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Frequently Asked Questions on Teeth Whitening


Can I whiten Bonding, Veneers or Crowns?

The majority of the treatments available for teeth whitening are suitable only for natural teeth. Most bleaching agents only work on natural tooth enamel and not on artificial materials. In fact, teeth bleaching chemicals can damage bonding, veneers or crowns.

It is possible that bonding, veneers, or crowns can accumulate extrinsic stains. This can be removed through a whitening treatment made specfically for this reason.

However, in some cases it is possible to make a veneer look whiter through instrinsic stain whitening. Since a veneer only covers the front of a tooth, bleaching agents can access the natural tooth structure from behind. By whitening the underlying dentin, the veneer may show more brightness. Today, new methods of bleaching, like deep bleaching, are making progress in the ability to whiten underlying dentin.

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1. - Gloria Pennington - 02/24/2009
I have enamel bonding on 5 of my front teeth. Is there anything I can use to whiten them at home? They look gray in natural light.
2. - James - 02/28/2009
Your best bet would be to visit the dentist and have him check the bonding. Dentists have the ability to rejuvinate and add luster to old bonding without replacing it. Sometimes you can get rid of some surface stains with bleach, but it sounds like your issue is with all the bonding not matching.
3. - Stephanie Wyatt - 04/29/2010
Can u whiten dentures or partials
4. - TWR - 05/04/2010
You can't whiten "dentures or partials" but you can have them professionally cleaned might remove the surface stains and make them appear more white with luster.
5. - Pandora - 03/06/2011
If I were to whiten a bonded tooth, could the whitening actually make the bonded tooth whiter than the original teeth? That would look a little silly, so I am a bit apprehensive about whitening again.
6. - Betsi - 06/24/2011
So if your mouth is full of crowns, you do not recommend this product to work fully or it could damage my crowns? My entire mouth is full of crown work. Please let me know.
7. - Linda - 07/05/2011
Just had 5 front teeth bonded. I asked for really white teeth. Got the same color as my natural teeth. The reason I asked for bonding was for really white teeth, & that was what I was promised. Is there any way this can be corrected?
8. - Martin - 05/17/2012
I have a grown in one of my front teeth its starting to change colour abit hw cud i get this whiter?
9. - rachel v - 06/19/2012
i have a small bonding on front tooth..if i whiten my teeth..will they all be white but the bonding?
10. - Paul - 07/10/2012
Hi i have just had my front top six teeth crowned, he said he wanted the teeth to match the bottom ones in colour, i have to go back in a couple of weeks i was going to ask if they could or if he would make them a little bit whiter can this be done. Thanks
11. - gwen - 08/06/2012
my denist give me a home kit for bleaching my teeth, knowing that most of teeth where crowned, i ask him if that would be damage His answer was no after i bleached them,
i read your website saying they would damage will they cause
i haev already finished the bleaching process,now am afraid of the damage to my crowns
12. - Linda Waterman - 10/11/2013
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13. - Linda - 10/11/2013
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16. - Teeth Whitening in Ottawa - 07/08/2014
I think one should consult the dentist for this, if there is any special whitening treatment for crowns and veneers.
17. - ardian106 - 07/09/2014
You can't whiten "dentures or partials" but you can have them professionally cleaned might remove the surface stains and make them appear more white with luster
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