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Smiling Bright

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LED Light Activated
35% Carbamide Peroxide
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About Smiling Bright

Smiling Bright is a small company offering free standing cosmetic teeth whitening in Chicago (2), Washington DC and Ft. Worth, TX. They offer 20, 30, 40 or 60 minute whitening sessions and don’t promise specific whitening results.

At the Smiling Bright office, a technician gives you a self-administered kit featuring an application of Vitamin E to protect lips and gums, two mouth trays loaded with a 35% Carbamide peroxide gel and a toothbrush to brush your teeth. Once you insert the gel-filled mouth trays, the Smiling Bright technician will place a blue LED light in front of you to activate the whitening gel.

According to Smiling Bright, “The peroxide gel formula interacts with the L.E.D. light in order to oxygenate the ions in the gel in order to extrapolate the stains from your teeth.”  Here at, we hear quite a bit about Blue LED lights, but according to recent testing, the jury is still out on their effectiveness. Smiling Bright


Smiling Bright Claims


  • More affordable than Zoom or Brite Smile (from $149 - $249)
  • Flexible-length whitening sessions
  • In-office sessions or take-home kits, including follow-up kits are available


Does Smiling Bright cause tooth sensitivity?

Smiling Bright doesn’t dodge the question of tooth sensitivity, but it doesn’t promise any special ingredients or techniques to minimize it either. They explain you may experience temporary discomfort but that it doesn’t last more than a day or so. Here are their recommendations for more sensitive folks:

* Wear your trays for a shorter period of time and wait a day or so before resuming
* Insure that the gel stays within the tray
* Wipe off any excess gel from the tray, trying to keep the gel from your gums
* Use toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth
* You can apply fluoride gel to your teeth 3-4 minutes prior to whitening


Where can I get Smiling Bright done?

Chicago, Washington D.C. and Ft. Worth, TX.


Smiling Bright Whitening Factor

This is a relatively small teeth-whitening system so we are unsure about the kind of whitening results one would achieve. We are curious to know what patients and dentists think of the system. Please post your experiences with us!


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