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CVS Whitening Pen

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0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $13
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CVS Whitening Pen Review

CVS's entry into the Whitening Pen category is bold; claiming it can not only keep surface stains at bay, but actually produce a visible whitening effect in as little as two days. Clinically tested, with little or no sensitivity, users should paint on the advanced hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel and wait for 30 minutes before rinsing or drinking. The product also has a great built-in flavor, making it an easy way to refresh your breath and mouth on-the-go.

CVS Whitening Pen Advantages

The CVS advantage, again, is price. Coming in at around $10.00; this product is a value for everyday touchups and an even bigger bargain if you're a good candidate for its whitening method.

Does the CVS Whitening Pen Cause Sensitivity?

CVS does warn that some slight sensitivity might be possible, but that it is temporary and does not cause harm. If you're AT ALL sensitive, you should heed their warning and test the product before you commit to a full 30-minutes. Remember, too, that if you have dental work pending, always take care of your overall oral health before you whiten.

Where is the CVS Whitening Pen available?

Online and at CVS Drugstores throughout the country.

Whitening Factor

Right now, the whitening factor is unknown. The product is fairly new, so there are no user reviews available and while clinical testing may show results, the clinical setting is often difficult to replicate in the real world. Finally, a pen itself is not the best vehicle for whitening gel. The rate at which saliva will dissolve the gel is different for everyone - so no two people will experience the same exposure to the gel itself. If you're planning to try the CVS Whitening Pen, please let us know what you think. We'll share your thoughts with our readers and let them know whether or not you're smiling!

Clara, London
Sep 15 '17
How well it works
Paid $14.00

How much hydrogen peroxide is there in this product? It does not state the percentage amount anywhere on the packaging which I feel is necessary? Please let me know the amount of hydrogen peroxide percentage in this whitening pen??

Not Recommended by Clara

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