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LED Light Activated
?% Carbamide Peroxide
Average Price: $ 150
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About LightSpa

LightSpa, Inc was founded in 2007 and has its corporate offices in Riviera, FL. It offers self-administered teeth whitening franchises in the east, southeast, Midwest and Las Vegas. The LightSpa system utilizes LED light activation, a unique two-sided mouthpiece and a “proprietary” whitening gel formula. The LightSpa system promises up to 7 shades of improvement in a single 15-minute session.


The LightSpa Business Model

LightSpa offers a true franchise business model and states it comes with much of the equipment and supplies one needs to get started. According to a LightSpa advertorial in Entrepreneur magazine, the franchise fee of $35,000 includes 4 complete LightSpa systems, full training, business and marketing support, access to their website, on-going consultation, and an exclusive territory–so that a salon, spa, kiosk or independent operator may perform up to 4 individual whitening treatments at a time at a recommended (and marketed) retail price of $149.00 ea.
As with any true franchise operation, a percentage of sales (depending on volume of business) will be given to LightSpa with profits after franchise fees being retained by the salon, spa, kiosk or home operator. LightSpa positions itself as a “helpful” company and will train you in how to hold special “events” at your location - and assist you with ongoing marketing support from its corporate offices. A franchisee can also go to the next step by opening a LightSpa Store. The LightSpa Store enables the franchisee to set up at one or multiple locations in their protected territory. The franchisee then drives traffic to the stores through the use of LightSpa’s proprietary marketing systems.


How the LightSpa System Works

The LightSpa system consists of a special pulsed blue light LED that is calibrated to the perfect wavelength. The blue light LED works in conjunction with a special top-and-bottom mouth piece and a whitening activator. The customer inserts the mouthpiece into their mouth and positions the blue light LED within two inches of the mouthpiece for up to 15 minutes. The promise is an improvement of up to 7 shades. Despite extensive research for, we have been unable to verify details of the system itself, including strength of LED light and formulation of whitening gel or activator.


Light Spa Whitening Locations

Currently, LightSpa has 18 franchises, primarily in Florida, but additional locations can be found in NY, Rhode Island, TX, Las Vegas, MO and OH.


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