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Finishing Touch Smile Tooth Whitening Pen

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Rated: 4 out of 5
Rated: 5 out of 5
Rated: 4.5 out of 5

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0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $10
Finishing Touch Smile Tooth Whitening Pen image

Finishing Touch Smile Tooth Whitening Pen Review

The Finishing Touch Smile Tooth Whitening Pen is a value-priced, portable whitening device that claims to "make you look years younger in 2 days." It's a hand-held pen with a brush applicator that features a long-lasting hydrogen peroxide-based gel. The Finishing Touch Smile Pen is an offering from Ideavillage Products, a company that develops individual items to sell via infomercials on TV - "As Seen on TV." They are not dentists, dental supply manufacturers or anyway related to the health care field (which isn’t to say that this gel is dangerous, we just don't know who manufactures it.).

Finishing Touch Smile Tooth Whitening Pen Advantages

There are quite a few obvious advantages to carrying a tooth whitening pen. It's compact, freshens your breath anywhere, and, if it works, can help maintain a white smile by fighting surface stains. The Finishing Touch Smile Pen promises additional whitening (up to 5 shades in two days) with a time-release gel that bonds to your teeth so it keeps whitening long after you brush it on. The Finishing Touch Smile Pen also claims to be perfect for people with sensitive teeth because of its biocompatible formula with an ultra-high water content.

Does the Finishing Touch Smile Pen cause tooth sensitivity?

According to many consumer reviews, the Finishing Touch pen can cause sensitivity. But remember, you need to understand and know your own sensitivity level before trying any whitening product.

Where can I buy the Finishing Touch Smile Tooth Whitening Pen?

Major discount and drug stores, online and through their own website.

Cindi Domino, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Feb 11 '17
How well it works
Paid $11.95

I love it, been using it for 3 years now and my teeth are so white and just think, I have been a smoker for 50 years.........get many of complements on how white they are.............Don't know what I would do without it........Thank You

Recommended by Cindi Domino

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Laura, nyc
Feb 15 '13
How well it works
Paid $11.00

For a whitening pen i think it is very good, but it should only be for touch ups for people who have already bleached and should also be used in conjunction with other whitening products like a toothpaste booster and whitening rinse and then you will notice your brighter smile in about a week. I noticed mine in about 4 days, and a few days later my girlfriend complimented my teeth. If i had only used the pen, no way would i have been happy. The mechanism worked well, it was obvious that the product wore away in less than 5 minutes or so. I was happy with the product and think it was worth getting for the $11 i paid for it.

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