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Frequently Asked Questions on Teeth Whitening


How long does teeth whitening last?

How long you can maintain your whitened teeth will depend on several unique and individual factors. However most people find that after successful whitening, teeth rarely return to their once deeply stained state.

  • If your discoloration is due to over-consumption of tea, coffee, wine or tobacco products etc. - and you do not change your behavior, then it is likely that the whitening effect will not last as long. Additionally, teeth may require touch-ups from time to time
  • In case your teeth are genetically stained or the stains are caused by serious illness, you may need a teeth whitening treatment every few years. Normally, teeth whitening administered or prescribed by your dentist can last from 5 to 7 years.

Here at, we think that a better question is, "how long will MY teeth stay whiter?" because like so many things, it’s an answer that depends almost entirely on you.

First consideration: How are your teeth? If your dentist says you're a good candidate for whitening, you can expect your whitening to last for the maximum amount of time for the method you choose. But, if you have tetracycline stains or other genetic issues, you can only use a few whitening treatments and the duration of the results will vary. Do you take care of your teeth? Good oral hygiene goes a long way in ensuring that whatever whitening treatments you use last the maximum amount of time.

Second consideration: How are you whitening your teeth? Results from professional-level teeth whitening kits (strips, mouth trays) from the drug or discount store may last up to two years if you've followed the directions carefully–and followed up with products designed to keep teeth white. If you're using a whitening toothpaste, you'll have to keep using it–whitening toothpaste only works to clean teeth, it doesn’t actually bleach them.

On the other hand, if you're a good candidate for teeth whitening and you choose a treatment method from your dentist (in-office whitening or custom-take home trays), you can expect your whitening (again, with proper follow-up) to last up to 5 years.

If a long-lasting result is your goal, make your decisions carefully and involve your dentist. It’s the best way to guarantee that you make the right choices for your budget, your health and your smile.


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1. - abdallah - 02/01/2010
i have just a question about whitening the whole teeth including two ceramic replacement teeth (front teeth).
does whitening work for only natural teeth, or also it does work for ceramic teeth?
many thanks.
2. - ana - 09/24/2010
i had teeth whitened by laser but they are still in the yellow shade. dont they get completely white after this process . pls let me know thnx
3. - Rachel - 01/01/2011
Ceramic implants will not whiten during the process. I have 1 ceramic implant that I had made 2 shades whiter than my other teeth, knowing that I was going to have my teeth whitened. It worked out perfectly.
4. - Ann Gigure - 04/13/2011
I have a pen from Brite Smile. Does it have an expiration date?
5. - fazil - 09/27/2011
if i take bleaching(whitening ) treatment
and how long it effect whitening in my teeth?
6. - Jules - 10/29/2011
I had mine done yesterday through a 'living social' deal at a Harley Street cinic in London for £99....I am really pleased. No pain, slight sensitivity and I have to follow the 'white food diet' for 48 hours to avoid staining (pores are open and they take 48 hours to re seal) Avoid high levels of bleach and ASK before you have it done. Mine was 16% a great result. One lade sat with me had another product that was 22% bleach - her gums were wrecked and she was very sore. I feel great today and my teeth look fab....all y friends want to follow suit. OH and the treatment was done in 3 stages. I felt sone sensitivity during session 3 and stopped....Really important to stop when you start feeling avoids the horrible nasty result of over sore and sensitive teeth. Jules
7. - Nymeria - 07/19/2012
Due to an accident, in which I lost a central incisor and broke the other one into half, I am going to get a prosthetic for the former and a vernier on the latter. My colour is A3. Before I go in for the prosthetic I would like to whiten my teeth to A1. Could you tell me the adverse effects of the same. What happens, when in a few months the bleach starts to fade and my central incisors will still be of a whiter shade. I don't want to get bleaching done more than once a year and at the dental clinic. Do let me know your option regarding the same.
8. - Kayla - 08/13/2012
Ive seen those teeth whitening stations at the mall and im thinking about trying it out. Do you know how long my white teeth would last after doing this?
9. - d. hill - 10/05/2012
I have very YELLOW teeth. I go to get a zoom chairside whitening Monday for
500.. is it worth it.. will my teeth be white... and how long will it last.... IM SCARED THEY WILL NOT COME WHITE!
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