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Spraywhite 90

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Spray System
20%-22% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $55
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Spraywhite 90 Review

Yes, there's another hopeful, new product being introduced into the crowded field of teeth whitening. It's called Spraywhite 90 with WOW - and it seems to promise the aspiring whitenee a brighter smile in just 90 short seconds! WOW, indeed.

Spraywhite 90 was developed by Dr. Michael Arnold, a PhD chemist with a bent for dental development, who was one of the pioneers in the 1980s helping to first stabilize peroxide and make it safe for use at home. Spraywhite 90 is marketed and sold under "Wow Oral Care" and "Carson Laboratories, Inc." This company is lead by the team of Dr. Arnold in association with Dr. Greg Vigoren, a teacher, lecturer and high-end OC dentist with an affluent clientele that's crazy-mad for sun-tanned bodies and the accompanying, whiter smiles.

While Spraywhite 90 delivers teeth whitening using hydrogen peroxide - used by virtually ALL reputable teeth whitening products (hydrogen peroxide: 20-22% for OTC, 30-32% for Spraywhite Pro from dentists), it does offer a few interesting variations on the same-old, same-old. Spraywhite offers a true, aerosol delivery system - called Aerowhite that means it's incredibly fast and efficient to use. No trays, no gels - just spray and wait a few seconds. It's also a very high peroxide concentrate - especially in the Spraywhite Pro version available through dental offices only.

The price point is $200 (which we'll talk about later) and, with that, you receive a bottle of Spraywhite 90, a bottle of Maintenance Spray - which is the original peroxide formula at half-strength, and a box of WOW Enhancing Rinse - tiny packets of a baking powder-type dentifrice used after each whitening session. The dentifrice - WOW - claims to help maintain and enhance whitening, polish teeth, freshen breath and promote healthy gums and it actually does provide a terrific mouth sensation of fresh breath.

Update 12/4/2010
The price points of Spraywhite 90 have come down. They now offer a $39 ten-day kit and reduced the price of the 60-day kit to $150.
spraywhite 90 packaging

How Spraywhite 90 Works

Here's how the system works; Spraywhite 90 is designed to be sprayed on your teeth and left unrinsed for 90 seconds, once a day. While there, the spray combines with the plaque and biofilm on most everyone's teeth to catalyze the bleaching action. Will you see results after 90 seconds? Probably not. In fact, according to the instructions, you're actually encouraged to use Spraywhite 90 for two to three weeks to see maximum results. But it's very easy to do. And the results you get are likely to last, too. Unlike other whitening systems that cause teeth to dehydrate* for a temporary whiteness, the speed and high oxygen content of the aerosol bleach doesn't dehydrate teeth, so the white you see is the white you get.

12/4/2010 Correction
You do see a noticeable change in the first 90-second application, 2 shades average. That average 2 shade changes in the first 90-second application is a consistent results of all three clinicals and of the shade change seen in over 5,000 dental personal who have been trialed over the last 12 months at ten major dental meetings. Most people reach their maximum shade change within three weeks except the most difficult cases like 70 year old plus stain and tetracycline stain which can take up to three to six months. Previously nothing at all would change these difficult cases much less conveniently at home in a two second application process.

After whitening your teeth with the Spraywhite, Arnold and Vigoren encourage you to move to the Maintenance Spray for 2-3 weeks to inhibit the development of stains from coffee, wine or other consumables. And then, continue to use the WOW Enhancing Rinse (which is sort of a toothpaste ala Pop Rocks) for 60 days to keep teeth polished & white.

Spraywhite 90 and Sensitivity

After reading the instructions, the first question that popped into our heads was, "We're putting bleach into our mouths everyday for a month or so (between the original and maintenance sprays), so are we going to experience sensitivity?

And it turns out, some people will experience the standard amount of bleaching sensitivity. But another area in which Spraywhite 90 shines, aside from ease of use, is the way the whole system minimizes discomfort. The bleach is only on your teeth for a few seconds and you're going to apply a cleansing rinse - WOW - within a few minutes of using the spray to further weaken its effect. According to Spraywhite's own "clinical trials," less than 1% of participants experienced dental sensitivity.

Spraywhite 90 Clinical Trails

If you're a regular reader at, you already know that the field of teeth whitening is largely unregulated (see Online Teeth Whitening Scams), so clinical trials are not necessary to bring a product to market. But serious players in the field (Rembrandt, Proctor and Gamble) also know that clinical trials give weight to the credibility of their products, so they conduct them as a regular part of doing business.

We have to give props to Arnold and Vigoren for testing their product at all - let alone on 200 graduate students from a well-known Southern California university who, at best, showed up to an 18-shade whiteness improvement over three weeks. While these test results are unavailable for review today, Dr. Arnold says that there will be published results to review in 9 months (from May 2010). We'll be watching for them.

12/4/2010 Correction
The shade changes were observed using five different techniques by post doctorate graduate students, not on them. The results have been reproduced in three separate studies with controls, all over one hundred actives each, and Ed McLaren of UCLA is writing up the paper for publication on the first group. Another 140-person group was evaluated for FTC lawyers with the same consistent results for an upcoming infomercial and TV shopping network since we wrote the evaluation.

Our Experience with Spraywhite 90

Our testers tried Spraywhite 90 and were impressed - they used it for about 5 days and saw a distinct improvement. No sensitivity was experienced - but all testers used the �slow method� recommended for sensitivity-prone individuals. A few small things concerned us.


  • Some stinging on the hand was reported by a tester, as it brushed across the sink rim where some Spraywhite 90 residue lingered after an initial test spray. Perhaps plastic gloves should be included with the kit.
  • The stinging hand enhanced the fear the tester experienced after reading the Spraywhite 90 instructions - which given by the later results, seemed unduly threatening. People need to be careful, but there must be a better way to advise them. Between the hand stinging and the warnings, the tester was honestly afraid to begin the process.
  • The price point is very high, especially in light of other OTC whitening products.


All in all, though, Drs. Arnold and Vigoren have created an interesting, easy-to-use and effective OTC whitening product - even if it doesn�t work in 90 seconds. We look forward to hearing feedback from other users of this product!

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Kendra, Grand Blanc, Michigan
Jun 08 '12
How well it works
Paid $39.99

I really loved this product! I used Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips before but I always felt like I had a sticky film on my teeth after and wanted to brush my teeth again. I also had really horrible teeth sensitivity. I actually got my SprayWhite90 on a buy one get one free deal as well, so I had 2 months of whitening and it was only 39.99 vs the 50 something I paid for my Crest strips for only one month! I got my buy one get one free at

My teeth are whiter and I didn't have any teeth sensitivity! I would recommend this for sure.

Recommended by Kendra

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