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Frequently Asked Questions on Teeth Whitening


Are there any side effects with teeth whitening?

While it is true that teeth whitening by bleaching does work, it does not come without side effects. There are many reported incidents of increased tooth sensitivity after bleaching. Prolonged exposure to bleaching agents can damage tooth enamel. If the treatment is not administered properly, there can be complications like gum irritation. The oxidizing agents are very strong and can damage the soft tissues of your mouth. The bleaching effect can also cause irritation and increased sensitivity to cold and hot fluids and sometimes even to air. In the case of home bleaching, there is a chance that patients might ingest some of the bleaching gel. In such a case, the person might experience burning or nausea.

According to a Brazilian study done in 2004, increased sensitivity is an inherent characteristic of the bleaching process - and is commonly experienced. During bleaching with carbamide peroxide, the bleaching agent can actually expose microscopic particles of the inner tooth, known as dentin. If cold water is ingested or reaches the dentin, it can cause a slight contraction that's felt as increased sensitivity. The heightened sensitivity will continue until the temperature of the tooth warms back to body temperature.

photomicrograph from Brazilian Oral Research

In detail, the photomicrograph above shows various photos of tooth enamel taken during a whitening treatment using carbamide bleaching agents. A greater degree of porosity (enamel prism dissolution) occurs as the bleaching time is increased. The complete dissolution of the enamel rod prism could account for sensitivity to cold water after bleaching.

When receiving professional teeth whitening, minimal sensitivity and good whitening results rely on factors such as pH, viscosity, and stability and, most importantly, the rate at which the carbamide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and then oxygen. Many manufacturers have chosen carbamide, as it is more stable than hydrogen peroxide. However, this also causes a slower release of the oxidizing agent and necessitates longer procedures. Some manufacturers have tried to accelerate this by adding heat (in the form of light). This can have a minimal effect but it can also be a major cause of extreme sensitivity.

We have written an in-depth article on possible teeth whitening dangers located in the article section.

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1. - alex - 03/14/2008
The last 2 lines are repeated.
2. - sandra foltman - 07/10/2008
I had a teeth whitening done two days ago and the inside of my bottom lip is very red and painful....I can not eat.....what to do?

I live in San Francisco and I do not have a car and it would take to long to get to my doctors now.
3. - jayne - 10/12/2008
i had teeth whitening last tue & had what looked like brusing on the front of my top teeth on the gum was very painfull that started to go down & on sunday a red line came up straight alone the top of my front teeth on the gum looked like a thick vain along the top 4 teeth on the gum my dentist said it looks like a cotton wool reaction it looks like a burn mark to me i had work done on my teeth he gave me 4 injections on the front of my mouth then did the bleaching i don't think he should have done the bleaching after just having the injections he said he has never seen anything like my gum has reacted
can you advice
many thanks
4. - micaela - 12/01/2008
i whitened my teeth
with aquafresh white trays
at home a little while ago.

i made sure i cleaned my teeth
REALLY good before i used them,
but I have a bunch of white specs
and streaks on my teeth now.
it looks ugly.

why didn't all part of my teeth
whiten at the same level?
5. - patricia parker - 06/28/2009
I had teeth professionally whitened. Since that time, which was approximately 4 months ago, three of my large molars have broken down, I have lot two fillings and I have two large back teeth which are absolutely senstitive right down to the gum. I have never had teeth problems, or any health probelms before, but I am terrified as to what it is going to cost me to have this rectified. The dentist swears this procedure does not weaken teeth. Wow, better a little stain.
6. - tony - 07/14/2009
i was planning on whiteing my teeth but after reading these reviews......yeah right
7. - merry tan - 07/14/2009
me too.. i was planing on whitening my teeth next week, but after knowing all the side effects..i change my mind..
8. - sarah - 08/18/2009
I thought to get my teeth whiten by white plus formula after seeing in youtube. But I remember orthodontist surgeon told me that one should not go for it.
So I changed my mind too.
9. - Jenny - 09/11/2009
i wanted to go get my teeth whitened tomorrow but after reading all these.........naaaaa better of like this i dont want to loose my teeth
10. - sieng - 10/11/2009
Ok so I got my teeth whitening before my photo shoot right? I got my teeth whiten at this place in gurnee mills and the first time the color of my teeth weren't even coming ouy white... so I went back for another session which was 20 min each... then when I got home my lip started sweelinng... the next following day my entire upper and lower lip were swollen
11. - Jessica Parson - 10/30/2009
I got my teeth whitened yesterday at a booth in the mall now my whole top lip is swollen and wont go down i took allergy medicine last night to see if that would help but nothing? What can i do to make the swelling go away. My teeth are super white but not worth having my lips swollen PLEASE HELP!
12. - Kari - 12/10/2009
I did the crest white strips, the 7 day kit.

