. it is a problem that i suffer with myself. I am going to try these new techniques out
thanks a bunch
27. - Heinz - 12/29/2011
Jesus!! True that a lot of these foods and basic household chemicals will root your teeth but ONLY in excessive amounts! all acids do! all toothpastes have some form of acid and abrasive compound in them or else toothpaste is not toothpaste! SOUNDS LIKE A INDUSTRY IS TRYING TO TELL WHAT IS GOOD FOR US AND AT THE SAME TIME BEING HYPOCRITICAL! want white teeth eat an African diet of nuts and plant roots etc, which work really well and no junk food or sweets period!
28. - Graham - 03/30/2012
I would prefer the home remedies to store bought ones, any day. Just EATING the strawberries would be a help, and one shouldn't stop eating strawberries, or adding a lemon slice to water just because it's bad for your teeth. Food is bad for your teeth, but that doesn't mean you have to stay away from it.
29. - brooklyn - 04/26/2012
Moderation people. You can do these just don't get so down on yourself about your teeth. As far as home remedies go...just do not do that often. Maybe once every 3-4 months and you'll be in the clear.
30. - smiledsign - 06/20/2012
The funniest thing i notice about this is the bias towards going out and spending money buying products that you can do at home. Dentists charge an absurd amount of money for in office bleaching, which to my experience did not work and was painful. Seems like the author of this article is all about telling people don't do it at home for cheap when you go out and spend a crapload of money for the same thing! Whether you DIY or use commercial teeth whitening products its all about moderation. I have seen so many people that go crazy with the bleach strips then can't understand why their teeth hurt!
31. - Hakan - 09/03/2012
Dr. Oz is not a pseudo-doctor by any means and this article is sheer nonsense. Commercial whitening products are MUCH worse than all these home remedies. I wonder who is the liar who wrote this so-called "article"?
32. - bojofitz - 10/19/2012
Don't trust your instincts. Always go by industry "standards". Yeah, right.

If we all used the above mentioned home remedies the dental industry would be be in the crapper, and the industry knows it...

I've oil pulled and had whiter teeth, pink/firm gums & no bad breath within days of starting.

Fluoride is a poison, it CAUSES dental problems among other things ... it keeps you GOING BACK to the dentist.

Tell the dental industry they're full of u-no-wut by not purchasing anything to clean your teeth with that you wouldn't personally chew and swallow.
33. - Ceegee - 01/30/2013
I'm sure some of this research is very accurate but could using a natural product, like sea salt or lemons, really be MORE dangerous than the crazy chemicals that are present in our normal toothpaste and whitening treatments? What about the UV light widely used to "cure" the in office whitening treatments? Having the concentrated UV light directed on your face and eyes seems a little sketchy. I've read these UV lights are as bad as tanning beds. I don't know how much I trust the same dental industry that also says amalgam fillings are safe.
35. - SheilaF - 08/12/2014
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36. - SheilaF - 08/12/2014
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