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White Glo Dual Treatment Whitening System

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Whitening Trays
6% Carbamide Peroxide
Average Price: $30

White Glo Dual Treatment Whitening System Overview

The White Glo Dual Treatment Whitening System is something we’ve never seen before. It’s a stain lifting and teeth whitening combo that comes with its own Electric Stain Lifter and mold-to-fit mouth trays. It’s based on the idea that once you remove the surface stains from your teeth, it’s easier for the molded mouth-trays to do their work.

The Electric Stain Lifter is a cool little device based on the polishing tool your dentist uses. When you’re ready to polish, you’ll attach the polishing brush to the Stain Lifter device and use the White Glo Polishing Powder to buff teeth and remove surface stains. Once your teeth are as white as they can be using this low-abrasion technique, you’re ready to use the mouth-trays. White Glo instructions suggest you treat the upper arch of your teeth first, filling the trays with gel and wearing 20 minutes a day for 2 – 4 weeks, leaving the lower teeth as they are, in order to monitor your progress.

When you see the results you’re looking for on your upper teeth, use the trays on your lower arch. If you feel some sensitivity, White Glo suggests you trim the mouth trays so that the White Glo Whitening Gel (6% carbamide peroxide) will not come in as much contact with your gums. This product is ingenious and well thought out.

White Glo Dual Treatment Whitening Advantages

Value is a real advantage with this dual treatment product. You can use the stain lifter for polishing and stain-lifting touch ups anytime. The mold-to-fit mouth trays are also reusable. This is alot of serious whitening for only $29.99 (AU).

Where May I Purchase White Glo Dual Treatment Whitening?

You may purchase White Glo on the White Glo website. 

You can get a serious bump in whitening with this kit if you use it according to the instructions. White Glo does promise a “Hollywood Smile” - and to us that means 7+ shades of improvement - but we think something like 4 to 5 shades is more like it. BUT it’s STILL a great deal! Tell us what you think; we want to tell everybody.


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