My teeth did come out a few shades whiter, enough to satisfy me. Though they arent like paper white so they look fake, they are a few shades and some people did notice.

Few downsides, the taste makes me want to gag. They say you can talk with them on, its bs, they slide, so I did it while I was watching a tv show. And my teeth had a slight constant pain, not sharp and not too bad, just a little achy. Was able to take some tylenol to help, and it went away a few days after I was done using them.

So overall, I did get what I wanted with only slight discomfort, for the $40 I paid [coupon] for the whole kit, it wasnt bad.
13. - Jen - 12/26/2009
It's really not that bad! I did the Zoom procedure which actually did hurt a LOT but jeez guys I think everyone should be able to tolerate a little pain... then I got trays and 2 bleach kits to do at home. I just finished the Nite White system which made my teeth a little sensitive and my gums are a little sore from the trays. And now Im starting White and Brite, so I guess I'll have to see! But I do have to say that my teeth are a lot whiter!
14. - jon - 01/12/2010
just had my teeth whitened about 3 hours i carnt talk as the sensetivity is horrendous.i asked the dentist after the procedure and said 2 hours - 1 day and the pain will go fingers crossed
15. - ivan - 04/09/2010
i just got my teeth whitened on thursday and up to this day (saturday after) my gums and inside lower lip feed tight and sensitive as if there has been a burn. any one know any remedies on how to cure this?
16. - Para - 10/23/2010
Brush w lemon and salt. Lemon is a bleaching agent and salt will gently exfoliate.
Oh and baking soda.
I almost got this bleaching done, and last minute my sister reminded me of the side effects.
Why did I consider it especially without checking out natural methods first.
I am about to go online and check those out.
I don't believe in risking any side effects that happen commonly w surgery or chemical procedures.
This society really has to stop being obsessed w beauty that it makes everyone feel not good enough. How many times have we seen beautiful people get surgery because they are just not satisfied, and ended up ruining their natural good looks. But they were satisfied many times because their view of what's beautiful becomes distorted. Skin pulled tight giving a garish look is preferred over the site of slight wrinkles on an otherwise beautiful face.
17. - Q1 - 10/27/2010
I have heard that you should not use certain products if you are pregnant, so you check the pack though.
18. - sabra - 12/29/2010
brush your teeth every day day and night and don't think ever about whitining your teeth I mean bleaching.Its nothing good about it It's will destroy your teeth for ever.
19. - Can't eat - 01/08/2011
I had my teeth professionally bleached 2 days ago, which consisted of 4 10 min sessions. During the first session, my lower lip burned horribly. They continued the treatment with a wet paper towel on my lip. When I left my lip was swollen and had white burns on it. 2 days later, the pain is worse and there are 4 burned areas (white and ulcerative-looking) on my lower lip. Had no idea this was a possibility or wouldn't have done it. My lip hurts so bad that I cannot eat. Would not recommend at all!
20. - Bert - 01/26/2011
4, 15 min sessions done at dentist office. The "electric shock" feelings in my teeth really hurt during the last two sessions. The bleaching solution "leaked" and burned the edges of my gums bordering my upper and lower front teeth. Didn't get a good nights rest because of the pain. Teeth are beautifully white, my gums not as pretty. Not sure if I would do it again.
21. - sydney - 03/28/2011
i used the plackers whitening trays, and the gel got on my tongue, now i cannot taste anything. is it possible that it burnt off my taste buds :( ?
22. - Ryan Moore - 04/28/2011
I have a BIG chip on my front tooth almost half from when i was a kid. have been travelling and the cap came off, i got it glued back on temperally, iam in vietnam and current getting my teeth whiten and my cap re-done, i hope i dont get these side effects you guys speak of.
a smile is every thing to me a hope this isn't a burdin for life. Wish me luck.
23. - mickey B - 04/28/2011
had my teeth whitened by Zoom 5 hours 8 shades lighter. Wow im in pain. not all the time its like shocks . I hope it goes away . But if I new about this pain there is no way I would of had this done. Never again . I hope by newt week I can say it was worth it . But right now its not.
24. - marcus - 05/22/2011
i had the teeth whitening by zoom 3 days back.cold or hot coffee anything knocks the bee jabbers out of me.the gums ve multiplied in size and not to mention the the lips.But the teeth ,snow white.yellow stains are not so bad as the pain now feels..
25. - teethwhitener - 06/04/2011
hi guys,

