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Brite Impressions

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LED Light Activated
35% Carbamide Peroxide
Average Price: $ 100
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About Brite Impressions

Brite Impressions was founded in 2000 is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. They manufacture whitening gels - both for dental and cosmetic teeth whitening markets. They sell their cosmetic products in one of two ways - as “events” held at your salon, spa gym or venue where the whitening is conducted by Brite Impressions-certified representatives - or through their “Turnkey Business in a Box” - which permits salon, spa, gym etc. owners to offer cosmetic whitening onsite (self-administered).


The Brite Impressions Business Model

If a spa or salon owner doesn’t want to offer cosmetic teeth whitening all the time, he or she can contract with Brite Impressions for a teeth whitening event. Brite Impressions will dictate the price of the service and pay the spa/salon operator a commission for every appointment they book. If someone wants to offer cosmetic teeth whitening, in a spa, salon, kiosk or a gym - there are “Turnkey Business in a Box” options for the owner/operator. Materials in the “box” contain the operators choice of 1 of 4 cool blue LED lights, a specified number of self-administered strip or mouthpiece whitening kits in either Carbamide or Hydrogen Peroxide, a whitening pen for the client and a shade guide to measure results. Brite Impressions also claims to offer marketing materials and ready-made kiosks for mall whitening - but these do not yet appear ready for sale on their website.


How Brite Impressions Teeth Whitening Works

The Brite Impressions teeth whitening process utilizes a 35% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel pre-loaded onto foam strips or into a mouthpiece, followed by a 20-minute session with one of their new cool blue LED lights. Additional details from company have been queried.


Brite Impressions locations

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