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Kiss Me Whitening System

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Tray + LED System
30% Carbamide Peroxide
Average Price: $39
Kiss Me Whitening System image

KissMe! Whitening Review

The KissMe! Whitening System is typically sold on Groupon style websites. This is a tray and led based system.

Includes 1 soft-brite mouth tray, 2 30% Carbamide Peroxide Syringes, LED Light, Tray Case, 6 Vitamin E Swabs, and a bib.

If you have purchased or used this system before, please post your experience below.

Shika Hanbai, Chongqing
Feb 16 '17
How well it works
Affordability a Whitening instrument store, not only has a personal whitening instrument, as well as dental hospitals, beauty salons with whitening instrument. Welcome to buy

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Crystal, Grand Rapids, MI
Sep 05 '12
How well it works
Paid $24.00

I bought this teeth whitening with a groupon, so it was a great deal. And it works really, really well. I noticed results after just the first treatment. However, my gums are in so much pain during the treatment that I am not able to complete the recommended 20 minutes. My gums behind my top front teeth feel like they've been burned, and that feeling remains the next morning. The rest of my gums are tender and I even had one spot of blood. I love the results I'm getting, but am very concerned about any lasting damage I might be causing. And I'm frustrated that it's so painful during the treatment. I don't know if everyone experiences this or not.

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