I conduct laser teeth whitening and all i can say is that you should be very careful who you let near your teeth.

If you are having this procedure done you should ask if they will be applying a gingeval barrier to your gum. this stops the bleaching agent from coming into contact with the gum.

Secondly, at no point should the bleaching agent come into contact with any part of the mouth except for ur teeth. those of u that have experienced white marks on lips and gums, this is where the bleaching agent has come into contact with the soft tissues of the mouth. I would recomend going to ur local pharmacy/ drugstore and asking them for a product which will numb and help it heal. These products vary depending where you are.

It is very poor show to get the bleaching agent onto a clients gums. The gel is quite thick and does not drip so should be applied to each tooth individually. If you are having this done, tell the person in no uncertain terms that if they do burn your gum then you will not pay. they will be a lot more careful. Try to avoid stalls in malls/ shopping centres.

My clients have been 50 50 regarding pain after the whitening. But i always give my clients liquid ibprufen tablets to take an hour afterwards. and tell them to continue the dosage, if they feel any discomfort. Ibprufen will take away the achey feeling.

You should also make sure that the person does not us stronger than 16% hydrogen peroxide or 36% carbimide peroxide. Although local laws vary the maounf legally used, the risk of pain and a negative reaction is higher if the bleaching agent is stronger.

Also there is no danger of your teeth breaking down during this procedure, especially the back ones as you should only be bleaching visible teeth. i.e the ones at the front.

The old saying beauty is pain is sometimes true. Just take plenty of ibprufen after wards if u start to feel any pain, It is worth it in the end. just dont be naive enough to think it is totally pain free for everyone. there is no harm in taking a couple of ibprufen just in case.

hope this helps.
26. - Caz - 07/08/2011
im having mine done on monday, im a little scared after reading the comments on this site but think i have done my research. Let u no how it goes. it has helped reading the comments as at least i no a few things to look out for and hopefully see any sign of (like the gel gettin on my gums or lips) i will def b saying i wont b paying if this happens! wish me luck, i will let u all no how i get on.
27. - Selivbo - 07/13/2011
I got my teeth laser whitened yesterday... and i do have to say the result was amazing,but the side effects were insane. I was not able to tolerate the pain in my gums so the dentist had to remove the chemicals from my teeth before i even completed the session. My gums were extremely swollen and they felt like they were literally burning. My gums were also white, there was no color or probably even blood flow thru them and god was the throbbing of my entire mouth was so painful. The dentist had to inject anesthetic on my gums because i could not tolerate the pain. Today my gums feel a little better, but my teeth are super sensitive, they hurt from just my tongue touching them.
28. - Apple - 07/30/2011
Oops! I have appointment in couple weeks to get Zoom whitening. After reading these yeah right. I will call to cancel the appointment.
29. - MN - 08/04/2011
I highly recommend Arm & Hammer Whitening toothpaste with liquid calcium. My teeth (very sensitive set) never looked better (whiter) and the process is nowhere close to as invasive as bleaching.
30. - Chinedo nnanna fortune - 09/20/2011
27,Fortune- 20/09/2011
am a dental technologist, i have a friend that seriously wanted her tooth to be white, she decided to go for tooth whitening even after my professional advice and letting her know the side effects. Now she calls me her enemy because her tooth are sensitive even wit d slight contact with air. I advice evryone that reads this article to be contended with what God has given to them.
31. - Prasad - 09/25/2011
I was planning to go for teeth whitening today.. but after reading all these posts I decided not to go.

