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Frequently Asked Questions on Teeth Whitening


Why do my gums have white spots and swell after whitening and how can I prevent this from happening?

It is common after whitening to see white spots on the gums. You might also feel swelling in the gums. It's important to note that this will happen when any kind of peroxide comes into contact with gums. Although the "bleached gums" and soreness is temporary, applying Vitamin E liquid (from the gel caps) onto the affected area can promote faster healing.

Here are some additional things you can do to minimize gum irritation:

  • Wipe off excess bleach with a soft cloth after fitting mouth trays.
  • Apply Vaseline to your gums before bleaching.
  • Don't brush your teeth before bleaching. Brushing causes tiny microabrasions in the gingiva (gums) and bleach will penetrate these abrasions.
  • Expectorate as much bleach as possible after removing mouth trays.
  • Rinse with water before brushing.

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