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GLO Whitening Products

About GLO Whitening Products

When you look at GLO, you're tempted to think, “If Steve Jobs had been a dentist, he would have invented this.” And that's no accident, Dr. Jonathan Levine has looked at the whitening industry's 15+ year old technology and come up with the next generation of improvements-with clear inspiration from the Apple revolutionary.

In fact, GLO is the leader-of-the-pack in the new over-the-counter Whitening 2.0 products that are reshaping both in-office and at-home whitening procedures. Mostly focused on reducing or eliminating sensitivity issues, many of these new whitening technologies reduce the amount of time your teeth are exposed to whitening gel; the culprit in sensitivity for most people.

However, Dr. Jonathan Levine and his wife Stacey, have gone much further into updating the typical whitening protocol. They've looked at everything from the hardware to the gel formulas to the marketing and even the patient experience philosophies behind teeth whitening.

In the reviews that follows, we’ll detail how some of the GLO science has changed teeth whitening for the better, but as part of this overview, we want to discuss the philosophy behind GLO. We don't usually see a lot of originality behind the development of or marketing pitches for new OTC (over-the-counter) teeth whitening products. All of the components needed for standard teeth whitening (gels, lights, mouth-trays etc.) are readily available and in most cases, can be purchased, repackaged and sold by anyone. In many circumstances, it is a field full of fast-buck artists. (See our category on Scams).

Likewise, it is a high-profit business for some of the biggest brands in the world. Many household names in whitestrips sell for $35.00 or more and many people whiten their teeth multiple times per year; so that securing loyal customers and selling each of them multiple units becomes the path to profitability.

The GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening System however, is actually designed to become a personal care appliance-much like a power toothbrush, a hair dryer or a curling iron. Dr. Levine understands that teeth whitening is now a regular part of personal hygiene and is looking for a way to make it easy, sensible and practical. He and Stacey have thought through the kind of changes that make sense – and have made them; everything from ensuring that the whitening gel stays fresh to designing and manufacturing components that last. Until now, we haven't seen anything like this before.

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