Guys what is your opinion on home remedies. Plz search below keywords in google-

32. - noreen - 10/08/2011
yes i too was suppose to b going for lazer teeth whitening but reading all the comments has scared me as my teeth are pretty good no fillings or bad teeth so b afraid of all the side effects ruin my teeth 4 ever b a bad looking sight after all ur side effects aimagine if i was to get all of them...
33. - Allie - 10/14/2011
Had my teeth bleached yesterday with chemical and LED light to speed up the process , my gums are red and feel excoriated but nothing I can't handle. On the other hand after I got finished Iit felt like my upper lip was tingling they told me to apply chap stick and it would stop in about 10 minutes. Well it did not stop and my whole upper lip is swollen and has a blister forming on it , very painful
34. - Ali - 12/05/2011
I had my teeth whitened last week - I had four 15 minute sessions with a qualified dentist - it cost $650.00. I had a consult a week before where I was given a gel/moose to apply twice a day after brushing my teeth for the week before whitening. I have sensitive front teeth due to a horse knocking both nearly out of my head. I was very nervous but the whole procedure went without a hitch. My teeth are white my gums are normal and I had absolutely no pain whatsoever during the 1 1/2 hours. I think it depends on where and who does the procedure - what you pay for is what you get. Happy white smile :-)
35. - elvis - 12/26/2011
i had my teeth whitened in tj with this doc vasquez and they are really white bein good. and i got not problems no swelling or hurting thank god
36. - j nprton - 02/02/2012
I had my teeth whitened last weds I suffered suver burning and blisters the pain was horrendous for almost a week later I really suffered and after all that they don't seem any different in whiteness either o tpld them about it and went to see them a few days later and asked for my mpney back they tefused and tried tp make put o cpuld have spme lond pf gum dicease ot is so wrpng what they have dpne and the way o have been treated what can I do I am sp upset about it all can I Sioux them or or teport them so this doesn't happen to anyone else?
37. - severe burning - 03/01/2012
WARNING: I whitened my teeth with nitewhite (apparently 10% carbamide peroxide) on the advise of a dentist as I was having a crown and he said to whiten my teeth... something I never thought I needed. Used for one day, five hours in total and I have severe chemical burns to my tongue, mouth, gums, throat & stomach. Its' been 17 days since use and no change at all, mouth still burning, stomach pains and nausea has subsided a bit. I had a live blood analysis done and have free radicals in my blood attacking my red blood cells from the teeth whitener, this can cause cancer from the free radicals also after extensive research on the net, teeth whitener can cause tongue cancer, I have seen my doctor three times, and she said I have chemical burns in my mouth. Nothing has been prescribed for my mouth as that would be chemicals as well and I have a chemical overload in my body from this carbamide peroxide(and other nasty chemicals like propylene glycol)which is in the teeth whitener - I so regret using teeth whitener, my teeth were fine and I never put any chemicals in my body. i trusted the dentist as well, the mouthguard was not fitted properly I told them this they ignored it, the packet did not come with a information brochure and the dental assistant said this to me, there were no warnings on the box, no information brochure and that too me is a breach of a duty of care by the dentist and the nitewhite company...when I asked the dentist what are the side effects he said sensitive teeth, he forget to mention chemical burns as well (bu then its all about the money, not the patients health) I'm devastated, in pain, and if the pain & burning does not go away what do I do, any suggestions from doctors or people in similar position, how long does it take for the mouth to go back to normal from a chemical burn. Remember this was done under a dentist.
38. - Janey - 03/09/2012
I was going to get my teeth whitened next week but after reading these comments i have decided to cancel and purchase Crest's whitening strips as they have very good reviews on their website.
39. - anon boston girl - 03/27/2012
I've tried Crest whitestrips and 35% carbamide gel with custom made teeth trays. Here's my comparison...

