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CVS Nightime Whitening Gel

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0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $8
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CVS Nightime Whitening Gel Review

CVS Nightime Whitening Gel is a brush-on product meant to be worn overnight. You brush each tooth with a thin film for the hydrogen-peroxide based gel, let it dry and head to bed. Just remember not to eat or drink anything after you've applied the gel.

CVS Nightime Whitening Gel Advantages

It’s priced at less than $10

Does CVS Nightime Whitening Gel cause sensitivity?

Probably not, the gel will not last on your teeth long enough, nor is the probable intensity of the gel strong enough to provoke a reaction. CAUTION: There are some people for whom any caustic substance will cause sensitivity...check with your dentist.

Where can I buy CVS Nightime Whitening Gel?

Online and at CVS Drugstores across the country.

Whitening Factor

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