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Pearl White Solutions

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Pearl White Solution Whitening Kit Review

Pearl White is a Canadian-based company that offers a light-activated whitening system. Pearl White features a hand-held light activation device,* heat-and-mold mouth trays (a nice touch) and a carbamide peroxide-based gel that’s high in water content to help ease sensitivity. Being offered for $49 - the Daily Deal ad on Groupon says it’s normally $399, but we couldn’t find any evidence of that. Here’s what we know:

  • Pearl White doesn’t seem to be a dental company, rather a company who
    sees a business opportunity in whitening. It currently offers franchises on its website.
  • The kit, however, has a high degree of sophistication; someone thought about
    how to put together a smart whitening kit.

  • There are a few testimonials on its website, but no user reviews.

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