Both cause sensitivity and whiten teeth but the carbamide causes more pain/sensitivity and whitens much more effectively. The carbamide doesn't cause me any gum irritation, while the Crest strips do. The active ingredient in Crest whitestrips is hydrogen peroxide, which is a stronger, less stable oxidizer than carbamide peroxide. This is also why the carbamide peroxide must be left in longer (overnight). Eventually, it'll break down into hydrogen peroxide but that takes time and your gums aren't in contact with it for the length of the entire treatment.

Crest whitestrips are less expensive. The treatment is only for a few minutes at a time, while the trays are an overnight commitment. Crest works much more gradually, but they also produce more even whitening (less spots, streaks, etc) and appear more natural because they aren't beaming artificial whiteness. They can also be used more regularly because they don't cause nearly as much sensitivity as the carbamide gel.

If your teeth are slightly yellow from coffee, smoking, etc, I'd go with the carbamide peroxide because it'll give you better results. If I could have started with a lower percentage knowing what I do now, I would've began with 22% instead of 35% carbamide gel.

But, if your teeth are just off white (a couple shades below where you'd like), go with the Whitestrips because they'll get the job done without the cost and pain.
40. - Melody - 04/10/2012
I tried crest white strips & they gave me tremendous pain. I've had root canals done on my 2 upper front teeth. My dentist suggested I go for laser whitening before I get my crowns put on. When you have crowns put on they match them to the color of your other teeth. Crowns will not whiten, this is the reason for whitening before hand. my teeth were not sensitive before I had this done. It was $249.00 for 1/2 hour, but I had a coupon & paid $75.00 ... Some deal:( . I told the girl my teeth didn't look any whiter, she assured me they would whiten over the next few days. They did not. I called & talked to the owner of the spa who offered to do then again free of charge. I wish I had been smart & ran the other way! I ended up with a very badly burnt bottom lip & the next day I had a bad chest & lung infection! I had never even thought about having this procedure done before the dentist suggested it. My health has suffered because I thought whiter teeth would make me look better, what a joke , no one can see me anyways because Im in bed sick!! I hope after reading this you think twice about getting it done. Please learn from my mistake!
41. - Joe - 04/12/2012
I used. Rest whites trips 2 hour... Now my gums have been swollen for 3 days and the pain is unbearable!!!!! Please help?!?! And pls don't use them
42. - Crest White Strips - 05/11/2012
I saw my father visiting dentist many times for tooth implant and I also saw him suffering from its pain, our family dentist told that every dental procedures has some advantages and disadvantages but it is important to see how we can overcome or lessen the degree of disadvantages to get the utmost benefits out of it. The side effects of teeth whitening treatment are extremely small in amount or degree. The negative effects are short term and they disappear after a couple of days but if in-case the negative effects stands for long it would be beneficial to consult the dentist instantly.10.
43. - kim - 05/18/2012
getting crown in front tooth so dentist recommended teeth whitening 1st.
just started nite white 2 days ago. left tray in 2 hours. yes sore teeth all day yesterday. but it subsided. now on 2nd application. will see.
i too dont like putting chemicals in my body and think the dentist just wants the money. (shame on him!) the pain i feel is alarming. it seems very bad for the teeth. but then again, it hurts getting novocaine shot and drilling but days later zero pain.
44. - Pita - 05/31/2012
Me too would like whiter teeth... I feel so sorry 4 all those ppl with pain and damage done thru the whitening. But i'm also grateful that u ppl post ur experiences on the internet as a warning 2 others. Even natural bleachers, like lemon juice and baking soda, are aggressive and damage the enamel...
45. - Catniss - 06/07/2012
after i had my prophylaxis yesterday, the dentist had me come back today for my whitening. if your gums are sensitive or are bleeding after they were cleaned, it is best to postpone your session. the session itself was a bit uncomfortable - they have you wear a plastic guard in your mouth to keep it open, the dentist applies some kind of hardening gel around your gums to prevent them from being burned by the peroxide. a few pieces of cotton are placed between the teeth and lips so they don't come into contact. my teeth are very yellow because i drink coffee a lot and it's in my genes. the reapplied the peroxide 3 times, putting it under blue light for 10 minutes each. i went from an A3 to an A1 (tooth color) and so i would need to come back again if i want my teeth whiter. the dentist said the slight tingly sensation and tooth sensitivity is normal within the first 2 days, to 1 week. i was advised to use a whitening toothpaste (Pearly White) and avoid colored food (tomato sauces, chocolate, etc).

