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Go Smile Whitening Light

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Light Activated Gel
?% Hydrogen peroxide
Average Price: $198
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Go Smile Smile Whitening Light System Review

GoSmile’s been around since 2002 and had developed a solid line of OTC whitening products at the higher end of the market. Since being purchased in 2008, they’ve become more aggressive with their marketing, adding newer, faster formulas to their whitening product line. The Go Smile Smile Whitening Light System is their latest innovation. It brings Activation Light technology home with a hand-held light, that, when combined with their Whitening Serum produces 8+ shades of whitening in as little as 30 minutes. (Many experts believe the addition of an Activation Light to the teeth whitening process speeds and intensifies results. Others don’t. But Go Smile carefully tests its products, so if you’re a good candidate for whitening - you may see a real difference.)

Like all Go Smile products, the system comes packaged in a sturdy and handsome box - that also serves as a storage case for the light. Instructions are wisely printed on the box so you can’t lose them. Retail pricing will probably start at the $150 mark or so.


What Is In The Go Smile Smile Whitening Light System?

You’ll receive the hand-held Activation Light and 12 ampoules of Whitening Serum with your Go Smile Whitening Light System. The gel packs a powerful whitening punch; how powerful we can’t tell you though, the people at Go Smile won’t release the formulation of their hydrogen peroxide solutions. The light features a well-designed mouthpiece for easy use - and comes with a built-in 10-minute timer, so you can’t overdo the whitening at a single setting. The 12 ampoules of serum are enough for two complete whitening sessions.


How Does the Go Smile Whitening Light System Whiten Teeth?

Go Smile utilizes the same peroxide whitening science that most high-end systems use - altering and improving the peroxide solution formula with added sensitivity fighters and a high concentration to whiten from the outside in. First, you’ll brush your teeth and blot them dry so that the Whitening Serum can fully adhere to them. You’ll then pop open a Whitening Gel Ampoule and apply it with it’s sponge applicator - it’s very easy to use. Switch on the light, insert the mouthpiece between your lips and wait for 10 minutes–the light will turn itself off. You’ll repeat this Serum/Light routine twice more for a total of 30 minutes whitening time. Keep in mind that "light activated" teeth whitening is a somewhat controversial topic in the dental community and there are two schools of thought on its efficacy.


How Do You Maintain A Smile Whitening Light System Smile?

No drinking or eating for 20 minutes after your session. If you wish to actively maintain your smile, Go Smile offers an abundance of after-smile products for quick touch-ups at home or on the go. It’s a really well-thought-out product selection.


Bottom Line: Does the Go Smile System work?

Go Smile products work. They’re powerful and safe - but I don’t recommend them for the extremely sensitive - the Serum is really strong. They do have built in sensitivity fighters though - so if you’re a good candidate for whitening and have few to normal sensitivity issues, this could be a 30-minute wonder. Does the light make a difference? You’ll have to tell us! Tags: Go Smile, Go Smile Reviews, Go Smile Smile Whitening Light System, Go Smile Whitening Serum, Go Smile Whitening System.

Jessie, Tucson, Arizona
May 27 '12
How well it works
Paid $169.00

It made my gums bleached and raw. Teeth whitening effect was not as expected for paying such a high price.

Not Recommended by Jessie

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