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Sapphire Products

About Sapphire Products

The Sapphire whitening program can give you a bright smile in just one hour! Made by Johnson and Johnson, the Sapphire brand is well known for its superior tooth bleaching abilities. It can lighten your teeth up to 10 full shades whiter with just one visit to our office. The Sapphire bleaching system is the one of the fastest and most effective professional solutions on the market. It’s completely safe. This breakthrough technology can create an amazing change in your teeth, smile and life. How Sapphire Professional Tooth Bleaching Works In-Office Whitening: The Sapphire teeth whitening program takes a dual approach to bleaching teeth. It uses a special tooth whitener and bleaching light or laser. First, we apply a hydrogen peroxide-based tooth bleaching gel. This whitener is carefully formulated with a 32 percent carbamide concentration and a pH of 8.5 to minimize the potential of sensitivity. Next, we use a Sapphire Plasma Arc Light from DenMat Corporation is used to enhance the whitening process. The Sapphire light helps activate the power of the Sapphire tooth whitening formula. However, the bleaching laser doesn’t create a significant heating effect on the area being treated, so it’s completely painless and safe. During the Sapphire Whitening program, we can bleach your teeth individually to create a uniform look. Or we can bleach the lower and upper teeth at the same time using a Whitening Crystal attachment for the bleaching light. Either way, the results are stunning! Take-Home Whitening: The Sapphire Take-Home Whitening system lets you make your teeth sparkle in the convenience of your own home. Like the in-office product, the in-home system also whitens teeth six to 10 shades. It only takes a few days, so you can complete the treatment over the weekend. Sapphire At-Home makes tooth bleaching simple and easy for anyone to complete. You’ll see results within three short days—instead of the weeks that other teeth bleaching products take to work. The Sapphire At-Home system requires custom-fitted trays that we make in our office using an impression of your teeth. Then you simply insert the Sapphire Whitening Take-Home gel into the trays and wear them for four to eight hours at time. You choose when you want to wear the trays: daytime, evening, or at night while you’re asleep. Three applications are normally all most people need to see results. But the Sapphire Whitening system includes enough for six applications in case you need them or want to “touch up” later.

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