at first i was worried how sensitive my teeth would get because my teeth are sensitive to acidic drinks like lemonade. but i was pleasantly surprised that i can now drink cold drinks after just a few hours :)
46. - Kelly - 07/17/2012
I went to the dentist to get my teeth whitened. He applied the gel onto the tray he molded from my teeth previously and left it on for 30 min. When he put it on it felt like it was burning my gums. He said to wipe away any excess gel. Then he gave me the tube of gel with the tray to my teeth and told me to do it daily for 30 min a day. Needless to say, the roof of my mouth developed a blister from the burning gel. I could not eat properly for a few days. I told him and he said to stop using it until it heals. (ya think?) my teeth were sensitive to begin with and yes they are a bit more sensitive now while I'm doing this but using the right toothpaste helps a lot. I won't lie and say the stuff doesn't burn cuz it does, but that's minor to me for the results of hopefully attaining whiter teeth. It all depends on how badly you want it. I went back to the dentist the other day and he told me to continue using it for up to one hour at a time now. I see a little difference, so I'm hoping the end results will pay off. The only thing I can't understand is why this costs $600?? Seems to me I am doing all the work!
47. - hawaiianbreez - 08/04/2012
ok folks..reading all of these posts really had me nervous about my teeth whitening consult. However, as I continued to read, some of you posted that you had visited a spa or side booth at a mall. Then it made more sense why some of you were burned during your whitening procedure.
I've wanted to whiten my teeth for years and tried the store bought trays which were messy and caused some pain, so stopped using them. Never tried the Crest white strips, but tried whitening tooth paste and tried baking soda at a different stage in all this, but still felt it helped very little for me and also caused the sensitivity.
Ultimately, I wanted the laser whitening and booked a consult with a "Brite Smile" dentist. I did my homework and checked the reviews and the BBB for any complaints on this dentist and on Brite Smile. Didn't find anything negative and the dentist was rated a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
I decided to have the procedure done and the results are astonishing! The results can vary for everyone, so it's amazing that I was able to get close to 5 shades whiter!! Now I look forward to taking care of my smile just as i did before my teeth were yellowing. I enjoy seeing my smile at every mirror chance I get!! Can't wait to show off my smile when wearing red lipstick!!
I have to admit there is a lot of pain so I have taken some advil, but will switch to tylenol as the person who also wrote a review suggested. No burns, and I have to admit my pain tolerance is higher than some so I went a total of 4 sessions at 20 mins per session and is why I achieved the higher result.
For those of you who are looking for a Brite Smile Dental office, the one in Rancho Cucamonga CA is the one I recommend and Martha will take care of you!!
48. - lolins - 09/27/2012
Got my teeth whitened Zoom whitening and trays, I have never had sensitive teeth since then I cannot eat, drink or have any spit inside my mouth touch off my teeth. the first 15minutes were fine, the second 15minutes the pain began it's like needles burtsing through your gums. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy. Im on strongest painkillers, my teeth look stained and my gums are burnt... i know it depends on the person but for vanity purposes i was so stupid. I would prefer my yellow teeth than this much pain - if it improves i will leave a comment but ive already had two tubes of relief gel and nothing! think twice...
49. - Diane - 11/21/2012
