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Nupro Products

About Nupro Products

One of the most recommended teeth whitening gel products in the industry is the Nupro White Gold teeth whitening systems. There are a number of teeth whitening gel methods. However, Nupro White Gold teeth whitening systems use 15% carbamide peroxide in a custom-fitted tray and have proven to be a safe and efficient whitening option for a large variety of tooth discoloration conditions. Nupro White Gold Teeth whitening systems has the ADA seal of approval. Nupro White Gold is clinically proven to maintain results for at least 2 years. NUPRO White Gold Take Home 15% Hydrogen Peroxide - boasts the shortest wear time of any leading brand. Just 15 minutes, once a day, for only 7 days delivers an average 5 shades whiter teeth.

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