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Teeth whitening gel from amazon.com 22%

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#1 2011-02-10 01:49:05

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Teeth whitening gel from amazon.com 22%

I'm wondering how long I should leave the 22% gel on my teeth. I've only ever used a generic version of aquafresh white trays before. It was my first attempt at whitening. It worked fine but I really have only used 4 out of the 7 treatments because it burns my gums so much.

I bought a whole kit on amazon where they give me 4 10cc syringes of 22% whitening gel, 2 boil and bite trays, putty to and molds to make my own impressions and then I send it off to their lab (postage-paid) so I can get my own custom whitening trays. It wasn't any more expensive than say crest strips. $50...

How long do I leave 22% gel on my teeth? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Is it 30 mins, one hour? All night? How often per day do I use it? Once or twice? I really have no clue. THe instructions in the kit might tell me but I'm not sure of that either. Thanks!



#2 2011-09-16 12:03:31

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Re: Teeth whitening gel from amazon.com 22%

Xdunlapx, that really depends on what exactly you have purchased. Surely it came with instructions? Unless a product is from a  manufacturer with a good reputation,  I wouldn't be putting it in my mouth.

There are certainly amazing bargains now on the internet, but you should take care to look for the the dentist-quality brands. You won't (or shouldn't) be able to purchase the concentrations used by dentists, but you can get the same brands for home use eg colgate visible white, poladay and polanight etc

hope this helps


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