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Whiten Teeth While You Tan!

Jul 10, 2005
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Last Updated 7/10/2005 - Two new products have emerged on the market as of May 2005: Twilight Teeth and Hollywood Whites. Both products claim that you can whiten your teeth during your tanning session!

The Ultra violet heat from the lamps in the bed of the tanning salons activates the Carbamide Peroxide gel, which in turn releases oxygen into the teeth that penetrates the enamel and lifts all types of stains from the teeth's enamel.

The whitening process is achieved through regular tanning sessions, and most people begin to see results within a few sessions. Both products are designed to be used for 5 sessions, ideally every other day. They can, however, be used every time you tan, as long as there is no irritation and you can stand the tanning. It is important to note that these products can be used up to once a day. The systems are also designed to be used between 8 and 30 minutes. If you are tanning in the 8 to 12 minute range, it would be assumed you are using a high-pressure bed. Otherwise, regular beds (low pressure) will be just as effective but may take up to 25 minutes.

According to Twilight Teeth, a small percentage of users experience increased sensitivity to cold or minor gum irritation. These symptoms will subside if the user stops the process for a few days. Nonetheless, the carbamide peroxide contained in these products are at a very low percentage, so there should not be any harmful side effects.


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