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LED Light Activated
12% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $ 69
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About iBriteExpress

iBriteExpress is located in South Florida and sells the major components that make up a whitening business within a salon, spa or kiosk. The iBriteExpress Whitening System promises to be simple, effective and painless with proven results at a fraction of the cost of other procedures. Names of principals or years in business were not available - company has been queried.

The iBriteeEpress business model

iBriteExpress is not a franchisor - it sells directly to the teeth whitening operator. Materials include 2 different whitening gels (bleaching and maintenance), 1 cool blue light, one whitening chair, a Vita Shade guide and marketing materials directly to the teeth whitening operator. Unlike many other systems, iBriteExpress is upfront and well-prepared with marketing materials to help you promote your business. If you are purchasing in multiples, wholesale prices are available upon request. Also, iBriteExpress provides operators with FDA registration for its LED light, as well as product liability insurance for its whitening/maintenance formulas.

How iBriteExpress teeth whitening works

iBriteExpress whitening features a 12% hydrogen peroxide gel which can be used with custom bite registration mouth trays or with non-custom standard mouth trays. It’s designed to work with the iBrite 3rd Generation Mobile LED Bleaching Light - in whitening sessions lasting from 15 to 30 minutes. Shade results are in the normal range for kiosk/spa/salon operators - 4 to 8 shades of difference for good whitening candidates. iBriteExpress claims to have added special ingredients to its formula to ease sensitivity, but did not provide specifics.

iBriteExpress locations

North Carolina, Arkansas were identified. iBriteExpress does not have a location finder on its website.

Bob Feraci, Richmond,Va
Feb 09 '15
How well it works

Retainer came apart after first attempt at re-whitening. The first result after whitening was O.K. Tried to call the number and facility in Mrytle Beach S.C. where I had it done and they had closed.

Not Recommended by Bob Feraci

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