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Go Smile Touch Up Ampoules

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?% Hydrogen peroxide
Average Price: $35
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GoSmile Touch Up Ampoules Review

GoSmile's been around since 2002 and had developed a solid line of OTC whitening products at the higher end of the market. Since being purchased in 2008, they've become more aggressive with the marketing, adding newer, faster formulas to their whitening product line - and also adding a number of accessories in the maintenance arena. And that's why they've recently introduced a carry-with-you product called the GOSMILE TOUCH UP - SMILE PERFECTING AMPOULE - which is a little snap of breath-refreshing hydrogen peroxide you can use every day to fight off surface stains.



What do the GoSmile Touch Up Ampoules Contain?

The box contains 14 ampoules and a very cool carrying case. The ampoules come in three flavors: Fresh Mint, Green Apple and Watermelon Mint. GoSmile would not release the hydrogen percentages in their maintenance/breath freshener. The delivery system is unique; these little tubes offer a sponge-like tip so it's easy and neat to apply the refreshing/stain-fighting solution.


How do you use the GoSmile Touch Up Ampoules?

The ampoules are really little tubes that feature a sponge-like tip - and they come inside a heavy paper sleeve. To activate the ampoule, you remove it from the sleeve, turn it around and slip it back into the sleeve so that the sponge tip shows. You apply pressure to the heavy paper sleeve between your fingers until the serum appears through the sponge and then you sponge the serum onto your teeth. It's neat and simple.


How well do the GoSmile Touch Up Ampoules work?

It's really hard to tell whether these cool little ampoules are effective or not - but I'm not seeing any discoloration or surface staining - so I guess they could be prolonging my newly-whitened smile. But they are refreshing. And again, VERY cool!


Sally Young, Santa Barbara
Jul 06 '12
How well it works

i ordered the Go Smile 7 day system, however, instructions say to flip the ampoute over and re insert into the sleeve with the sleeve applicator pointing outwards. however, the applicator is so hard plastic, we are unable to get the whitening material out, so this renders the entire lot useless. can i get a refund or an exchange for something that works easier?? Sally Young, Santa Barbara, CA

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Tanya, Michigan
Jan 16 '12
How well it works
Paid $36.00

I bought these as a supplement after using the gosmile whitening set.

1) Their small size makes it very easy to throw a few in your purse or pocket.

2) They don't whiten teeth, rather they prevent further staining. This makes it a complement to your cup of coffee at the office or glass of wine while out.

3) They are very simple and easy to use, and the sponge applicator ensures you reach every surface and area of teeth.

4) No gum irritation for me, and I have sensitive gums and teeth!

5) However, even currently on sale for half price at Sephora, I'm not inclined to buy it again, as the price is still too expensive.

Overall, I think gosmile has an innovative and on the go approach to whitening and dental hygiene, but their products are overpriced and require too much maintenance and effort for minimal results.

Not Recommended by Tanya

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Jan 19 '11
How well it works

Works well for touch ups while out and about, like after a glass of wine.

Recommended by Anonymous

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