Do not trust a dentist.Plain and simple Teeth whitening is dangerous.Teeth whitening is a billion dollar industry making dentists rich and people sick. Teeth whitening causes irreversible chemical damage to the teeth.Tooth discolouration, uneven colour and once bleached your tooth will never be the same, it will become stained easier as teeth whiteners strips the enamel of teeth, even destroying the nerve in your tooth, so your tooth will go black. Teeth whitener (carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide) is a corrosive, cytotoxic chemical, and if it comes in contact with your oral mucosa (gums, tongue, cheeks, lips, throat etc ) it will cause chemical burns. I am a victim of chemical burns from a teeth whitener. I have had skin sloughing of the inside of my cheeks, blisters, ulcers everywhere in my mouth, lumps have formed on my tongue. Seven months later I am still in pain, with the lumps still on my tongue and a red raw throat and tingling lips. The teeth whitener has chemically damaged my mouth. I was chemically poisoned from unintentionally swallowing the teeth whitener, and this had affected my health. I would describe the pain I have been experiencing for the last 7 months as the worst imaginable pain, as if I have eaten a mouth full of the hottest chillies and that burning pain being there for 7 months. In regards to Melody and Kim's comments, I too was told from the dentist as part of having crowns you need to have your teeth whitened, teeth whitening had never entered my mind, ever as my teeth are white, but the dentists and staff insisted and pressured me into having my teeth whitened. By the way this is not true, just another money making scheme for dishonest negligent dentists. As a duty of care the dentists is suppose to tell you the full side effects of teeth whitening and you should sign a consent form with all the side effects in writing, but most will not do this as then you wouldn't sign it and the dentists wouldn't make his $1000 teeth whitening in the chair. Not once did the dentists inform me of the serious risks associated with teeth whitening as if he did I would not have had the procedure done. But of course the dentists are not going to tell you you can get chemcial burns as then you wouldn't have the whitening done and they lose money. Anyone thinking of getting there teeth whitened don't. Look up on the internet the dangers of teeth whitening, the side effects of teeth whitening. ACCC has banned high percentage teeth whiteners because of chemical burns to the mouth and discoloured teeth and why is this because of the numerous complaints from the public on chemical burns from a teeth whitener. The truth about teeth whiteners is there you just have to look and then make your decision based on the truth and of course comments like mine. I so wish I had of looked up sites as this one, but I trusted the dentist. So remember never trust a dentists his more concerned about the money in his pocket than the health of his patient. All these dental sites that claim that teeth whitening is safe and causes no damage to the teeth are absolute liars and this is false and misleading information to the public. They are misinforming the public and that to me is criminal. Teeth whitening and a dentist have ruined my life.
50. - Tooth sensitivity - 10/05/2013
My dentist recommended a product that works great to teeth, Just have to apply it ot teeth after you whiten and the pain is gone. Finally, I can whiten my teeth without sensitivity discomfort.
52. - Goren - 11/15/2014
“So long as there is breath in me, that long I will persist. For now I know one of the greatest principles on success; if I persist long enough I will win.” – Og Mandino | | | | |
53. - SusanK - 12/26/2014
I had my teeth whitened at XtremeTeethWhitening and have not suffered any tooth sensitivity. The overall look if great. However I now have a blister on the upper gum and my lips are swollen. I have contacted the professional that did the treatment but have not yet heard from her. I am rinsing with salt water and as well as using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. My upper lip is very swollen and it is hard to smile. Any suggestions on how to reduce this swelling?
54. - asslop - 02/08/2015
55. - ninest123 - 03/06/2015
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