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Go Smile Pre-Whitening Gel

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Rated: 1 out of 5
Rated: 1 out of 5

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?% Hydrogen peroxide
Average Price: $36
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GoSmile Pre-Whitening Gel Review

GoSmile, a luxury teeth whitening brand, is introducing a new product this year, called the 4-Day Speed Whitening System. It's a two-part system that features an innovative Pre-Whitening Gel Swab that's designed to both prime teeth for whitening and help decrease sensitivity. GoSmile is a reputable company - selling products at retail establishments, online and through QVC - and is proud of its research and development team and it's clinical trials. The Pre-Whitening Gel is also sold as stand-alone product, and is claimed to also help prime teeth and reduce sensitivity with other whitening products.



What does the Pre-Whitening Gel contain?

There are 8 tubes of Pre-Whitening Gel Swab in a single package. While the gel doesn't deliver any peroxide (either carbamide or hydrogen), it does feature Potassium Nitrate, a popular desensitizing agent, in addition to additional ingredients designed to help prepare teeth for whitening, including Potassium Phosphate - a mild abrasive used to clean teeth. The set of 8 swabs sells for $36 on the GoSmile website.


What's unique about the Pre-Whitening Gel?

The whole concept of a pre-whitening treatment that both desensitizes teeth and "primes" them for whitening is unique. There are many pre-whitening desensitizers on the market, but no other substances that claim to also enhance the whitening process. Also, the people from GoSmile claim that their Pre-Whitening Gel Swab can be used to help with whitening procedures from other manufacturers. A first.


How do you use the Pre-Whitening Gel?

The Pre-Whitening Gel is in a tiny tube and is opened with simple back-and-forth rocking motion until the cap is separated from the tube. The swab end of the tube is also small - which makes it comfortable to handle as you apply the Gel to your teeth. No big bulky trays or flexible, sticky strips. Neat. You're supposed to use it immediately before applying your whitening treatment.


How well does the Pre-Whitening Gel work?

One of our testers used the Pre-Whitening Gel Swabs as part of the 4-Day Speed Whitening System and while the tester saw excellent whitening results after 2.5 days - the tester was forced to stop due to extreme sensitivity. Clearly, the desensitizer in the formula wasn’t strong enough for the tester. Regardless, the tester felt this was a great system for the general public. You will definitely see whitening results with this system.


Dec 01 '10
How well it works

very dissappointed in the Go Smile integrity. they advertised on the Today Show a special discount valid for 24 hours yesterday, but when you logged on line to purchase or called the product service center there were no responses due to "technical difficulties". the next day they opened up the site and telephone lines, but when you tried to order the products they would not honor the advertisement, but offered a lesser product for an expensive additional fee. highly recommend not doing business with any organization who practices the bait and switch, especially when they use such a nationally syndicated avenue like the Today Show to advertise their unavailable product. beware of what they send you because if they don't honor what they advertise, they don't produce what they claim....

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