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LED Light Activated
22% Hydrogen Peroxide
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About iBrite

iBrite is the commercial name of the whitening system offered by iBrite/DaVinci of San Diego, CA. iBrite/DaVinci is a West Coast distributor of DaVinci products (see DaVinci review); the iBrite principal is Alan Creamer. The company sells both professional dental supplies, as well as the branded “iBrite” whitening system for spas/salons and entrepreneurs. They’ve been in business for 4 years, but through their association with DaVinci, have been involved with the manufacturing of dental office and cosmetic teeth whitening products since 1989. Through DaVinci, iBrite claims to own the patents filed for - and to manufacture many of - the dental trays used in dental offices and in cosmetic teeth whitening processes. Again, utilizing their association with DaVinci, iBrite also manufactures teeth whitening kits used in retail, spas and salons for mass distribution by distributors. .


The iBrite Business Model

The iBrite/DaVinci business model is not a franchise - you may purchase and use as many whitening kits and lights as you wish; bearing in mind that legal restrictions require self-administration of both the actual gel and the light activation sequence. If purchasing in volume and requesting assistance, iBrite/DaVinci also offers you training, marketing advice, marketing plan guidance and ongoing support to help you maximize your business opportunity. You may charge whatever you wish for the services.


How the iBrite system works

The iBrite process begins with the client placing a moldable tray to her/his upper and lower rows of teeth. The trays hold a proprietary gel that contains a 50% H202 (approx 22% active hydrogen peroxide) teeth whitening gel formula. Once the client inserts the trays, they’re left in place for 15 minutes while the whitening gel penetrates the teeth. The next phase of the iBrite treatment is laser teeth whitening, where the light of the iBrite high density cold laser is projected onto to the teeth to activate the gel. The iBrite™ light uses a combination of patented light technology in conjunction with a proprietary wavelength - in the blue-green spectrum of 460-490 nanometers, which is the most effective whitening range. The iBrite system claims to manage sensitivity through the “cold” laser light and the pH balance of the gel formula. iBrite recommends whitening touch-ups, but state that a good candidate may still see results after a year.


iBrite Whitening System locations

Seem to be clustered in Southern California, but were not identifiable.


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