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white guard home kits - anyone left them in overnight?

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white guard home kits - anyone left them in overnight?

My experience with homee whitening kits. I live in london but my work takes me up to the yorkshire region once a month, i had my nails and hair done at a beauty salon there and noticed the nail technician had really white teeth, i asked her how she got them so white, she said she got a home kit from a local clinic that does laser whitening.

So i ordered the same kit online.  You mould the mouth trays round your teeth after placing in in hot water, then cool in cold water to form the impression, then place bleaching gel in each impression b4 inserting round your teeth. But crucially though she said she leaves them in overnight!!!! overnight!.

I rang the laser clinics dentist and they said only leave them in for 1 - 4 hrs but don't sleep with them in. I tried what the dentist said for 2 hours on 3 nights as i found it a little irritating and i kept getting a lot of saliva build up in my mouth which i was told to spit out while keeping the mouth tray in place, so it was a bit messy. There was some good improvement in the shade of my teeth but i wanted them whiter, as i kept remembering the nail technicians teeth, so went back and asked her how long it took for her teeth to get that white.

She said the trick is to get them laser whitened first, that way the tooth whitening clinic do all the hard work and bring the shade right up to near the top of the shade chart, then within 7 days of the treatment start using the home kit, leaving the mouth tray in for as long as you can stand (overnight) just once or twice a month to maintain that level of whiteness.

I tried and was able to keep the mouth tray in for 6 hours overnight, and the result is amazing even though i haven't had them laser whitened first, but my teeth felt sensitive for 24hrs i was getting these shooting pains that just came out of the blue which was hard to explain in meetings at work, i'd be speaking then get one, which made my speech sound like i had turrets syndrome.

I'm concerned that i may get very sensitive teeth if i keep doing it, and i had all on keeping the mouth trays in for that amount of time,  plus all that saliva build up was gross, i had to keep getting out of bed to spit.

Has anyone used these home kits and kept them in overnight, once or twice a month over a period of months, if so does it make your teeth sensitive long term?. The strength of the carbamide gel was 22%, i had to clean my teeth with some pumice paste first which was in the kit which tasted like chalk. Seems like we have to suffer for our beauty/vanity.


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