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Hollywood Elite Whitening System

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The Hollywood Elite Whitening System Review

The Hollywood Elite Whitening System is offered by a California company called Whitening Lightning. It is typically found on Daily Deal style websites along with "affiliate marketing" related pages. They sell two levels of whitening products ($149 and $399), eyebrow shaping kits and lipstick. It was started by a mobile teeth whitening company. They do not manufacture the products they sell - they create their private brand from dental suppliers. Their whitening gel is a 16% hydrogen peroxide based formula with mouth trays - serious information about the science behind their system is not available.

So, if you find a Daily Deal from Hollywood Elite Whitening, you should probably know that you’re not getting the "deal" you thought. Retail prices of $149 or $399 are way too high for the standard whitening products sold here. User reviews are few and largely negative. We don’t think this product is a total rip-off however, just a product that needs some more realistic marketing ideas.


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