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Prime Time Smile Same Day Light-Powered Teeth Whitening

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Pens Strips
?% Hydrogen peroxide
Average Price: $85
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Product Description and Claim

Dentist-Approved Technology

  • Safe on Enamel*
  • Clinical Results*
  • Visibly Whiter Teeth AFter Just One Treatment
  • 5+ Shades Whiter in 3 Treatments
  • Easy, Fast, & Comfortable
  • Teeth Look Whiter in Less than an Hour


  • Pre-Treatment Pen - Formulated to use before teeth whitening gel pen for better and faster whitening results.*
  • Teeth Whitening Gel - Brush on in seconds to effectively whiten teeth with virtually no sensitivity.*
  • Teeth Whitening Light

Easy, Same-Day Whitening Results

  • See a difference after one quick treatment
  • Complete one treatment per day for 3 days for even whiter teeth
  • Helps protect against gum and tooth sensitivity
  • Safe on crowns, veneers, and other dental materials*

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