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Sonicare Healthywhite

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Rated: 4 out of 5
Rated: 4 out of 5
Rated: 4 out of 5

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Electric Toothbrush
3  Brush Mode
Average Price: $130

Sonicare Healthywhite Review

The Sonicare Healthywhite electric toothbrush (R732/HX6732/02) is another mid to upper range electric toothbrush produced by Sonicare, one of the most recommended brands by dentists and hygienists.

This model is smaller than some other Sonicare models so it makes it easier to hold, use and store. Sonicare brushes are getting slimmer as the models progress, so that’s a nice change.

The Healthywhite is similar to its peer, the EasyClean. However, the Healthywhite has a 3rd cleaning mode, Sensitive, for people who need a little more delicacy when it comes to their brushing experience. This makes the Healthywhite brush slightly more expensive than the EasyClean, but not by too much. People with gum recession may find this Sensitive mode useful, as those areas of the mouth can be extremely tender.

A premium edition of the Healthywhite is also available which features a U/V sanitizer that safely destroys bacteria on the toothbrush heads.  The premium edition Healthywhite kit is significantly much more costly than the standard Healthywhite brush kit.


What You Get

Sonicare Healthywhite Features Include:

  • Patented Sonic Technology
  • Easy-start program
  • Whitening in just 2 weeks
  • Sensitive setting
  • 3 Cleaning Modes: Clean, Clean and White, Sensitive
  • 2-minute Smartimer
  • Quadpacer interval timer
  • Reminder Bristles
  • Travel charger: with cord wrap and head storage


Included in the box

  • 1 Sonicare Healthywhite brush
  • ProResults brush head
  • Travel Charger
  • Travel case


Sonicare Healthywhite PREMIUM Additional Features Include:

  • 2 brush bodies
  • 3 brush heads
  • U/V Sanitizer for brush heads.


Other specifics worth mentioning:

Multiple toothbrush head color rings for easy sharing

Brush heads types compatible with this brush:

ProResults standard and ProResults compact


How does the Sonicare Healthywhite work?

Sonicare toothbrushes use a patented sonic technology that causes their toothbrushes to have 31,000 vibrations a minute. This creates an aerobic cleansing action that helps kill anaerobic bacteria and flush out plaque from between teeth and under gumlines.

The whitening mode is an additional 30 seconds at the end of the standard cleaning mode. With the whitening mode the user focuses the brush on the teeth in the front of the mouth. Studies show that stains are reduced and the teeth are whiter in just 2 weeks time.

A Sensitive mode is the 3rd mode available on this model helps people with sensitive teeth use the Sonicare toothbrush line. The Easy-start program also helps users adjust into using a Sonicare by having the brush slowly work it’s way up to full power during the first 14 uses.

Dental professionals recommend brushing for 2 minutes twice a day, and the 2-minute Smartimer helps users be compliant with this. In addition to the 2-minute timer is a built in Quadpacer interval timer which times users for 30-second increments, having them focus each period on one quadrant of the mouth. The quadpacer timer helps encourage a more thorough clean because it encourages users to focus on each area of the mouth over a short increment of time.

Healthywhite brushes are stored on the Travel charger that also includes head storage and a cord wrap. Brush heads feature reminder bristles that signal when it is time to be replaced, which is about every 3 months.

In the optional Premium Edition there is also a U/V Sanitizer. In 10 minutes, the U/V sanitizer can safely destroy up to 99% of all bacteria on the toothbrush heads. This can help keep your mouth healthier and possibly extend the life of your toothbrush instead of throwing it away after a brief illness.

Sonicare Healthywhite Advantages

The Healthywhite is significantly smaller than some other models, such as the Sonicare Essence. This makes it easier to use and hold.

Sensitive Mode
The Healthywhite has the much-needed 3rd mode that many of the les expensive Sonicare models do not. This makes it possible for people with severe sensitivity from enamel erosion or gum recession able to use it on a regular basis.

With results of up to 2 shades in 2 weeks, this makes Sonicare toothbrushes a leader in a category where many toothbrushes take up to 3 week to achieve whitening results.

Premium Edition – U/V Sanitizer
The optional upgrade to the Healthywhite premium edition kit comes with a U/V Sanitizer that helps to safely kill bacteria on the Sonicare brush heads. This is great because when we use the same device in our mouth multiple times a day, for several days in a row, it’s sure to have some stuff growing in there that we really don’t want back in our mouth. Doctors often tell us to throw away toothbrushes when we’re sick and on a round of antibiotics, but this can be expensive with electric toothbrushes and people might not do it, which can prolong their illness or cause recurrent infections. The U/V sanitizer helps address that problem by extending the use out of the toothbrush heads.

Sonicare Healthywhite Disadvantages

It’s slightly more expensive than some other electric toothbrushes that feature multiple modes. We wish it was slightly cheaper, but it is a Sonicare, which is a brand known for quality and results. For someone who really needs the sensitive mode though, it’s worth the investment.

The Bottom Line

The Sonicare HealthyWhite brush was found to remove significantly more plaque than the Oral-B Pulsonic and Crest Spinbrush Pro Clean Sonic, including hard to reach areas. It’s available online from $100-140.

Because the design is 30% smaller and lighter than some other Sonicare models, it would work well for people with dexterity issues that cannot hold a bulkier brush. Also, the Sensitive mode is pretty much a must-have for people with significant sensitivity problems if they want to use an electronic toothbrush.

Unless you have a concern with sensitivity or toothbrush size, you might want to consider one of Sonicare’s less expensive models.

The Sonicare U/V sanitizer that is available in the Premium edition box can also be purchased separately.

C.C., Barrington, IL
Nov 20 '11
How well it works

This toothbrush delivers on what it says it will deliver. Case in point - I noticed whiter teeth within 2-3 weeks even though I switched between this and a manual toothbrush during that time. The head is small enough to get into nooks, but large enough so you’re not brushing forever. This is my second Sonicare–and it won’t be my last.

Recommended by C.C.

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